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You Are Enough

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Pairing: Michael x Reader

Word Count: 975

Warnings: slight angst/fluff

A/N: This was requested by @sidriel-angel! I hope you guys enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

The Winchesters came to you for help, but there wasn’t much you could do.  You had a somewhat vast knowledge of the biblical brawl between Michael and Lucifer.  It was something that you found interesting ever since you could remember.  There were hundreds of books that told of different outcomes, but they were all speculation.

“It’s been rumored that there are four rings.   I’m sure you’ve heard of them,” you said, closing the book you had out on your table.  “Once you have all four rings from the four horsemen, they will join together.  I’ll have to look for the exact ritual, but apparently you can use it to put Lucifer back in his cage.  If you have no other options, I suggest trying it out.”

“Well we’re fresh out of those,” Dean muttered, raising his eyebrows.  “Well thanks for the help [Y/N].”

“I’m sorry there’s nothing more that I can do,” you apologized.  “I wish I could-.”

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The Art of Flirting -- Minseok

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Art is not your forte.

The most your meager skills can produce is a shoddy stick figure drawn in pencil or a very convincing snake made out of clay.  It’s not even something you enjoy, really.  There are better things you could do with your time, like read a book or eat potato chips or watch a 30 hour documentary on taxidermy.

So why are you here right now?

Sitting in a rec center room filled with ten other adults and plopped behind a small desk, your growing anxiety is blocking out whatever reasons you thought up for joining a watercolor painting class.  This is going to be a bigger trainwreck than the time a drunk Jongdae tried to do a backflip and almost knocked himself out.  You entertain the thought of grabbing your purse from the floor and getting the hell out of this place when your previously forgotten reasons waltz into the room with cherry blossom petals trailing behind him.

“Hello, everyone.  My name is Minseok and I’ll be your teacher today.”

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Squad Goals Season 3 Episode 7


“This is so gorgeous! Sel great job!” Selena chases Esther and Phillip around our floor of the loft building and when she catches Phillip she smiles at Justin and I.

“I know right! It’s fucking great, and I’m hype because we’re all practically neighbors!” Jack catches Esther and then proceeds to collapse onto the floor as she attacks his face with puppy kisses.

“We can have slumber parties, like, all the time” she says and I’m about to answer when Jack clears his throat and shoots her a pointed look. Selena rolls her eyes and walks over to Jack,

“Not those kind of slumber parties cuteheart” and with that she places Phillip next to his head and he’s being attacked by two dogs. Justin finishes his tour of the loft with a satisfied grin,

“There’s not a studio here but Zayn and Harry told me about one that they always hit up. Apparently it’s legendary” Selena and I exchange impressed looks and Justin sits on the floor next to Jack in an attempt to ward off the dogs.

“Speaking of Zayn and Harry, I have a surprise for them” I raise my eyebrow at the dreaded word surprise and she notices this before grabbing my hand and pulling me to the elevator.

“We’ll be right back boys” Selena calls, but they pay us no mind because Phillip, who’s now quite big, pounces on poor Jack.

“What’s the surprise?” My nerves are buzzing with curiosity and when the elevator doors open a blonde boy stands at the entrance. Selena turns to me with a huge smile and gestures at the boy who has on a huge hat, sunglasses and a suspicious coat.

“Not what more like who!”

“Well who’s this? Inspector gadget?” I joke and the boy quickly takes off the disguise to reveal a slightly flustered Niall Horan.

“It’s bloody hot in here Selena, haven’t you got any AC? Or at least a fuckin’ fan?”

“I have tons of fans Niall” she jokes. He remains pretty unamused, but then he perks up when he notices me.

“Sorry lass, I lost my manners. I’m Niall” I reach out to shake his hand and am shocked when he pulls me in for a big hug.

“I’m Rhi-” he steps away from the hug and places both hands on my shoulders.

“I know who you are love, you dated Louis for a tick yeah?” I nod and he smiles,

“bastard always said he’d introduce us, but I guess he never got around to it” I automatically like Niall, with his boyish smile and his genuine antics I could tell that we’d be friends soon enough.

