my other truck is

I like to call my chickens “beasties” or “fat little monster trucks” and other such affectionate terms, but dad seems to take offence whenever I do and always gently refers to them as “the girls,” “the ladies” and sometimes “the dames” when he’s putting them away, like he’s a butler shepherding a group of well-bred country lasses into the parlour for tea 

The River

The town I grew up in was surrounded by a river. No matter which road you took leaving town you had to cross it. The ancient, muddy Big Sioux River. Every spring and sometimes in the summer it would rage and flood until it felt like the town was under siege. No one could leave and no one could enter until it subsided.

Coming home from the bar one night, my grandfather missed the bridge. He was going almost one hundred miles an hour when he jumped the river crashing into the opposite bank. He was decapitated. His body impaled by the steering column. They never did find his head.

Strangely enough, some twenty years earlier while fishing in that same river, he reeled in the top part of a human skull. He took it to the Sheriff who sent it off to the lab in the city. They tested it and found that it was over 200 hundred years old and most likely Native American. The lab returned the skull to the Sheriff and he gave it back to my Grandfather.

Grandfather kept the skull in the basement. He’d take it out and show it to you if he had a couple beers in him. I held it in my hands after he died. I wondered if it was somehow his skull and time was a strange circle.

When I was ten I saw my first dead body. It was on the bank of that same river, off a different road. Some guy wrecked his motorcycle in the night. His body lay next to the river under a blue tarp the cops had thrown over him. My dad pulled his truck over on the other side of the bridge and we walked back across to where the cops were. We leaned over the rail of the bridge right over the tarp as one of the cops pulled it off. A heavy set dude lay there, almost like he was asleep. But he was so white it was startling. He was also wearing an Earl Campbell football jersey, the same kind Cristopher Cross wore in a video for his mega 1980 hit “Sailing.”

When I was in college, I woke up one morning after a long night of debauchery and someone had covered me up with a blue tarp. I’d passed out in the back yard. When I first opened my eyes I didn’t know what the hell was going on. The world was on fire in blue. I thought I was dead under a tarp like that guy I’d seen when I was a kid. I swear I could actually hear the words to that Christopher Cross song.

“Well, it’s not far down to paradise, at least it’s not for me
And if the wind is right you can sail away and find tranquility”

When I was 14 my best friend and I drove a couple of girls down to the river and parked maybe a hundred yards from where I’d seen the dead guy in the Earl Campbell jersey. My buddy and one girl took off with a 6-pack to build a fire in a clearing. I just kinda sat there as I hadn’t been alone with a girl since I was a little kid. I couldn’t think of anything to say so I told her about the body I’d seen when I was a kid. She wanted to see where. I chugged the rest of my beer and grabbed a couple fresh ones, pointing out the way.

She laughed and dashed off and I dizzily chased her. She was pretty, far too pretty for me. I caught up with her by the bridge and told her the body had been on the other side. She grabbed a beer from me and cracked it open, accidentally spraying herself. She squealed like the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. I took off my t-shirt. She wiped her face with it, then ran off under the bridge to the other side.

She stopped where there was a bunch of gardenia plants all abloom. “This is the spot,” I said. “His family must have planted them,” she said, half shocked and half sad. I instinctively reached out to comfort her and she grabbed my face with both hands and kissed me full on the mouth. I almost passed out from the excitement and the beer and the running and the perfume and the gardenias and the death.

Three years later she shot herself in the heart with a 12-gauge shotgun. She was pregnant. It wasn’t mine. I’d broken up with her more than a year before.

It didn’t make any goddamn sense. After I heard about it, I got in my car and drove. I wanted to get the fuck out of that stupid little town. Of course, it had been raining for three days and the river had flooded. So I pulled over and watched it. The water was raging in wild white cap torrents and I wondered if the bridge would hold.

12x19 Picspam Review (LOUD NOISES)

Paper bag to breathe into? Check.

Espresso? Check.

Gently worn trench in my floor suitable for my inevitable pacing? Check.

