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And here we have Ohmtoonz in their natural habitat: always wondering what the other is doing accompanied with flirtatious teasing 

A baby creature; Newt Scamander x reader

This idea has been going around my head for awhile and now I’ve finally taken the time to write it down.  I hope you guys enjoy my second Newt Scamander oneshot and hope it fills your day with nothing but teeth-rotting fluff. 

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It started like any normal day. Newt and I woke up and had breakfast before heading down into his case to care for his creatures.  While he was feeding the Occamies, I went over to the Graphorn habitat.  I let out an animal cry and soon the male came running up towards me.

“Hello Adam, hey there big guy. How are you?” I stroked the side of his head while his tentacles gently kissed me all over my face.  “How’s Eve doing?” Adam and Eve were the last Graphorns in existence and if Newt and I hadn’t found them when we did, that could’ve been the end of them forever.  

Now we breed the two of them whenever Eve’s in heat to hopefully rebuild the Graphorn population and right now I had found out a couple weeks ago that she was gonna have her second set of babies.

He gurgled and grunted at me before leading me towards their den where I knew Eve was sitting at getting her rest.  As I entered inside the den and saw Eve along with her first two children Isaac and Betty who were playing next to their mother.

“Hey there Eve, how you feeling?” I approached her cautiously and she allowed me to get right up to her and I gently touched her face which made her gurgle out a purr. “Now let’s check you out ole girl huh?” I then began to take her vitals and seeing how her pregnancy was coming along.

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Night and Day (RWBY AU Snippet)

Note: Set in the same AU as Offering.

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There is no love so tragic amongst all the gods than the love between Night and Day. Until the end of all things, they are doomed to never meet, save for the most fleeting of moments at the edges of dusk and dawn.

It is said that Day is the older sister of Death, and it is said too that there are few, even amount the gods, who can match her beauty or her resolve. She strides boldly from one end of the world to the other in clothing woven from the light of the first dawn of creation. Her hair is golden flame, and when the gods of flowers made lilacs, they did so to echo the colour of her eyes.

And as there is Day, so too is there Night. Night’s hair is as dark as Day’s is bright, and her eyes are purest amber. For as long as Day has existed, so too has Night, and for an age they did not meet. Day has her duties, as does Night, and even they cannot break the great laws that govern creation, the great laws that are strong enough to bind even Death to whom all others must one day answer.

Yet, one dusk, Day looked back over her shoulder where before she had only looked boldly ahead. And, for the first time, she laid eyes on Night whose back, wreathed in shadows, had been all that she had ever seen before. So lovely was Night and so mournful was her gaze that Day’s heart was ensnared at once. For another age, she looked back each dusk, hoping to catch another glimpse of Night and wondering what could torment one so fair.

And it came to be that Night began to meet Day’s gaze each dusk and to look behind her each dawn, wondering why Day should suddenly take such interest in her. And with each look that they exchanged, their desire to know one another grew stronger until at last, overcome, they resolved to meet.

For the first time in creation, there was no day and there was no night. Instead, an eerie twilight fell over the world as Night and Day abandoned their duties and met upon a lonely mountaintop where now the greatest of their temples stand in honour of that meeting. Long did they speak, and with each word, they grew ever closer until at last, covering Night’s lips with hers, Day took Night for a lover.

Yet such a thing could not last long. For the laws that bound creation had decreed that Day should never meet Night save for two moments only, one at dusk and another at dawn, lest the order of creation be disrupted and the world be left in ruin.

Thus Death was sent to speak to her sister.

Death came upon Night and Day as they dozed, exhausted by their affections, and her heart was filled with grief. So happy did her sister look, even in sleep, and she had come bearing news that would see that happiness destroyed forever.

“Awaken,” Death said, and she would have wept, but Death cannot weep. “You have lingered long enough, Day. Once more, you must walk across the world. Twilight has fallen, and that is not the way that things must be. Dwell not with Night any longer. Your duties must come first.”

But Day would not be parted from Night so easily. “Sister, for the love that you hold for me, do not speak thusly. I love Night and would stay with her.”

Death took up her weapon, the scythe that claims the life of all things. “Well do you know the laws that bind the world, and well do you know your place in creation. it was decreed when the world was young that Night and Day should never meet save for dusk and dawn alone. Now, sister, for the love you hold for me, do not make me ask again. You are strong, yes, amongst the mightiest of the gods, but I am Death. Leave Night. Find some mortal to love, or even another god. But you cannot have Night.”

Day’s fists clenched, and the light of a thousand dawns spilled out of her, light enough to scour the world. But Death was unmoved.

“Leave us.” NIght rose to her feet and pushed past Day. Ribbons of shadow filled the air around her, and a dread darkness fell upon the mountain, so deep that it could have swallowed the sun. “I have so little to call my own. The mortals despise me and only creatures of evil and wickedness revere me. Why should I not have love? Why can I not have Day? Why should my darkness be the only thing that Day’s light cannot touch or warm?”

And still Death would not be moved. “There only one way that you and Day might be together, and you know exactly what it is. On the last day of creation, my sister will enter my realm, as will you. There, you may be together always, but that day is far away, and there is much yet for you to do. Do not force my hand, Night, for I am Death, and neither you nor my sister can withstand me. Even the night and the day must die in time, but I would not have it be today.” She paused, and because Death could not weep, she pushed back her hood and let Night and Day gaze into her eyes, the same eyes that foresaw the lives and deaths of all things. “Do not think that I take pleasure in this. I do not. But the greater the god, the greater the burden. Do as I have asked of you and wait until the end of all things to be reunited.”

Thus were Night and Day parted, though since that day their temples have always been built in pairs, side by side, and their priests and priestesses hold a special ceremony together twice a day, once at dusk and again at dawn. And if Night and Day are lucky, they might exchange a kiss at those times, or a hurried embrace.

It is because of their love that NIght and Day do not fear the end of all things as so many of the gods do. For they know that only then shall they be together again.

Preference #4: Hiding Places


You had found the room hidden inside your room. It was cool, calm, and perfect. It was a place where you could just disconnect from the outside world. You had called Calum over one day, just to relax, and get away from everything. Once you let him into the secret room, he was in utter awe at what you had done to it. “You never fail to amaze me,” he muttered, kissing the top of your head. You giggled at his comment, and grabbed the laptop to play movies. Both of you stayed in the room the whole day, and eventually fell asleep in the room.


“There you are,” Ashton sighed in relief. You had gotten into an argument with him, resulting in you walking out; he didn’t like that one bit. It had been an hour, and you still didn’t come back to his house, which made him worry. Ashton looked in various places for you. He knew you wouldn’t go home, since that was clearly the first place he’d look. After much thought, je knew you’d be in your favorite place. With that, he found you, and soon he was apologizing. 


The both of you were at the beach one day just exploring. You had stumbled upon this undiscovered part, and it immediately became yours, and Michael’s favorite place. “Just ours,” he mumbled into your hair. You were both laying under the umbrella you had set up, watching the sun start to set. It was a serene peacefulness filled with bliss. You snuggled more into him wishing the two of you could stay there forever. 


You found peace in the woods. Especially this place, it was beautiful in every way. It was nature, and it held every element of purity. Luke didn’t like it, not the woods. Just the fact that you’d go off on your own into the woods. “My little Woodland Creature,” he whispered, kissing your cheek. You were both laying on a blanket on top of some of the flowers. You smiled at the nickname he had given you. Closing your eyes, and sighing in content. Everything about this moment was perfect.