my own little creatures

Bestiary Vol. I


Classification: Beast (by choice)

Rating XXXX

“ Merpeople, notably corrected from Mermaids in 1927 by the publication ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them’, are sentient beasts that live underwater. ”

“ They are creatures resembling half-human, half-fish hybrids. Though they are not, in actuality, half-breeds ” 

“ The oldest recordings of this creature date back to ancient Greece. And it is in these warmer waters that we find the beautiful mermaids more frequently depicted in Muggle literature and painting. Now defined as the sub-species of Sirens. ”

“ Playful and confident when interacting with humans, they can often be found sunbathing on rocks jutting from the Oceans edge. ”

“ Their voices can carry through the waves and they communicate via their own language, it is said a Sirens song is as beautiful above water as it is under. In Muggle folklore it is said they use their song to lure humans into traps. “

“ Once a naive human gets within arm’s reach of these beautiful creatures, their fair faces suddenly turn to fang-filled, fish-like maws, and lovely tails promising unknown delights become sharp, death dealing talons. ”

“ By the modern era, however, merpeople have spread worldwide and have adapted to all kinds of environments leading to new sub-species. Such as the Selkies of Scotland and the Merrows of Ireland. ”

“ Selkies are curious collectors of human artefacts, though good natured enough to return the property to its original owner if asked. ”

“ Unlike Sirens their song turns shrill above water, though their communication skills both among their own kind and with humans is unparalleled. ”

“ Selkies are skilled in the art of camouflage. Their darker scales allow them to blend in with the murkier waters they dwell in. ”

“ It should be noted all Merpeople hold an above average intelligence and have created their own societies, customs and history. ” 

“ They been given a high rating, not because they are all overly dangerous, but because they should be treated with the utmost respect. ”