“Can we go surprise your favorite idiot now?” Selena nearly whines and Niall gives a confused look,

“Dunno which one is my favorite. Idiots? Yeah. Favorite idiot? Not too bloody sure on that one” Selena huffs and ignores his playful banter before shoving the both of us onto the elevator once more and to the fifth floor in which our common room was set up.

“You’re so full of shite!” Is the first thing we hear Harry yell once off the elevator. His deep baritone along with the laughs and giggles of Gigi, Cara, and Kendall echo throughout the furniture-less room.

“I’m not kidding you arse! That’s really how we met! She grabbed my todger onstage!” Gigi snorts and cackles, growing red in the face as she waves her hands and shakes her head.

“That’s not what happened at all!” She protests and Zayn puts her into a headlock,

“No need to lie love we’re all friends here!” She escapes the headlock and focuses on fixing her hair before pointing at the three of us.

“Blonde boy bander!” Kendall shouts Kylie snorts with laughter  and Niall is quick to answer with,

“Not quite Kardashians!” Though their eyes are narrowed its obvious that they're  impressed with his comeback.

“Oi! If this isn’t the moment I’ve all been waiting for”

“You mean ’ we’ve’? Have you even cracked open the dictionary we gave you for the holiday?” Cara whispers but Harry shushes her with a hand atop her mouth and shakes his head.

“No one besides me has been waiting for this moment” we’re all confused when suddenly Niall barrels towards Zayn and tackles him.

“What the fu-”

“A bet is a bet mate! I’ve won it!” He messes up Zayn’s perfect hair and a Caprisun sipping Harry takes out his phone to record the entire ordeal.

“What was the bet?” Cara wonders and Harry slurps on his Caprisun some more so only the two struggling boys can answer.“

"Wanker bet that I couldn’t hook up with this one girl from Bath!” He starts to kick at Zayn.

“Boys” Selena mutters before taking a seat on the floor with the rest of us.

“I did hook up with her though! After a few schoops yesterday she even agreed to be my girlfriend!” Zayn maneuvers the tackle so that Niall is completely immobile.

“A few schoops? Stop with your bloody slang! This is England!” Zayn jokes as Niall tries to punch at his friend’s face but fails and soon he’s surrendered.

“I hate you Malik. Always doin’ me a fuckin’ nut in”

“What the fuck is this guy saying?” Harry jokes and before long he’s the one being tackled. His phone and, now empty, Caprisun flung across the room. The elevator dings and Jack walks in with my two dogs trailing loyally behind him. It’s then that I realize that everyone is in this room and Justin is all alone on our level.

“I have to go get some Vicodin. I’ll be right back” the lie is super convincing and I even get a few sympathetic looks on my way back to the elevator.

“Take your time Rhi!” Selena calls and only once the elevator doors close do I allow a small smirk to curl on my lips. Justin is leaning on the counter studying his phone, probably getting scooter to link him up with voice therapist in London too.

“Alright bye Scoot, I’ll call you when the rest of our stuff shows up. Fly you out when we’re all settled too okay?” Once the call is over I walk over to him and rest my arms around his shoulders from behind. I stand on my tip toes to suckle on his earlobe and he nearly drops his phone.

“Hi,” I whisper and he turns around to place a kiss on my lips.

“Hi,” Justin says in return before bending to kiss all over my face. I run my fingers through his hair. When I make a grab at his ass he hesitates and pulls away from my lips. The rejection I feel is instantaneous, but my determination outweighs it.

“The furniture delivery guys are going to show up soon Nonnie and-” I take off my top, and I take off my bra, and I kiss him again, slipping my tongue between his surprised lips.

“Then we should be quick then yeah?” He nods in slight reluctance before pulling me into our new bedroom, the only thing there is a huge area rug. I lie him on it and straddle his waist, my booty shorts allowing me to feel the outline of his dick as I gyrate slowly above him.

