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“… and then your dad did what no one else ever did, he fought back the devil and won. The world was saved because of the strength of your dad’s spirit and the bond of love between your dad and papa. Their love is unbreakable.” 

John Bobby or J.B as he likes to be called could only stare up at Sully in pure awe as his friend finished telling him a tale of how brave his dad and papa are. “Wow.” J.B breathed out. 

Sully’s smile could have powered up the room. He had been so honoured when he became the imaginary friend to the son of Sam and Dean. He had made it his mission to tell all the children that he became friends with the heroic tales of Sam and Dean Winchester. The boys deserved to recognized as the heroes they are.

“You’re my hero baby boy,” Dean whispered as he curled his arms around Sam’s waist and tugged his boy into his arms. He hadn’t been too happy when Sully arrived in their house telling them that he was their son’s friend. That all changed the first night Dean overheard Sully telling J.B about the heroic things Sam had done, clean for small ears and Dean had surprised himself by standing outside of their son’s room, against the wall listening to all the things Sam had done. Then Sully had surprised him when he started talking about all the times Dean had saved the day. 

Sam could only smile at Dean as he leaned into his arms. “And you are my hero. Always have been always will be.” Sam promised.

That wasn’t the first time Sam had said that to him and Dean knew it wouldn’t be the last time he heard those words fall from Sam’s lips and he treasured them. They were done with the life of hunting, had been since the moment Sam had come to him with a scared look in his eyes and told him that he was pregnant. Nothing had mattered in that moment to Dean but Sam and the baby he was carrying. 

Jody and Donna had helped them set up a new life and they lived ten minutes away from Jody who they asked to be their son’s godmother. Dean’s hand curled around Sam’s growing stomach, Donna was to be the next one. 

Sully could hear Sam and Dean out in the hall and his smile grew as he watched J.B the perfect mix of the two eyes flutter shut. 

Dean and Sam had known each other were heroes and they had been enough for them but not for Sully. Sully made it his mission as did his fellow imaginary friends to spread the heroic tales of Sam and Dean Winchester. Their story would never end. 


Kagome taught me how to smile, how to believe in people. Kagome was the reason I could make friends, and rely on those friends. To shed tears for others, to understand true strength and kindness… These are all things I learned from Kagome.       Kagome was born to meet me, and I was born for her !

-Rumiko Takahashi, InuYasha

by Madeline H.

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Awesome… well, now that the horrifically uncomfortable conversation is out of the way, maybe we actually go into the Vault that we’ve risked life and limb to find.

i ship them

this is me shamelessly telling you guys that i am of the 0.4% that told Rhys to stay away from Sasha and 6.7% who didn’t ship Sasha and Rhys

for this reason

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Fiona and Rhys©Borderlands

She doesn’t cry.

She hugs him again and again, and she hugs Henry, and she hugs Karina, and she smiles, and she laughs, but she doesn’t cry.

He never thought she would to.

They kiss while sitting the festive table and don’t touch either food or wine. He does not feel hunger - this hunger, anyway. He feels her palms in his - just lying, then caressing and just lying again. They kiss, her lips are warm and soft and pliant. They can’t stop. They go to bedroom early. Henry is almost eighteen, he is in love himself, he has to understand.

And she doesn’t cry.

He never thought she wouldn’t to.

He lies himself.

He always dreamed she would wait for him, but he never really thought she will, because he didn’t believe he would return He never thought she would be crying or laughing that moment. He saw too much to understand, that once a ten years is nothing. He didn’t ask Henry about her even once, he was afraid to hear the confirmation of his the most terrible nightmares.

He got paralized for a moment on the beach when he saw her, and then his nightmares became a dust. She was so perfectly beautiful in her pale-rose gown, that now lies on the floor.

He didn’t have enough faith in her, it’s time to admit it - and to be ashamed.

He is not paralized now. He begs for forgiveness with every touch, every kiss. She is his salvation. He almost forgot everything about the one day they stole, scratched from fate. He remembers and learns again. She trembles, repeats his name, embraces him, finally has him - as he has her.

Dear God, he has her.

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