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Here’s a video of how I made my new teal medieval belt! :D
If you have any questions feel free to ask. As this was the first belt of this kind that I’ve made, I’m definitely not an expert, but I’ll do my very best to help a brutha out. 

Also, if you like this kind of video let me know and I’ll keep ‘em coming :)

if i do nothing else tonight i can probably finish this monster so wish me luck!!!


A few weeks ago, a friend threw a Busytown-themed party for her two-year-old. It was only the day before the party that I realized what that meant- RICHARD SCARRY.  I loved his books when I was a kid, long before the animated TV shows and the extra-saturated colors of the recent books.

My parents never, ever  threw anything away, so I was able to grab my old copy of the Best Make-It Book Ever and look at the projects in it. Right next to the instructions for a Lowly Worm plush toy I had scrawled, at the age of 7 or so,  "I WANT TO MAKE ONE.“  So, after an intermission of about 30 years, I did - and gave it to the two-year-old for his birthday.

The one alteration I made to the original 1970s pattern was to Lowly’s shoe. In my day he wore a plain brown shoe, but now he wears a red converse sneaker. I was pleased with how it turned out, so I’ve included my pattern.

Witch Tips - Witchcraft Books are Shit

Okay hear me out…

So I see an awful lot of new witches or witches practising in private, even witches on a budget… And they’re upset because they can’t afford or can’t risk having books about witchcraft…

Let me tell you this.

When I started practicing I was in the exact same position and I researched and researched and researched on the internet trying to find as much information from as many different sources as I could. I also listened a lot to my gut, following my own instinct and creating my own path to my craft.

I thought it would be lovely when the day came that I could finally get my own books…

And when that day finally arrived? I was disappointed.

It’s probably okay if you identify as Wiccan and want to follow the Wiccan path with more instruction and to learn all the rules etc there are some excellent books on Wicca out there!

But most books advertise themselves as Witchcraft and don’t actually differentiate between Witchcraft and Wicca….

A lot of them have some very questionable content and suggest that you must practice that specific way or worship a specific deity in order to practice witchcraft…. Some of them have the most ridiculously elaborate spells…

What I’ve found is that most witchcraft books have to be taken with a pinch (or sometimes an entire bag!!) of salt because the majority of it won’t apply to you. I end up finding maybe the odd paragraph helpful in inspiring me but the majority of it is a waste of money…


Here’s some examples of shite your book might include:

❌ witch and Wicca used to interchangeably, either no mention of non Wiccan witchcraft or it doesn’t mention Wicca but keeps saying you must have a wand and athame and you must follow the ‘witches’ (Wiccan) rede and rule of three

❌ saying you must worship and use the power of the elemental spirits in your craft and that every witch believes that earth spirits take the form of little gnomes running about in the forest etc

❌ vehemently against banishing, cursing and hexing

❌ or alternatively casually including banishing, cursing and hexing without telling you to stop and think carefully if it’s necessary before proceeding….

❌ suggesting you have to dress like a stereotypical cartoon or horror film witch

❌ telling you you must buy hard to obtain and expensive items to be able to practice

❌ telling you witches just google any old deity that might fit their spell and call upon their name having no real information or relationship with said deity

❌ stupidly elaborate, whimsical spells that sound like they’ve been written by Luna Lovegood on drugs…

❌ stupid impossible spells that take you for an idiot - spell to make you grow wings! Now test it out by jumping out a window!!!!!

❌ not accepting there is more than one way to cast magic (e.g.) only mentioning using herbs

❌ shit that tells you you must be of a certain age, gender, family line, religion, race etc to be a witch

❌ tells you to disrespectfully use traditions from other religions, usually native or Hindu customs I’ve found…


There are so many more problems with these books but it can be summed up like this - most books are Wiccan hiding themselves as witchcraft and most of them tell you there’s a set way of being a witch and practicing it.

Honestly you are so much better off looking on the Internet for a much more balanced source of information. Let’s face it- everyone practices witchcraft in a different way so it makes sense that you can’t buy one book and follow it to a tee unless you want to be shoe horned into somebody else’s practice.

