my otps fit and i cry


I’m a mechanical genius, which means I understand in my mind and my heart how parts work together. That’s why I love machines - a bolt and a wrench, a chain and gear. They just make sense to me. They fit.

Some embarrassing AUs to think about:
‘You were singing really loudly in the shower when I broke into your apartment but then i heard you slip and crash and oh god i should probably check on you in case i get done for murder instead of just robbery’ AU

‘I thought I was alone in the apartment block laundry room but you were taking a nap in the back corner and woke up to me dancing and singing Britney Spears with a towel around my neck like a cape’ AU

‘You wandered into the 24hr Tescos/Walmart etc. I work at drunk at 2am and now you’re crying over a lettuce and comparing it to your ex and I have to ask, are you okay?’ AU

‘I bet my coworker that i could fit a whole iced bun in my mouth and you walked in to buy a cake just as i choked and coughed it everywhere’ AU

‘I saw you at a con but mistook you for my friend from behind who was cosplaying the other half of our OTP so i kissed you from behind and OH MY GOD I’M SO SORRY’ AU

‘I’ve just finished watching Marley and Me in the cinema and snot is dripping down my face because “THEY SHOULDN’T HAVE DONE THAT’ and you’re the person who was sitting next to me the entire time and can’t get out of their seat until i move’ AU

Superheroes sighing over their headstrong ladies

Did I ever tell you guys that a couple years ago I accidentally came across the Klaroline prom dress, nearly lost my shit and BOUGHT IT?? Not even caring if it was the right size or not?

Welp there it is. And seeing as I’m long past prom days and have no weddings in the future, I will wear it around the house and cry over my magnificent OTP.

Happy Klaroline Weekend ❤️


‘He’ll send a postcard’ 

‘Wish you were here’ 

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headcanon idea: isak and even adopt a dog and they go through this big progress of naming it and taking care of it :')

I’m crying bc this is gonna be so cute


“Hm?” I say looking up from my biology homework and into the eyes of the love of my life.

“I was thinking…”

“It better not be about anything sexual Even. I’m a bit preoccupied, this assignment if due tomorrow and I really can’t put it off any longer.”

Even raises his eyebrows and laughs a laugh that sets my heart fluttering “Nei! Nothing like that baby, well not really thinking but.. I was wondering if you want to get a puppy?”

“Yeah, when?” I say as I continue to work on my biology homework while smiling fondly.


I look up and raise my eyebrows at him,“You sure?”

“100% positive.”

Looking up at him once more I put down my pencil and push in my chair then reach out to grab his hand squeezing it gently, “Let’s go.”


“Baby! How about this one?!” 

Even is standing in front of a kennel that has little miniature husky, his hands on the bars and the little pup already licking at his fingers. As I walk over I swear my heart swells with content seeing him smiling and laughing he’s basically glowing. I stop behind him a hand on his shoulder, already imagining how it would be with this little pup a smile that I can’t help spreads across my face at the thought. 

“And look baby! It’s a girl too! Her name is.. Issy. How funny is that since that’s your nickname!”

I blush and roll my eyes fondly at him, “She’s perfect.”

He looks down at me and smiles while stroking my cheek “Let me just go find someone who can help us take her home, I’ll be right back.”


”I’m thinking about changing Issy’s name to Daisy.”

“Why? I think Issy fits her perfectly.”

Even lets out a laugh and rolls his eyes, “It’s difficult because whenever I call you that she thinks I’m calling for her. I only have one Issy in my life and he’s the man of my dreams.”

I cover my face as I blush a bright red then sigh “Okay, okay, you’re right.”

“I know I’m right baby I’m always right,, ” he says with a grin and a wiggle of his eyebrows laughs escaping the both of us along with a happy bark from Daisy.


“Baby, have you seen my shoes?” Even says a bit frantically as he looks under the chairs and table with only five minutes to spare before he has to leave for work.

“No, I haven’t touched them. Where did you see them last?”

“They were right here… Dammit, Daisy has them!”  he says returning to me with slightly chewed shoes in tow.

“Why would Daisy have them?!”

“Isak, baby, she’s a puppy and puppies chew on shoes and so many other things. We need to just get her a bunch of toys and bones and such so she won’t have to do this again” he says as he holds my face in his hands.

“I could get that stuff tonight if you would like?”


“Anything for you mannen i mitt liv” I say as I press our lips together for the tenderest of kisses.

“I love you” he says as he puts on his shoes.