I am so ready to start this review.

*presses play*


*immediately jumps up from chair to pace, breathe heavily, and chug espresso*

Yep, this is gonna go just swimmingly

(Trigger warning for the beginning of this review. I was going originally going to skip it as to avoid the triggery content, but then I realized I had shit to say about it. Also a spoiler warning for Dexter in the beginning. If you want to skip that stuff, just… scroll really fast.)

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Okay so I just saw a UPS truck and a FedEx truck stop right in front of each other on my street and I'm like

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Falling Into The Wrong Crowd-Part One (Jax Teller x Reader)

(A/N: So I decided to start another series, this time it’s for Sons Of Anarchy. I will be continuing the Steve Rogers series as well though. I’m part of too many fan bases 😂. This won’t be following the original plot to the show, I tend to not do that with my own imagines.)

Summary: (Y/N) has always tried to be good and follow the rules, however when she first moved to America she met some women who were the total opposite. Now best friends, they move to Charming years later to start up their business but end up getting caught up in more trouble and digging up old secrets.

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name

Warnings: Swearing, violence, drugs, alcohol (it’s Sons Of Anarchy, what do you expect?)

As the car sped own the open road, I rolled the window down to let some air in. It was a warm day with only some clouds in the sky and it was starting to get stuffy inside the vehicle. I glanced at one of my friends in the driver’s seat, Bea, who was concentrating on the road whilst smoking a ciggarette. In the backseat were my other friends, Frankie and Alex. The old truck had taken us this far, I hoped it wouldn’t fail us now.

We were leaving our old lives and starting fresh. It was a good feeling, all four of us wanted to get away from the problems. We were even starting a new business together.

If you took just one look at the girls you would know that they were nothing but trouble. They were….rough looking, which made a lot of people wonder why I was with them. Whereas they were fine with wearing a pair of jeans, an old top, worn out shoes and no effort with hair or makeup, I was the total opposite. No one would have put us altogether. They had been to prison for God’s sake!

I really hadn’t expected this to be a part of my life.

“Here it is ladies,” Bea announced as we passed by a sign which said ‘Welcome to Charming’,“our new home.”

“Finally. I thought my leg was going to be cramped forever.” Alex groaned.

I giggled.“Better stretch out then, we’ve got a lot of unpacking to do when we get to the house.”

“Urgh, let’s just do it tomorrow. We’ve got more important things to do.” Frankie said.

“Like what?”

“Like finding the nearest bar and geting wasted on our first night here.”

I turned in my seat to look at her.“Is that all you can think about?”


Bea spoke again.“Frankie is right though. We need to meet with some old friends before we do anything. That’s why we’re not going to the house first.”

“Wait, what friends?”

“You’ll see. Don’t worry, you’ll like them.”

We carried on driving through the town passing the quaint business and shops. There were people roaming around, families and friends alike. It was only ten minutes after entering Charming when we started to pull into an auto shop named 'Teller-Morrow’. There were some cars parked up but what really caught my eye was the line of bikes. The few men crowded outside were wearing a black kutte too…it read 'Sons of Anarchy’.

Oh my god.

This was a motorcycle club.

And if the girls were involved with them, it could only mean they were outlaws. I put two and two together, mentally groaning. Of course they would know a damn motorcycle club. It didn’t surprise me, they too had their own bikes. I thought we had buried the past.

Bea stopped the truck, smiling as she threw her ciggarette out of the window. They all eagerly clambered out whereas I held back. How were they so cheerful about a biker gang? Did they not remember?

“Come on (Y/N), you’ve got to meet the guys.” Frankie said as she opened my door. None of them could see my discomfort.

I followed behind, cautiously walking slower as I looked around. A sudden erupt of cheers startled me as the men stood out front greeted the girls with open arms. I stood back watching the exchanges. A few other men wearing overalls watched.

“And who might this lass be?” a Scottish accent brought me back to the conversation at hand. He had his grey hair slicked back, the scars on his face making him seem more frightening.

