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some babyz crying for b.a.p´s BLUE album cover… least you guys didnt get something like this!! 

i mean!! look,,this one is actually REALLY PRETTY!!

the struggle of a BABYELF lol

pd; although i like the japan albums cover better, this ones are actually pretty decent plus go with the whole color series.

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just lettin u kno that catsuggest blog is a terf

ive gotten an ask like this 3 times now, never w any information beyond “btw catsuggest is a terf” which is 0% helpful to me dude. each time ive got up n searched for information and beyond a bunch of posts like “omg catusggest is a terf?!??!” theres … no actual post with direct information. all i could find was people saying that it was suspicious because when they followed that blog, lots of recommended blogs were terfs.

in fact, the most informative post i found was someone showing that if you search ‘trans’ on the owner’s other sideblog you find nothing but trans positivity. somethin tht, u kno, terfs arent really known for.

i have no idea who runs it or what their deal is or if theres further information you keep leaving out & just expecting me to take ur (anonymous) word for it, but like, if im actually missing something let me know. otherwise …….. pls quit sendin me this every time i reblog a post where the source is that blog.

An Ode To My Teens & Welcoming My Twenties

Currently sitting in the living room of my girlfriends’ dorm suite like any other nights, as I convince myself: this is also like any other birthdays. But it isn’t. In half an hour, when the date turns to December 5, not only will it mark my 20th birthday, but also my first full year as the person I envied growing up, never imagining it could realistically happen.

I’m looking at the picture above– the longest I have ever my had my hair– in a french braid, with a striking batik kimono, a gold tank top, and black suede bootie heels. To think: my own self progress brought my ideal picture perfect girl to life, and for once, this actually inspires me. To think this transition was as easy as putting these clothes on, but also to think it was way more than that.

I’m too scared to grow up.

Seventeen out of soon-to-be-twenty years of my life was out of my own hands before I could tell them my pronouns, before I could pick out my own wardrobe. My own voice. My own words. My own labels. My own.

But I was never mad. I just existed.

I was happy, though. I enjoyed going to school. At thirteen I wore my polo converse shoes everyday– ones that my mom and I bought together, knowing dad would disprove.

I saw the systems of conformity as a righteous way to navigate. At fourteen I expressed my femininity by doing masculinity wrong. I expressed my womanhood by slowly detaching myself from maleness, although I had no idea there were words to describe how I felt, other than sleepless nights and not speaking during family dinners.

I smiled through the systems, said I’m better than that. At fifteen I held on to singing as one of the only ways I could use my voice, through ambiguous lyrics, expressing myself in a way only I could understand.

Eventually I started to pick up the hints, although they were vague and only dizzied me further. It was challenging for people to get me down, but that was because I did not know what I should be down for. I was emotionally incapable to unbox and dissect all of my internalized trauma of femininity, and I used the unknown as a way to shield myself from pain.

College liberated me from pressure, and through patience, disarrangement, and agony, I stumbled upon the picture perfect girl that I thought I saw in other women. In truth, I had to use the most of my resources to make this picture perfect girl on my own.

And I did it.

(Oh shit!! I’m twenty now!!!)

Smiling became easier. So many burdens are placed on teenagers, and sometimes smiling was the most defying yet healing thing to do.

Beauty became easier, too. At eighteen I started medically transitioning– and although my beauty is victimized by cisnormative beauty ideals, I felt pretty. I felt pretty under the expectations of what girlhood meant, and embracing my prettiness and transness in the same hands was my way of rebelling. It still is.

Thrifting became my favorite way of shopping. Something about giving old things new purposes meant powerfully to me. The ways I had to redefine my truth as a person involved giving somebody’s old clothes new meaning as well, and I felt an adamant allyship within my own clothing.

Nineteen was by far one of the most strenuous yet lucrative years of my life. I took myself less seriously, but never neglecting myself when necessary.

I found the strongest solidarity in holding other trans women. Alive and surviving, too.

I was low on myself more times than I want to admit… mostly because I’m clumsy and I fall easily (example above). Sometimes I’m reminded that being a woman was never always an available option for me– let alone a tangible possibility. Sometimes I would forget to refill my hormones on time. Sometimes he didn’t text me unless he needed my body.  Sometimes I’m unable to focus on school work or even show up to class.

But I remembered to smile.

And when I wasn’t smiling, I was fighting for a reason to smile, something as little as protesting and as big as getting heard.

To my teen years, 

I treasure you. Not like the way I treasured away my girlhood way before I was a teenager. But a non-traumatic, and more euphoric way. I feel infinitely more colossal to have survived you, for in the midst of survival I forgot that time was inevitable and that soon enough you would end. 

