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Spider-Man Homecoming // Peter Parker Playlist
  • Billy Joel: New York State of Mind
  • Jay-Z: Empire State of Mind
  • M.I.A.: Paper Planes
  • MGMT: Time to Pretend
  • Weezer: Perfect Situation
  • The Killers: This River Is Wild
  • The Academy Is...: New York (Saint In the City)
  • Fall Out Boy: Tell That Mick He Just Made My List of Things To Do Today
  • Jonas Brothers: What I Go to School For
  • The Academy Is...: About A Girl
  • Ramones: Blitzkrieg Bop
  • Ramones: Spider-Man
  • The All-American Rejects: Dirty Little Secret
  • Lit: My Own Worst Enemy
  • Billy Joel: Vienna
  • Liz Phair: Why Can't I?
  • Blink-182: First Date
  • Hey Monday: Homecoming
  • The English Beat: Save It for Later
  • A Flock of Seagulls: Space Age Love Song
  • Orchestral Maneuvers In The Dark: If You Leave
  • Fall Out Boy: A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Touch Me
  • David Bowie: Rebel Rebel
  • Supergrass: Alright
  • Hayley Williams: Teenagers
  • MIKA: We Are Golden
  • Brandon Flowers: Crossfire
  • Kanye West: Power
  • Fall Out Boy: Champion
  • CHVRCHES: Bury It
  • William Beckett: Great Night
  • Blink-182: Going Away To College
  • Tame Impala: New Person, Same Old Mistakes
  • College: A Real Hero
  • Gerard Way: Don't Try
  • Rob Thomas: Little Wonders
  • David Bowie: Heroes
  • Jimmy Eat World: The Middle
  • Patrick Stump: This City
  • (sorry I tried to make this on Spotify but they didn't offer all the songs)
  • Listen Here:
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two and a half years ago i started a random rp blog with no clear goals in mind. i’d had rp blogs before and they’d all usually fallen through after a few months so i didn’t expect this one to be any different. alana and jake each made a blog to pair mine, as we three have done many times in the past, and then we left it at that. what now?
we took those blogs and the characters from those blogs and made a real time immersive rp story with a backstory, a future plot, several ongoing arcs, and literally dozens of actually developed characters.
we went from three one off random rp blogs to countless plot lines, character arcs, and serious plots. we have back stories literally spanning into the seventies and future plans for up to twenty years from now. we’ve been developing the story and all the characters for literally 2 ½ years. it’s CRAZY!
my point here is that, if you’ve seen that tweet thread from justin mcelroy about creating without know what you’re doing or where the plot is going then take that to heart! you don’t have to do it in the public eye, nobody has to know about it. alana, jake, and i are living examples of a beautiful, long, drawn-out story being just as good behind closed doors.
don’t feel childish for wanting to play pretend and don’t feel silly if you like to do things like rp. sometimes little blurbs of ideas blossom into the most amazing things when they’re given time and when they’re actually immersive.
hearing what the mcelroys did with their silly little dnd podcast heavily reminded me of my own secret years long story building and i just wanted to share in case anyone needed a little extra push in an inspirational direction.

Siren - Stiles Stilinski

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word count: 2600
warnings: swearing, i think that’s it

Mermaids.  Sirens.  Sea creatures that are half human and half fish.  A species that has been living longer than most of the monsters that prowled through Beacon Hills California.  Longer than the werewolves, longer than the banshees, the coyotes.  They were an honorable kind, difficult to understand, but not many bad things could be said about the merpeople.

 Unless you were a hunter.

 Yes, it began with the sailors, passed on to pirates passed on to explorers and so forth through time.  Each looking for the bounty to be collected, for the capture of a mermaid.  And soon the magic and the beauty of the merpeople was no longer treasured, but sought out.

 In the late 1900s, the entire species was near extinction.  If it weren’t for the l/n family, the kingdom of the merpeople would no longer exist.  It would be extinct.

 At least, it would if it weren’t for them converting from people of the sea, to people of the land.

“We saved everyone mama?” I asked, looking up from the story book in my lap.  My mother smiled at me, nodding her head.

“We did indeed” She said, standing up from my bed.  I looked down at the book again, seeing my parents’ signatures.  My fingers brushed over the thick black ink.  “And you’re one of us, y/n” I smiled at that, the idea of being a mermaid.  Sure, I was seven years old and about to be the new girl at Beacon Hills elementary school, but somehow having a secret as cool as this one made me feel at ease.  I had a something special that nobody else would.  “But you must promise, y/n” I stared at my mother with the most serious expression that I could muster.


 “You must never reveal this secret to anyone” She said solemnly.  “Serious consequences will ensue if you were to ever speak a word of this” I nodded my head, smiling genuinely and handing the book back to her.

