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songsandeyeglasses  asked:

How do you redecorate without breaking your fragile bank account??

I love this question! Everything on this list is under $30, and most of it can be purchased from the safety of your dorm room couch.

Decorating on a Budget

1. Plants: Plants are my personal favorite decor (apart from Xmas lights). They’re inexpensive and look great in any location. If watering a plant every day doesn’t work for your schedule, get a cactus! I water my cacti twice a week.

2. Xmas Lights: I try to distance myself from people who say that Xmas lights are just “seasonal”. I have three different strands of lights up all year long, one in each room and one on my outdoor balcony. These lights are perfect for parties, romantic evenings, etc. 

3. Candles/Incense: Dorm room or apartment landlord permitting, candles and incense really help an apartment feel more homey. They also help stave off the smell of your cat’s litter box, which is always a plus.

4. Posters: Posters aren’t as expensive as you think they are, but poster frames are ridiculously expensive. And you can’t buy the cheap ones, they fall apart instantly- you have to buy the $40 ones. My advice to you, buy posters and hang them up carefully with pushpins or tape.

5. Clocks: Buy a cool clock off Society6 or RedBubble for $25. It’s my belief that the right clock can help brighten up an otherwise dull-looking room. I bought my boyfriend this Bob’s Burgers clock for his birthday last year.

6. Shower: You don’t need to use the low-grade weak shower head that came with your bathroom. You can buy color changing shower heads and spa quality shower heads on Amazon for $25. Go forth! Always keep your old shower head somewhere safe, and put it back on when you’re ready to move out. There are lots of great and truly unique shower curtains out there on the internet, but they’re expensive. You’re better off buying one from Target or Walmart.

7. Night lights: I am the sort of person who always needs to pee at 3am. I have always used night lights in my bathroom and kitchen because they’re so much better than blundering around in the dark. Similar to the Xmas lights, they help create that “mood”. I have these cute little lava lamp night lights.

8. Glow in the dark stars: Just trust me on this.

9. Chalkboard paint: Dorm room or apartment landlord permitting, chalkboard paint can help turn your room into a perpetual canvas. A friend of mine from college did this to his incredibly small room, and it looked so good.

10. Beaded curtain: Beaded curtains help make small spaces appear larger. We have a beaded curtain hanging in our hallway currently, and it’s great. You don’t need a super expensive one that was handmade by the indigenous people of wherever. Just a simple one to put in a doorway or hang on the wall to change your space.

Problems with the Witchblr Community

There are some serious fucking problems occurring on this website, like:

  1. Peoples’ grimoires are way too artistic. Like seriously you all need to tag that shit like “hey this may trigger you because this Van Gogh beautifully-crafted art style might blind you and gush your morality with its beauty and cause your perspective of your own grimoire/BOS to wilt like a flower on fire”. I don’t take the time to even update my BOS, never mind decorate it with these gorgeous illustrations.
  2. The quality of pictures are way too high. I don’t know where people are getting all these professional cameras. Like I take pictures with my phone or shitty Samsung and post them, and I know I wouldn’t even reblog that shit, the quality is way too low. This results in a standard of high quality Instagram-worthy pictures that is too high for me to keep up with, y’all need to lower your photography skills.
  3. Peoples’ altars are too perfectly positioned in the sunlight, like bathing in the holiness of the sun or moon and washing any of vestige of mortality away from that spot. This kinda weaves into the photography complaint but basically, y’all stop being so artsy.
  4. Digital sigils are too easily and perfectly displayed. I don’t know how people make those sigils, it’s like an elusive angelic society that just sprinkles down talent and useful spells like falling stars. Seriously y’all need to post a how-to on that shit because I don’t have a tablet and just take pictures of hand-drawn sigils, but even those who post their hand-drawn sigils draw them incredibly better than I draw my sigils. 
  5. The witches on this site are way too creative. They’re all thinking of tips and techniques I never thought of before, and it makes everyone else feel dumb because they didn’t think of them first.
  6. Pretty much every witch on this site seems to have a green thumb. They say taking care of plants doesn’t require a green thumb, but I beg to differ because pretty much every plant I own dies. Like I don’t know if it’s because I’m a death witch and am literally radiating death energy, but I can’t keep plants alive for my own life. Green witches gotta share their real secrets, HOW are you keeping your plants alive.
  7. Then there are some problems like elitism, transphobia, homophobia, racism, nazism, blatant disrespect for peoples’ religions and cultures, the hatred with which we argue, and the fear that I’m always being scrutinized and that no matter what I say extreme SJWs will cherry-pick the things I say and misconstrue my argument into something i never said in the first place so i might as well just not even say my opinion on anything which i’m doing right now so i’ll just shut up and continue the joke
  8. The spooky and ethereal Witch Aesthetic™ is too on point. All the hanging herbs and lit candles and smoke from incense are too entrancing and immediately calm my mood and cause me to daydream about the eloquence of the witchy aesthetic. It’s too romanticized. It causes me to enjoy my own craft too much, and I reblog too many of them. We need to cut those down by a bunch.