To my twenties,

My skin still bleeds. I still get tired. But the sun still shines, and the moon’s got its back, always replying.

So please,

have my back.

Scott Borchetta interview with Alan Cross for Canadian Music Week (April 2017)


AC: [talking about recognizing a special character] If you come into contact with a true superstar and there is a charisma that comes off of them effortlessly, the kind of person when they walk into the room and your back is to the door - you know they’re in the room…
SB: Yeah, I always say that colors in the room change, like if Steven Tyler walked in right now you’d be going […starts turning around…], Steven is here, okay, I got it… because it’s just that thing. And I’m sure any of you can remember a moment, whether you got to meet Mick Jagger or Taylor, and you just went: “WOW! There’s a lot more juice in this person than everybody else”.

AC: So you were gonna build “Big Machine” the way you thought a record label needed to be built, from ground up. And you had no office, no money, no staff, you had nothing except your eye on this 14-year-old girl. You were scouting this 14-year-old talent?
SB: Yeah, so the irony is I get a package, this is an October 2004 and my deal with Universal goes through September 2005, so I get Taylor’s package in October and I meet her November 2nd 2004, I was blown away… and I go to see her two nights later at the Bluebird Cafe, go to meet the family and I’m just completely knocked out by her being, how smart she was at 15-years-old, how incredible the songs were. And then I go back for a second meeting and say: “If you wanna be signed at Universal I will introduce you to the executives and try to help you get signed, but you need to know something - I’m leaving in a year, I’m gonna start my own label, don’t know what it’s called but I can make you one promise tonight - when I start it, you have a deal with me”. And they looked at me and  just kinda went […motions a blank stare…]. They go: “Wow, we finally found someone who gets her and he’s crazy”. So couple weeks later, Taylor had just turned 15, and she called me herself and said: “Hey, just wanna let you know I’ve made up my mind and I’m waiting for you”. And it wasn’t from a manager, wasn’t from a parent, and I said: “Well, you’ve made my day”.
AC: Why do you think she made that decision?
SB: I think because she have had a deal at RCA priors, she had a development deal and they did not believe in her songs and they were trying to get her to work with other songwriters, different producers and they didn’t feel that they understood her and I was immediately fascinated with her songs. And I didn’t realize it back then but, when she came into the office, she literally came into Universal and she played me a song, a second song, and for those of you who know Taylor’s music, the second song was “Picture To Burn” and I said that’s a hit song. And I think from that moment she thinks: “Okay, I think this guy gets me and understands my songs”. I’ve never once brought up to her idea of doing an outside song. So she know that I believe… at her being she’s a songwriter, yes - incredible at everything else, but in her being, the most important thing and 50 years from now when you look back at this moment they’ll go - oh, the Michelangelo of the moment was Taylor Swift.

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Louis in Noisey (released 18 July 2017):  I wanted to put this girl band together so I pitched it to Simon. Off the back of that, he offered me my own imprint label through Syco,“ he says, suddenly sitting up in his seat and looking more animated.

17 April 2015: Louis’ imprint announcement made in the Sun.

15 July 2015: The day after the baby announcement is the first day Louis is seen with the no name band at a studio.

Louis in Noisey (released 18 July 2017, interview May 2017?):  It’s early days with the label stuff, but the girls are my first major project and I’m super invested in them.

2nd June 2017: We begin to notice something isn’t right with the band.

28 Jun 2017: Annika confirms the group has split up.

So Louis pitched a girl band to Simon in early 2015, I guess? And that’s where “Making the Band” came from, but nothing panned out there? 

And then they moved on to the No Name Band, who could only ever play small showcases and never had a real name, despite Louis being super invested in them? The girls only ever spoke about Louis in generic terms. And Louis was still very invested in the project 15-30 days before it fell apart? 



It’s possible this was a legit concept in the beginning, but it got pretty fucked by the middle of 2016 and the end is just…a laughable timeline.

Suburbia. LRH.

Words: 6,575
Pairing: Luke/Reader
Rating: NC-17 bc hella smut.
A/N: I got carried the hell away. 

Based on Suburbia by Troye Sivan.

I’ve grown familiar with the ritualistic dullness of suburbia. An endless array of houses, all looking the exact same, partitioned by white picket fences was all I’d ever known. Nobody ever left the familiarity. Anyone born in the area spent their whole lives working boring desk jobs, clad in expensive suits and pencil skirts.

Rich housewives spent summer afternoons gossiping beside the backyard pools with icy margaritas in hand, while watching the sweat drip off their hardworking pool boys. All the while, their businessmen husbands spent their evenings rubbing their filthy hands up the thighs of their secretaries.