“If you keep doing that I’ll come in my fucking boxers babe” I giggle and kiss along the contour of his jaw and the column of his slightly bruised throat. He winces a bit and I reach between us and grab his hard on as some sorts of an apology.

“You’re not in pain right? You’re feeling okay because I can wait, I c-” I start to grind on him, hoping that he can feel the serious heat that’s radiating from between my legs. He gets the hint and suddenly, and very gently, I’m being laid on my back.

“They don’t freak you out right?” I ask him this when he starts to let his hands wander over the slight scars that trace my shoulders and my belly.

“These are from surgery right?” I nod and lift the hem of his shirt. He understands my meaning and pulls it off.

“So why would I be freaked out at something that saved your life? You’re beautiful Rhiannon. Don’t ever doubt that shit.”

“I want to cry but I also want to moan, because I’m horny as fuck right now” I admit and he laughs at my candor.

“Do both. I told all the guys that you happy cry during sex anyway. Don’t make a liar out of me!” I push against his shoulder and fake pout,

“don’t be a jerk!” He laughs before kissing me again and his hand trailing down my thigh is a welcome way to get me to shut up.


Rhiannon’s hair is fanned out on the floor and I pause for a moment just to fucking look at her. 

“What are you staring at you weirdo?” She asks it’s then that I kiss her cute little nose, her piercing twinkling in the sliver of sun coming from the window. 

“I could’ve lost everything” I whisper and she places her perfect little hands on my cheeks before wiping away the mist that’s taking over my eyes. 

She kisses me this time and I kiss her again, and the atmosphere changes drastically, gone is the teasing, laughing demeanor. My lips are on her mouth, then I go lower, peppering soft kisses down her neck, and the soft swell of her breasts.

“Justin,” she whispers as I run my tongue over a pert, pink nipple. I start to suck on it and her body shudders under me. She’s making these soft mewling noises which are making my dick even harder, but I want her to say my name louder.I sit up and start to unbutton my pants.

“Please” she begs and so I peel off her shorts, and her panties in one swift swoop before I put my fingers inside of her. Her voice is like music and I know that later on at the studio I’d have a song written about this moment.

I pop my fingers into my mouth when I pull them out of her, she tastes delicious everywhere.

“Stop teasing me Jay, I’m serious”

“How serious?” I tease and she arches her lower half as close to me as she possible can, the heat that radiates from her is insane.

“I’ll beg. I’ll do it right now I’ll get on my knees and- oh fuck” she moans when I pull her legs apart and put my face where my fingers had just played.

“You shouldn’t have to beg baby, but as for the getting on you knees part…” Her thighs close around my head when I lick at her most sensitive spot and I ignore the stinging that it causes around my bruised collarbone.

“Shit, am I hurting you Jay?” She listens her grip and I rub her ass to let her know that I’ll live.

“I think I’m going to pass out” she breathes in rapid pants and I reach up to squeeze at her heaving breasts. My tongue delves deeper inside her and she’s pulling at my dreads and whispering words that don’t even make sense.

“Okay, okay, stop.” She pants and at first I’m confused but the half crazed look she fixes me with lets me know that I haven’t done anything wrong.

“I want you,” she moans pushing me away and then onto my back. She yanks down my boxers and situated herself on me until I’m groaning and rubbing at her thighs trying in vain to get her to move.
“I’m going to ride this dick like a pony”

“You didn’t just say tha-” but she did. And I can’t finish my sentence because she’s started bouncing away. Her hand claw at my chest and it hurts in the best way. I reach up and cup her perfect boobs and as she’s riding me I take pleasure in the feel of them bouncing in my hands.

“Oh my god, baby”

Her hips fall on top of mine faster and her pussy starts to clench and throb around me and my stomach feels so fucking tight.

“Shit. Shit. Nonnie, fuck. I love you. I love you baby” my voice is strangled and breathy as my orgasm washes over me like a riptide.

“I love you too Jay” she whispers her motions stilling and her body stiffening and convulsing around me. We’re still wrapped up in each other when she says,

“I could really go for some tea” this makes me laugh, a sound that makes my throat tickle.

