my otp is being mean to each other



“Against all odds, I was still alive… I have been chosen. My future lay ahead of me and there was to be no escape.” - Yassen Gregorovich, Russian Roulette, Anthony Horowitz.

Left to Right.

Not a very happy Valentine story.

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Doflamingo, Law and CC :))

I’M CRYING *sways*

Well, then

Doflamingo Donquixote

  • How I feel about this character: — I DON’T KNOW. I don’t know if I’m terribly attracted to him or I HATE THIS ASSHOLE WITH ALL MY BEING. One moment I pity him for his past, the moment later I wanna bury him with my own hands, damn BASTARD. Nevertheless, yeah, I definitely love him, he’s a really complex character and I really adore his way of being a villain. ♥
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: I ship him romantically (where “romantically” means “SEXUALLY” because, well, Doflamingo and romance doesn’t get along very well) with his brother, basically. YOU KNOW that Donquicest is my OTP. *creis* Also, I “romantically” ship him with Law (badwrongness all over again, FORGIVE ME, TRAFFY) and Crocodile (another victim of this asshole— well, they kinda deserve each other, tho) and CAESAR CLOWN, HELL YEAH. And Monet. And a LOT OF PEOPLE, REALLY, say a name, I probably can arrange a ship with him in five seconds or less. *creis*
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character: *creis in a corner* NO, WAET, OK, I HAVE ONE. Luffy. :) I like the idea of Luffy tormenting Doffy with all his naivety and basically settling the score for his really bad behaviour. Luffy is probably the only one able to easily stand his provocations and make him freak out, LMAO.
  • My unpopular opinion about this character: I think a part of the fandom glorifies him too much, while the other part simply reduces him to an evil being, flattening his character. I mean, he’s an asshole but he has a precise background and he’s complex even in his extreme cruelty. On the other hand his past doesn’t justify his actions and I don’t agree when people tend to cheer him like he’s an hero and condemn Luffy and the others, because they had the only fault of defeating him. He honestly deserved to end in that way, even if I’m the first to hope for total destruction of everything, LMAO
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: I WANNA SEE HIS EYES. Also, I hope he’ll return later and do something important connected to the national treasure held in Marijois. I wanna see him dying gloriously, knowing his deeds inflicted a mortal blow to the actual world’s balance (even if all of this will advantage Luffy’s adventure)

Trafalgar Law

  • How I feel about this character: CUTIE GOTHIC TSUNDERE PATOOTIE *creis a lot* I love Law, because I thought he was only the average K00L K1D but then flashbacks happened and he’s basically a loving and too secretive dork and I like all of this so much, I wanna hug him but not only to comfort him ♥ *gets shot*  
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: Robin, Luffy, Rocinante, basically are my three fav characters in a romantic ship with him. Also BEPO (but more platonic than romantic in a classic way). And Doflamingo (HATE!SHIP!111one!!One)
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character: Robin, Luffy, Rocinante and Bepo (WHOOPS, HERE I AM AGAIN). Also, Baby 5. I broship them so hard. ;w;
  • My unpopular opinion about this character: well, I think Law isn’t THAT COOL. IHMO is shady and secretive because of his past and the things he suffered but he’s not the stone-hearted bastard he pretends to be in front of the others. He’s a dork and the way he reacts when Luffy messes with him proves it. Also, people tend to portray him as a party animal with this awesome social life but, for me, he’s a nerd with poor social skills that doesn’t want to be pestered by common human beings. He’s an asocial bundle of dark feelings, basically. ♥
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: I wanna see him smiling, even briefly, even faintly. He finally defeated Doflamingo together with Luffy, give him a moment of joy, Oda, PLS.

