my own arts

Sooooo I’m really testing myself with this new sketch

It’s Mrs Fitz, of course, but she is smiling widely, and open mouths and teeth are notoriously hard to draw, without the subject looking like some crazed vampire…

And as far as I am aware Outlander has not yet had the ‘and zombies’ treatment….😆

So we will see how this proceeds…..


so my friend Jenn has been writing a novel for the past three years that is going to be debuting soon (!!!!), and seeing as she recently finished posting her character profiles, I thought as her official editor, I should offer my own interpretations of her characters :3

The Amazing Captain Casual is a very fun story about a superhero, a sidekick, and a supervillain who are all the worst possible people to be fulfilling those roles, yet somehow they manage to team up to save New York. so if anyone’s been curious about the posts I’ve been reblogging about it, these are the effectively editor’s notes! every single one of these are actual things I have said to her in the process of editing lol

art tips post

for all the artists following me

  • draw fast. it’ll look messy for a long time but you’ll improve faster than if you spend 4 hours on every drawing
  • if you draw in pencil and have a habit of erasing all of your mistakes, try drawing in pen or marker. i know it’s scary but it’ll help in the long run (i’m speaking from experience)
  • try different methods and mediums but don’t worry about mastering any of them, just have fun
  • if you’re not rich, buy art supplies from the dollar store, not the art store (seriously. i go through a sketchbook about once a month and i’d rather spend $4 on one than $15)
  • there’s no wrong way to learn. you can copy other people’s art if you want to, just don’t post it
  • DO NOT worry about having a consistent style. do not. just draw however you want
  • if you want to make original characters then do it. don’t worry about if they’re original, or a good design, or if they have an accompanying story. make sonic ocs. do it. it’s fun and it’s not hurting anyone
  • try not to kill your back. stand up and stretch once in a while
  • make a folder and save all of your favorite arts for inspiration 
  • draw from life. draw your dog. draw your teachers. draw your desk. draw your own hands (seriously that’s the best way to get better at drawing hands)
  • in general, drawing from life or a photo is better than drawing from a diagram
  • draw whatever you want. draw youtubers if you like youtubers. draw undertale if you like undertale. when i was a kid i drew nothing but shadow the hedgehog and horses. everyone deserves to draw what they want without being mocked, and if people start making fun of you, block them and keep drawing
  • don’t expect to get any notes at first. don’t let it discourage you. if you want validation go show your art to your mom or your friends or your teacher or your grandma
  • take breaks, but don’t give up.

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