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They chose the perfect soundtrack for Naruto and Hinata's scene at the end! I was too emotional hearing the same song in the scene of Minato and Kushina's last message to baby Naruto before dying. My poor kokoro 😭♥️

Sometimes I think it’s a little sad that my OTP really does not exist, half? Like a ghost? But there’s so much more freedom and imagination than when it’s Johnlock …. Actually MorMor is a wonderful ship for the imagination. Just one element and my rp can be very different, varied. I mean, really varied and I do not have that with other ship. And Sebastian is such an incredible character! And then Jim. Jim is a sufficient argument. … In short, I just love MorMor with all my heart and that’s my favorite ship, my babies, my OTP. 

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  • Who is the most affectionate?

Fernando is the most openly affectionate out of the pair, whether it’s saying sweet things, or keeping physically close to Mark. At home he’s go out of his way to place a hand on a leg or arm, or brush his fingers along the small of Mark’s back as he walks past him. Even being as daring to hold his hand when they’re out walking the dog early in the morning. Mark is a big hand holder, when they’re chilling at the end of the day, he’ll take Fernando’s hand in his and hold it until they’re off to bed. And it’s something Fernando misses the most when they’re apart.

  • Big spoon/Little spoon?

Mark’s always been the big spoon, size wise it made sense from the get go, but it also signifies how Mark views himself in their relationship. He sees himself as the protector. Mark’s always been a tough nut to crack, and even though Fernando has well and truly broken that shell, Mark will never relinquish the opportunity to hold Fernando in his arms. But Fernando doesn’t miss the chance when they’re on the sofa and Mark is sleepy, he gets him to lay his head in his lap, and stroke his hair until his falls asleep on him.

  • Most common argument?

Since Mark has retired, there are less arguments about scheduling time to see each other due to various media commitments, now it’s usually triggered by Fernando’s frustration with the McLaren/Honda situation. He’ll come home stressed, and Mark will try to leave him alone to calm down on his own, but he can’t help himself and that would be the start of it. Hurtling words at Mark in Spanish, he is relentless. And loud.

Mark then is left with a hysterical Fernando, a dog that is panicking and a mere hope at getting him to calm down. He’s locked him outside in the rain, kissed him, hugged him, shouted back, gone out for a few hours in the car with the dog, even once phoning Fernando’s mum. It’s just a matter of guessing what will work next.

  • Favorite non-sexual activity?

They adore going out on the bikes, just blasting along country lanes, through forests, just outside in the fresh air. It gives them a chance to be together out in the open for once, even if everyone assumes they’re friends. It clears their heads, calms them down, and of course the occasional glimpse of the other one in Lycra doesn’t hurt wither.

  • Who is most likely to carry the other?

Mark has done it plenty of times in jest, especially when Fernando gets pouty about having to walk upstairs when he’s tired. When Fernando had finally moved him, Mark dragged him back outside under much protest, but when Mark scooped him up into his arms he silenced. Wrapping his arms around his neck and gazing at the man who had offered him a secure future, as they crossed the threshold.

  • Nicknames?

Mark calls Fernando, Nano, a lot, because he loves that he’s small. Fernando calls Mark, mi vida, which roughly translates as ‘my life’, but he also calls him Superman on occasion too.

  • Who worries the most?

Mark is a secret worrier, he’ll do it in the middle of the night when he thinks Fernando is dead asleep, about anything. Their future, Fernando’s career, the animals. But Fernando knows, he can sense it when he’s awake beside him, but he also knows that Mark is not a big talker and needs to have a good think about it before he’ll bring it up.

  • Who tops?

Mark does the majority of the time simply because it’s what they prefer, but they switch it up when they feel like it too. Fernando loves being taken care of, but he’s not afraid to tell Mark what he wants too. And Mark loves it when Fernando gets bossy too, partly because he likes to trade banter in bed, and partly because he likes it when Fernando takes charge.

  • Who initiates kisses?

They both do. Fernando loves to catch Mark unawares, when he’s concentrating on something like paperwork, he’ll lean over him and kiss his cheek until Mark gives in and turns his head so they can kiss properly. Fernando loves feeling Mark’s cheeks tighten into a smile when he does that. Mark adores it when he gets sleepy morning and night kisses, when everything is relaxed and easy, especially on the rare times when they can be lazy and selfish with their time.

  • Who wakes up first?

Mark does, he’s super disciplined in that respect, since retiring he’s a bit conscious about weight gain, as he’s treating himself a bit more with his favourite things. Like wine and chocolate, so he trades that for early morning training.

  • Who says I love you first?

Mark did. They had eaten a leisurely dinner out in Melbourne before the race and they were casually walking back to the hotel, keeping their profiles low they enjoyed the brief experience of privacy. Fernando was talking about the season coming up, making a few jokes, but Mark was struck by how lucky he was to have Fernando in his life. This kind, sweet, gorgeous and talented man that he was sharing his life with, and the words came out quietly.

“I love you,” came the whisper. The one-time secret words that truly seemed impossible to say, felt incredible to finally say.

“Que?” Mark had said something and he didn’t quite catch it.

“I love you, Fernando.” Saying it louder felt even better, knowing that Fernando had heard it. Finally.

He’s been thinking those words for a while, always on his tongue ready to be spoken, but Mark had gotten their first to declare his love. “Te amo Mark,” Fernando beamed joyfully, “but you say this where I can not show you too.” Laughing lightly, he kept them walking until they got to their hotel. “No, do not slow down!”

Hearing Fernando hissing under his breathe as he walked faster and faster made Mark grin softly. It left him chuckling out loud by the time Fernando jammed the card into the slot for his room. But the moment after he was dragged inside and the door had shut behind them, Fernando was pulling Mark towards the large windows.

“Mark, these words…these words I want to hear for a long time, words I want to say for a long time. And you say them to me.” His voice tailed off as he looked up into Mark’s gorgeous eyes.

“Just to you.” Dipping his head down at the admission, he found hands quickly cradling his head.

“Then I am honoured.” Bringing Mark’s lips down to his, he kissed him softly, letting the moment take them over. Pushing a hand into his short hair, Fernando adored how Mark melted into him, wrapping his strong arms around his body. And then his world was turning.

He was being tipped back.

He was being dipped.

And as Mark gently finished the kiss, he kissed the tip of Fernando’s nose sweetly. “Thought this deserved something extra.”

Grinning broadly Fernando soaked up the loving feeling for a few more moments before being kissed again. Mark pulled him upright and made sure he was steady on his feet again, like he always did. Safe and secure in his arms.

ME : Normalize boys hugging boys, Normalize close friendship between boys.

Also Me : OMG look, they are breathing the same air as each other!! ITS GAY! NOTHING GAYER THAN THIS


jake peralta doing IT for/because of amy santiago


The evolution of Bellamy’s… wait. Scratch that. Who am I kidding! The loving way in which Bellamy has always looked at Clarke.


this could be the start of something new.
♥ happy anniversary, troy and gabriella!


And Will, who had words for every occasion, opened his mouth and closed it on silence, and instead reached for her to pull her against him. Her wrap fell onto the stairs, but his arms were warm around her, and his mouth hot against hers as he slanted his head down to kiss her. He tasted like snowflakes and wine, like winter and Will and London.

                                                         december 25th, 1878