Caesar Clown

  • How I feel about this character: THIS STYLISH BASTARD. ♥ THEY’RE ONE OF THE WORST. How can I not love CC? Caesar is so bad and went to such an extent for the sake of their research, I can’t help but admire their evilness. Caesar is beyond any repentance and I like the absolutely evil integrity of their behaviour. It’s wrong but it feels so good to love such a twisted mind.
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: basically Doflamingo because, yes. IMHO Caesar is the number one fangirl of Joker’s fanclub. Also (but that one is valid only in an AU context) ROCINANTE because, well, I like crack pairings. A lot. And they’re total opposites and, in my headcanons, Roci can’t help it but being unavoidably attracted to complete assholes like his brother and Caesar. As for Caesar, well, why they shouldn’t feel attracted to Rocinante? Have you seen him? HE’S AN ANGEL. *pats screen* *creis*    
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character: Monet. I don’t know, I totally see them being like bffs and talking about their everyday life and rumors and BOYZ and everything. Well, it’s more like, CC talks a lot and Monet pretends to listen while she does a lot of other things (and, also, spies Caesar for Doffy, no one is safe when CC Is on bail, whoops) 
  • My unpopular opinion about this character: I didn’t read anything about Caesar that could have irked me (prolly because CC isn’t so popular as Law and Doflamingo). This one is more an headcanon of mine and less an unpopular opinion but since CC is basically GAS, I reached the conclusion that they are… non binary? In my headcanons Caesar doesn’t identify themselves in one gender nor they care about it. CC is too busy being fabulous and evil and researching to bother themselves with such matters.
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: I dunno, I want to see Caesar meeting with Vegapunk after four years of distance. I wanna see the angst and the rage and some weird shit happening. I hope they’ll remain a little long with the Strawhat crew, their interactions with the others really give me life. *creis a lot*

“I hate being away from my best friend.”
“You two are close to each other, right ?”
“Yep, we are like brothers. It feels weird not to see him, you know, to not having him around me.”
“I see. Anyways, what do you like ? I mean, what’s your hobbies?”
“I was in the lacrosse team last year at high school, and you?”
“Hm, I like serial killers.”
“Excuse me ?”
“Oh no, I mean, I like to study their psychology… Do you find me weird?”
“A little bit yeah, but you’re funny. Actually… I like you.”

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what is ur favorite ep of SU?

I’m accepting anonymous asks from anyone about anything!

Keystone Motel - and not just because my OTP is beyond adorable. It’s the fact that the episode teaches kids sometimes people who love each other will get into fights and the fights can get a little intense, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love each other anymore.

I knew a lot of little kids who think that if Mommy and Daddy fight, they’re gonna leave each other, but that’s far from the truth.

Relationships do take time and lots of work.

This is one of many reasons why Ruby and Sapphire are very important to the show and Garnet is an amazing character.

Plus, awesome representation of a queer couple! Go Crewniverse!

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do you have any otp's and notp's for jacob?

i’d have to say my two main otp’s are jacob x charlie && jacob x renesmee. (charlie is a genderbent!renesmee if you weren’t aware) and if i’m being 100% honest, i ship jacob x charlie more than jacob x renesmee and it’s all wally’s fault.

i guess the only notp that i can think of right now would be jacob x edward. i know some people ship the two of them, but i just can’t see it. i mean they dislike each other so much, it just isn’t something i can see ever happening.

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can i be that trash that sends things for a ship we havent started yet no okay "I may have broken the dish washer." "Did you eat all my oreos?" for lexa/meena ty gn

“I may have broken the dish washer." 

Lexa let out a soft whine. “What do you mean you may have?” she asked, pushing herself off the couch so she could follow Meena into the kitchen to check it out for herself. She opened the dishwasher to see that it was still full of dirty dishes. It took another minute of looking to figure out what had happened. “Were you drunk when you loaded this, or have you just never used a dish washer before?” she asked. She put a hand on Meena’s shoulder. “Not broken, don’t worry,” she assured her. “You forgot to put the detergent in. But that’s okay, that happens to everyone… Probably. But just so you know, if you ever do break it, you’re paying for it.”

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why not rachel with taylor?

oh lol it’s just my personal preferences. I have nothing against Taylor except him being not particularly interesting and lesser actor than other two men I named. Sure, it doesn’t mean he’s gonna be bad for relationships. As I say, it’s just I like Jake or Colin more, but life is life and not a fic, so ofc Rachel should be with the one who suits her more, but I would be just not interested in that IRL ship. OH and that sounds really trashy, but so am I.