“I love you too, I’ll see you later.”

Daisy, hearing the sound of Even putting on his shoes, runs into the room whining frantically and begins to jump and cling to Even’s legs.

Even, picking up little Daisy kisses her head and pets her a couple times then says “I’ll be back little one”.


Staying up until Even comes home from work starts to become a daily routine for Daisy and I but considering everything that’s happened today( going to the dog park, getting her washed, more dog toys since she had destroyed the others then dog park again) the two of us are worn out. Daisy is already passed out on my lap and I’m slowly drifting between sleep and staying up but when I hear the sound of the door opening I jolt awake along with Daisy who jumps out of my lap and runs to the door. 

“Hey little Daisy! Where’s daddy huh?”

I get up from the couch and make my way over to the door, once Even sees me he smiles that smile he has reserved only for me and I swear my heart melts.

“Halla” he says as he strokes my cheek and hair with complete and utter adoration.

“Halla” I say as I press our lips together both of us smiling into the kiss.

“How was today?”

“Fun, very fun actually. Daisy had a good time she met a couple other dogs so she made some friends.” 

“Mm good good. Hey, baby, can you believe almost a year ago we adopted Daisy?”

“It’s already almost been a year?”

“Yeah crazy huh? She’s one of the best decisions we’ve made, right behind becoming your boyfriend in all honesty.”

“Oh really?” I say as we both head to our bedroom hand in hand and Daisy right behind us.

“Yes, I wouldn’t change this for the world.”

“I wouldn’t either.”

As Even and I drift off to sleep in each other’s arms Daisy squeezes in between us, the perfect fit to our lives.

How Thankful I am - Castiel x Reader (NSFW) ‘1K celebration’

★ This drabble was requested  by @leatherandwinchesters and @k6034 as a part of my 1k celebration prompt drabbles. (I also decided to combine this with a request I had earlier) ★

Summary: Prompt #3  “Imagine your OTP stuck in an elevator after they’ve had a fight.” AND  Hey! I don’t have anything super specific but you’re a really good writer and one thing that I think is so, so hot is cum on glasses lmao. So if you write a Castiel x Reader preferably and fit that in somewhere you’d be a godsend and I’d probably cry. Thank you much!

Words: 1448

Warnings: Oral sex (male receiving), hand job, public sex.

Castiel x Reader

A/N: This is definitely longer than usual drabble, but I couldn't resist. 

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It doesn’t matter where I run, I come back to where I’m running from…

DaveJadeWeek | Day 3: Lyricstuck Tuesday 

Another day and I’m somewhere new,
I made a promise that I’ll come home soon.
Bring me back, bring me back to you.

When we both wake up underneath the same sun,
time stops, I wish that I could rewind.
So close but so far away. (x)


Frank: I tried to [propose to Jamia] really smooth, I - we were recording actually, The Black Parade out in Los Angeles and there’s a road called Mulholland Drive, where you can kind of oversee the entire city. And there’s a park, but when I took her up there it was really late so it was closed, so it was really on the side of a dirt road. Kinda like in a gutter, and, uh… but it was fitting, she was exicted and I was happy.
Interviewer: Who cried? Did you cry? Did she cry?
Frank: Nah, I think she just laughed at me.




“the love of her life, Captain Hook”



I mean, we all already knew this, but this had to go through so many officials before it was released and they all saw it fit to leave it there so…

well, I had a good cry over that.


ADDICTED FOR 15 DAYS // day-11: a scene/part you keep rereading

(Addicted After All chapter 21: throwback to Lily and Lo’s first “wedding”)

“Do you remember the Cayman Islands trip?” Lily asks, staring at the water in reverence.

My heart pounds, an added beat, happy it’s her. Here. With me. “When we were seven?” I think hard, trying to wash away the blurry haze of our childhood.

She nods. “Our dads had a business trip for the week, and they brought us on this yacht.”

It starts coming back. We were carted around to most of their meetings instead of being kept in daycare. Just us two and a ton of older cigar-smoking men. “We built a fort in the bow with couch cushions,” I recall. I smile at the image of her thin build and big eyes. She was quiet and shy and when the stewards came around to ask us if we’d like any drinks, she’d whisper her order in my ear.

I also can’t remember a night where we didn’t sleep in the same bed. Innocent sleepovers. At first they all were, and somewhere along the way, we changed. I fell in love with her.

