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@vachir-qerel surprised me today with this picture of two of my characters; Etani’a and Mouse ( @mousexiv ) by @fayren as a late birthday gift. ❤

I might’ve cried just a little bit when I saw it, and I’m still not over it. Thank you both so much. (✿◠‿◠)


IG: DropDeadShy — First real photos I’ve taken in probably a year and half. There will be more to come. I’m excited for what I’ve got in store.

Professor Kwon: Chapter III

Genre: Teacher AU, Smut, Fluff, Angst.

Word Count: 3,460

Chapter: 3/?

Pairing: G-Dragon x Reader

Warnings: Once again, there won’t be any until like the 4th chapter ;)) Please hold on until then bbs.

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“You know Y/N, I must admit you’re improving. It appears my warning has gotten through that dull head of yours”, Mr. Kwon paced back and forth slowly in front of my desk as he spoke.

“With all due respect sir, I do believe my head is not dull and that I am improving at my own will. Not because you told me to do so,” I bit back.


Suddenly, Mr. Kwon’s hands slammed down on the surface of the wooden desk. His body lurched forward slightly and his gaze captured my own.

“What? Just because you wrote one decent paper, you think you have the power to question my authority?” he glowered at me and I shivered with a sickening mixture of anger and annoyance. “You will have to do a lot more than whine about your autonomy before I think of you as anything more than a subpar student”.

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Enough- Percival Graves

Pairing: Percival Graves/OC

Warnings: Angsty things. 

A/N: Heehee this was too much fun! Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!

I smiled shyly at the wizard in front of me as he took my hand and brushed his lips across it. “So I’ll see you tomorrow then?” Henry asked.

“Sure, of course,” I answered. He gave me one of his dimpled smiles before taking a few steps back and releasing my hand. Then he was gone, taking the steps down toward the front doors. I watched him go, my smile fading. He was everything I should’ve wanted…smart, handsome, funny. But something was holding me back. More specifically someone.

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PWS MAD (Member’s Appreciation Day)

photo: Nikos @snowghoul / edit: Pete @tvoom

The photos Nikos and I usually take/post couldn’t be any more different, I guess. I always adored Nikos’ raw and gritty approach which of course also translates in his edits. And that is what I tried to maintain while finding my very own way. I wanted colour, because… well… Nikos usually makes black and white edits, but for me this photo screamed colour. And this whole experiment was not about trying to copy the other person’s style, but to find something different. Something they might not have had in mind, but that was still in the photo. I have to be very honest and say that I was “shocked” when I got Nikos’ RAW file. Because I seriously doubted that my skills are good enough to do this VERY abstract shot justice.
After playing around with it for about three times as long as I usually spend on my own captures, I think I found my personal approach. I had to punch these dirty, snotty, slimy greens. This… Alien blood? Suddenly my mind was filled with the thought of some alien creature being shot in a dark alley.
Or in a bar… A cantina… whatever… Han shot first.

PWS MAD - Pete

I selected this kind of photo not only because at the time I was kinda low on available material but also because I was curious. How could it look at the hands of a totally different photographer than me? When Pete decided to do it I was intrigued as to what approach he would follow. I suspected it would be in color and I was very happy with the result as it is indeed very different than my usual approach, which I did post some time ago. The alien blood impression is also what came into my mind when I saw his edit, before I even read the text. Thanks a lot Pete for your time and effort!

PWS MAD - Nikos

K, this is in response to @paynner‘s most recent fic discussion. It’s going to be long, so I figured its better to do it here, as opposed to sending you a multiple part ask. So the question was something like, “Will newer fics ever receive the iconic status that older ones did?” 

I think it’s an extremely loaded questions because there are so many facets to it. A couple of these points have already been raised, but some are new. So here it goes. 