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this is your friendly reminder that my blog isn’t just about steven universe, my blog is a multifandom blog, as well as a place where i can post about anything that interests me, and that includes typically “cringey” interests that i have, like undertale, MLP, and sonic the hedgehog

Jay Park - Unspoken Rule Pt. 2

Part 1

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“Dude, just hire her as a photographer if you want to see her again so badly,” Gray said with an amused chuckle.

“What?” Jay snapped out of his thoughts and turned his head to his friend who was grinning at him widely. He was so lost in his thoughts he hadn’t even realized that someone was talking to him.

“You’ve been staring at the wall for the past ten minutes without saying a thing,” Simon pointed out, joining the conversation. Of course he wouldn’t miss out on a chance of teasing Jay. It was way too much fun, especially since Jay was a bad liar.

“I wasn’t thinking about her,” he quickly denied. His prompt denial making it a little too obvious that he was lying.

“Well, then I guess the wall’s just that interesting,” Simon said jokingly while he rolled his eyes.

“What’s stopping you? You usually wouldn’t be so reluctant if you’re interested in someone.”

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label masterlist pt 1

after many, many requests, i’ve finally created my own label masterlist. the following 8 labels are all inspired by the aesthete and relate to such to some extent. they cover all sorts of characters from artistic and knowledgeable, to the foodies to the self-indulgent and pleasure seekers. depending on the response this receives, i may post another label masterlist similar to this. so i’d love to hear your feedback on what you guys think of the labels below. likes and reblogs are great and highly appreciated but they’re not required. if there’s any labels that you’re not sure of or would like a deeper insight to, feel free to ask me and i’ll be more than happy to explain further. enjoy !!

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Can you do something on Harry being a stay at home dad while your career is a bit demanding?? That would be amazing

Since I was little and sat on the hood of my dad’s truck while he blasted Fleetwood Mac, The Stones, and The Who all I ever wanted was to be part of the creation of classics that shaped the lives of people who listened to it.  Being a Music Producer was my passion.  A passion I threw every part of myself into.  

And it paid off.  By the time I was 21 years old, I was working with some of the best in the business.  And I was something of a name myself, given that I was a woman in a mostly male line of work.  

I was introduced to Harry Styles, youngest member of One Direction at an industry party.  His friend, Jeff; who would become his manager, kept me occupied all night discussing his vision (which I would come to learn was Harry’s vision) for Harry’s solo career.  I have to admit I was intrigued.  Jeff had a way of making things sound too good to pass up.  Harry pretty much stayed to himself all night on the other side of the room, I can only remember saying a couple words to him.  But I left that night a little more jazzed than I would have otherwise.  Industry parties were boring as shit, but this one left me feeling excited.

Harry called me a few days after that.  We had a fabulous discussion about a few of the songs he’d already written.  And at the end of the conversation he flat out said he hadn’t called to talk to me about his album, he wanted to ask me out.

I was speechless.  But I accepted.

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length: 1,342 words

genre: rapper jimin au; a mix i guess?

summary: all of jimin’s past assistants have quit, will you do the same?

a/n: I’ve had this idea forever and finally decided to write it…also I rewrote this 5 times, and then half of it got deleted so I had to rewrite it from memory so sorry if it sucks a little haha, but i promise it’ll get better as it goes

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That Damn Speech

Someone released another gifset with more praise of that speech in that scene. It’s like my own private torment.

I am labeling this ‘anti stiles’ even though it isn’t actually against the character. The scene in Lies of Omission was totally in-character for Stiles.   He’s always been emotionally and physically aggressive when confronted with terrible situations. He’s always neglecting his emotional health in the hope that it will go away.  He’s always held Scott to an unrealistic standard of behavior because of his own deep-set insecurities.

What drives me crazy about this scene isn’t that it happened, but rather the fandom response to it.  All the wailing and gnashing of teeth about ‘how dare Scott not ignore his own fragile emotional state and bow down to our poor little innocent woobified baby.’

As anyone who delved deeply into my blog should know, the flashpoint for my rage is always “Some of us are human.” Again, not the speech itself,  but fandom’s reaction to it.  As if it was something good.  As if it was something to praise: Stiles’ cruel and callous attempt to dump his own guilt at Scott’s feet and make it the alpha’s fault.

I wish the Stiles fandom would just take a moment to look at this from Scott’s standpoint.  Forget that it is their woobie-baby-fandom-bicycle talking and listen to it from the point of view of a person who’s lost his girlfriend Kira, failed to rescue his beta Liam and his girlfriend Hayden, and essentially given into his darker desires by probing Cory’s mind against his will.   Just try.

Stiles: Yeah, because you’re Scott McCall! You’re the True Alpha!

Scott’s POV:  Stiles is telling him he’s an arrogant sod that’s gotten everything handed to him.