“Tea?” She nods against my neck.

“When in London right?” I do a resemblance of a shrug and nod,


*2136 Words 😩*

~My Little Princess~

Short Request - Saeki and daughter trick-or-treating

The evening was chilly and dim, illuminated with crooked golden laughs of jack-o-lanterns littering the porches of the street. Saeki held his daughter’s hand tightly, letting her drag him along as she danced along the sidewalk. Ayame twirled under his arm, and he chuckled fondly. You walked alongside your family, smiling blissfully at the warm pleasure of simply being with them.
“Which house next, my princess?”
“This one!” She pointed up at a house, its path shining with an outline of warm yellow candles, spiderwebs hanging in the bare cherry blossom on its lawn. Her wide brown eyes shone up at her father, beautifully decorating her face. Her black hair was braided by your hands, arranged in a lovely twist pattern that was slowly coming loose with her movements. A puffy violet dress fluttered around her little body. A princess tiara of silver wires and purple beads was sitting on her head, and reflected tiny spots of light in various directions. Your husband was dressed as a prince, having borrowed Ren’s clothes, much to the delight of your young daughter. “Mommy, wait one second! We’ll be right back!” She grinned brightly at you and you nod with a smile.
“Daddy, look!”
Saeki watches his daughter wave to a friend from school. The other little girl wore a lovely dress, plain white but ornately shimmering with silvery details, and a pair of fluffy angel wings. Her parents trailed after her dotingly, and Saeki waves at them. The girl’s father wore a devil costume, and her mother had a headband with dog ears, and a painted tag that read “Koro”. She didn’t look super fond of her costume, but she laughed along with her husband as he pulled on her hand. As their daughter ran to Ayame, he reached to his wife’s butt and gave it a squeeze. She turned sideways and shoved at him with a laugh, revealing the thing he had been pulling on: a fluffy tail that matched her ears. Saeki smirked at you. He absolutely had that gut feeling where the Koro thing was more of an inside joke than a costume.
Ayame chattered with the other girl happily, and they skipped up to the steps hand in hand. Saeki followed along protectively, watching them with a hawk’s eye.
“Trick or treat!”
They were greeted by a middle aged woman, smiling warmly as she complimented the girls’ outfits, and gave them each a couple of packs of candies. Ayame rushed right back to her father’s side, happily holding out her pack for him to see.
“I love these candies!” She cried out excitedly, eyes shining.
“I know you do, sweetie.” He petted her hair lovingly. “You want to go with your friend?”
“It’s okay.” Ayame flashed a beautiful smile up at him. “Spending more time with mommy and daddy is nice!” She took Saeki’s hand and his heart swelled adoringly. He gave her little hand a squeeze, and they waved goodbye to the other family. Skipping along the pavement, Ayame sang to herself until they reached you. She puts her other hand in yours, and you gaze up at your husband tenderly.
“Ready to go, my princess?” Saeki leans in to give you a fleeting kiss on the cheek before turning back to his daughter.
“Is the carriage ready?” Ayame plays along happily.
“All is set for you, your highness!”
“Then let’s goooooo!”
Ayame clings on to your hand and Saeki’s, swinging herself forward with a tinkling laugh. Your husband gives a cheerful huff, and both of you follow suit.


You were sitting back in the apartment later that evening, checking the candies Ayame had gotten, ensuring that all the packages were unopened and safe for consumption. She was sitting beside you, cuddled up with Saeki in her dress, munching on a little pack of candies.
“Say Ahhhh, daddy!” 
Saeki opened his mouth wide, and she popped a candy into his mouth. 
“Thank you, sweetie.” He kissed the top of her head. 
“Mommy, you get one too!” 
Ayame leaned over to you and gave you a candy. You chewed the fruit drop, gazing at your daughter lovingly. 
Saeki untangles himself from his daughter and stands up, reaching out to her. 
“It is late now, my princess, shall I escort you to your chambers?” 
“Can we dance?” Ayame jumps to her feet. “This dress is so twirly!” 
“Of course, but quickly, my princess.” Saeki smiles and takes her hand. “Allow me to guide.” 