1) Length, Volume, and Frequency 

A lot of these ‘iconic’ fics from the early fandom days are long, multichaptered fics, that were updated as the author wrote a chapter. Each week, or couple of weeks, there was a new update. And between the updates, authors would interact with the audience to keep them engaged. It gave readers time to delve into the plot, understand the characters, and generated prolonged buzz.  It’s not so these days. I’ve read beautiful, long pieces of work - some chaptered - and they’re posted in one go. Be it because authors are worried about sticking to a schedule, or the mentality has changed that readers have to read the entire thing at once - it still changes how we consume. The conversation around a regularly updated fic vs one that its posted in one go, is unequivocally, different. It lasts longer, has more invested readers, and is more intense. That lack of frequency, of eagerly anticipating an update, reduces how long a fic remains at the forefront of the readers mind. In fact, the only person I can think of who posts regularly, is Shai. Unsurprisingly, she’s one of the few writers from back in the day, who’s still around. 

The other thing, is the amount of work that authors are producing. Comparatively, the “iconic” authors had a couple of years to build up the number of their fics and readers were able to be invested with the author. Understand their style of writing, develop a relationship. They were eager to read more of what the author wrote. Other than a handful of authors these days (tbh, I can only think of Shelly who’s been relatively new to the fandom and has managed to churn out so much), it’s harder for readers to know who is writing the fics and develop a relationship with them. As a result, the emotional investment in a fic, is not the same because you can’t immerse yourself for prolonged periods of time in one authors work, and emerge with a connection not only to the fics but to the author. Without that connection, its harder for pieces to become iconic. 

2) Fandom Culture


This is a point that’s been brought up multiple times, so I won’t spend too long on it. But it is an extremely important point.These days, people are so afraid of saying anything that differs from the masses due to the amount of vitriol they receive. And that negativity is spilling into the fanfiction world. You have authors getting hate because they’re writing about pairings that the reader doesn’t agree with. How many readers avoided J’s most recent cuddling fic because there was a small Hendall mention? How many people then translated that personal annoyance into an opportunity to go into her inbox and complain about it? I’ve seen big fics be forgotten because the authors disagree with fandom discourse, so in retaliation, their fic is shunned. 

Decline in readership - and authorship

Fandom is not the best place these days. With all the stunts, the hiatus, and real life issues, its no surprise that people are leaving. And even those who have stayed, don’t really read 1D fic that much. All of the blogs who I used to frequent for the latest fic recs, have stopped reading 1D fic. There’s been a decline in the number of fic exchanges, the number of fic recs, and really that translates into fewer newer fics, with those that are being written, just not gaining the same traction they used to. Rachel just wrote a fantastic angel and demons fic. Like breathtakingly good. And though its making the rounds, its not spreading as quickly as it would have. I would argue that newer fics are just as good, most often times better, than older fics, but they’re just released in a time when the fandom is sucky, so its tough for them to get they break they deserve. 

3) Older Audiences 

This is a new point that I don’t think anyone’s really mentioned, and could arguably be just my thinking. I’m also putting this point under “older audiences” and not “fandom culture,” because I think as older audiences we not only expect more, but are pickier about what we read.

The band’s been around for 7 years now. In 7 years, the fandom has grown. They’re more experienced as people, have a wider range of responsibilities, and I hope, a better understand of themselves. That translates into people knowing exactly what they want to consume, and also not having as much time to consume. That changes how you consume fic. 

When I joined the fandom 3 years ago, I was eager to read anything I could get my hands on. These days, I’m a bit more cautious and have a much lower threshold. I don’t mind stopping in the middle of a fic if I don’t agree with the character development, or a plot line, etc, etc. Being in the minority of people who still believes in OT5 and Zayn, its tough to read fics that explicitly exclude Zayn or mock him in fics. Its tough to read fics where Liam is constantly characterized as the idiot, or the homophobe. Obviously that would really limit the amount of fics I could read, so I give them a shot anyways. But instead of before, when I would wait around for the ‘three strikes I stop,’ now I’m more of a one strike and I close the fic. 

Is that fair? Probably not, but it’s a sign of an older audience, an audience who can and will be more picky. I think it also translates, as I mentioned above, to fics being more well written, but simply not able to reach the numbers they did before. 