 “I promise mama” I told her, and she gave me a long hug.  Her hands circled on my back before she let go of me.

 “Alright, well you have a big first day tomorrow, why don’t you get a good night’s sleep, okay?” I nodded eagerly, scooting underneath my covers for warmth.

 I would keep this secret.  My own little special secret.

 Nine Years Later

 “Stiles! Just because I’m a mermaid does not mean I can breathe underwater!” I whisper screamed at my best friend.  He laughed and jumped into the pool after me.  The bastard had shoved me in.

 “If I remember correctly, that book of your showed gills all over here” He gestured his hand over my neck, and I promptly rolled my eyes.

 “Stiles.  I can’t breathe in chlorinated water” He made a pout.

 “Damn.  How about a tail? Will your legs merge and make a tail?” I splashed him this time and swam over to Scott, leaping onto his back and nearly dunking him under the surface of the water.

 “He-hey!” He flustered for a moment to wrap his arms under my legs to hold me up.  Stiles swam after us, and Scott grinned and waved at him.  “Let me guess y/n, Stiles started asking you mermaid questions again” I chuckled and nodded, keeping my hands on the back of his shoulders.

 Scott and Stiles became my two best friends on that first day of second grade.  It took about a whole year for me to reveal my secret to them, but I trusted them with it, hell I trusted them with my life.  And when Scott was turned into a werewolf last year, we became even closer.  Especially Stiles and I.  We always had this… tighter connection that I’ve never felt with anyone else.

 “Yeah pretty much” I said with a small laugh.  Stiles splashed water at Scott and I.

 “Leave me alone you know you love me” I stuck my tongue out at him and he did it back.  Then I got bored and plopped my chin on top of Scott’s head and played with my hand in the water.

 “Hey y/n” Scott called after a short period of time.  I just sorta hummed, still watching my hand splash lightly in the water.  “Wanna play a game?”

 “Sure… like marco po-”

 Before I knew it, Scott and pulled me from his back and and I was flying through the air.  I didn’t even have the time to scream before I landed in a pair of arms.  Instantly my own curled around the neck I recognized as Stiles (thanks to his freckles).  My arms tightened around him as I clung onto him.

 “Woah woah woah, it’s fine, you’re fine” He assured, beginning to swim us both towards the wall of the pool.

 “Don-don’t do that again” I muttered, looking up at him.  Stiles’ brow furrowed as he stared at me, holding me securely and upright.  “What?”

 “Your eyes…” He said, his own eyes flickering between mine.  “They’re… they’re pink?” I rubbed them with my fists and began to clamber out of Scott’s pool.

 “They do that” I mumbled, grabbing my towel from the grass and covering my body for warmth and to cover my large amount of exposed skin.  Stiles began to get out of the pool, and Scott swam towards the edge as well.  “I’m gonna go inside and warm up” I said, already walking into Scott’s house.  

 “Wait- y/n!” Stiles ran up behind me but I went into the bathroom and closed the door.  I could hear him sigh on the other side of the door, then slump down to the ground.  I sucked in a weak breath as tears welled in my eyes, and ran my hands through my hair.  Then sat down on the ground, and pressed my back against the door. 

When I’d washed myself off in the shower and had on a towel around my body I opened the door.  Stiles wasn’t there anymore, but I saw him half asleep on the couch, Scott reading in the recliner.  He caught my eye and smiled, standing up and waving me over to walk with him.  I did so and followed him up the stairs.

 “Feeling better? You were really out of it when you went inside” I shrugged my shoulders, readjusting your towel.

“I didn’t like what you did, made my eyes go blue” I said, walking with him into his room.

 “Blue… blue’s… fear?” I nodded.

 “Yep, it is”

 “Then what’s sadness?”

“It’s also blue, just a darker one I guess” I shrugged again.  Scott made a pouty face.

 “And you wanna explain to me what pink means?” He asked.  I opened up my drawer in his dresser and pulled out undergarments with a pair of running shorts and a tee shirt.  Scot simply turned around so I could change.

 “Think you already know the answer” I muttered.  Scott chuckled, and I took a moment to glare at his back.

 “Stiles doesn’t”  I yanked up the underwear and shorts angrily, and pulled the top over my head with just as much aggression.

“I’m done changing” I said, and Scott turned back around, taking the towel from me.

“Look, y/n, I think it would be best for you if you just told him”

“Told him what Scott? That he’s my mate? He’s the soulmate of a freaky fish girl, and that my eyes go pink because that’s ‘the color of love’ and sometimes I can’t control it because I do love him and I just don’t wanna mess anyth-”

“You’re rambling hon” Scott said with a laugh, and went searching through your drawer.

“Sorry I just.. it’s important to me” He smiled and nodded, and handed you a rolled up pair of fuzzy socks.

