The Couple Look™️

When A is looking somewhere else and preoccupied with something and B does the look™️ where it’s raised eyebrows with a small smirk/smile full of pure love.

  • Law: Me like Mugiwara-ya please.
  • Zoro: He can be so childish
  • Law: He doesn't think things through
  • Zoro: He just goes with the flow
  • Law: And just is amazingly strong
  • Zoro: Amazing leader
  • Law: His smile is brighter then the sun
  • Zoro: And when he's serious my heart skips a beat
  • Law: hahah same...
  • Zoro: ...
  • Law: ...
  • Zoro & Law: Let's keep this to ourselves...

Favorite NaruHina moments: Naruto movie - The Last

  • Naruto confessing his love to Hinata

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Legit one of Nesta’s best lines. Then Feyre begs Rhys through the bond to spare her from Nessian’s bickering. EVERYTHING HERE IS JUST ABSOLUTE PERFECTION