my otp had a son


Adrienne and Lafayette are my otp, 

They were in an arranged marriage, had six children and named their son Georges Washington, after the war Lafayette was tried with treason and arrested, Adrienne was arrested as well, survived the reign of terror and her last words to Lafayette were, “I am all yours.” 

Thats the cliff notes version, but please feel free to read up on her, I plan on drawing other Hamilton ladies, like Martha Washington, Sally Hemmings, Dolly Madison, women are just so bad-ass and amazing 


Happy birthday Oikawa! 

IwaOi Week, Day 1:  “Oikawa Tooru is NOT Trash.”


So a little while back I was browsing through the Solas tag and found someone posted a Lion King crossover where Varric says the above to Cassandra in regards to Solas and Fem!Inquisitor’s relationship. I couldn’t help myself from drawing this little comic because of it lol Unfortunately I cannot find this post because the Solas tagged is filled with both pictures of Solas and Spanish breakup posts. :(

Anyway, this comic is starring my Elven Inquisitor, Imami Lavellan, a Dalish mage who tends to get hurt a lot because I play this game on nightmare mode on a comouter that can’t really handle the beautiful Inquisition graphics :c

hc where keith goes “happy birthday, lance” and the rest of the team is like ????? then lances asks him how did he knew and keith rambles about how one time lance wrote down his birthday at this stupid calendar no one actually used they had back at the garrison and lance thought no one ever saw that but the fact that even then keith noticed such little things makes him want to fucking scream

The Most Puntastic Best Man Speech Ever

It’s finally here! Words cannot describe how proud I am of this. Have fun reading!

Nervousness washed over Matteo when Gastón asked for everyone’s attention. He felt apprehensive and queasy at the thought of what was about to happen.

Matteo eyed the vodka shot glasses warily. Not only was there a bet making the rounds for how many puns - space related or not - Gastón had put into this speech, there was also a drinking game going on in which all participants had to take a shot every time his best friend would make pun.

Ramiro and his cousin Vinny had more or less robbed the open bar as everyone that had agreed to be part of the drinking game had ten small glasses placed before them. Matteo couldn’t help but think about the bill. They would be indebted forever!

Still, he doubted that this was the exact amount of puns. That would be wishful thinking.

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rapper line being cute as hell (ft. jungyeon)


like you, i’ve lost people i care about

54/365 Days of Outlaw Queen

anonymous asked:

do you have any ship-forever, even-if-i-fall-from-this-fandom-i-will-still-cry-when-i-see-a-picture-of-them type ships? and if so, what are they?


who I have been shipping for a good decade-and-a-bit, followed, at various distances, by: 


and, unfortunately, 


I’m not sure how a ship from a fledgling TV show that was only slightly good for two seasons before taking a complete and utter nosedive has managed to end up on my FOREVER OTP list, but here we are. they clawed themselves right into my heart with their red riding hood imagery and their brilliant soundtrack. I was there AT THE START when we had EVERYTHING AHEAD OF US. I remember when there was <250 fics for them on AO3. I remember when we were convinced Stiles was gonna go Canon Bi. we thought it was SO REAL! they could have had my LIFE-LONG DEVOTION! but NO. Jeff “no homophobia in this universe!” Davis COULDN’T EVEN GIVE US THIS ONE THING!!! IT’S NOT LIKE THE SHOW WAS THAT GOOD, JEFF!!!!! YOU DIDN’T HAVE ANY INTEGRITY TO LOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyway I’m Sterek trash forever amen, thanks for asking. 

ETA: ZUTARA, Eric/Godric, ~*~Sugarless Gum~*~, ARTHUR/EAMES, BOYD and RAYLAN – these additions that I am making two days after the fact are perfect examples of why I never answer OTP questions!!! I have a huge heart and it is FULL!!!!!!!

*I do not want to talk about this. >:(