“It’s cold down there, you should put these on” I half smiled and thanked him before pulling them up over my feet.  They were a little loose, but provided the warmth I was looking for.  “You want some advice y/n? Like, real solid advice” I nodded, face crumpling in defeat.

“Yes please” I sighed, and Scott stooped over to my eye level, and put his hands on my shoulders.

“Just.  Go.  With.  It” He said slowly.  My brows furrowed in confusion.  “If you think it’s a moment you could say it, say it.  If you think it’s a moment for you to kiss him, kiss him” I shook my head, eyes widening and lips parting in shock.

“Scott I can’t-”

“Go downstairs and hang out with him before he passes out” I gave up with a small sigh and nodded.

“Thanks Scott” I said quietly, heading out of his room.  Scott smiled and nodded, going to the door to shut off the light, and close the door.

“Night y/n” He called, and closed the door as I left.

I walked down the steps on my tiptoes, and when I reached the first floor, the television was on, playing a baseball game, and Stiles was on his back.  His eyes were closed but I could tell that he wasn’t fully asleep.  I still tiptoes over to the couch though, and crawled on top of him slowly and carefully.

“Mm- y/n?” His eyes flickered open as I wedged myself between the couch and his body.  His one arm wrapped around my body, the other lying on his chest.  “Look I’m sorry about earlier” His voice was low and groggy from exhaustion and it made my heart thunder in my chest.

“It’s okay, really” I said, laying my cheek on his chest.  The arm around me moved up so his fingers pulled my slightly damp hair out of my face and back behind my head.  I smiled at him in silent thanks.  “I’m uh.. I’m actually sorry for the way I reacted about it.  It was really childish and just… I don’t know where it came from” He smiled back at me, a lazy one that again, made my heart race.  The little things this boy did…

“You’ve got nothing to apologize for.  We’re all good”


“Yeah” With his answer I laid my head back down again and we both watched the baseball game for a while.  Not that I knew a single thing about baseball, or any sports for that matter, but I didn’t mind.  I watched it a lot with Stiles, but only cause I enjoyed hanging out with him.  We’d get  a bunch of snacks and order pizza for lunch and Chinese for dinner.  I’d laugh when he’d talk smack about any team that wasn’t the Mets, and by the end of the day we’d just be sitting on the couch cuddling.  I usually passed out in his arms, which was by far my favorite part.

I felt my eyes begin to shift, likely pink, as they often did around Stiles.  I squeezed them shut and rubbed them.  Willing the color to go away.

“Tired?” Stiles asked quietly

“Mhm” I hummed, nuzzling into him.  He chuckled, the sound vibrating through his chest and against my cheek, only making me cuddle into him more.  Both of his arms wrapping behind my back, and I pushed myself to lay with half my stomach against him, and one leg hooked around one of his.

“Hm, extra cuddly” Stiles said, and I could hear the smirk in his voice.  I just hmphed, and buried my nose in the crook of his neck.  He began to pet his hair.  “So are you just gonna sleep on me then?” I sat up, looking down at him with slightly narrowed eyes.

“You gotta problem with that?” I asked sarcastically.  He chuckled and shook his head.

“No ma’am, my apologies, do proceed” I giggled rubbing my eye with my fist sleepily.  He made a pout.  “Just put your head down and get some rest” I nodded, snuggling right back in to where I was before, my fave buried in his neck.

“Mm, you smell like pool chemicals did you not shower?” He shook his head.

“I will in the morning” He yawned.  I rolled my eyes.

“What if you get cancer from the chemicals on your skin, and then I’m stuck driving to the hospital everyday with a new bouquet of flowers and cupcake flavor, because you’re bald and I feel bad and you’re gonna die and then I’ll be stuck alone and forgotten about by everyone cause no one wants to deal with the girl who lost her-”

Stiles cut me off, fingers curling around my jaw and pulling my lips softly against his.  I melted into it, not even giving second thought to the action.  I hummed softly against his mouth.  When he pulled away, he smiled a little.

“Soulmate?” My brows furrowed.

“You knew?” He nodded.

“I stole that book of yours to figure out what the pink color of your eyes meant, I thought it was something bad and was gonna fix it but surprise, guess I’m your mate for life” A hot blush of embarrassment spread on my cheeks.

“A-and what’d you think?” I asked.  Stiles made a small sound that resembled a snort.

“I wasn’t too surprised.  I’m flattered really” He said, putting a hand on his chest as though I told him something heartwarming.  I rolled my eyes.

“No really, you weren’t freaked out?” Stiles chuckled again and shook his head.

