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Lapidot is a beautiful ship

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They’re clearly attracted to one another.

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They’re happy and relaxed in each other’s company.

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They’re supportive of each other.

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They have shared interests.

They have a “child”!

They have their own home, away from everyone else, which they’ve worked together to decorate in a way that’s meaningful to both of them.

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They’re perfectly in-sync with each other.

They share a sense of humour that only they appreciate.

I know I have many other things to do, but I have no restraint and all these feelings need to be put somewhere


Before they knew it, they were i n s e p a r a b l e ;
                                                 For @ootsukis


The fourth entry I think (?) of The Christmas with OTP series!!

Okay, I will finally draw the request that’s been sitting in my inbox for a while!;;; You have such great ideas honestly, I don’t know what to say ^^ 

Please keep them coming! I appreciate it <3

Next comic : RHINK !!!

So apparently...

In the new dorm, the roommates are:

- YoonJin
(Always. Perfect roommates)

- VMon
(Imagine the chaos. I love it.)

- JiHope
(Brightest room in the building. Also, i’m pretty damn sure this room is the neatest & that it smells really nice.)

-  Jungkook has a room of his own.
(Maknae on top)

I remember them mentioning before though that the roommates were Vhope & Minjoon (which is why we saw a lot of minjoon interaction for a time).  I wonder why they switched…Hmmm…