From the couch, you watch adoringly as your husband twirls your young daughter around in the living room, her high pitched giggling happily ringing in the apartment. 

So this is what life’s about. 


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Lecture (pt. 2)

part 1

part 3

You rushed through the building, already off to a bad start thanks to a faulty alarm clock and your own messed up sleep schedule. Granted, you were headed to your favorite class. You had always enjoyed the class, even before you started fucking the insanely handsome professor.

You opened the door, hoping to be as stealthy as possible since you hated being the center of attention.

“Alright, so I want everyone to try and read it at least twice so that…” He trailed off, his hazely green eyes following you as you took your seat. He cleared his throat awkwardly, “I just totally forgot what I was saying. Probably wasn’t important anyways. Uh.. work time for the rest of the period.”

A tiny smile tugged at your lips as you organized your materials. It was still a shock that he was as into you as you were into him. You looked up from your notebook, only to meet his eyes. Only he could smirk like that and still seem somehow innocent, even when it was so clear exactly what he was thinking at the moment. You bit your lip without even thinking about it, growing heated under his scrutiny.

The rest of the class dragged as it always did. You could think of nothing but kissing those perfect plump lips of his. And yeah, that was a pretty normal thought for you. But now, you could actually do it. It still seemed so unreal, all of it. More like something that would happen in a cheesy romance novel.

It had become ritual for you to meet him in his office after all the students had left. He was waiting for you with open arms. Arms that were so delightfully muscular.

“Well hello, gorgeous.” He greeted you as you wrapped your arms around him. You snuggled into his familiar chest, making a quiet contented sound.

“You’re not even going to scold me for being late?” You teased, planting tiny kisses along his strong jawline. “People might think you’re playing favorites.”

“Mm. I am though.” He purred, a hand finding its’ way to your backside while he gave you a slow kiss. He tasted sweet, of coffee with far too much sugar in it. Or maybe it was just enough sugar, you decided.

You pulled back, beaming at him without realizing it. You gently pushed him back to his office swivel chair. “Sit.”

“Ooh. Babe you know I love it when you get all dominant like that.” He grinned his approval, taking your hand and kissing his way up your arm.

“Shh.” You laughed, silencing him with a peck as you carefully climbed atop his lap, straddling him. Just the way he looked at you sent shivers through your body. Everything with him was so intense, all or nothing. Your little trysts with him always left you wanting more, the man was downright addictive.

“You know, Y/N, I could get you in trouble for being insubordinate.” He quipped back, his tongue darting out to lick his lips.

“You won’t though.” You said confidently.

“And why not?”

“This.” You rolled your hips against him, eliciting a seriously pained groan from him. You could feel him hardening even more between your legs. “Let’s take care of this, hm?”

“Fuck yes.” He responded, his body already tense.

“Eager, are we?” You teased, freeing his erect member from his pants. You gave him a few tentative strokes, enjoying just how stiff he was.

“Always for you.”

And of course, just when things were about to get especially dirty, what sounded suspiciously like footsteps rang through the air. You both exchanged terrified looks as you scrambled off of him.

“Fuckfuckfuck.” He repeated, looking around desperately for some kind of out. “Quick, under the desk.”

You quickly maneuvered yourself to hide beneath the desk, equal parts horrified and still horny. He had managed to tuck himself back in just in time. The door to his office opened and light footsteps entered.

“Oh, it’s you.” He said, so unmoved you could almost hear him rolling his eyes.

“Yeah, it’s great to see you too Dean.” Came a male voice.

You concluded this must be the brother he had. It seemed like hours had passed and they were just bickering about literally everything. Alright, so maybe only a few minutes had passed, but it was agonizing. Agonizing to be sitting here, thighs pressed together, Dean’s rigid cock still outlined by his pants. He just looked way too delicious right now.

And then an idea came to you. A completely terrible, wonderful idea.