“Of course not” He said, the hand that was on his chest, tucking my hair back behind my ear.  “y/n, I love you-”

“No you’re only saying that cause now you feel obligated-”

“Would you shut up?” My brows shot up in surprise, but I silenced.  “y/n, I loved you since we met in the second grade, long before I even knew any of this” Okay, now I was muted.  “That first day, you came in, and you sat with me and Scott cause you thought we looked lonely and you wanted to make friends.  You gave us your crayons to use during free time, and even split your lunch with Scott cause he didn’t have one.  You stood up for me when Jackson was being an asshole, and you always have.  You’ve even been to every lacrosse practice and game ever, even though I’ve only played a handful of times.  y/n, I.  Love.  You.  And you being my soulmate makes sense, because there’s nobody else for me.  You’re an embodiment of an angel y/n, I love you.  I mean it” 

I bit my lip, hiding my growing smile.

“You, Stiles Stilinski, are something else” I mumbled, eyes flickering from his to his lips.  “You’ve put me through hell, trying to hide all this from you, but God I.. I just- I just wanna..” I trailed off, shaking my head and closing my mouth to a smile again.  Then leaned down and kissed him passionately.  He leaned back down into the couch, and I rolled to lie on top of him again.  One of his hands combed back into my hair, the other laying on my waist.  After a few minutes of euphoria, I leaned off of him, my fingers curled around his jaw as I stared at him intently.

“You ready to sleep now?” He murmured, and I nodded.  I let him maneuver me so we were both lying on our sides, my body instantly curling into his body, our legs intertwining.  His arms wrapped around me, acting as a blanket and keeping me warm and cozy.

“I love you, you strange human”

“I love you too, beautiful mermaid”

idk where this came from.  i like mermaids.  they cool.
two posts in one night aaayeee

xoxo ~ jordie

Headcanons for being adopted by whitebeard ? He seems like a sweet grandpa XD            

A/N: That got a bit long, sorry! I hope this is okay, thank you so much for requesting!!

Joining the Whitebeard Crew

  • It would be intimidating
  • You had met Whitebeard all alone, on the edge of dying and he had invited you to join his family- you had lost everything already, so, right before you blacked out, you agreed without giving much thought to it- you were sure you would die anyway
  • So, when you woke up on the Moby Dick a few days later in an unfamilar room, injuries bandaged and new clothes on your body, fear consumed your whole existence
  • You, Y/N, had just joined one of the most powerful pirates crew- Edward Newgate, Whitebeard was now your captain
  • It was scary and you had no idea how to react, so you quietly walked across the barely furnitured room to the door and slowly opened it, peeking your head out the slightest bit
  • There was an hall in front of you, it was empty, so you took a deep breath and took a few steps
  • A few more doors later, you stood outside in the morning air, barefoot and chest heaving heavily
  • As if they all waited for you, loud noises errupted on deck and everyone started doing their duties, without noticing you the slightest bit
  • Your feet carried you to the end of the wall and like a spy, you sneakily took a glance at what was in front of you
  • Whitebeard was sitting at the front and from what you saw, he already had a bottle of sake in his hand
  • On his left was a tall, broad-chested man with a curly, black mustache, a dark blue top hat and a grin that screamed powerful
  • On his right were a lot of people, but two people stood out the most;
  • It was a beautiful looking man dressed in a pink and purple kimono who scolded someone who somewhat looked like a sleeping man. He had dark hair and had his back tattooed with his- no, your captains symbol
  • You almost gasped and walked back, leaning your head against the wall
  • It was a dream- it had to be a dream
  • You were not like them, yes, you could fight, but you were nowhere near their level- you were at the bottom, they were at the top
  • You closed your eyes and shook your head
  • When you opened the door to walk back inside, someone was already standing in the doorway, mustering you with lazy eyes
  • He was lean, muscular and had blonde hair - you knew him, everyone knew him
  • Marco The Phoenix, 1st division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates
  • “Shouldn’t you say hello, newbie-yoi?”
  • The breath got stuck in your throat and you started to stutter something out that was supposed to sound like your name and an apology
  • “Why were you trying to walk back? I was watching you. You look like scared puppy- yoi.” He said, mouth twitching slightly
  • Was he teasing you? You barely knew this man, he didn’t even introduce himselfit’s not like you didn’t knew who he was, but still, why was he already teasing you?
  • “Whitebeard looks busy.” You stuttered out. “I will talk to him l-later.”
  • “Oh, are you the new one?” Someone suddenly said behind you, interrupting the conversation between you and the blonde man
  • It was a rather small guy, with brown hair and blue eyes. “I’m Haruta, we’re all very excited to finally meet you! Oyaji is talking about you all the time. I hope Marco didn’t scare you away.”
  • You took a glance at Marco, who didn’t look impressed, but he didn’t look anything else than sleepy. 
  • “C’mon, let’s meet him!” Haruta said and softly pushed you with a small smile. 
  • You tried to excuse yourself, but you had the first division commander  behind you and Haruta in front of you, both of them looked like they wouldn’t let you go anywhere, so you had no other choice than to walk behind both of them to the deck
  • When you three popped up, everyone, and I mean, everyone stopped whatever they were doing and watched you with curious eyes, making you feel a bit uncomfortable
  • “Y/N.” The loud voice of Whitebeard rumbled through the ship. Both of the men took a step to the side, leaving you standing in the middle. “You’re finally awake, I was worried about you.”
  • You couldn’t help yourself and remembered back to a few days ago, how he had softly raised your head and called out for you, the dying stranger on the ground
  • “Why did you save me?” You asked out loud, unable to stop your voice from escaping. “You didn’t know anything else but my name.”
  • You could see Whitebeard raise his head, he wasn’t expecting you to ask him that, especially not in front of the whole crew. But you did, your voice was weak, but there was a determination in it that made him answer. Everyone else had their gaze on you. They were boring into you, but you couldn’t care less.
  • “I saw you fighting on the ground. You were close to death, but you still grabbed onto the ground with every strenght your body had left. You didn’t give up.” The old man said, his eyes not leaving yours. “It was your stubborness that made me want to have you in my family. You’re not going to die anytime soon.” 
  • Whitebeard stood up and walked up to where you were standing.The air around him was visibly flickering. He crouched down to your height and hugged you to his chest.
  •  “You’re now a part of my family.”
  • With tears streaming down your face and quivering bottom lip you nodded. You were a part of the Whitebeard crew now, this was your home now and one of the most powerful, most dangerous pirates in the world was hugging you close- giving you a place to live. He had saved your life and you would forever be thankful. 
  • Bonus: You get to know every single crew member and every division commander on the ship and soon, it feels like you have known all of them for years. Thatch turns out to be your best friend, he pranks you all the time, but it doesn’t matter, because he gets it back just as bad- if not worse. He sneakily brings you candy whenever you feel bad and on some days, both of you prank the other crew members, only for you and the cook to run away laughing. Izo is liking you a lot and somehow takes up the role of your older brother. He always has your back and visits you every night, asks you how your day was, how you feel and how you feel in general. He scolds you when you do something reckless, but fights on your side when it gets serious. The man you first saw as a sleeping statue, Ace, is confused about you. He likes you, so much he knows, but he isn’t sure how to start talking to you. You seem to click with every one, but the second division commander doesn’t know how to warm up to you yet. It will take time, that’s all. Marco, is very special. Just like the first time you both met, he teases you whenever he sees you and you’re not sure if he likes you. For some reason, he always wants you to be the night watch, and much to your dismay, he always wants you to bring in your papers at noon of the next day. He leaves you sleepless and it costs you every nerve in your body to not snap at him. Thatch and Izo even try to talk to him, but the blonde man is not changing anything. It takes exactly two weeks, then you’re not sitting on deck all alone. The first division commander himself joins you. You’re bracing yourself for his teasing words, but they never come. He simply sits next to you and starts to talk about his day, the next day too and even the day after that. It turns out to be your own little secret.