Stiles:  Guess what? All of us can’t be True Alphas. Some of us have to make mistakes!

Scott’s POV:  Stiles is telling him that it doesn’t matter that you’ve let over a half-dozen teenagers be taken, mutilated, and murdered, that the girl you love is in terrible danger and gone somewhere so you can’t help her, that you invaded Corey’s mind, and that you’ve lost Liam’s trust.   Stiles is saying that being your friend is a burden that he doesn’t want any more.

Stiles: Some of us have to get out hands a little bloody sometimes.

Scott’s POV: Stiles is saying that it doesn’t matter that he has to resist the urge to kill every full moon, that he had to fight off Peter’s attempt to make him a killer, Deucalion’s attempt to make him a killer, and Kate’s attempt to make him a killer in which he nearly butchered Kira.   Stiles is saying that you have no idea what it feels like to take another person’s life or even want to.

Stiles: Some of us are human!

Scott’s POV:  Stiles is saying you’re a monster and a freak and where do you get off judging me?

And if that is not enough, Stiles turns around and has the nerve to beg Scott to believe him.   Stiles knows he just got finished telling him he’s inhuman, self-righteous, and he wishes he wasn’t his friend,  that he’s been deceiving him for weeks, but that doesn’t matter, because right now, the only thing that is important to Stiles Stilinski is that Scott exists to validate his existence.  

Again, given the Nogitsune trauma, given what happened with Donovan, given his own insecurities, this is totally within character.   It’s not even an unreasonable response to the stress he is under.

What is unreasonable is to ignore the stress that Scott is under for that scene, for the fandom to actively share in Stiles’ conception of Scott as a flawless superhero (and then turn around and condemn him for being a boring and unrealistic character), and make this entire scene with all the cruel, vicious words Stiles spews completely and utterly about Scott not believing Stiles.    

Yeah, yeah, it drives me mad.   But I suspect that someone on the Teen Wolf writing staff noticed that it was a bitch, because they seem to be falling over each other trying to make us think that Stiles is a good friend.

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I was going through your posts... The "recs" as I like to call them (also can't remember what they're called) go from #277, then jump straight to 656...or something like that... I was wondering if my phone is acting weird or something?)

No, your phone’s good; that’s just my own weird labeling-system. If I could re-do it, I’d probably just put everything into the “Marks and Rec: Misc” label, but that’s hindsight for ya. 

On the weekends, I do movie quotes, and that’s a different series than the weekdays. They’re “Marksandrec’s Super Dooper Popcorn Party,” and they have their own numbering. 

Just to make things even more confusing, the original concept of just Parks and Rec quotes also has it’s own numbering. It’s super-ridiculous, lol.

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"Everyone, in and out of the music business, kept telling me that my opinion and my viewpoint was naive and overly optimistic -- even my own label," says Swift, recalling the run-up to 1989's October release in the vast living room of her penthouse loft in downtown Manhattan. "But when we got those first-day numbers in, all of a sudden, I didn't look so naive anymore."

anonymous asked:

I don't want a romantic or sexual relationship with anyone, but i don't really like using the SAM for my own personal label because i'm not sure i understand a clear-cut difference between attractions i don't have. So I just call myself ace, but I feel like i'm being misleading or misrepresenting the a-community somehow. Is it weird to do this? Should i break my orientation down into micro-labels, to avoid offending/irritating the rest of the community?

It’s not weird and labels should be used for you, not because someone else might like or dislike the words or lack thereof. Lots of people don’t use every label that they might count as and I don’t find it misleading any more then just telling someone the country they live in instead of the street address. Sure one is fair more detailed but neither is false.

jesus christ just

“you shouldnt be allowed to identify as ace until youre 18″

id literally rather die than not be able to pick out my own labels thank yoou very much

Let us all rejoice now that singer songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Pat Grossi, better known as Active Child, has returned! It’s been a very, very long time since we last heard from the California based artist. Active Child re-emerges with a poignant ballad named Cruel World, inspired by recent tragic events in Manchester. It’s a beautifully mournful orchestral number, of which Grossi says: 

honestly struggling today. this latest one broke me 😞and i’m having trouble finding the words… but, let me wrap my arms around you . this new one is up now and i’m working on a full length for the fall but i want to give you more. i want to release more music and feel freer, so that is what i plan to do . self released under my own label ‘sun rooms recordings’ . i wrote this with the pain of the current state of affairs on my mind but with sincere hope in my heart . let’s all create more / perform more / love equally / worry less . and always, keep our heads up 👊🏻

Expressive strings and Active Child’s wispy falsettos caress our aching hearts in the sorrowful wake of this past week’s events. We’re in dire need of such comfort and assurance, and we’re grateful Active Child has provided some much needed respite. 

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