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So…Roman’s anger is my absolute FAVORITE characterization that WWE has given him. Like, he’s been so distorted by his desire to make sure that his family never goes hungry again (he was poor and living off food stamps before his wrestling career), that he doesn’t realize his choices aren’t just. And are actually pretty damn evil. From hurting both of his bosses and threatening Hunter’s wife, to retiring a legend that people held dear. In Roman’s mind, he’s doing the right thing. But to an outsider, he’s far from a hero. 

And it’s so. damn. good.

Platonic Marriage - imagine your brotp
  • Me: *looking fondly at my best friend*
  • Best Friend: What's wrong, bro?
  • Me: Bro, if there was some kind of platonic mariage for friends, i would have proposed the shit out of you by now.
  • Best Friend: Bro

As if we haven’t suffered enough, I decided to put together every Kara & Mon-El scene from 2x22 in one video.

  • Betty: *smiles*
  • Veronica: that's adorable don't do that
  • ----
  • Archie: *messes up hair*
  • Jughead: that's cute don't do that
  • ----
  • Joaquin: *holds Kevin's hand*
  • Kevin: that's cute don't do that
  • Kevin: I was kidding please don't
  • ----
  • Cheryl: *wakes up looking f l a w l e s s*
  • Josie: s t o p