my otp met in real life

Modern AUs I Want to Happen
  • I need new glasses and you’re the optometrist running my vision tests, but your good looks are really freaking distracting
  • You’re allergic to cats but my cat really likes you my bad
  • I adopted a kid and you help me take care of them all the time since we’re neighbors, but you came over and got so involved in the kid’s life so much they think that we’re both their parents instead of just me
  • I got caught in the rain without an umbrella and an attractive stranger is sharing theirs with me
  • We’re playing Monopoly in the local library and the game just got serious, I think the librarians are about to kick us out
  • I have a crush on my younger sibling’s tutor, but I don’t know how to work myself into the scene without making everything incredibly awkward for me
  • You caught me having a Barbie movie marathon and now I’m trying to keep you from telling anyone about this!
  • My pet ran away, I got fired from my job, it started raining out of nowhere and I fell in the mud, and you’re just a random stranger at my bus stop but I really need someone to talk to
  • Alternatively, I’ve always wanted to tell a stranger my life story and I’m choosing you
  • It’s Spirit Week at school and I’m determined to out spirit you for once
  • We got put in the same group for the senior trip
  • This is a big ass mall and I just got lost, please help me
  • My rival and I are determined for us and our respective partners to be the ultimate power couple, but you and the other person in our rival couple really don’t care
  • You keep coming in to get your laptop fixed but I’m pretty sure your breaking it on purpose but you’re cute so I’ll let it slide
  • You’re my apathetic (onesided) rival at work and this month I’m determined to get Employee of the Month, which you always get without even trying
  • I met you at a convention and you’re cosplaying Person B to my OTP and I’m cosplaying Person A
  • We’re internet friends and we’re meeting up in real life today and I’m super paranoid because what if you’re a deranged killer and– omg you’re perfect
  • You got me addicted to playing Love Live and I’m ruining my life
  • I’m an artist who was at shit creek until I met you, so please be my muse, no, I’m not asking you out
  • I just showed you all the Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life videos and I think I just scarred you for life
  • I just crashed this wedding and one of the guests just asked me to dance and I’m pretty sure that they know I’m not a guest from either the bride or groom(brides, grooms) fml
  • Dude check it out this pair of jeans fits us! Shut up, they aren’t sweatpants they’re jeans
  • I’m donating blood today and I’m afraid of needles
  • We’ve been hooking up for the past few weeks and holy shit it turned out you’re my fifth grader’s teacher oh god this embarrassing!
  • Pack up man; we’re going on a road trip
  • Let’s get tattoos together
  • Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but can you go on the bungee jumping thing with me? Cuz I’m too scared to go by myself
  • I’ve never had a proper conversation with you, but I always see you at this cafe folding paper cranes and I you’re really peaking my interest
  • I’m forcing you to watch my favorite show and you’re more into it than I am now
  • We’re having our first argument as a married couple: do we explore this island, or do we stay in bed all day

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hey mom, I'm not in a very good place rn. I'd describe myself as soft butch, and I actually like the way I look rn, no make-up, short hair and all, but everytime I go out I get anxiety because I feel like people are judging me. It stresses me and makes me hate my sexuality sometimes, I know you're busy and your prompts are full but could I please have a small sanvers fic with maybe a teen soft butch in it? I feel like I really need good rep rn... if u dont want just delete this, its okay

She’s in the field and she’s got her game face on – shoulders set, stance relaxed but ready, eyes sharp – and when J Cole’s Hold It Down blasts out of her back pocket, her work partner cocks a grin at you.

“Your kid?”

She grins at the term and answers quickly.

“Adrian, I’m on the job, what up?”

“Can I bring a kid to our dinner tonight? Remember that girl Val I was telling you about? She’s trippin cause she had a rough time in school today – “

“Yeah, course you can, kid.”

“You gotta go.”

Maggie grins at his sensitivity, his perceptiveness. “You could be a detective yourself, Ade. See you both tonight.”

She chews the inside of her cheek – a habit she’s been picking up from her girlfriend – and shoots a quick text off to Alex, telling her to expect one more tonight before pocketing her phone and sighing, squatting to analyze the tire marks leftover by the latest Cadmus lackey getaway car.

