my own little army of trolls

anonymous asked:

When Iceland was very little, Denmark and Norway made him various tiny Viking outfits; Norway stitched together the clothes and furs, while Denmark made a wooden toy axe. Whenever Icey would cry because he didn't want them to leave him behind while they went to war, they would tell him that they needed their scariest Viking to stay behind and guard the place. When they returned, a very, tiny little Viking bragged about how he fought off big scary warriors and creatures while they were gone.

Imagine them coming home, after a long battle, and asking Iceland what he got up to in their absence. 

Little Iceland just prances around, stumbling over his own feet and boasting that “An entire army turned up when you were gone! Mmhmm! And - and, and they had big scary axes - waAAY bigger than denmark’s - and they had an army of trolls too, but they were no match for me! I fought dem ALL off with my bare hands!”

and denmark and norway just make eye-contact with each-other, smiling knowingly, before turning back to iceland and playing along, praising him for defeating the army.