Search tags on tumblr, Google things, send questions to witches’ ask boxes and ask the same question to an array of different people to get lots of different takes on the answer. Take note of what fits in with your beliefs and craft or use the answers to inspire your own way of doing things.


If you really want books on witchcraft topics (again take with a pinch of salt!!) I recommend

📓 Deborah Blake’s ‘The Goddess in the Details’ and 'Everyday Witchcraft’

Which both have Wiccan themes but give you some good inspiration on how to live magically every day and slot little bits of everyday magic into your life.

📕 Deborah Blake’s 'A to Z Spellbook’

for a whole compendium of easy to to do spells (most of which don’t have rituals so it leaves room for you to make your own. They’re all everyday ones so you’re bound to find something helpful in there)

📗 Soraya’s 'Witch’s Companion’

That gives you a few short verses to use in spells and loads of great correspondences, ideas on how to cast a circle etc

📘 Soraya’s 'Little Book of Spells’

Very similar to Deborah Blake’s but in a beautiful tiny book. Again very everyday stuff which are bound to come in handy. Might need to alter the words slightly if refer to a religious god or goddess if that’s not inkeeping with your beliefs.

📙 reference books for divination such as tarot, using crystals, witchcraft correspondences, healing herbs etc

But honestly, do yourself and your wallet a favour and don’t bother with books that teach you how to be a witch when you have far more reliable information available to you for free on here!

20 days of chub kink

Inspired by the Fatlock 30, Chubwolf 21, and this great ask box meme: I have crafted my own Frankenstein kink challenge because I’m never happy just going with something that already exists. I did my best to keep this fandom agnostic, so feel free to try it out if you want to play with me!

  1. unintentional weight gain.
  2. being in denial about weight gain.
  3. holiday.
  4. freshman fifteen.
  5. stuffing/feeding/etc.
  6. mutual weight gain.
  7. size differences/comparisons.
  8. body worship.
  9. button popping/seam ripping/etc.
  10. humiliation/teasing.
  11. eating competition/buffet/all-you-can eat.
  12. magical/magically augmented weight gain (or scientifically).
  13. long distance kink (phone sex, webcam, etc).
  14. weighing and/or measuring and/or numbers kink.
  15. starter belly.
  16. food-related AU (coffee shop, bakery, chef, food critic).
  17. high school/college AU.
  18. AU of choice.
  19. outside perspective on/reactions to weight gain.
  20. focusing on a body part other than bellies.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! I decided to draw a picture Venus, the goddess of love. I didn’t really want to post any couple drawings since that would’ve made me feel incredibly sad and depressed ( I’m single ). So I crafted my own version of love instead while watching Netflix alone in my room…good times

Spellcrafting and Finding Your Method📝

I never thought that I would be able to write my own successful spells. It was something I just couldn’t see myself doing. I thought it would be too hard. But I finally found the confidence to start Crafting my own spells.

It seems to me that “lazy Witchcraft” is taking a foothold in the Witchcraft community because people think that Witchcraft, in its purest and most effective form, is a difficult thing. But it doesn’t have to be at all. It can be as simple as carrying a charm in your pocket, or reciting a quick chant to do good on a task. Magick isn’t just generated by blood rituals under a forest at midnight on a full moon. Magick is generated by purpose and intent.

Crafting a spell can be intimidating. But that’s only if YOU make it an intimidating ritual. In actuality, Crafting a spell is as easy or as hard as the Caster makes it. So keep that in mind. YOU as the Caster determine how complicated the spell is.

The Crooked Path has literally soooo many ways to raise Magick. The possibilities are endless. There’s spells that use herbs and plants, spells that use candles, spells that use specific items that work under a certain correspondence. It’s literally impossible to list every single way to do Magick. It’s amazing!

So find your method. Experiment. See what works for you. Once you find your method, you’ll be filled with confidence. And not to mention, you will literally feel like a badass witch.

Hope you guys find what works for you💜
Stay Witchy🔮

Magic Bubbles

Recently I bought a $1 bubble wand from the craft store. I told myself I could give it to my nieces, but once I got it home and tried it a few times, I knew I was most likely going to keep it for myself. Though I am a 31 year old woman, even simple little things like bubbles can bring me way more joy then they should for a woman my age ^_^;

But it was as I was twirling around early today with my bubble wand, being surrounded by my beautiful round friends, that I thought of all the magical implications possible.

