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Wanted to draw some SEXY STEAMY okikagu moment SO– ᕕ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )ᕗ
More under the cut because it’s a loooong steamy session!
YOU’VE BEEN WARNED~ ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Character VS Awkwardness.

Person- you got a second, *name*?
Character- There is only one of me.

Person- what’s the word, *nickname*?
Character- a shortened version of my name.

Person- Son of a bitch…
Character- Actually, this man is entirely human, and his mother was in no way a canine- oh okay, I didn’t get it.

Person- sticks and stones may break my bones-
Character- actually sticks when sharper can stab people, not just break their bones, and boulders actually have the capability to crush a person’s whole body, including their internal organs.
*screams in the distance*

Person- go talk to him.
Character- *stares at crush, who is doing something amazing*
Character- maybe I should leave and not take your advice at all.

Person- there has to be a way to stop him, like a cage or-
Character- put him on a leash, since he’s dog-like.
Person- kinky

Character- *picks up a note book*
Character- why did the chicken cross the road?
Character-…Probaly to get hit by a car and become roadkill.
Person- Jesus Christ

(Meeting crush for the first time).
Crush- Heya~
Character- Hello.
Crush- not much of a talker then.
Character- quieter people can take the time to hear the screams of their enemies
(Everyone facepalms while crush stares in shock).
Character- thankfully there’s only a twelve percent chance of that happening.

(Meeting tall person).
tall person- hi.
character- hello.
tall person- you’re really short.
character- well that’s because you’re very tall for your age. Of course, this would mean you have a mutated gene that causes gigantism which slowly leads to bone and back problems. I would assume that you will die by the age of 34.
(Tall is speechless and wants to press the leave option).

Birthday Treat 1 (SSS)

since i already turned at the ripe age of Adult™ i decided to treat myself with some mini fics of my fave otps over the years hoho


 Her shock was apparent, much to his dismay, but Silver didn’t let his shame and anxiety get to him.

 Well, hopefully.

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Drarry Headcanon #32

Draco and Harry binge watch TV series together and eventually with their kids. Even though they’re well into their twenties by the time Supernatural airs its first season, Draco and Harry fall in love with it and all the cast immediately.

I think they’d totally ship Destiel.

Jelous Kim Taehyung 101 :

The cute ver.

VS : The ( literaly ) deadly ver.

you guessed right, Tae is only jelous when it comes to Hobi-Hyung ;)

Funny Love OTP And AU Prompts
  • I’m terrible at singing and karaoke. Still, every Friday night I come in and subject myself to public embarrassment because there’s this cutie I really like who works at the karaoke bar.
  • I sent a text message to the wrong person but you text me back. It didn’t stop there and since then we’ve just been texting each other back and forth. Now I have you added to my list of contacts.
  • I’m on a bowling team and I really wanted to impress you by getting a third strike. Instead I got so nervous my fingers got caught in the bowling ball. I lost my balance and slipped out onto the bowling lane.
  • We’re both super into cosplay and have been working for many days on our outfits for the big day. Finally when the day arrives we’re at the con and my cosplay starts to fall apart! But you came prepared and saved me with your backpack of emergency supplies.
  • You’re always making jokes about the nerds that wait in those long lines for new apple products. I always laugh and agree with you but on the inside I’m nervous because I’m one of those nerds that camps out in those lines.
  • You like to tell me the same lame jokes every single day and secretly I’m so sick of them. I never think they’re funny but I still laugh at them because I know that it makes you feel good.
  • We’ve just started living together. I’m determined to make you your favorite food to celebrate but the problem is you’re from a mixed ethnic background. I’m clueless. So I search the internet for hours for the perfect recipe for you and pass out near the computer.
  • While I was cleaning up the place I threw out some old clothes, including an ugly shirt. Turns out that was your favorite shirt and it really upset you when you couldn’t find it. So I went to the dump and searched until I found your shirt.
  • I’ve been running an online blog for months. You’re always the first one commenting on anything I put up and I’ve loved it. Turns out we actually know each other irl and neither of us even knew it!
  • I love magic and you love science. Every time I perform, however, you’re always there to reveal how I did my tricks. I hate you!! One day though I made a live rabbit disappear…and…long story short that rabbit was gone. Neither of us had a good explanation.

Akashi Seijuurou ♥ Furihata Kouki 

♥ 4/12: Happy Akafuri day ♥