She pushes tonight’s dinner – a biweekly thing, dinner with her girlfriend and her college boy (she never tires of reminding him how proud she is that he’s in college) – to the back of her mind until she walks through the door of her apartment several hours later to find in her kitchen Alex, Adrian, and a short kid – must the the Val girl Adrian was talking about – with a dapper, short haircut, make-up free face, collared shirt and khakis, skin darker than hers but lighter than Adrian’s, smile just as bright.

Alex has the look of panicked glee of a pale five year old being caught with her hand in the cookie jar; Adrian’s holding the handle of a smoking frying pan with one hand and pointing at Alex with the other; and the new kid is frozen mid-laugh, eyes wide and nervous at finally meeting the detective she’s heard so much about from Adrian.

Maggie appraises the situation with a single glance and grins.

“Alex tried to cook.”

“I – “

“All good, Danvers, we’ll order in, but I gotta say, I’m still surprised your skills in the lab don’t transfer to the kitchen – “

“Hehe, your skills – “

“That’s enough out of you, young man.”

“Yes, Agent Danvers.”

Maggie laughs and shakes her head at their banter as she drops her gun and jacket on a chair and strides over with her hand out to greet the new kid.

“Maggie Sawyer,” she says, leaving the usual NCPD part out because the girl is looking more nervous by the second.


“But you prefer Val?” Maggie asks, and Adrian nods behind Val’s back in case she isn’t brave enough to say yes. She is, and she nods, and Maggie smiles warmly at her.

“Okay, Val, so. What’re you hungry for, aside from whatever my woman charred on the stove?”

“Hey – “

“Is it not true, Danvers?”

Alex scowls playfully and Maggie leans in for a kiss. Adrian squeals and leans into Val. “Told you they were the cutest couple ever. My real life OTP!”

Val smiles, but there’s sadness behind it.

“Bad day, kid?” Alex asks, and gestures her to the couch.

“She likes this girl,” Adrian knocks his shoulder into Val gently, and she shoves him with an embarrassed laugh on her face. Alex ooohs and Maggie squeals, and Val almost cries, because she’s never met grown-ups who were this excited to hear about her crushes on girls before.

“She’s really pretty,” Val confesses in a single breath, collapsing onto the couch with her knees spread wide and heat spreading across her shyly smiling face.

“Okay, tell. Everything. But first, tell me what you want for food.”

“Whatever’s fine. Pizza, maybe.”

Maggie chuckles as she takes out her phone to order. “Always with the pizza in this family.”

Alex kisses her and Adrian squeezes her knee when they catch her family comment, and Val flushes to be so easily included in such a term.

“Nothing, I just… she’s really good at math – “

“A definite turn on – “

“Oh, is that why you like coming to my lowly easy-bake oven lab, Danvers?”

“Ladies! There are children present!”

“I’m not a children, I’m sixteen!”

Children,” Adrian, Alex, and Maggie all chorus, and Val rolls her eyes and continues.

“There’s the math thing, and she’s just really sweet, she always sticks up for the kids who get picked on, and she’s got these gorgeous curls and she’s – “

“Super duper femmey, and totally into soft little butches like yourself,” Adrian says and pokes her in the belly gently. She swats at his hand and shrugs defeatedly.

“I dunno. I mean, I’m not just into femmes… but she is super femmey… but maybe she wants someone harder than me? Or like, femmier than me? Like, less gay, maybe, or more gay, or – ”

“So, basically, you’re creating a girl who’s anything but you in your mind, right?” Maggie grins with a tilted head, and Val sighs.

“I guess.”

Maggie squints at her and exhales sharply and wets her lips and speaks.

“You know before I met Danvers over here, it was… I dated. A lot.”

“Don’t worry Alex. You won,” Adrian whispers, and Alex slaps him five softly without taking her eyes off Maggie.

“I dated, but it was… it was women who didn’t get me, you know? They saw leather jackets and a cop badge and a bike and darker skin than theirs – god, too many white girls, sorry babe, but that’s a story for another day – so they expected me to be a certain type of way, expected me to be… well, more butch, you know? Like, all the time. They were interested in the role I could play – and I can play it, I can be it, and I like it, I love doting on women – “

Val smiles and nods and Alex blushes and Adrian snickers.

“But that’s not all I am, you know?” She shrugs. “Sometimes I like a little lace under the leather. And we’ve got different styles, you and me.” She gestures to Val’s hair cut, her looser clothes, with a grin. “And I love it. Your style. It’s absolutely fantastic. And you look really at home in it. And that’s the thing. You? How you feel, how you are? That’s the only thing that matters. So if she likes you, she’s gotta like your soft butchliness. And who wouldn’t, I mean look at you, you’re perfect.”