“This is (Y/N), she’s a good friend of ours. Let’s just say she straightened us out a bit.” Bea introduced me.

“Hi.” I smiled trying to not look so scared.

“Straightened us out? Don’t you mean keep us out of jail? If it weren’t for her I’d be exchanging girls for soap.”

“I think that was too much information.” a larger man with frizzy hair chuckled.“This is Chibs, I’m Bobby. Come inside, we’ll introduce you to the others and catch up. Prospects, get back to work.”

They took us into what they called their clubhouse. There were a lot more men sat around, some drinking and others playing pool. As soon as the girls walked in another round of loud cheers were heard. Again I was introduced as the girl who had saved them (dramatic much?). Although they seemed scary, I was sure they weren’t all so bad; except for Happy. They weren’t like the others. We were all given a beer as everyone sat around a table.

“What brings you girls back? It’s been years.” Tig asked.

“We’ve got a new business set up. No more drugs, just hookers.” Frankie bluntly explained, not mentioning the problems back at what was out home.

I coudn’t help but chuckle.

“What, it’s the truth?”

“I know but it’s not really that, is it?”

Bea explained.“I guess you could call it a gentleman’s club? I got in contact with Luann and she was talking about extending her business. So, the Cara Cara girls will be working for us too now and we’ll split the profits.”

Yes, we were basically running a strip club. Again, not what I imagined my life to be like.

“That’s why Luann had been so jittery.” Piney said.

“Yeah, (Y/N) here will be sorting out the routines, so if you have any suggestions, tell her and she’ll make it happen.” Alex nudged me.

Tig leaned forward.“Actually, I think I may have an idea-”

“NO!” the men shouted in unison

The door opened and three more men walked through. One was huge along with his beard, he was like a giant. A man with a faux mohak that had tattoos running along it followed. Lastly a blonde haired man entered and goddamn was he gorgeous. They smiled as they spotted their old friends. They introduced themselves to me, Opie, Juice and Jax.

“Luann just told us everything about your little club.” Jax explained as he sat. I noticed that his kutte had a 'Vice President’ badge on it. So where was the President?

“Welcome back.” Opie clamped his hands down on Frankie’s shoulders and I could see that she grimaced at the strength.

“Have you guys moved in anywhere?”

“Just down the road from our club. We’re checking it out tomorrow.”

“Do you still ride?” Juice asked.

“Yes, of course we do.”

Jax smirked.“Then let’s go check it out today.”

“Why?” Bea wondered as the men stood.

“We want to check out our place.”

“You’ve lost me.”

“We’re also your business partners.”

Everyone laughed at our shocked faces. This Luann woman never mentioned the guys. Everyone filed out of the room to get ready for the ride. The girls unloaded their bikes from the back of the truck. I followed Frankie, climbing into the back. I never learnt how to ride and I never wanted to. Bikes brought back some bad memories unless I was with the others.

“For fucks sake, I must have packed my spare helmet.” she groaned.

“Here I’ve got one.” Jax held it out to me.

“Thanks.” I smiled.

“You’re welcome darlin’.”

I tried not to blush as the handsome biker climbed onto his own bike. Buckling the helmet up, I wrapped my arms around Frankie’s waist before she started up the engine. It seemed that the club had their own formation going on and we were in the middle. I knew that Frankie liked to go fast which made me regret ever choosing to ride with her.

“Frankie don’t!” I shouted as she let the formation and sped off. I couldn’t help but laugh.

The others watched as we increased our speed, also laughing at us.

“You love it!”

Although I didn’t like the idea of riding myself, I loved the feeling it gave me. I decided to do something to get back at Frankie. She hated when I wasn’t holding onto her, it made her think I was going to fall off. I let go slowly and spread my arms out either side of me, the only thing keeping me in the bike were my thighs clutching onto it. I could hear her screaming at me to hold on again which only made me laugh more.