Just had to get that off my chest.

Ecstatic Witchcraft

This is a post a long time in the making, as it is something I’ve wanted to share for a while now, just because it is such an important part of my own craft. There is something truly magical about it and is, for me, something both very humbling and very empowering; as such, it is something that I think is worth sharing.

Foremost, the question to address is: What is ecstatic witchcraft? And one not so easily answered, as there cannot be any one way in which it is performed. It can (I think) be described as a form of trance magic, though its expression is not wholly tied to trance in the traditional sense. In essence, it is a surrendering of self and its simultaneous expression. It is a temporary shedding of the façade one erects to survive, Freud called it the superego and without it, so too falls away the ego. The goal of ecstatic witchcraft – if it can be called a goal – is to allow the id to manifest unencumbered, a means of channeling the primality. Of course, this manifests in innumerable ways and no two sessions would ever be the same, hence why it can be so tricky to pin down precisely.

I’ve found that – and it continues still – that the witchcraft community (predominately) has long perpetuated the notion of control as being paramount to success, and while this may be true to some extent, I believe the converse must also be explored. There is law and there is rigidity, there is correspondence memorization and a lot of book work: and this makes sense! For the last century (and in times before), this has been the main means of information acquisition. While it is not uncommon for witches to join groups, covens, etc., I’m willing to bet that most practicing witches were indoctrinated through solitary study. Again, there is nothing wrong with this, and I, myself, am contributing to this reservoir of written information as I type! But, as I mentioned, while I did my fair share of book work and memorization, the heart of my Craft has always been exploration. Tradition is important, but it’s never been enough for me. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: the best way to learn is to do. There will be mistakes; you will come to conclusions only to find things that defy them; you will learn to correct; you will learn to be skeptical, but not judgmental. You will learn there are a thousand purported ‘right’ ways, and then you will find your own. Nothing is static.

How does this relate then, to ecstatic witchcraft? It is a means by which to connect to that instinct: that intuition that drives us – shedding preconceived notions and allowing the opportunity for exploration through action. And action, I feel, is the root of ecstatic magic.

How To Perform Ecstatic Witchcraft

As I mentioned previously, there is no right way and I can only provide to you a number of facets of expression that are conducive to ecstatic witchcraft. These are by no means the only facets, and as always, I encourage you to explore what works for you.

  • Speak – It may seem counterintuitive to what I have said, for is speech not a construct? It is, but there is power in vocalization, even if speaking unintelligibly. This is an extension of opaque language – or language spoken ceremonially as a means of excluding those who are not privy to the religious tongue – and moves into the realm of glossolalia. Rarely do I include verbal scripts to be read in the things I post, as I find that they detract from the working themselves, instead encouraging those performing to speak what comes. This is a more controlled form of ecstatic witchcraft – bound by intention, time, and often language itself. Here, let all that fall away and simply: Speak.
  • Move – Ecstatic witchcraft, for me, is all about energy: movement, especially. It is best not to go into it with any plan, simply follow where your body takes you. If it says run, run; if it says dance, dance; if it says squat and howl like a wolf, by gods do it! It is for this and many reasons that ecstatic magic should be done in a controlled setting, normally somewhere safe – but I should mention, this need not be done alone! Ecstatic witchcraft can just as easily be done in groups, though it can get a little more dangerous, considering the id is often noted as being the seat of sexuality and aggression. I also recommend putting sharp objects away – you never know what the hype might bring – but hey, sometimes you just really need to throw a knife; perform responsibly.
  • Draw/Write – Admittedly, some of my coolest and most profound sigils have come from ecstatic sessions! There is something in me that always wants to take chalk and just go to town on every surface around – overtaken by mania. Automatic writing is related, in some ways, though often it is used with intent: channeling a specific spirit, deity, etc. Ecstatic magic requires no such formalities, bending to the whims of all and none, the witch is then but an instrument of the spirit: of the cosmos.
  • Laugh – Laughter is powerful.
  • Instruments – If you have at your disposal some musical instruments (I prefer maracas and tambourines), bring them in! And forget what you think you know about music, just roll with it. Hell, if you want to continuously shake a maraca and scream with one foot in the air, do it. Again, it’s all about energy, and instruments bring their own, unique vibes to the table.

