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.。.:*☆  STARTER CALL.  hit the heart if you’re interested in a starter from select star trek muses  (  b’elanna torres, deanna troi, the doctor, jadzia dax, seska, seven of nine, tom paris, will riker  ). as always, let me know which you’d like, and who you’d like them for (if applicable)!

“Sunday 5pm everybody come to the Bijeli Brijeg (stadium) Zrinjski needs you”

Luka Modric supporting the current champion of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Zrinjski Mostar - who is defending the title tomorrow in the last match of the season. The Croatian midfielder played one season at Zrinjski back in 2003/04, while on a loan from Dinamo Zagreb.

*pretends I posted this 40 mins ago* so ummm yeah, valentine’s is definitely still happening for me rn!!! hahaaahaa
It’s date night for the babes~~ (also barlee owns my ass)


Is video game voice acting something you want to pursue going forward?
Well yeah, I enjoyed this experience a lot. I want to be loyal to Lexi, obviously. I’ve been very lucky insofar as I’ve managed to cross mediums my entire career, like stage, and theatre, and film, and tv, and now, computer gaming. I would like to keep on doing all of them for a very long time. Not 275 years, but a long time.