We soon arrived at our club. We were way ahead of the others. My legs were a little shaky from trying to keep on the bike. As I shook my hair out of the helmet, Frankie began yelling at me.

“You know I hate it when you do that! Why do you do it? It scares the hell out of me!”

I only laughed harder.

The others turned up and I could see Alex and Bea trying to not laugh. Everyone mounted off of their bikes, watching as Jax and Bea held up their keys, both obvious leaders. Jax let Bea open it up. I looked up at the sign 'Cara Cara Club’ which wasn’t turned on because it was daytime. Although it hadn’t been used, the place looked alright from the outside, it still needed some work though. Luann had mentioned that she started to build it and wanted to start it up but ran out of money just before she could. The men let us go in first. It was dark until Bea flicked on the lights, illuminating the room.

It was spacious, booths lined up against the wall as the tables filled the other spaces; a huge bar stood at the back parallel to the stage. I gasped as I saw it. There was no limit to how many dance numbers I could perform on that space. I walked away from the group, using the steps to get on stage. A little bit stuck out and I stood there, looking out to the room.

“Show us your tits!” Frankie screamed out. I scoffed before turning around slowly.

“You gonna give us a show then?” Jax’s voice startled me. Looking down I saw that he was leaning against the stage.

I tried to laugh it off.“That’s something you don’t want to see.”

“How would you know?” he smirked before walking away.

Trying to ignore the tiny bit of flirting, I hopped off stage and followed Alex out of the room, wanting to explore more. Down the corridor I could see Frankie and Bea entering an office whereas we were headed in the other direction. There were spare rooms (I didn’t want to think about what they would be used for) and a dressing room lined with mirrors and tables for makeup, along with clothes racks. Alex grabbed my hand and dragged me further down the corridor to the final door. It had a label stating that it was the basement.

“There’s no way I’m going down there.” I protested, crossing my arms.

“You watch horror films all the time, you can’t be scared of a basement can you?”


“I’ll protect you, I promise.”

I went to argue again until I felt someone clamp their hands on my shoulders whilst yelling out. I screamed grabing Alex for protection. Turning around, Tig was laughing whilst I was trying to regain my breath.

“What the hell, Tig!?” I shouted at him.

“I’m sorry darlin’, I just had to.”

“You know I can ban you from here, right?”

“No, but we’re business partners so you can’t.”

“I can try.”

He walked away chuckling. I turned back to Alex who was opening the door. She turned on the lights before walking down the steps. All that was down there were the boilers and main switches for the electricity. The cellar for the alcohol was in a different part.

“Well that was boring.” Alex huffed as she turned around to leave.

I grabbed onto her arm before she could move.“Alex, how long have you known those guys?”

“For years. I used to live here for a while, I sold drugs to them. When I left I made sure they still got what they want. Before we met you, Frankie and Bea came back with me for a little reunion and we helped them out with some club stuff.”

“I thought we were supposed to be getting away from this sort of life. Motorcycle clubs were the reason we left-”

She suddenly turned angry.“They are nothing like the others! Don’t mention it to them. In fact, don’t bring it up, ever.”

“I never said that they were the bad ones, it’s just….after all that happened and now we’re suddenly doing business with these outlaws? They may not be the trouble but they could bring it. What if the others come back for us? For me!?”

“They won’t come back, you’re safe now. This conversation ends now.”


“Can someone help me please? I think I’ve read these instructions wrong.” I called out in the house yet received no reply.

After inspecting Cara Cara Club closer and trying to forget my conversation with Alex, the club had to rush off as they had a meeting. They wanted us to stay for drinks but they didn’t know how long they would be. We understood and decided to see our own home. As we arrived I started to feel nervous. This all seemed like a repeat, as if I was doing this all over again. We were supposed to be getting away from it all, not attracting the danger.

Our house was no mansion, but with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a living room, study, kitchen and garage it was exactly what we needed. Bea had been smart enough to save her money she earned from her drug selling which helped pay for everything. Each one of us grabbed the boxes, taking multiple trips back and forth between the car to get everything inside. Once done we decided to order takeaway and save un-packing for the next day.