I just want to be a badass, really. Screw “sexy”, “sexy” isn’t enough to survive properly in this world. “Sexy” isn’t bad, but it isn’t what i need. “Sexy” won’t make people nicer. “Sexy” won’t give me true confidence. “Sexy” won’t teach me how to stand up for myself. I need strong fucking badasserie in my life. I don’t mean “fight-everyone-and-growing-huge-ass-muscles-cliché” kind of badass, i mean, i just want to be the kind of woman who knows when to say no, who isn’t polite to those who don’t deserve it, who knows how to be respected by others without useless yelling, fear, or lying, how to say no, just “no”, just “stop”, just “i don’t want this”. Those simple words. What if i finally was that lady who isn’t constantly afraid of looking “weird” or “ugly” in public, the ones who doesn’t care about what people think ( this should be such a wonderful feeling! ), who doesn’t feel the need to hide her true self, and who isn’t looking for validation all the damn time because this shit is exhausting, it is, i wish i were free… I just want to be my own role model ! Anyway, don’t just teach beauty secrets to your little girls and teenagers. Teach them badasserie too. They’ll thank you later.

Draco fic for Anonymous

can you write a draco hc where he sees the reader get hurt or bullied and its all about how he tries to protect her? but they’re enemies so it’s quite uncommon (and something about him loving her i need major fluff)? Please and thank you xoxo
It was the third time this week Pansy had cornered you after breakfast and you were just waiting for her to hex you so you could get on with your day. “Isn’t this cute girls? She’s finally learned that she can’t run away.” She said snickering, her mouth curling up at the edges. She tilted her head down and glared at you through her dark bangs. “What shall it be today?” Her slender flingers reached into her robes and drew out her wand very slowly. Before her wand could even be raised in your direction it flew out of her hand with a flash of white light and clattered to the ground so hard you almost thought it broke. Pansy grabbed her wand and turned around to see who was responsible for knocking her wand to the tile, but most importantly, she wanted to see who would even try to come to your rescue. You looked over Pansy’s shoulder to see who had come to your side and saw nothing but empty hallway. Pansy turned around with a flip of hair. “No matter. On with it.”