Val scoffs and Alex beams at Maggie and Adrian squeezes Val’s knee.

The doorbell rings and Adrian squeals. “Pizza!”

Maggie glances at Alex, and Alex nods with a grin before getting up to get the door.

“Your girl like pizza?” Maggie asks, and Val nods.

“I saved her the last slice last week at the school paper’s party when she was late from class. She was really happy.”

Maggie slaps her own thigh in excitement. “Damn girl, see, you got game! Wanna invite her over? We can watch crappy Netflix movies, and the three of us will check out if she checks you out and it’ll be awesome.”

Val smiles at the thought and pulls her phone out of her back pocket.

“Do you guys do this for all of us? Open up your home like this?”

Alex beams over the small stack of pizza boxes when Maggie looks up at her, and Adrian grins widely, proudly, gratefully, at them both as he cracks open a box and digs in immediately.

“Only to the cool kids,” Maggie teases, and Val nods, and types out a text to her crush, because she’s nervous but she’s perfect just like she is, and what’s there not to like, right, Maggie said so, and also, pizza.

Pizza with new family.

Even if her crush declines to come over, she’s pretty sure it’s going to be a good night.


Screw Doccubus/Valkubus…. I’m on Team rachel x anna!

 ”Anna is the real deal. That would be the best way to describe Anna. She’s one of the most genuinely kind and gracious people I have ever met in my life, I mean, there’s literally nothing. I feel like I’m gushing like I’m actually in love with her. Like, I might actually be.” -Rachel Skarsten.

AUs someone might want to write based off my real life experience
  • We walk the same way from bus-stop to school/college every day and me and my bff both think you are hot and talk to each other about you “cutie-pie” and I’m pretty sure you have already noticed but you keep ignoring us
  • You are the waiter at a nice restaurant and me and my friends talk about that you’re hot (and about the size of your package) like through the whole dinner (and we are not really discrete about it) and we leave before the restaurant closes but talk a long while outside and when I drive home and leave the tram at my station I’m surprised to see you leave the tram as well and wow I need to apologize for me and my friends being so embarrassing but anyway how about a date? – au
  • I was in a tram discussing with a friend my not functional bisexual love live and you watched us curiously and my friend noticed and addressed you, and wow now me and my friend leave the tram like 4 stations too early to keep talking to you, how about a date? – au
  • I originally had this date with this person I met at the train station yesterday but he/she* brought his/her* friends along and is really strange and wow this whole thing is really weird and you are one of his/her* friends but kinda nice and I’m glad my date brought you along because you saved this date from being a complete disaster, so thanks I guess?
  • So we are totally shy and stupid and awkward around each other and are at this party and our friends try to play match maker and two out of our friends group who are bff are kissing as a dare for us to kiss as well!
  • I saw you at (comic) con and practically tackled you out of excitement for you cosplaying my favorite character which is totally underrated and seldom cosplayed and I promise you on spot to cosplay his/her* love interest at the next con and you looked so happy and wow, when will the next con be?
  • I put my art online and think nobody appreciates it and you are one of the persons who keep following my art and one day you ask for a customized picture for yourself and I’m so happy, we start talking and damn you’re cute
  • I had a big embarrassing childhood crush on you in elementary and was constantly looking at you and I’m pretty sure you had noticed and now 15 years later you are in my kung fu (or any other sports) class and can’t remember me, WTF - bonus points if he/she* is lying not to remember to save both from the embarrassment that’s going to happen anyway
  • We meet at drama class and I’ve got the role of the servant with the gay secret crush for her/his master as a comedy relief within the play but I think I might really have a crush on you
  • You’re my best friend and I have a crush on you and I’m totally unexperienced and we get high together and you say you get aroused when being high and I have no idea what I’m doing here, HELP.
  • I might have your heart broken and we try to stay friends but we have to share not only a room but a bed at the school trip, I’m so sorry
  • You have a crush on me and I’m a coquet asshole and tease you and let you piggyback me through your house at a party and when I moan into your ear to tease you we nearly die cause it made you slip at the stairs
  • We met at a mini convention and you were dressed as one of my favorite characters and half a year later I met you at the disco and the original plan was to stay at my friends place but you offered me a ride with your bike cause you live near my place
Dating Peter Parker would include...

