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Just a quick note to my Dear Readers who sent those Asks...

I’m not starting new stories and abandoning my regularly updated ongoing fics; I have been participating in the @richonnefics ‘Richonne Love Letters Writing Challenge’; completing prompts; working on the @richonnejustdesserts ‘50 Reasons Challenge’; and writing some drabble for Richonneversary.

Please be patient! When these challenges are over, I’ll post updates to my ongoing fics.

Also, Overlay got more than 20 reviews and more than 20 follows so I’m going to extend it, as promised. Thanks, everyone!

Love you,

Sian :)


Kenma’s hair grew out some more over the spring holidays and Kuroo’s v flustered about it~~

((don’t think about Kuroo tugging Kenma’s hairband out and running his fingers through his shaggy hair i mean—–))

k00l k4t