Though I don’t create sacred spaces for my own craft, it’s a good way to make a barrier for someone unable to use candles, smoke, or have witchy tools. I mean… who would suspect a bubble wand?

For me, I can’t imagine a better way to raise energy! Bubbles bring me joy and delight, and if my spell needs an extra little kick of energy, I think bubbles may just bring that for my work.

Also… cleansing. Bubbles usually mean soap. And as said above, not everyone can do smoke cleansing, or have herbs to work with. I think a little Bubble Work would be perfect, especially if you move the wand, or blow the bubbles with the focused purpose of cleansing (or protecting).

Anyway…. Just some thoughts I had while playing with my bubble wand. Feel free to share, or add on!


I thought of this while I was taking a shower and I was like hey I should draw it so instead of sleeping I drew this. Yeah, not the best decision I’ve made.

I do actually have an actual story with plot in my mind, and while I do know that a good story can convince people to ship the pairing (and I would love to see more shit for this pairing man) I’m never gonna write it out cause 1.) I’m dumb, 2.) holy shit words, and 3.) I’m a shit writer so it’s just going to be disappointing. So I just draw these random, seemingly disconnected comics with bits of dialogue I thought up cause that’s all I’m good at.

About That Clive Durham

One of the things I’ve come to notice after reading and watching Maurice several times is the varied opinions on Clive. Which is something that really intrigues me, and I have some input. I’ve crafted my own opinion, which has changed several times, and now is pretty permanent.

After you watch Maurice once, you hate Clive. He’s awful. Scumbag. Douche.
After you watch Maurice a few more times, you start to understand Clive, and you sympathize more. With the pressure from his family and mother, to marry and carry responsibilities he can’t possibly escape from. He realizes the consequences of being homosexual in that time and place. He has so much to live up to, with so much weighing on him, and he falls apart, and in recollecting himself, makes a change. And it hurts Maurice, but you can sympathize more. You might have done the same thing. Poor Clive. 

However, after READING the text, and watching deleted scenes from the film that were CUT (GOD KNOWS WHY) that show Clive’s hostility, you understand. The entirety of what Clive put Maurice through is h e a r t b r e a k i n g. Clive introduces Maurice to his own views about the greeks. He shapes Maurice into his own views. All the while in love with Maurice, yes. But he awakens Maurice in what can almost be realized as manipulative (later on you can see this more clearly). And that’s what Clive is. He falls for Maurice, strings him along out of his own fear and blunt fading interest, starts to back out (note: Risley’s arrest had NOTHING to do with Clive backing out, it wasn’t even in the book). Clive simply lost interest; realized life could be better. He traveled to Greece, saw his own past views in a tangible form, and realized they were no longer valid, and couldn’t be. So, he “changed”. He was an A S S H O L E towards Maurice, who took care of him when he was falling apart. After reading, you can see this. He treated him like shit. He’s a snippy, smartass, pompous, spoiled douche with the way he treats Maurice. After stringing him along, Maurice investing his LIFE in Clive, Maurice is dropped after Clive simply becomes repulsed by anything even remotely related to Maurice because he simply DOES NOT CARE, he purposely (which is in the text) seeks out someone completely unlike Maurice and Clive marries a woman who feels uncomfortable watching her own husband dress because he’s so cold and empty. The relationship is empty. He parades it in front of Maurice and flaunts his “straight” lifestyle. Clive is a cold fish on a marble slab. THAT relationship is platonic! There is no love. And the best part of the entire novel, and I am furious this scene was cut out of the film, is when Maurice stands up to Clive at the very end, and disappears with Alec, leaving Clive alone to withstand all the emptiness he has filled his life with.

I’ve had someone put that on me. My first love decided he wasn’t gay anymore, for other reasons, and it d e s t r o y e d me. So I get it.