You were back in the common room after visiting Madam Pomfrey to remove the donkey ears and tail that Pansy had given you just a few hours earlier. You grabbed your charms book and the roll of parchment from the chair where you had left it last night and headed off to class. You were 12 minutes late, but Flitwick knew why. The only reason the professors couldn’t stop Pansy is because they never could catch her in the act, however, they knew you were not the type of student to show up late to class and use bullying as an excuse. The rest of your day went by fast and easy. You learned how to transfigure a tie into a snake and how to tell what the weather will be like the next day just by looking at the stars. You walked into the great hall to get dinner before heading to library to start on your potions essay. Your right foot crosses the threshold to the hall, but your left foot is caught on something invisible. You start to fall face first to the ground unable to use your arms as a shield due to the fact that they are full of books. Your face came two inches from the floor when you suddenly stopped falling and your body lifted back into its normal standing position. You looked around confused and saw that Pansy was doing the same. Seeing that she was distracted, you made you break and ran for your house table before she had the chance to try and trip you up again. As soon was you finished eating you grabbed your bag from the bench beside you and left the great hall while Pansy was distracted by Nearly-Headless Nick popping out of the closest pudding she was reaching for. As you headed for the staircase you kept your head down trying not to draw too much attention to yourself. You picked up your walking speed knowing you were getting close to the stairs until you ran into someone. You started to fall back until they grabbed your arm and pulled you up. “Not very solid on your feet are you?” They said with a chuckle. “This time was my fault. Sorry about that.” They said as they dropped your arm and stood there until you regained your balance. “Every time I get knocked off my feet it’s not really my choice.” You say pulling your robe and book bag back into your shoulder. With a deep sigh you brush your hair out of your face and look up to see platinum blonde hair and steel grey eyes. “Draco?!” His eyes go wide as he claps a hand over your mouth and drags you into a corner. “If you say my name too loud and in that tone people come running.” He removed his hands and you took in a big breath. “Why?” “I don’t know. Something about how I’m ‘rude’ and a 'bully’” he says putting those words into air quotes. “Well yes. Generally you are quite terrible.” You say quietly crossing your arms and looking away from him. But that doesn’t stop you from seeing the hurt look cross his face out of the corner of your eye. “Well, uh, sorry about bumping into you. I’ll just got then.” He started to turn away but you reached out and stopped him before he could take more than two steps. “Wait.” He turned around and his eyes looked straight into yours. You inhaled sharply. You had never seen his face this close before. His eyes had bags underneath and he had this look of pain behind his eyes. He looked tired and sad, it was a look that made you want to hold him and tell him everything was going to turn out alright even though you didn’t really know what he was going through. “I didn’t mean it like that.” You said shaking yourself out of your thoughts. “I just meant-” “You don’t have to explain. I know what you meant. Not a lot of people like me. I get it.” “No! I just meant that I’ve heard things about you. And yes most of them aren’t nice things. But,” you weren’t sure how to finish the sentence but Draco seemed to understand what you were trying to say. “Thanks.” He said almost a whisper. He looked to the ground and you could see a light blush begin to rise to his cheeks. You could stare at him all day. He was handsome in a quirky weird sort of way. His features were sharp and pointed but his eyes softened his face and his lips seemed so sweet. You weren’t sure how long you two had just been standing there before people started coming out of the dining hall in groups. You both came out of your trances “Well I better go before Pansy finds me and sends me to the hospital wing again.” You say starting up the stairs. Draco follows close but still a couple steps behind as there are now massive clumps of people around. You start down the corridor that you normally take back to your common room. It’s a longer walk, but no one ever goes down those halls so it’s a nice time to think and feel safe away from Pansy. You hadn’t even made it half way back to your dorm when you started to hear footsteps behind you. At first you just ignored it thinking it was probably just the echoing of your own footsteps off the stone walls, but then the steps changed pace and rhythm. You turned around only to see Draco walking behind you. “Are you following me?” You say some what in disbelief. “Someone has to keep you safe from Pansy, right?” He says shrugging and taking a step closer to you. “You? It’s been you this whole time? Knocking her wand from her hand? Reversing my gravity so I could stand up? Removing the invisible object she used to trip me? That was all you?” He nodded slowly and let his eyes wonder to everything but you. The light pink colored had now returned to his face and he started to fidget. He couldn’t stop shifting his weight on his feet and you could tell he was slightly embarrassed by the whole thing. “Why would you want to help me?” You say taking a step back. “Because I like you, okay?” He blurts it out and quickly realizes what he has said and starts stuttering trying to find the right words to back himself out of the situation. “You like me?” You say in a small whisper. You could feel your face and ears heating up and you knew that your face had to be at least 3 shades deeper red than Draco’s blush that had also gotten darker. Draco’s eyes met yours and you both just stood there for who knows how long just staring into one another’s eyes. He took a step closer to you and grabbed your hand in his. “I know,” his voice was shaking but it was still powerful “it may seems strange, or a bit unusual even, since I’m not really supposed to be friends with anyone and everyone is just meant to be an enemy. However, you seem so sweet and kind. No matter what Pansy does or anyone does to you, you pick yourself up and move on. That’s something that I wish I could do.” He has taken your other hand into his and his words are spoken so softly that your afraid that if you move you might miss a word. “I really love that about you. You’re just so quietly strong.” You both stand there again in silence. A comfortable silence. You would be happy to stand here forever. “So…what do you say?” He asks turning a shade of deep red that you didn’t think was possible. You let out a smile laugh and a sigh. “I really like you too.” You say pulling yourself into his chest. You inhaled the smell of whatever cologne he wore and instantly felt home. You thought of where you had smelled this before and why it seemed so familiar and warm. He squeezed to tighter and you took in a deep breath. Amortentia! That’s where you had smelled it before! Draco smelled exactly like the amortentia potion you brewed in potions class just 3 days before. You took in one more breath finally feeling safe and happy. You broke the hug and looked into his eyes. The biggest grin broke out onto Draco’s face making you smile so hard you thought your face might shatter from happiness. Draco leaned down and pressed his forehead to yours and let your nose touch his. “Our little secret?” He said as his hand fell onto your waist pulling your body close to his. “Our little secret.”