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  • him carrying your books to class for you
  • movie dates ft. Chinese takeout
  • patching him up after his “outings”
  • he loves when you whisper dirty things in his ear
  • practically living at his house
  • he’s kinda shy so not a lot of PDA
  • but he showers you with affection behind closed doors
  • “You are the most gorgeous person I’ve ever met in my entire life.”
  • “You flatter me Parker.”
  • cuddle sessions on rainy days
  • and pretty much every day
  • being really close with May
  • talking walks together downtown
  • webbing your hands to the headboard during sex (;
  • running his thumb over the back of your hand everytime he holds it
  • him blushing anytime you compliment him
  • “You are so adorable I can barely take it.”
  • “Oh come on y/n.”
  • forehead kisses
  • Tony Stark being your biggest shipper (you guys are his otp let’s be real)
  • him whimpering whenever you tease him
  • study dates
  • laying your head on his chest when you sleep 
  • completely supporting him as Spider man even though you always worry about him
  • “I just worry about you Peter. I hate seeing you hurt.”
  • “I know. But I promise you I’ll always come home to you at the end of the day. No one is taking me away from you. I promise.”

The moment you met your OTP in real life and gave your works to them = BLAST.

*cries at the corner*

Alright, and this might be just my small rants here anyway. Gonna do it before I pass out. Both of Tom and Chris are the most genuine, heart-warming actors for real! Tom was the first one who recognized the characters I drew on the canvas, and then he grabbed it to show to Chris, saying with cheerful voice “Look at this!”. Yes, Chris just laugh, but lovely laugh!

By the time I’ve met them again for autograph session (I’ve made each canvas for both of them). They seemed to remember and love my works *pinch myself really hard*.

I. ALMOST. CRIED (not yet, but almost).

It’s worth all the wait after very long tedious hours. Thanks again Tom and Chris!!!


Favourite Real-life OTP: Rose&Rosie

‘I want to tell you that I am so in love with you and you are the most wonderful, creative, good-looking, intelligent, spiritual, positive, energetic person I have ever met and I love you with everything I’ve got and you are the most incredible thing to have ever happened to my life.’

Mistaken Identity Fic List

This is my thank god this semester finally ended! 15 hellish weeks of healthcare finance DONE! So here is a short list of mistaken identity fics….ok, maybe not that short since I have no problem spending the day clicking my way through AO3.

Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon by secondstar | 21,317

Being a teenager sucks. Being a werewolf teenager sucks even more. With a life full of holding back who he really is, not having any privacy whatsoever, and the seemingly sudden appearance of one Stiles Stilinski, Derek Hale’s life just got a whole lot harder.

I Wish That I Could See You Soon by talktowater | 23,259

Derek Hale is one half of indie duo Girls and the Dogs. He spent his late teens drinking and fucking his way around small clubs over the world, but now he is sober, sick of touring, and has rules. Or one rule at least, no hook ups on tour.

When the guy with the impossibly tight t-shirt who calls himself Stiles follows him back to his bus one night after a show in London, he’s in no danger of breaking his rules because as Stiles quite categorically states, he is straight. Right… good luck with that Derek…

Letters by ericaismeg | 8,924

“Stiles, this is getting ridiculous. Can you please do something about it?” Lydia demands. “Do anything. I don’t care. Go up and kiss him, ask him to prom this year, write him secret admirer love letters, whatever. Just do something.”

OR: The one where Lydia sets up an email account for Stiles to “confess his love” for Derek. And as fate would have it, they also end up becoming friends in person at the same time.

‘Linski’s Late Night Antidote To Lame by WhoNatural | 13,865

Where Stiles has his own college radio show, and the mysterious, faceless Derek is his number one fan.

Also there’s this really hot guy he keeps meeting in the library who totally hates his guts.

Midnight Wolf vs Abominable Snowman! by KuriKuri | 20,409

Derek almost makes the mistake of saying, It’s not fanart, but he manages to catch himself, biting his tongue. This stranger, who’s already identified himself as at least a casual fan of Midnight Wolf, doesn’t need to know that he actually is the artist and author, not just another fan.

Reach Out by weathervaanes | 20,246

Or, In Which Stiles Falls in Love Twice…With the Same Person

Stiles sees the flyer on his very last day at Beacon Hills High School. It’s hanging, unassuming, in the hall near the front entrance along with bulletins and other flyers, advertisements, posters for free student concerts, but the fact that the word “sex” is written in a font two times larger than the rest of the page catches his attention.