4) Nostalgia

Just to reiterate what a couple people have already pointed out: the older, ‘iconic’ fics, were written in a time when things were better. There was a lot more love and happiness and laughter. Things were purer, we were younger, the world was just a better place. Even Escapade, that is newer, managed to be written before shit hit the fan. No new fic will ever be able to recapture the simplicity of the beginning days, that an older fic will always have associated with it. And just like a favourite childhood movie that you keep returning to, the older, iconic fics, will always hold a special place in people’s hearts.

In conclusion: 

Will newer fics ever be considered “iconic.” I think they can. And I’d argue for some people, they already are iconic. 

But for a fandom as a whole, these new fics have so, so many different factors against them - factors the author can’t even control - that to do so, they’ll have to jump a ridiculous amount of hurdles. 

anonymous asked:

Can I have a link to your jikook analysis please?

hi there~, uhm… thank you for having interest in it, but honestly I don’t really know which one is an analysis… like most of the things I do for my own posts are screen capturing some interactions between Jimin and Jungkook in the vids I watch in general, and adding some thoughts into them…

but yeah, I’ll just link here 3 potential (long) posts that people seem to agree with ^-^~

a recent one:

another one:

my 1st ever one:

thanks again for asking, anon, I have some others in case you wanna see more, but I don’t wanna scare you off so let’s just see these 1st if they’re to your liking  🌼🌺


Korean orchestra flash mob playing music from ‘Les Miserables’

‘On My Own’ and a choir rendition of ‘Do you hear the people sing?’ in Korean.

Into the Woods Musical Sentence Starters.

