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I’ve animated blog backgrounds for every season (including Halloween) except summer, so it’s high time I change that heh. The animation’s not as good as I’d like but how do you animate water dang it?

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Inktober day one!! Prompt: fast.

I feel like watching Ponyo ^^

vsnaire  asked:

what are you doing with the coffee magazine brand? it's dope as hell.

my ultimate goal is to grow coffee magazine into a full-fledged business. i want to one day be editor-in-chief of my own artsy fashion magazine made especially for the young african american community. i want to discover more young black talent all around, and help raise them up. i want to find more likeminded black teenagers with agendas similar to mine and establish good working relationships with them. i want to one day be in a position where i can really help young black/ethnic people launch careers and chase dreams in a world where they are at a disadvantage because they are not the majority/the preferred group. i want to help build up our own community and our own industries, so that we may not always have to fight so hard for acceptance from the rest of the world in order to find success. i want young black kids to be able to look on magazine covers and television screens and always see people who look like them, so that they may never have to think themselves inferior or unappealing. 

long story short, i just really, really, really want to help establish/be a part of a thriving young black community that is already constantly and rapidly growing. i want this world to be overflowing with young black talent and beauty. i want us to have more that is for us, to support each other more, to build a community so strong and so prosperous that we don’t need anything else but it. no, i do not despise white people, or just anyone who is non-black. i am not racist. i just love my people, i am proud of my blackness, and i want to see us doing more for each other. i want to do more.

and thank you so much. you’re dope as hell too. ☺️💕


I’m done with ink!! Yahoooooooo!!!!
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This is a party for the Choi twins that was held in Saeyoung’s garage! It has the space to smash piñatas freely.

Some notes:

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Ready. Set. Travel Alone.

Tonight I’m booking my room in London for my May trip since I was approved by the hosts I contacted (I’ll be spending two weeks there & used airbnb to find somewhere that fit with my own quirky artsy laid-back-ness) & I CAN’T BREATHE I AM SO EXCITED 

I haven’t been on a major trip since California & that was early last year. I’m so ready to leave my own world again for a little while & see a bit more of the rest of it.