Well, Frankie was right about one thing.

The next morning, we all started to make the house our home. However, as soon as the valuables and personal belongings were out of the way, some D.I.Y had to be done. Some furniture came with the house, luckily the only room that needs furnishing was the dining room. I figured that I would start with the chairs, they didn’t seem so hard to build.

“Hello!” a familiar, Scottish male voice rang through the house. Who left the front door open!?

“In here Chibs!” Lord knows where the others were.

He leaned against the door frame.“Hey lass, whatcha’ doin’ down there?”

I was sat on the floor with the chair not even half built. Pieces laid around me along with the nails and screws. My hand limply held onto the hammer. I was bored and frustrated, this was only the first chair.

“Well, I’m trying to build some furniture. It seems that I’m on my own though, I have no idea What the others are doing.” I sighed.

“You need some help?” Jax appeared at the door.

“No thank you, I know you’ve got more important things to worry about.”

“No really, I don’t mind.”

“We were jus’ goin’ to head on up to the club, wanted to make sure everything was ok before we really get down to business.” Chibs explained.“We were jus’ wonderin’ if you girls wanted to join us.”

“Tell the others wherever the hell they are that they can go. I’ll manage this.”

As Chibs left, Jax came and sat by me. I was glancing over the instructions again and again, not understanding where I went wrong. I may have not had much experience with building but I wasn’t an idiot.

“Pass it here.” Jax smiled.

The others soon left and I was sort of thankful. When I first saw them that morning they hadn’t been helping too much, either laying around doing nothing or not taking this seriously. Ideally, I wanted everything unpacked and ready before the evening but that didn’t look like it was going to happen. As soon as Jax took over the chairs were built in no time. Granted, I sat back and he did most of the work but I kept him company and have him some beers. We were able to build the table together though as that defintely needed two people. Finally after two hours of building, the table and chairs were finished.

We were leaning our backs on the wall as we say down, Jax lighting a cigarette. He offered me one which I politely declined.

“Hey, I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but how did you end up becoming friends with people like Bea, Frankie and Alex?” his head lulled to the side to look at me as smoke emitted from his mouth.

I hesitated.“Sort of caught up at the wrong time. A friend of mine had an abusive boyfriend and I tried to help. The girls were there to help even though we were strangers.”

“But you stuck with them?”

“Yeah, it was more serious than it sounds.” I took a swig of beer.

“That’s loyalty right there. They ever tell you about us?”

“No, never.”

“Probably didn’t want to scare you off.”

“Believe me, I have seen worse.”

“Like what?”

“Oh, you don’t want to know.”


Summary: You’re Daryls stepdaughter and when he returns to Alexandria with Negan, Negan takes an interest in you so you make a deal with him to trade places with Daryl.

I was awoken by the sound of cars; I looked out my window and saw multiple cars and trucks waiting outside the gates of Alexandria.
“Y/N” I heard my mum call from downstairs;pulling my attention away from the window. I ran downstairs and saw my mum looking out of a window, holding my four year old sister in her arms. She then turned her attention to me and passed me my baby sister.
“I need you to stay in here with your sister, okay?” She said as she kissed my sister’s head.
“Mum, what’s going on?” I asked confused as to why there were cars and trucks outside…however the thing that confused (and worried) me more was the look on my mums face…she looked terrified, I hadn’t seen her this way since the start of the apocalypse.
“Y/N/N, please, just do this for me ,okay?Stay here.” She said as she placed a kiss on him forehead and quickly left the house.

