my otp is soaring

Isn’t it great how well Josh and Maya read each other’s personality? In GMTell Tale Tot, Maya showed how well she knows Josh’s human nature, who he is at his core; Maya is an observant, especially when it comes to Josh. And now, in GMSki Lodge 2, we saw how well Josh knows and understands Maya’s human nature, he knows Maya at her core. And they can talk about important things, things about them, and Maya said once again, with the confidence that represents who she is, that she likes Josh, that it’s always been Josh. What a great day to be alive! 🎉🎉🎉

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the thing that kills me is that they keep pointing out in canon that Cat and Lois are competitors in their field, the same, alike, basically Cat=Lois. how exactly am i supposed to deal with this information??

SAME. HERE. I mean, the show drives home in just about every way how Lois and Cat are two sides of the same coin. I don’t know if you happened to see my tags on this post, but they’re not only setting her up as Lois in the journalist/career-woman role, they’re setting her up as Lois’s counterpart in the grand scheme of the narrative and theme, as the hero’s motivation and inspiration. And it actually makes my heart race.

Hermione + Ron = <3

From a feminist standpoint, I agree that Hermione was a smarter, better, more together person than either Harry or Ron, neither of whom treated her particularly well over the course of the books, and I worry about the fact that they all got married immediately following their extremely stressful adolescence, without taking any time to, like, “play the field” or “get professional help” or “be an unmarried 19-year-old.” I worry that Hermione will spend her whole life helping Ron do things, and that that would be a very frustrating, belittling existence for her.

From an authorial standpoint, I respect J.K. Rowling’s right to regret or not regret anything she put into those seven (SEVEN) books, which at the time felt like they were taking so long to reach my hands but which actually took nine (NINE) years to write, which if you’ve written a book you know is basically nothing. A lot of people can’t write one affecting book in nine years, and that lady wrote seven. And she wrote them kind of quickly, and you can change your mind about things you write, you can worry that you should have written it differently.

HOWEVER AS A HUMAN BEING WITH A HEART, I will ship Hermione and Ron until the day I die. I will never forget being thirteen, and Hermione screaming at Ron that if he wanted to take her to the Yule Ball, he should have asked, and realizing with a soaring heart that my OTP was canon. As a human being with a heart, I will forever look upon their love story as a story about two different people who make each other better–Hermione makes Ron gentler, kinder, more sensitive to the needs of house elves; Ron makes Hermione looser, funnier, less inclined to beat herself up. As a human being with a heart, I will go down with this ship. Romione is canon, people. ROMIONE IS CANON.

Good morning, I am a 27-year-old woman.