I’m not convinced Clive “changed”. I’m sorry. That doesn’t happen. You don’t hit the undo button on the gay factor. Clive was a coward. Clive was empty. Clive was heartless. And I do believe that E.M Forster ends the novel in the perfect way; I do believe that’s an “oh shit” moment for Clive. Where he realizes “maybe i did love you, maybe my life is empty, maybe i made some wrong choices, maybe i was a huge bulldog dick to the one person who was able to deal with me and my smart ass speeches, ever”. I do believe that is the moment where Clive actually becomes un-empty. Where he feels. Where he regrets. But it’s too fucking late because you were completely and utterly awful. And this realization of Clive makes me appreciate Alec and, ESPECIALLY Maurice, so much more, and when I watch the film now, it’s not the same, because I know. I don’t have pity for Clive. I don’t feel sorry for him. 

This has been the ultimate rant about Mr. Clive Durham. Thank you.


Creative Potion-Making

A few weeks ago, I shared a post by @cunningcelt regarding the style of potion-making presented in The Dresden Files. (The link to his original post can be found in my Works Cited section below.) Although the series itself is classified as fiction, I am confident in saying that there are some sprinklings of truth scattered about. The post encouraged magical practitioners to step outside their comfort zones and use ingredients that one would not normally consider in typical potion-making. I made a mental note to explore this concept more in my own personal craft, and as I plunged the depth of my resources today, I stumbled across a potion in the Book of Magical Words that exemplified this concept perfectly:

To Bring Rain

Set upon rock, an iron pot, kindle beneath it a fire hot.

Fill it half with water new, then add these to build the brew:

An unbound rope, a bar of soap,

A drop of oil, a pinch of soil,

A buckthorn sprig, a maple twig,

A broken bag, a tattered rag,

A spoonful of salt, a rusted bolt.

When these break to a boiling froth, brandish a hammer over the broth,

Strike it thrice on the vessel’s side, calling these words to the weathers wide:

Hither, cloud, and lose they flood;

Wither, drought, let rain come out.

Sprinkle the potion over the grass – that what you ask shall come to pass.

I thought this brew was simple, elegant, and devilishly enchanting, but I wanted to dissect the potion’s constitution to see if I could extract the correspondences contained therein. My thoughts for each are noted below, but I’m always interested in learning how others develop their own correspondences! Let me know if you’d interpret anything differently. Overall, the brew is sound and the correspondences make sense!

Unbound Rope: If I remember my Greek mythology correctly, they believed that winds could be controlled by the tying or untying of knots. Therefore, the symbolism behind the unbound rope could be associated with the conjuring of the winds – definitely important in storm raising.

A bar of soap: This one was a bit more challenging to interpret. I suppose soap is cleaning, literally, and rain could “wash away” the negative, or perhaps the symbolism lies in the bubbles that arise – do they represent clouds?

A drop of oil, a pinch of soil: I can understand the soil – adding soil to water to create mud, which is result of a rainstorm. I am stumped on the oil – anyone have any thoughts??

A broken bag: This symbolizes the breaking of a cloud – letting the rain spill out.

A tattered rag: This rhyme comes to mind: I knock this rag upon the stone to raise the winds in the Devil’s name…. Another ingredient to raise winds.

Buckthorn and Maple: Although these two are not typically associated with rain or storm raising, Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs states that Buckthorn is ruled by water and Maple is ruled by air. Both necessary for an effective storm.

Salt: Purification, cleansing – another symbol similar to the soap.

A rusted bolt: the reddish-brown coating occurs when iron or steel comes into contact with oxygen and moisture – who hasn’t shouted a few curse words over letting something accidentally rust in the rain!?

The Hammer: Beating the hammer against the vessel, to me, symbolizes thunder!

Works Cited:

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SO! i figured i’d give a lil spotlight on these splatoon weapons i built for squid cosplays! i built the dual squelcher and the splatterscope! i’ve never really made props before, but i was REEEEALLY HAPPY ABOUT HOW THESE CAME OUTT

both are constructed out of that stiff foamcore posterboard, which i put together with a glue gun. additionally the splatterscope also obviously has some cardboard tubing for the rounded parts. all painted over with acrylics n then a sealant!