Entheogens – *at your own risk; use responsibly* Sure, they might compromise some of the safety, but they also bring an entirely new level of exploration. For some. My use of entheogens in the past have always been hit-or-miss; sometimes they are conducive and other times they are hampering. Know what works for you, and be careful: you don’t want to show up at the nearest E.R. naked, tripping on an unknown substance with a painted face and defiantly shaking a maraca.

Sex – This harkens back to what I said about working in groups, sometimes there is a power in it, and the same can be said for adding sex in. When working with others, always plan for the possibility of sex! Especially with who you invite in, and in regards to safety. I don’t know the last time it was used, but the “It was for ecstatic witchcraft” excuse will not hold up: while it may sound like a damper, J.I.C. consent agreements and activity do’s and don’t’s should always be agreed upon beforehand, and should always be open to amendment. If you really want to, draw a circle: anyone who leaves it is has removed themselves from the session and should not be addressed until they reenter of their own accord.

With that, I hope it is becoming clear what ecstatic witchcraft is (or can be), its benefits and how it isn’t really all that new a concept. It is, for me, a profound experience every time – I come out feeling energized, powerful, but also with a new frame of mind, having shed societal constriction and attuned with both the divine and animalistic parts of myself – if even for a moment. In that it is humbling, and it is empowering.

Photo: Maenads, John Collier 

ivegotaheadlineforyou  asked:

Hi Hi! I've been interested in secular witchcraft for a long time, but i'm finally starting to stop just researching, and I want to try and start practicing! I've collected a bunch of resources, but what are some of the first things you'd suggest picking up from the store? Candles, herbs, oils, etc? Also, any beginner posts you could link me to would be wonderful. I'm all ears! Have a wonderful day <3

Hey, congrats on deciding to practice and doing your research! Are you excited? Nervous? Enjoying what you’ve seen so far? Is Tumblr your primary resource? :)

I wanna learn so much from new witches omg. (There’s irony in there.)

Well, it honestly depends on what you wanna do and use yourself. Because personally, I picked up a few of each - I got some tealights from WalMart, bought some cheap incense from somewhere else, picked up some dried herbs from the grocery store that I didn’t already have in the kitchen, and found like five or six crystals I liked from Green Earth. I spent maybe like twenty bucks. That was my beginner’s witch kit.

But, again, it all comes down to what you want to use. Are you more interested in working with candles in magic? Candle magic *is* a really easy but effective method of magic, and candles are everywhere, and really cheap. Most spells use candles in them, not necessarily as the focal point of the spell, but they also do wonders for boosting energies. A bag of 100 tea lights goes a long way in witchcraft. Color correspondences can help, but isn’t necessarily required.

Or maybe crystals are where you wanna go. Crystals have amazing energy, but are a bit more on the pricey side. It can also be hard for people who don’t know a lot about them to tell them apart - the “danger” in this is being swindled by people claiming their crystals are something they’re not. Doesn’t mean they won’t work for their “declared” intent, necessarily, but it means you just dropped a lot of money on something worth a tenth of that. 

That doesn’t mean it isn’t worthwhile to work with them, though. Because they’re an amazing tool, really - you just gotta do some more research, and be confident in where you’re buying from. Finding a reliable dealer with decent prices is where it’s at. But then, once you’ve got some crystals, they’re really versatile. They can be used on their own, or in conjunction with other spells, put them in jars and sachets, or in poppets, make grids, use them to charge other things, just stick like ten of them in your pockets - boom, witchcraft. 

Oils aren’t something I necessarily recommend, to be honest. Not because they aren’t useful, because they are, just like any other tool can be (just gotta know how to use them). I just don’t know a lot about essential oils. xD If that is the area you wanna go in, however, it’s worthwhile to know that you’re gonna want to do some more research on the topic, and be wary of any allergies you may have, and for the love of god don’t put a crapton of pure oil straight on your skin.

Herbs is a little bit of a tricky area too, especially when using them as medicine. It requires a lot of research and safety if you plan on ingesting herbs for actual remedial purposes. If you just want to use dried herbs in, like, jars and spell bags, it isn’t nearly as bad, but you still want to keep an eye out for any poisonous / toxic plants and allergies. The stuff you can get pre-dried from grocery stores and dollar stores are honestly enough in most cases, and there’s lots of substitutes for more expensive or exotic plants, depending on intent.