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Pregnant Beth headcanons ♥♥♥♥

yoooooooooooooo das it, das it 

  • She loves maternity clothes more than anything else, she started using them the second she find out she was pregnant.
  • Also, she gets pretty much spoiled by her husband. At first it was kinda weird because Chris is super shy and sometimes, awkward af, but the moment he knew she was pregnant, he decided she should be even more worshipped in his house.
  • Since she can’t drink coffee, she spends her days playing computer games until she can’t because her belly kinda gets in the way.
  • Beth started learning a lot of things during her vacations for motherhood time. She read all Beck’s articles and investigations, she also learned a lot of stuff researching the terms she didn’t get and is pleased to notice she can understand perfectly (or almost perfectly) some of the things Chris tells her about his day.
  • Everyone knows her in the NASA Private Hospital, the nurses are always entering Beck’s office when she is there to ask if she wants something.
  • Usually, her cravings are junk food and Chris has to make sure these things doesn’t have anything that could affect her or the baby.
  • Sometimes, she sends him texts asking if “are those cheetos gonna kill us?” “just don’t eat the entire bag” and then, 30 minutes latter he reads “ups”. He actually doesn’t mind, unless is too much of something that can become a problem.
  • Her mom is a pain in the ass. Don’t get her wrong, she is just trying to help but she is one of those persons that doesn’t know how to say things without sounding mean and Beth is starting to forget how to be polite to her mother. When they got into a fight, Beth told Chris it was because of her hormones and Beck just looked at her but say anything.
  • As a matter of fact, her hormones are not a problem. If she cries watching Pacific Rim because “little Mako just lost her family, It’s so horrible!”, it has nothing to do with her pregnancy. 
  • It has everything to do with it.
  • She lets Vogel’s and Martinez’s (and fine, Mark) kids draw cute doodles on her belly when they reunite to celebrate her pregnancy.
  • Her best friend, an old friend for collage and roomie, make her a baby shower and verbally fight Lewis on how it was going to be. At the end, it went really good and Mark and Marissa won almost all the games.
  • Marissa and Vogel’s wife are always telling her different things about parenting and recovery after the pregnancy, she smiles at them and thanks them for it. But she always ends up asking Chris everything.
  • Chris has become and expert at three things now: 1) Pregnancy and health care for the future mother, 2) Painting (”The baby’s room should be a neutral color!” “Yellow then” “Or let’s paint it pink? No one should judge a pink room, is just a color!” “… I just paint it yellow last week” “LET’S PAINT THE BABY’S ROOM BLACK WITH STARS STICKERS THAT SHINE IN THE DARK!” “BETH, YOU TOLD ME TO PAINT IT BLUE WITH CLOUDS!” “YOUR BABY WANTS A SPACE ROOM!”) and 3) Which stores are open at 2, 3 or 6 am.
  • Her biggest weapon is “your baby wants it!” and Chris is weak, man. He really is weak.
  • Mark makes fun of it. And he has declared he is the baby’s favorite uncle because he felt a kick once while touching Beth’s belly. So he is the only one who doesn’t know they consider his name if the baby is a boy.
  • Beth let her hair grow for years and she cut it pixie style for her pregnancy and there isn’t a day she says she hates it. Chris loves it anyway.
  • She wanted the birth to be natural and show strength while giving birth, she didn’t cry even when it was obvious it hurted like hell. But she cried when Chris put their baby on her chest for a couple of minutes before the cleaning. She just felt incredible happy and full of joy when she felt her baby’s tiny body against her chest and the way the baby fit perfectly with her. 
  • And because he knows she isn’t good talking about feelings, Chris doesn’t say anything when they are alone until she starts talking fast about that sensation and ended crying even more.
  • She cried the first time she saw Chris holding their baby.
  • Then, they discovered she was even more hormonal after the birth than during the pregnancy.

sleep over saturday!

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Imagine Genji wearing Reaper's clothes. They just hang off him. There are not enough holes in the belt loops for Reaper's pants to keep them on Genji's hips. He has to hold them up with one hand. He needs to stuff the boots with every sock Reaper owns and several pairs he borrowed from Angela to get them to fit him. The edge of the coat pools at Genji's feet. "Hello, I am Edji," he says when Zenyatta and Reaper, sans much of his wardrobe, find him.

anon im mcfucking Thriving here this cured my depression

Jesschan wrote in her tags under my edit something which caught my attention: 

#suspicious how snugly Aomine fits inbetween Kagami’s legs



Even when they are drawn separately, their bodies still fit with each other’s.

Goodbye world, I’m done.