Xx all writing it original and my own work. If you use it please give credit. Much love xX

Sorry this took so long but I wasn’t sure where to begin and where to end and how much detail I wanted to put in certain areas but I really hope you enjoyed! Let me know if you want a part 2!!

If you have any requests please feel free to send them into me and I will get writing as soon as possible! Love you guys x

The Very First Time

Some people might tell you that murder leaves a scar on your soul. Each life you take chipping away at that fragile thing inside of you that makes you who you are, keeps you human. This has never been particularly true for me. There are kills, of course, that stick with you. I’ve had my share of nightmares, but nothing has ever scarred my soul. Sometimes I wonder if I have one.

One thing that has held true for me is the saying that the first kill sticks with you, that throughout the years, it will stay with you, every little detail. The way the blood pooled, or the way your hands bruised their body. The memory of your first kill stays with you, much like your first fuck. The clumsy moves, the nerves, the adrenaline. It’s remarkable how much they have in common, truly.

I remember both in exquisite detail. But before I share my story, let me say that I have never particularly enjoyed killing. I’m not one of those psychopaths stalking the streets, snatching up innocent things for the thrill of it. Killing for me has always been for two reasons; business, and anger.

I took my first life, purposefully, at the age of fifteen. At first glance, my life at that age was perfect. I was the daughter of a wealthy and well liked nobleman, living in a beautiful state in the Arathi Highlands. I had jewels, gowns, anything that I desired. Except for freedom. That beautiful estate was a prison, the jewels and gowns just for show. I was a possession, to be dressed up and sold to the highest bidder. An investment such as myself simply couldn’t be allowed to roam freely, so guards were posted at every door, and in view of every window.

My one escape, was the secret passage I had discovered in my closet as a girl, one of the very few in Lilydale that Father didn’t know about. I never managed to go far, as a girl, I still had a healthy fear of him, and knew perfectly well that he would simply have me dragged back should I ever attempt a real escape. So, I found a meadow, not far from my prison, and went there when I could. My own little secret, this cursory freedom.

Early one morning, I was late returning; having fallen asleep in my secret haven. The maid had already entered to wake me for the day, and caught me just as I emerged from the closet. She assured me, in hushed whispers as if we were sisters sharing a lifelong secret, that she would never utter a word of my escape route to my father. Naive to the true nature of the world, I trusted her. That very afternoon, my father stormed my bedroom, guards in tow, and had the entrance barred shut. He beat me, and locked me in my room for the remainder of the day.

As I lay on my bed, dry eyed and angry, I began to plan my first murder.

I waited four long months from her violation of my trust, long enough for her to become comfortable around me once more. Every day, as she bustled into the room, drawing back my drapes, and preparing to help me dress for the day, I smiled. I smiled, and talked to her as if we were old friends, her sins against me long since forgiven. But every day, I planned.

Early one summer morning, as she drew back the drapes, I asked her to open the windows, expressing my desire to welcome the warm sea air. She thought nothing of it when I climbed from my bed, offering her that familial smile, the smile of sisters sharing a secret bond. She thought nothing of it when I came to a stop behind her, pointing out some little detail on the horizon, a flowering tree, or an approaching horse.