If you wanna grow your own herbs too, that’s an option, but another area I don’t know a lot about, so I can’t give you any more advice on that besides do some more research. (It seriously never ends, so I hope you like studying.)

I guess this sort of answers your questions, but not really in the way you wanted. So, long story short, what you pick up depends on what and how you want to practice. However, I’ll give you a list of items I would recommend, purely based on my own craft, but I feel they’re pretty good staples to have all around.

  • candles - versatile as all hell; can be used on their own or in any other spell; bags of white tea lights are super cheap and easy to find; worry about colors later; scents can be used as correspondences as well but don’t hinder in any way
    • also, if you can’t have open flames for whatever reason, they have LED / battery powered candles in some dollar stores now; not to mention, tech magic?!
  • matches - they smell nice, and can light candles; suuuper cheap, but in bulk; unless you’re allergic to sulphur, then just a lighter will work
  • herbs - dried herbs from the grocery store seriously do the trick just as well as fresh / organic stuff; Bulk Barn / Barrel has a lot of awesome stuff for super cheap too; start off with just a few general / all-purpose ones, and then add to your collection as you go along; it starts to build up over time, trust me
    • sea salt - cleansing and protection; can be used as a base for most herbal mixtures
    • rosemary - considered a substitute for most other herbs
    • basil - has like a shit ton of correspondences
    • cinnamon is useful to have too
    • if you wanna curse, pepper flakes, paprika, or cayanne pepper should do the trick
  • jars - do I even need to explain?; dollar store, man; even thrift stores have some pretty amazing and cool looking bottles and stuff
  • notebooks - not something necessarily overly witchy, but more so to write down what you learn; trust me, you’ll wanna do that, especially with correspondences; also, sigils
    • also, though, keeping a blog can be a great way to have a magical book; can be password detected / kept secret; tags are useful for organiazation; and then you have us assholes in the community to hang out with too xD
    • writing utensils are also kinda required to, you know, write in books; black Sharpies are useful for actually drawing on stuff - candles, sachets, etc.; good for sigil work
  • scrap fabric - but some cool patterns from thrift stores or whatever; useful for making sachets and poppets
    • sealable plastic bags can do in a pinch though, really; also can be drawn on with Sharpie for easy sigil application
  • string / thread - tie up bags, herb bundles; make sachets and poppets; also useful for bindings, and that’s a good skill to know
  • mini sewing kit - super useful to have in general, and all parts of it can be used for something, somewhere
  • tea bags - seriously, tea has magical properties too; super discreet; and easy as hell; play around with different flavors for intents
  • crystals - clear quartz is super cheap and all-purpose; buy like five of them and just use them over and over; again, another thing it might be useful to have like three or four basic ones and then build your collection over time; that’s how most of us get our arsenal of supplies
    • clear quartz - substitutes for any other crystal
    • amethyst - super cheap and easy to find; variant of quartz; good for sleep and peace and divination; also purple
    • tiger’s eye - I’m biased because this is my favorite crystal; good for protection and courage; did I mention it’s awesome to look at?
  • incense - not necessarily required, but I like to have it; smells nice, useful; so many scents; can be found pretty cheap all over too
    • again, if you can’t have open flames in your place, you can try those wax melters; definitely pricier, but versatile for magic as well; and I mean, they just smell, so, good; my mom has one with like sugar cookie wax cubes; and I come home and think she’s baking, and I get super excited; but it’s a lie

So, yeah, that’s my list, and reasons for what I wrote. That’s just some ideas to get you started. If you choose a path that doesn’t need those things in them, obviously don’t bother then. And depending on what “type of magic” you wanna do, your basic supply list might be very different. For instance, a sea witch probably won’t care so much about kitchen herbs, and stock up on sand and seaweed, sea shells and salt water. 

Since you asked for beginner’s posts, too, you can have my whole list:

I did it! I made a post that wasn’t mostly links! :o Anyway, sorry for my smartass mouth, I was having fun with this. I hope you enjoyed reading, and I hope it gave you some ideas, and helped you out! Good luck! And if you need any more clarification or have more questions, you know where to find me. :D


Here are some of the new items offered by my darling in her shop, Reilynn’s Knits and Crafts! Aren’t they such lovely things? And they’re so soft and warm, too! I’d like to draw your attention to the fingerless gloves in the bottom picture, which were inspired by Fíli from The Hobbit - aren’t they awesome? Click here to visit her shop! ^_^

Am I just naïve, or..?

