my otp xd


just another sterek pic of them doing stuff before going to sleep that nobody asked for but that i still drew bc i need to relax or othervise school will drive me insane ;__; (drawing this and not doing stuff for school might be the biggest reason why i’m runing out of time and panic but THAT’S NOT THE POINT :’D!!)


the shy shy shy Goblin and her bold bride 😆

hxxnim: 옷만 봐도 둘의 성격을 알 수 있다🐱 🐤  #롯데면세점 #LotteDutyFree #이특 #희님#83 #영감 #돼지띠  

[TRANS] You’ll be able to see our personality by just looking at the two of us 🐱 🐤  #LotteDutyFreeShop #LotteDutyFree #OldMen #ZodiacYearofthePig

trans by heechulfacts & eunhaes_


The Winter Ball

Just like last year me and Tamlen (and Dorian would, too, I think :D) wish you the happiest holidays!! :D No matter what or if you celebrate at all, I hope you have a peaceful holiday time! Be it with your friends and/or family or even just on your own, treat yourself to something nice :D Also, hopefully there’s lots of gifts and chocolate!

I’m still not really in the Christmas mood myself, and who’d be surprised with a year like this one and what happened lately :’D But even more so I think, once we’ve all kicked 2016′s *****, 2017 can only be a great one. So I also wish you all the nice and happy things for the new year, that it’ll be a great one, and that it’ll come with lots of new opportunities, happiness, things to love and laugh about! :D

Because I’m terribly sappy and a romantic drawing wasn’t enough as a gift for myself and the nerds I also wrote a fluffy drabble you can read below the cut, if you want :3 (~2500 words, pavellan of course ;D)

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