“ You can talk to birds? ”
“ The prettier the flower, the farther from the path. ”
“ For all that I know, she’s / he’s already dead. ”
“ Slotted spoons don’t hold much soup. ”
“ There’s a dead giant in my back yard! ”
“ What about our anger? ”
“ Do you think it was a picnic disposing of your husband’s remains? ”
“ No one cared when there was a dead giant in my backyard!  ”
“ I don’t remember you volunteering to come to my aid. ”
“ Now I have two friends: a cow and a harp! ”
“ The difference between a cow and a bean is a bean can begin an adventure! ”
“ But where am I to go? I have no one to take care of me. ”
“ There are big tall terrible giants in the sky. ”
“ Oh, my precious calls to me. ”
“ Sometimes the things you most wish for are not to be touched. ”
“ Some of us don’t like the way you’ve been telling it. ”
“ When you’re dead, you’re dead. ”
“ You’re not good; you’re not bad; you’re just nice. ”
“ Careful the things you say children will listen. ”
“ To the people in the woods during the last midnight. ”
“ Will you please go home! ”
“ Well… perhaps it will take the two of us to get this child. ”
“ It’s magic that… defies description. ”
“ I’ve never lied to royalty before…I’ve never anything to royalty before! ”
“ I need that shoe to have a child! ”
“ Oh, these beans are no ordinary beans. ”
“ This is ridiculous, what am I doing here, I’m in the wrong story! ”
“ If you know what you want, you go and you find it and you get it. ”
“ I was raised to be charming, not sincere. ”
“ Worrying will do you no good. ”
“ I can capture my own damsel, thank you. ”
“ What kind of a name is that? ”
“ The harder to get, the better to have. ”
“ What a strange name… Strange, but beautiful and fit for a prince. ”
“ No, there’s a dwarf standing guard. ”
“ Wanting a ball is not wanting a prince. ”
“ What I want most of all is to know what I want. ”
“ Your house was a dream. Now I want something in between. ”
“ When first I appear I seem mysterious, but when explained I’m nothing serious. ”
“ Never can tell what lies ahead, for all that I know she’s already dead. ”
“ Every knot was once straight rope. ”
“ Sometimes I fear you’re touched! ”
“ No, what matters is that everyone tells tiny lies. ”
“ There are bugs on her/his dugs! There are flies in her/him eyes! ”
“ You know nothing of madness ‘til you’re climbing his/her hair… ”
“ Sometimes the things you most wish for are not to be touched. ”
“ The closer to the family, the closer to the wine. ”
“ The mouth of a wolf’s not the end of the world. ”
“ Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor. ”
“ I’m not longer a child. I wish to see the world. ”
“ Don’t you know whats out there in the world? ”
“ Someone has to shield you from the world. ”
“ Who out there could love you more than I? ”
“ Stay with me, the world is dark and wild. ”
“ It’s no sicker than your thing with dwarfs. ”
“ Anything can happen in the woods. ”
“ Any moment we could be crushed, don’t feel rushed. ”
“ Wait a minute though, I chopped down the beanstalk, right? ”
“ So the one who knows what happend to the bean is you! ”
“ Oh, dear! But I didn’t knew it, so I dropped it right here! ”
“ It’s the last midnight, it’s the last wish. ”
“ Broke a little vow, did you? ”
“ Ok, that’s the thing you enjoy: placing the blame. ”
“ If that’s the ame just give me the blame! ”
“ I’m not good. I’m not nice. I’m just right. ”
“ Children may not obey but children will listen. ”
“ Only I can lift the spell, the spell is on myhouse. ”
“ Well, that makes no sense. ”
“ What kind of magic? ”
“ I see you’ve the red cape. ”
“ I don’t believe that egg came from that hen. ”
“ It plays the most beatuiful tunes without your even having to touch it. ”
Into The Woods sentence meme
  • “I wish.”
  • “Careful the things you say.”
  • “Don’t you know what’s out there in the world?”
  • “Someone has to shield you from the world.”
  • “Stay a child while you can be a child.”
  • “Stay at home. I am home.”
  • “I was raised to be charming, not sincere.”
  • “Slotted spoons don’t hold much soup.”
  • “I want a friend. And a pet.”
  • “The prettier the flower, the farther from the path.”
  • “Sometimes the things you most wish for are not to be touched.”
  • “You’re so nice. You’re not good; you’re not bad; you’re just nice.”
  • “No, you are not to come.”
  • “Will you please go home!”
  • “I can capture my own damsel, thank you.”
  • “The harder to get, the better to have.”
  • “Dwarves are very upsetting.”
  • “What I want most of all is to know what I want.”
  • “Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor.”
  • “What’s the good of being good when everyone else is blind, and you’re always left behind?”
  • “Everyone tells tiny lies.”
  • “Nice is different than good.”
  • “Agony! Far more painful than yours!”
  • “I’m no longer a child!”
  • “Anything can happen in the woods.”
  • “May I kiss you?”
  • “I’m in the wrong story!”
  • “Best to take the moment present as a present from the woods.”
  • “But if life were only moments, then you’d never know you had one.”
  • “I’m not good. I’m not nice. I’m just right.”
  • “The farther you run, the more you feel un-defined.”
  • “Someone is on your side.”
  • “I need your shoe to have a child!”
  • “Sorry, I only tell the story. I’m not a part of it.”
  • “If it were up to you, a decision would never have been made.”
  • “Because of the way you treated me, I’ll never, never be happy!”
  • “I was just trying to be a good mother.”
  • “You look just like the princess… only dirty.”
  • “Stop asking me questions I can’t answer!”
  • “My love, why so cold?”
  • “Why, if you loved me, would you have strayed?”
  • “I am only human.”
  • “Leave? But I do love you.”
  • “I shall always love the maiden that ran away.”
  • “Is that what you really wish?”
  • “Stay with me.”
  • “Who out there could love you more than I?”

The tall, suave robot himself. I drew this last year, as a birthday present for David Michael Bennett, the creator of The Spine. I’m actually rather happy with this, since my aim was to make it my own, but still capture some resemblance to David. I know this has been on my blog before, in form of an instagram post, but I managed to scan it, so I decided to upload it in a better resolution. 

Also, David got the original as a present last year. 

the giant teddy bear arrived and im supposed to hide it because my friend is coming to see me tomorrow but she’s not supposed to see it until saturday…….. its really huge and also in a plastic bag so its really difficult to hide


The Skywalker siblings

(I’m a quite a fan of this theory)