There are so many people in #witch tips talking about how they do curses, and, like… is that really so common? Do a lot of people really do curses?

My first exposure to witchcraft was Wicca, when I was a kid, and I guess the nice thing about a religion only having one rule is that it sticks with you: “If it harms none, do what you will.” (There are older-school phrasings of it, but they all mean that.) 

So it just seems so unreal, to me, for witches to go deliberately causing harm. I was taught that that stuff comes back on you, times three! And sure, I guess there are times when that seems like a worthwhile cost, but are they really so common?

Or are Wiccans in the minority for believing harmful magic costs so much?

I don’t mean to cast aspersions on anyone else’s craft; I’m effectively just a newbie, given how much time I’ve spent away from my own craft, and I don’t claim to know … uh, much of anything, honestly. 😁 I’m just wondering if I’ve got a rosie-posie picture of witchcraft that doesn’t match common practice, or what? 


A few weeks ago, a friend threw a Busytown-themed party for her two-year-old. It was only the day before the party that I realized what that meant- RICHARD SCARRY.  I loved his books when I was a kid, long before the animated TV shows and the extra-saturated colors of the recent books.

My parents never, ever  threw anything away, so I was able to grab my old copy of the Best Make-It Book Ever and look at the projects in it. Right next to the instructions for a Lowly Worm plush toy I had scrawled, at the age of 7 or so,  "I WANT TO MAKE ONE.“  So, after an intermission of about 30 years, I did - and gave it to the two-year-old for his birthday.

The one alteration I made to the original 1970s pattern was to Lowly’s shoe. In my day he wore a plain brown shoe, but now he wears a red converse sneaker. I was pleased with how it turned out, so I’ve included my pattern.

Miss Yvonne, Diva Cycles, embroidery on cotton, 5 inch hoop, 2015

“[This piece is] a love poem to my Diva Cup. My cup/chalice has been such an important tool in my journey of self healing and deep womb cleansing and activation. What I love most about menstrual cups is they force you to get really close and personal with your self, the part of Self that we’ve been trained to think of as dirty, secret, bothersome and a source of shame, fear, and limitation. The Shadow Self. With this work I shine a light on all that is shadowy, dark, rejected and unaccepted for that is where we truly find ourselves.”

“I embroider, crochet, stitch and weave to connect to myself. Every stitch, every loop, every knot brings me closer to my inner goddess, the source of all my creative energy. Weaving pictures and patterns, and creating form using only my hands and string, gives me the confidence to weave my own life into a beautiful work of art. My artwork expresses the divine feminine and is an exploration of my own inner labyrinth.”
Easter Egg Surprise Stim Toys
These are plastic Easter eggs with surprise stim toys inside! The available stim toys are listed below, and when you pick an egg (of any colour you like) you get one of these inside! There is only one of each stim toy, so Ill be updating this list as theyre removed, and if there is a stim toy you absolutely do not want, you may let me know. (However, you cant pick which one you do want - then it wouldnt be a surprise!) These are going up on Good Friday to celebrate Easter, but theyre really in celebration of Autism Acceptance Month. (*NOT* Autism Awareness Month.) The eggs are thin plastic, and open on a hinge. To open, squeeze gently. The stim toys are below. -Four smooth coloured glass beads (red and blue). -Metal blue coloured slinky. -Wood bead elastic bracelet -Plastic bead woven bracelet -Black nylon necklace attached to a metal ring pendant with spinning metal attachment. Each egg comes with: -A stim toy -A chocolate egg

Hello fam! It’s been a while but I’m finally making crafts again! I decided to take advantage of some of the cute Easter symbols to make some surprise stim toys~ There’s only five of these so far but I’m hoping to make some more before the end of the month!

(NB: Sorry about all the blue; I used what I had on hand and it was only in retrospect that I remembered the colour thing. Nothing I am doing is in any way in support of, connected to, or attached to the Organization That Shall Not Be Named. Blech. The pack of eggs I bought didn’t even have any red ones.)

I will not
dance to your war
drum. I will
not lend my soul nor
my bones to your war
drum. I will
not dance to your
beating. I know that beat.
It is lifeless. I know
intimately that skin
you are hitting. It
was alive once
hunted stolen
stretched. I will
not dance to your drummed
up war. I will not pop
spin beak for you. I
will not hate for you or
even hate you. I will
not kill for you. Especially
I will not die
for you. I will not mourn
the dead with murder nor
suicide. I will not side
with you nor dance to bombs
because everyone else is
dancing. Everyone can be
wrong. Life is a right not
collateral or casual. I
will not forget where
I come from. I
will craft my own drum. Gather my beloved
near and our chanting
will be dancing. Our
humming will be drumming. I
will not be played. I
will not lend my name
nor my rhythm to your
beat. I will dance
and resist and dance and
persist and dance. This heartbeat is louder than
death. Your war drum ain’t
louder than this breath.
—  What I Will, Suheir Hammad

I’m aroused.