Time skip…
It had been about ten minutes since mum sent outside, I was sat in the room cradling my sister whilst she played with my long strands of hair. I heard the door open, and I was expecting my mum to walk into the room…but it wasn’t. The people that were in the room were strangers to me, and before I could say anything I was dragged out of the house whilst my sister was still in my arms.
“Get your hands off my daughters” I heard my mum yell as she ran over to me.
“Are you okay Y/N/N” she asked, glaring at the men who had dragged me out.
“Mum, I’m okay, I’m fine, we both are” I said softly, giving her a reassuring smile.
“Well, well,well, what do we have here” I heard someone say, I looked behind my mum to see a tall man with a salt and pepper beard holding a baseball bats wrapped in barbed wire, and behind him I saw my step-dad,Daryl…he looked terrible..instantly I knew who these men were…they were the Saviours..they were the people who killed Abraham and Glenn..and this guy who was standing infront of me was their leader…Negan.
“Well aren’t you a fucking sight,” Negan said as he walked closer towards me. My mum sent to say something but I quickly shot her a look, telling her to not say anything, in fear of what could possibly happen. I quickly passed my younger sister to my mum’s Negan continued to walk over to me.
“What’s your name, darling?” He asked asked as he looked me in the eyes.
“Y/N” I whispered, looking down trying to avoid his gaze.
“A beautiful name for a fucking stunning lady” Negan said as he lightly gripped my chin. I could see my mum and Daryl glaring at him out of the corner of my eye…lets just say that if looks could kill, Negan would be dead.
“The trucks are loaded, sir” I heard one of the Saviours say , Negan simply nodded and smiled at me before walking to the gate.
I heard Rick ask Negan if Daryl could stay, his reply didn’t really shock me , of course he’d say no. I didn’t know what to do, I knew that the group needed Daryl… I knew my mum needed him, she was falling apart without him. So, I walked towards Negan,. much to everyone’s shock.
“I’ll go with you…if you let Daryl stay here,” I heard my mum protest as she ran towards me on!Y to be stopped by Rick who knew that if she did anything then something terrible could happen.
“Well doll, that is one hell of a fucking offer” he said as he walked towards​ me with a smug smiled plastered on his face. He walked closer to me until our faces were inches apart.
“Deal” he said, before turning his attention to Rick and my mum, as they began talking I was pulled into a hug by Daryl.
“What the hell are ya doing,Y/N?” He asked quietly
“The guys need you more than they need me” I replied simply,as I broke away from the hug.
“We’ll get you out okay,I promise, we’ll get you out. He reassured me, I nodded and gave him a reassuring smile.
Before I could say goodbye to my mum and the others,Negan ushered me to the truck.
“Look after them okay?” I shouted to Daryl as I entered the truck.
“Always” he yelled back as he held my mum who was crying in his arms.

92 truths~

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Yo this is gonna be rlly boring bc i’m boring bUT HERE WE GOOOOOO

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Nothing Away
  • Series: Overwatch
  • Pairing: Boombox (Junkrat x  Lúcio)
  • Chapters: 10/10
  • Words: 10.835
  • Subject: sligthly alternated universe in which a fanboy Junkrat fucks everything up.

@scarecroweyes wanted me to publish this so here it is :) 
It’s a ten-chapters-long fic that will probably either make you squeal or cringe or both so be prepared. Last warning, I like streams of thoughs.

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So last night 12/21/2016
my other friend came to pick me up in his truck to go chill so I got ready and met him in the back that night I wore my black lace thong panties and my blue n black dress… So hop in the truck and we went to tracks in nanakuli got out to listen to the ocean and just enjoy the moonlight we were talking stories and what not then I started to get cold so we hop back in the truck Then we started kissing then he worked his way to my neck and that was it….he kissed my neck and slowly started removing my dress leaving me in my black bra and lace panties then we went from the front of the truck to the back of his cab he laid me down and removed my panties then he spread my legs open and started eating my pussy licking it all over with his tongue and sucking on my clit making me moan and cum He worked his tongue all over my wet pussy enjoying watching me moan over and over again…. Then he wiped his face and slid his hard dick into my pussy fucking it like he didn’t wanna stop he hit it and made me moan over n over again Feeling his hard dick in between my legs him thrusting it in and out in and out Making me moan with my legs wrapped around his waist not caring if anyone heard us cause it felt so good We fucked so hard all the windows in the truck was fogging out then he lift me up and know im.on him riding his dick in the back of the truck fucking him hard and watching him moan and both of us kissing then he stops me and starts fucking me while im.sitting.on his dick just pumping up and down Then one time both of us hits it so good we end both cum the same time. Feeling of relief and satisfaction both at the same time then we kissed he didn’t want me to move until he was done then I got off grabbed the wipes and cleaned myself up got dressed as he still sat there lol then he got cleaned up dressed and we both got out of the truck cooled off a bit kissed talked stories then he took me home…. Yes so I flew back to Honolulu for the weekend…