He jumped slightly when you touched him, but other than that no reaction. You began to work at his pants, as silently as you could, once more his erection sprang free.

You ran your tongue along your lips in preparation, leaning forward to lick him from base to tip sensually and slowly.

“Come on Sam, it’s really not my fault that- Oh fuck!”

It took everything in you to not laugh, he was too cute. And this was really evil. But also really turning you on.

“Dean? You okay?”

“Oh, yeah. I’m fine. I just.. um.. Stubbed my toe.. on my desk.. Yeah.” He stammered, spouting complete bullshit. Was that really the best he could think of?

“Okay… Well, it kind of is your fault, Dean. My laptop didn’t have all those viruses until after you used it.”

You took this small gap in conversation to lean in and lap at the precum gathered on his velvety, sensitive tip. He made a small strangled sound in response. You were loving this. You began gently kneading his balls, before taking one into your mouth experimentally and sucking.

God! Er.. God, Sam I’m really sorry.”

“You.. are?”

“Yeah! Of course. Very sorry.”

“Are you really alright Dean? You’re sweating..”

“I’m fine.” He insisted, although his voice was unusually high.

He kicked you lightly, eliciting a silent laugh from you, trying desperately not to alert his brother of your presence. What you would give to see his face right now.. It was now you took as much of him into your mouth as you could, bobbing your head at an excruciatingly slow pace. You squeezed his thighs as you did this, wanting him to be unable to ignore you even if he wanted to.

“Alright.. I’d appreciate it if you at least covered half the repair costs.”

You could feel him throbbing inside your mouth, and it wouldn’t be long now, you knew this for sure. You took this chance to try and deep throat him as much as you could, quickening your pace for him. He came explosively into your mouth, simultaneously slamming a fist down on his desk. You swallowed reflexively, although this was way more than you were used to. You could hear him breathing heavily.

“I’ll.. I’ll pay all of it.” Dean stammered, gripping the edge of his desk with otherwise shaky hands. You gently righted him, putting his softening cock away and fixing his pants to the best of your abilities.

“Now I know for sure something is definitely wrong.. Just call me later when you are feeling better.”

And at last, the sound of retreating footsteps. Dean pushed his chair back so that you could finally get up. You rose from the floor, sporting a devilishly proud smile.

“That was… Damn. You little minx.” He teased, scooping you into his arms to cuddle you close once more. “I wanna say never do that again.. But I kinda loved that.”

“I’m glad then.” You said with a relieved sigh, nuzzling his neck.

“You’ll have to let me return the favor.”

“I can’t today. My Psych class starts soon.”

“So? Skip it.” He said with a shrug, holding you so tight you probably wouldn’t have been able to leave even if you’d desired to.

“You’re a bad influence, Professor.” You responded, shaking your head. “But I can’t say no to you.”

“Great!” He exclaimed, “Let’s get you back to my place then, so we don’t have any more interruptions.”

The two of you scurried to his car, trying to avoid others as much as possible. As always, the sight of his car was amazing.

“God, I love this car.” You sighed dreamily, admiring the black Impala.

“You’d better. I’m not sure if I could be with you if you didn’t.” He said, and you were unable to tell if he were serious or not. Still, it got you thinking, what exactly was the nature of your relationship with him?

Once you were both inside, he started her up. Instantaneously, Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher” came pouring through the speakers. He simply shot you his usual look, dripping with self confidence.

“Very funny.” You said with a wry smile.

It was your turn to surprise him, you started singing along with the chorus, thankful you actually knew this one. Just the look on his face was amazing.

“Just when I thought you couldn’t get any sexier.” He said, appraising you with his eyes once more. “I’m a lucky man to have you, Y/N.”

“I love you, Dean.” You blurted the words, regretting them as soon as you said them. Shit. You weren’t supposed to let him know just how much you had grown attached to him, especially since he seemed to fear emotional commitment.

“Y/N..” He said quietly, trailing his fingers down your arm before settling at your hand, taking it in his own and squeezing it. “Love you too.”