It’s an advice hotline for a whole range of things, from teenage angst to how to deal with your parents telling you you’re adopted and a whole mess in the middle. Stiles thinks it’s funny, though, that they offer advice on sexuality and sex education. It makes sense on the one hand, since high school sex ed does jack shit for actual learning, but anyone who really wants to know stuff has an infinite source of knowledge right on their phone—the internet.

So it starts off as a joke.

(not so) Pure Imagination by theroguesgambit | 33,185

“There is a world where whenever someone fantasizes about you, you can physically feel it, but you have no idea who is thinking it about you.”

Stiles knows it’s wrong, but he’s been Fantasizing about Derek and he can’t bring himself to stop. Derek doesn’t know who’s taken an interest in him, but he’s enjoying it way more than he probably should.

Reason For Call by 74days | 58,955

Stiles has been working in his call-centre booth for nearly 5 years when he first hears the voice of the new IT guy. Surely anyone who sounds like that has got to be H.O.T Stiles takes it upon himself to get to know him better. The only problem is, he’s got no idea what he looks like…

Sideways and Slantways and Longways and Backways by hologramophone | 7,799

“I called you a slave-driver!” Stiles cried hysterically. “I called you an ogre! I stole all the blue paperclips!” Derek raised an eyebrow at him. “That’s company property!” he shouted, waving his arms madly in distress. Derek ran a hand over his face. “It’s not theft if the vice president of the company gives you permission.”

(Otherwise known as the Elevator AU)

Stand Here At The Edge Of Something New by Chiomi | 3,233

This is Stiles’ last night of freedom before he’s married to a man he hasn’t seen in over a decade - not even photos, not even Facebook. He intends to make the most of it.

The Postman Always Rings Twice by Finduilas | 6,582

Stiles and Derek meet online, through fandom. They share their online life together: fics, fanart, squeeing over actors; but they haven’t met in real life yet. Or have they…?

You Made Me Believe by kits_lightning | 747

Stiles has been promised to a Prince he’s never met before and they’re about to get married but he can’t stop thinking about the love of his life whom he’s had to leave behind for the good of the kingdom…. or so he believes.


“…The idea was to have more of what happens in real life; ‘Man, I hated this person when I first met them, but maybe it wasn’t hate, maybe it was just confusion. They drove me crazy and I couldn’t stop thinking about them. I don’t like everything about them, but dang, they light my fire.’ " —Bryan Konietzko, 1.03 Commentary


Happy Anniversary Meryl And Don! 

‘I don’t know what I’d do without my husband. I’d be dead, emotionally at least, if I hadn’t met him. He’s the greatest. If you’ve been married for a long time you love without looking. 

Gummer once said to her; 'You’ve never considered yourself a star, you get mad and correct the press if they call you that, but you are, and not only in your work, you are the star that lightens my existence.

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I know I've been shipping swanqueen too but I can't tell anyone in real life bc they'd say "make up your mind yo" :/ but god I really think Emma is better with Regina and it scares me

Yes, thank god someone understands. I had shipped Captain Swan as endgame and OTP since we first met Hook in 2x02, and I thought that would never change. But 4b has seriously changed my entire viewpoint, and I began to ship Swan Queen. Then I went on tumblr and looked at people’s theories on SQ, and people were saying about how A&E have inserted flat characters as dull love interests for Regina and Emma to cover SQ up and I started to believe it. Not fully, because both Robin and Hook have places on the show, but I shipped SQ more with every post on the tag. 

And then I watched these:

Not in order, and they are all part of my YT playlists, ignore that. 

I shipped SQ so much more after watching those, even the AUs and the movie trailer. 


Fangirl Challenge: {3/15} Pairings

Shawn Spencer and Juliet O'Hara: “I have a motorcycle." 

"Yes you do.”

“Yes I do and you know what? It is the purest form of freedom that I’ve ever experienced. You zip through traffic, you park anywhere, you never have to take anyone to the airport, you certainly don’t have to help anyone move. Easily the best purchase I’ve ever made in my life and I have never regretted it, not for one second.”

“Great. You love your motorcycle. Is there a point to this?

"Yeah, there’s a point to this. The point is, since I’ve met you, I… I’ve been thinking about getting a car.”