Only when my hands were on her shoulders did she realize the mistake she had made. As she tried, and failed, to brace herself on the railing of my tiny balcony. She realized, in her last moments, as she tumbled to her death on the cobbles below, that she had never been forgiven; never would be forgiven. She never even screamed, simply gasped, staring at me with shock.

I waited exactly three seconds before running to the railing, carefully of course, and screaming. Guards rushed in immediately, my poor, poor, maid had tumbled to her death. I had tried in vain to save her. My story was believed, no one dared to question the Lord’s daughter. Father never looked at me the same, of course. Somewhere deep inside, I think he knew. He knew that he had begun to create a monster, he simply had no idea just how much worse it would become.

Is it just me, or does everyone else have an odd fascination with the polyamory symbol too? You know, the one with the heart and the infinity sign?

I love finding jewelry with it and I seem to wind up drawing it on random pieces of paper. And whenever I see someone else with it, I always wonder… Could they be poly? 

It’s like my own little secret, but it’s not hidden. It doesn’t appear unusual to anyone else, but to me it represents a lot.

It represents the steps I’ve taken to overcome the stigma associated with a nonmonogamous lifestyle. 

It represents my loves. <3

It represents a love that is truly infinite.

A guide on how to sing "One Day More" depending on which recording you're listening to
  • Original London Cast: ONE DAY MORE! I did not live these people's heroes one more day all on my own I will learn when we are parted and we'll know the one day more watch 'em run amuck catch 'em as they fall never know your luck when there's a free for all and yet with you my for these tomorrow we'll be far away TOMORROW IS THE JUDGEMENT DAY
  • 10th Anniversary: ONE DAY MORE! I did not live until today watch 'em as they follow on my own how can I learn their little parted and we'll know the one day more tomorrow you'll be worlds away never know your luck when there's a on my own and yet with you my for these starteeeeeeed TOMORROW IS THE JUDGEMENT DAY
  • 25th Anniversary: ONE DAY MORE! I did not live until today one more day all on my own how can I learn their little secrets here a little know the one day more tomorrow you'll be worlds away we will nip it on my own and yet with you my world has tomorrow will be far away TOMORROW IS THE JUDGEMENT DAY
  • 2010 Cast: ONE DAY MORE! I did not join these 'til today watch 'em as they follow on my go I will learn their we are parted there a little touch one day more watch 'em run amuck to revolution never know your luck when there's a on my own and yet be ready for these tomorrow will be far away TOMORROW IS THE JUDGEMENT DAY
  • 2012 Movie: ONE DAY MORE! We will join these people's heroes one more day all on my own we will learn their little parted we will know the things day more watch 'em run amuck catch 'em as they fall never know your luck when there's a free for all we'll be ready for these tomorrow we'll be far away TOMORROW IS THE JUDGEMENT DAY

A secret santa gift for the lovely @eyesepticjack <3

It’s transparent, so there’s actually a little something in the box :P

I know it’s not much, but I hope you like it, and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! 

And to anyone who had a really crappy holiday, Christmas or otherwise, maybe this can cheer you up, too? heh

krzed  asked:

"Oh my God I just said that out loud didn't I?" Ladrien


“Oh my God I just said that out loud didn’t I?” Adrien asks, mortified. His mortification only grows when Ladybugs giggles evolve into guffaws. “Please forget I just said that.”

“N-no way, Sunshine,” she says when her laughter starts to peter out, “I am never going to let you live this one down.” When she looks at him and sees the way he scowls at the ground, her laughter stops all together and in a soothing voice she comforts, “Hey, really, it’s not that big of a deal, you know? I’ll tell you a little secret of my own- one of my great aunts likes to knit underwear of all things, and you will never guess what super kitty she based her latest gifts off of.”

“No way,” Adrien breathes, laughing just a bit and feeling the embarrassment slide from him as it’s replaced with a warmth that tells him she didn’t care if he wore Ladybug boxers or not.

BTS / GOT7 as pop punk songs


Rap Monster: Teenage Dirtbag - Wheatus

Jin: Ocean Avenue - Yellowcard

Suga: Motivation - Sum 41

JHope: I Feel Like Dancin’ - All Time Low 

Jimin:  Dance, Dance - Fall Out Boy

Tae: Hands Down - Dashboard Confessional 

Jungkook: First Date - Blink 182


JB:  My Own Worst Enemy - Lit

Mark: Dirty Little Secret - The All- American Rejects

Junior: Kiss Me - New Found Glory

Youngjae: The Middle - Jimmy Eat World 

Jackson: Miss Jackson - Panic! At The Disco

Bambam: Stacy’s Mom - Fountains of Wayne

Yugyeom: I’m Just a Kid - Simple Plan