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170402 - Spring Day

Jihan Moments in Shining Diamonds Fanmeeting in BKK

  • Jeonghan and Jisoo walked together in both their arrival and departure flights.
  • They were from the same van.
  • Jeonghan drank water from a bottle the passed it to Jisoo and yes he drank it from Jeonghan…..
  • Jeonghan need someone to hold his legs for the sits-up competition so choose Jisoo. Jisoo walked over and sat on Jeonghan feet. After Jeonghan had finished doing sits-up. Seungkwan asked Joshua how many sits-up did Jeonghan did. He answered “50″ and everybody was like woahhhhhh~ but the Seungkwan said that if he was helping jeonghan by lying, Jisoo will need to do sits-up. Without the second thought he said “no, its 28″ lol. Then he went to pat jeonghan back as a comfort lol <3. These two are evil twins confirmed.
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Liyin teaching Jongdae Chinese tongue twister

The tongue twister was the reealllyy hard one that goes like
四是四,十是十…(four is four, ten is ten.. etc)
and Liyin said it in her dialect for fun so the tone changes and Jongdae said it all pretty much in 3rd tone which made it sound like dead dead dead and then in the very end Liyin changed it to Chen is Chen to tease Jongdae more.