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HELLO.  LOOK AT MY NEW DAUGHTER!! shes super smart, rich in melanin, BEAUTIFUL,… i love her!! i just wanna see her grow up!! Thank you blizzard gb


Day 7 - AU –> Soulmate
  In which Lucio is looking for his destined partner while traveling the world and one day Junkrat just so happens to be around

(Late as hell I know, but I wanted to finish the week!
 I … I am just bad at aus so I had to go with the idea of the soulmate au my sis suggested; also, deep down I didn’t want to finish it because I enjoyed posting these spastic comics… I might post more in the future, who knows.)


“Let’s bring him back, together.” 

♡  Mercy76 Week ~ Day 4 ~ Reunion ♡

Sorry for the quality of the first pic! But it turns out my scanner isn’t fit for paper bigger than A4 format, so I had to improvise :x 
Anyways, I can picture Angie and Jackie’s reunion being heated at first, and very emotional (after all, she thought he was dead, and she’d probably be angry he didn’t let her know he had survived).