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hey as a kaisoo shipper i completely understand your point of view. I personnally tend to just ignore the "fanatic" (if you will) comments about their ship. Like i just don't pay attention to it, so i enjoy one of my otp's more. Other than that, your thoughts on xiusoo?

xiusoo, ladies (and gents) they maybe be small but they’re hot

it’s kind of obvious kyungsoo respects xiumin alot (compare to maybe suho or kris lol). They’re both quiet but they control the giants with an iron fist, ex: in showtime, xiumin made chanyeol begged to lose lmao and kyungsoo made chanyeol quiver just by raising his hand…chanyeol’s worst nightmare would be xiusoo XD

What I find appealing about xiusoo is xiumin who is very quiet and doesn’t do much skinship with other members (except maybe w/ luhan)  He actually like to openly hug kyungsoo and stuff ^^

i don’t have any fancy analysis so i’ll just spam some xiusoo gifs

 they’re kind of a quiet otp but if you pay attention (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