TalesFromRetail: He said I am not important and I am a thief!

Two weeks ago I was working the night shift at a home improvement store. I was helping a particularly friendly older couple with an estimate on a project. I was the only person working the shift and part of my job is to help people load their merchandise into their vehicle.

So suddenly a man calls out to me after walking into the entrance door (The desk/computer I was using is near one of the entrances). He asks “Hey bud I need some help loading up some Sheetrock onto my truck”. Well I was helping the other couple currently and it would be rude to walk away from them so I offer to find him someone to help out of to give me just a moment and I’d help him out.

“WELL DAMNIT IVE BEEN WAITING ON HELP FOR TEN MINUTES AND YOU NEED TO HELP ME” he yells. He notices I’m the only able bodied employee in the area unfortunately. Then he says “I know you’re the one working retail but you should know I’ve purchased my merchandise so that makes me priority over them”! While pointing at the friendly couple.

So I ask the husband I was helping if I could help this guy for just a moment and he says of course with a slight chuckle after witnessing these shenanigans. So I walk outside and ask the customer for his receipt and he pulls it out but then turns to me and says “Son, I don’t know what games your playing but it’s starting to piss me off. I wanna see your manager and I want a refund!” He yells. So I kind of smirk and call my manager.

He arrives and the irate customer is yelling at him. He says “This gentleman here said I was important and that I was a thief”. I retorted “Sir, I’m not saying you’re stealing but if you are I’m not going to help you do it”. And tell my manager that I simply asked for his receipt. My manager starts laughing and says sir it’s policy to do that. They have no idea what you have or haven’t bought.

The man goes nuclear for a minute and demands a refund which he promptly receives just so we could end the chaos. The lesson here is to do your job the right way no matter how the person your dealing with may act. Turns out the guy lied about the amount he bought. My manager and I still laugh about the loon to this day

By: Doneyhew

The Immortals- Part 16- Back To Mystic Falls

Hi, hello, bonjour :)


Summary: Klaus is back in Mystic Falls and he asks Bonnie to figure out why he can’t make hybrids.

This is a “re-writing” of Imagine Meeting the Originals.

Please, note that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there.

I really hope you like it :) Please, don’t hesitate to let me know what you think :)


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15

“Welcome back to Mystic Falls,” Klaus grinned.

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IMAGINE: You’re the Milkovich’s younger sister who ran away and after 3-4 years comes back

You grew your hair out like they never knew you’d allow. You hadn’t done fairly well for yourself, but living your life a gypsy certainly was a thrill. You’d robbed and been robbed, ran from far greater enemies and you even racked up enough to repay what you owed your older siblings. “So…you just came into all this?” Mickey asked as he sat with you at the table. “Plus tax,” you said with a wink.

“You can’t just come back in here a few years later and throw money at us. That’s what Mickey’s girls are for,” Mandy scoffed. “It’s just an ice breaker, Mandy,” you sighed, “I’m tired of sitting in silence. If you have any other questions or concerns for me, I’ll be washing my truck.” Mickey cocked a brow at Mandy then watched you throw on your tank top flung over the couch and adjust the short shorts on your thighs. “What the fuck is that?” Mickey questioned. You could hear them from the porch as you put a cigarette in between your lips, your hair being put up in a ponytail. “I’ll go talk to her,” Mandy promised.