She’s got these crazy eyes that make my heartbeat multiply. Hypnotized by those gorgeous thighs, they come complete in a gorgeous size. I won’t deny, my mind might be saturated in infatuation. Senses lacerated but all I want is conversation. She’s off the hook like a dial tone. More than a dime — she’s a milestone. You couldn’t hashtag her, she doesn’t need to trend. I mean, I’d give in but she’s not on the receiving end. So I wait for a call, I guess that’s call-waiting. Steady taking the fall, either that or I’m flailing. I might take a Skype date for my mind’s sake, but her attention’s offline. I even looked for her on MySpace, but it’s always the wrong time. So I pulled myself out of my own wreckage, straightened my spine and sent her a message: “You see, some lips eclipse the truth. But I won’t slip, I’m only trying to be real with you. Hit me a DM pretty lady. Tell me, what’s the deal with you?” I waited a week without a word, another passed quick. So I’m there, trying my best not to trip, started calling her a dumb chick. Then what happened next must have been fate: a little message popped up with an address and “don’t be late, meet me at 8.” Naturally, I played it cool and began freaking out. Got dressed in my best and stumbled out of my house. Smashed the gas into the floor, and everything was going according to plan. But then she opened the door, and I realized the girl from Twitter really was a man.

Nav K, Twitter plot twist

(possibly someone’s true story somewhere / crafted based on a friend and his strange Twitter habits)

Well, I went back to my old post as a craft instructor today! 73 kids in four hours isn’t bad.

My top two kid quotes of the day:

A seemingly very healthy and chipper five year old boy to his elderly grandfather: “I’m making this for you, so you can have it to remember me by when I die.”

Two girls, friends and not related as far as their conversation sounded, discussing computers. One girl mentioned that their old computer couldn’t be used anymore: “we had to get rid of the other computer because it got… um… it was…” to which the other girl, who was maybe four, replied with the most wise-beyond-her-years knowingness in her voice: “Hacked?”

Beauty By Bambee

Interviewer: Hey Bambee, how are you today?

Bambee: I’m doing well *smiles*

Interviewer: That’s great *smiles* Thank you for allowing us in your studio for this interview. We won’t keep you too long. How did you get started in your career in the beauty industry.

Bambee: I started at Ulta. It was my first job in cosmetics and my first job in general. I really wanted to start my career in cosmetics. I interviewed for m.a.c and they turned me down but I really wanted to get my start to prove to my mom this is what I want to do. I will always will be thankful for working there.

Interviewer: With all your growth and success, what made open up your own makeup studio?

Bambee: Having my own studio has always been a dream of mine. I wanted to have a place where I can do makeup, teach and sale. I wanted a place of my own to showcase my craft. I want my name to be a brand. A brand filled with glamour, positivity, growth, fun and learning. I wanted a place that people felt comfortable in.

Interviewer: Lately we have noticed you do some modeling. As a plus size woman how do you have this confidence? How are you so comfortable being sexy?

Bambee: As a teen I was bullied for being fat. But I had learn to love my body because my size does NOT define my beauty. I’m beautiful regardless my size. I know I am gorgeous, I’m the queen honey *laughs*. But seriously, I built my confidence up because I don’t need to feel bad about myself because others don’t like what they see. I say f*** ‘em, do you. Honestly I am happy to start modeling more to rep for the big girls *dances in sits*. I love looking and feeling sexy. I’m comfortable with myself.

Interviewer: Last question, what moment do you think really put you on the next level? You are gaining publicity and really becoming into a celebrity.

Bambee: *laughs* I wouldn’t say I am a celebrity…..yet. But I think for me was when I went to New York with my hubby on business to meet @billionaire-heiress. She and her team put together a presentation event for me and that put me more on the map so I’m very thankful. We become good friends, she is a really sweet person.

Interviewer: Thank you Bambee for having us today. We hope more success to you and your husband Johnathan. We know he is working on a new album. We heard you will be on it.

Bambee: *laughs* Yes and thank you so much.

Interviewer: You’re Welcome *smiles*