my otp is better than all your faves

inktober prompts

So I’ve seen a couple InkTober prompts so far, and they’re good and you can win rewards or whatever, but I say, what better reward is there than the gift of some festive spirit? In commemoration of the month of Hallow’s Eve and tumblr, I created a list of InkTober ideas! I’ll be trying to do most (if not all) of them myself!

  1. 1st day of Halloween!
  2. OTP in Halloween getup
  3. New mutant creature
  4. Your idol’s drawing style
  5. Halloweened out fanart of your fave show
  6. 19X0′s aesthetic
  7. Into the Unknown inserts
  8. Unlucky
  9. Your fav game, into a gritty reboot/creepypasta
  10. Bad puns
  11. Humanized CANDY
  12. A big pile of Halloween ( a pile of something)
  13. Fave characters/OCs in haunted house reactions
  14. konnichiwa darkness-san, my old tomodachi
  15. What would go in a witch’s brew?
  16. AU where creatures of the night dress up as humans
  17. your memeself/inner meme in a Halloween outfit
  18. inside a [horrifying (or not) monster]’s den
  19. the most kawaii thing you can still draw
  20. Girl’s Costume Warehouse
  21. A sad lonely ghost
  23. The true meaning of fear
  24. Actual Cannibal Shia Labeouf
  25. Antique Halloween Memes
  26. Horror game fanart
  28. it is a mystery / spooky scary skeletons / SKULL TRUMPET
  29. Skeleton War
  30. Moon Moon
  31. free space