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“stay close to me - solo”

i took this beautiful screenshot of this beautiful moment when yuri first started the duet alone asdfkjl; and i decided to redraw it ( ‘ v ‘ )b


art © @paluumin

yuri katsuki © yuri on ice

On a serious note- regardless of what our fandom decides based on each person individually… stay, go, fight, or give up, I WILL NOT give up my OTP ship. So, I, @shezzagirl, will continue my head canons for texts from johnlock. Please take care of you. That is what matters most. Thanks for the love, and I’ll be posting when I can…

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hey hey ive got a prompt for you! how about scomiche + 10 ways they say "i love you" without the actual words? ^_^ (fewer are fine too if ten's too much haha)

ogmsgisjg hOW SWEET!!! i went with five bc i was getting repetitive after a while but i hope u like this!!


scott gently grabs the back of mitch’s hoodie, and when the brunet looks up from his phone, he notices the car that speeds by. he glances at scott, who just shrugs and smiles, then takes his hand as they safely cross the street. 


mitch watches as scott gets ready, laying on his stomach on his bed while scott spends way too long fixing his hair. “you’ll text me when you get there, won’t you?” he asks him. 

“of course,” scott replies, glancing at mitch through the mirror. he grins at him, making a mental note to text mitch when he gets there and when he leaves. 


after a long day of recording, scott comes home to a cup of steaming hot tea - next to a bottle of brandy, netflix already up and loaded, and mitch waiting for him.


“oh, my gosh, stop!” mitch squeals when scott hands him a white, rectangular box. he hasn’t even opened it yet but he knows exactly what is is. “you didn’t have to do this!”

“i know,” scott says giddily, even more giddy than mitch is.


mitch practically limps inside; the gym absolutely destroyed him today - or maybe he destroyed himself. he definitely pushed himself too hard, and it hurt just to drive home. he texted scott that he was on his way but also that he was a ghost because he is certain that he died and now he is nothing more than a spirit in pain. 

when he makes it upstairs, he hears the sound of a bath running and scott tripping over himself as he exits the bathroom saying, “it’s about time - the tub was about to overflow.” 

send me a ship + a mini prompt and i will write u a drabble 💕

tandem (side by side)

A short piece based on this post (link) that was a collaboration between @thesingingbadger and @its-little-miss-muffet about how neither Kima nor Allura can see in the dark. Just a snippet, but something that wanted desperately to be written.

In which Allura has fun winding Kima up, Allura is the only one Kima won’t go off on, and where there’s only about 3% angst.

Hope you enjoy!

“Well, this is shit.”

Allura only barely managed to hold back a snort at Kima’s words as they entered the cave proper. She played it off with a soft cough, tame enough to not cause alarm for the rest of their traveling companions.

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The worst part of RTTE ’s portrayal of Hiccstrid, is it gave legitimate fuel to anti-hiccstrid discourse and I have to see it on my dash and in the tags all the time.

I am getting so frustrated seeing how people think Hiccstrid sucks now with “canon” evidence in RTTE to back it up nearly every time I check the tag, cause often it is a, “Ugh, you’re right,” feeling I get and I don’t want it. I want to positively celebrate and imagine my OTP.

I love HTTYD 2 Hiccstrid so much and I miss the headcanons, stories and the discourse of the Hiccstrid fandom before the release of RTTE.

I think that is part of the reason the Hiccstrid fandom is so frustrated with the show.

I still enjoy the show for what it is. I’m just getting annoyed with all the anti-hiccstrid discourse that I am finding more difficult to debate.

I don’t want to fall out of love with characters and a ship I dedicated so much love, art and time too.

I hope Season 4 brings me a Hiccstrid I can celebrate.