You got in your truck as you shuffled through the dashboard drawer. You weren’t about to give up all your reasons for leaving behind the Milkovich way of life, but you had to at least start somewhere with making things right between you and your older siblings. “You got it painted,” Mandy noticed as she leaned on the doorframe. “Yeah. It was a piece of shit, but now no one can really tell,” you giggled. “Can you at least tell us where you went?” Mandy asked. You paused as you looked at her, with smoke rippling off your lips. You instantly felt some guilt in your chest as you looked at your older sister’s worried facade. 

“I could…always wash the truck later if you wanna hear about some of the cool things I did,” you offered sheepishly. “I’ve got a better idea,” Mandy replied. Mickey drove while you and Mandy shared a blunt. The sun was setting and the south side roads were clear. Mickey drove at the speed of light, racing every drunkard he could. You remembered them doing this with you when you were younger. Home was never too far from the heart.


After dinner tonight, Lindy said it may be a good idea to journal our thoughts about our first weekend living on the homestead full time. It’s an easy task at face value - I have a thousand thoughts racing through my mind. Who wouldn’t? Yet, at the same time it’s a difficult task because time out here is best spent doing something necessary - it’s hard work living with no city sewer, water, or power. Time not spent working is time spent driving or time spent sleeping. Nonetheless, I write because if it’s worth doing - it’s worth remembering.

The days on the homestead start early. Nature’s subtle nudge out of bed comes in the form of frigid cold. Our temporary living arrangements lack the insulation of a modern home and I am reminded of that as I start the generator at 5:30 in the morning while standing in my boxers to prevent Lindy and the kids from suffering my fate by firing up the furnace. That task at dawn feels like my duty, and if I can provide my family with an added level of comfort beyond our somewhat primitive arrangement – then I have started my day a hero.

Mother Nature has ripped the covers off of me with her biting cold and for good reason: it’s time to work. The physical work around the homestead is far more enjoyable beneath the blanket of the morning fog. The midday sun is no time for shoveling gravel, moving boulders, or other homestead improvements.

Yesterday, I spent my morning trying to figure out how to move my large, heavy BBQ from one end of my property to the other without a truck. Today, I spent half my day trying to find clean water for our trailer on a holiday weekend. After a local business shelled out almost 25 gallons of water to me for free, I loaded it into Lindy’s 2007 Toyota Corolla that she bought back in high school and drove it down sketchy unpaved country roads to get it home. At last, we can bathe.

The evenings on the property come early as well. As soon as the sun drops below our west ridge, darkness sets in and the only ambient light is moonlight. The unfamiliar rustling of surrounding bushes and a lack of visibility urge us indoors.

Bedtime rituals with the kids are simple, but meaningful. A story by flashlight, a few minutes with a sticker book at the kitchen table, an animated recap of the day’s adventures.

Lindy and I haven’t figured out nights yet. We sit on the couch in the dark, tired and accomplished. We whisper our entire conversation because of the close proximity to the girls who are asleep in our family bed.

Tonight we talked about giving the kids a bath tomorrow and taking our first shower in three days and how to best conserve water in the process. We stink - but we don’t mind. Oddly enough, I just smell work and earth - there’s a rawness to that and yes, I am aware that I sound crazy. Tomorrow, we have big plans to locate a safe indoor portable heater and track down a more reliable water source.

I really think this lifestyle has us on track for something great. The mere fact that I am writing tonight, rather than sitting mindlessly in front of the television leads me to believe that I am correct in my assessment.

The clarity out here is tangible and I want more.


Fallout fashion show time! I FINALLY found a Red Rocket truck stop jumpsuit the other day in my game, & I was HELLA excited, since my Sole’s name is Red & my main base is the Red Rocket Truck Stop. She looks like a huge nerd in it, & it’s perfect.

As for Hancock, there was a post by @taylor-the-generic-opera requesting someone draw him in that shirt, so I was happy to oblige. :) The shirtless one is just a bonus for all my fellow ghoul fuckers. ;D