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Did you ever have a genuine psychic/medium experience?

Although many readings can be attributed to cold readings or sheer coincidence sometimes it’s uncanny how accurate psychics/mediums can be. Here’s a collection of supposedly genuine experiences from threads. If you have an experience feel free to tag me @sixpenceee!

by reddit user Jinuxxx

I never believe in palm /card readings. I don’t actually believe in it nowadays. BUT when I was in 9th grade, my friend took me with her to a fortune teller so she can have her future read. Surprisingly she mentioned about her love dilemma, a blonde guy and dark haired guy. She was completely convinced about her reading powers while I was meh… We’re teenagers, it’s natural we’ll find ourselves in situations like this. And then she predicted the scores she’ll get at the exams when you finish high school (in our country there are some mandatory subjects for the exams, thus multiple numbers) she guessed that right. If I think really hard about probabilities and stuff I can find a logic explanation to that as well. 

by reddit user GoobyBear22

About 5 years ago I saw a psychic that a family friend had told me was the real deal. I went in skeptical and came out a believer.

She used tarot cards and knew things that could have been lucky guesses, like that I had just bought a house and was renovating it, but she also knew specific things that no one else could have known.

The most amazing part of the whole thing was that she knew that I had some complications with my hormones and had a surgery in the past that would make getting pregnant very difficult, but she told me Despite all this, I would have a baby later in life. Toward the end of the reading she hands me the tarot cards and tells me to shuffle them. Then tells me to ask three questions in my mind one at a time. I decided to really test her authenticity so the first question I decided to ask was am I going to have children, and halfway through laying the five cards down, she stops and looks at me and scolds me saying “I already told you that you were going to have one child!” hah this is when I knew.

by reddit user wobblerss

This was before I was born. My mom had a neighbor who was a grandpa who could see the future. He told my mom that my sister would be really sick when she became a preteen and not to worry because she’d be okay. When my sister was a preteen she was diagnosed with cancer and after a year and a half she was perfectly fine. My mom was pregnant with me when she met him again and he told her that I would be a c-section baby. My mom already knew this and said she had scheduled the c-section already since I was breach but he was adamant that she would have me on a certain day and that the c-section wouldn’t go on the planned day. I was born on the exact day he predicted.

Nothing too crazy but the fact that he knew that my sister would be sick and would be okay is crazy to me. He also didn’t want any money and approached my mom and asked if he could do a reading for her.

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before he sells the beans to jack, he is born in a house that smells of ceder.

his name is Tiffany. a bold bright name. a stardust name. a girl name. but he is not a girl. he knows this, even if others don’t. his mother puts him in dresses, teaches him how to sew, chastises him when he lets his voice get low.

“my great-aunt’s friend’s sister,” says his mother, with her red lips tight, “once knew these girls that spoke and diamonds came out of their mouths. you know what happened to the nasty one? she got toads. that’s your future if you don’t figure out how to be a nice little girl.”

so he speaks gently. but the whole time he is wondering: who gave them the language of gems. who gave them the language that rolled out of them. it must be magic. and if there is magic, maybe there is hope for him.

he takes off in a dark night. a sad night. one where the fire was too low and he was sick of mirrors. he leaves his mother a note: gone to find where the gems grow. 

in the black woods, he cuts off his hair. wears his father’s clothes. feels, at last, whole. runs and runs and runs until his air comes out in a wheeze. walks for weeks and weeks.

he finds the old woman carrying water. she is ugly, her mouth all twisted angry. but she carries the water alone. 

the boy does not have much. but he has shoulders. a good back. hands that work. when he takes her burden, she says, “thank you, young man.” and he smiles at her, but doesn’t say anything.

her house is damp. she feeds him stew, apologizes. says she used to make lovely foods but the price of milk and eggs got far too high. she says: if you carry my water for five weeks, i will give you something special. and he agrees.

she talks for him. spends a lot of time telling him of people he never met. girls with lips blood red. girls with white fairy dresses. boys who fell in love with swans. 

the boy says little. just nods. sleeps on the floor of her empty barn. when she’s not looking, he darns her clothes for her, keeps the floors swept, fills the lanterns with oil, makes her a blanket for the coming winter. 

on the end of the fifth week, she gives him the beans. tells him that they have been passed down in her family, that this was her portion. she says that she is too old now for such adventures. that she hears the beans will bring treasure. fortune. all the things of greed. she says: i will give them to you, for what you have done to me.

in the morning, he takes off. he feels the weight of them in his pocket. he thinks of the old woman and the stories and the sight of her tired hands. he stands in the market for a long time, unspeaking, simply staring at the cobblestones beneath him.

jack’s voice is the last call in the evening. a beautiful cow, young and thick and healthy. 

the boy has no money. he bounces the magic bean in his pocket, and thinks of treasures. 

“wait,” he says. 

jack turns. 

transaction complete: one cow for a handful of magic beans. the boy walks the cow home to the old woman, gets there in the morning. they are both very tired. he falls asleep beside the beast in the hay. dreams of the foods the old woman can cook now that she can get milk.

when he wakes up, he is changed. it is as if he simply turned into who he was made to be. not a new body. familiar. the body he could always see.

the old woman stands at the door of his barn. she says, “good morning,” and then she says a new word. a word he’s never heard. a name. his name. a boy name. 

he repeats it. it is a jewel in his mouth, so he says it again. another diamond.

“time to fetch water,” she says, winking. the whole way, he whispers his name. it never quite tastes the same, always beautiful, always a fine thing, always his. the something special he was lacking.

in the back of his pocket, there is one last magic bean. he will fetch the water and plant it. and he will carry that old woman to the castles she has never seen.

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Tell me nice (canon) gendrya things from the books.

They’re closer in age in the books.

They’re adorable as hell.

GRRM wrote them a song. You can listen to a fan arrangement here.

In a world where everyone always had mistaken long-haired Arya as a boy, Gendry realized that short-haired Arya was a girl. (Well, either a girl or “some eunuch.” Arya’s witty comeback: ”You’re the eunuch.” And Gendry’s response was“You know I’m not.You want me to take out my cock and prove it?”)

Their situation doesn’t really allow for a lot of fun and games but they do have a few moments where they tease each other- “Gendry reached out with the tongs as if to pinch her face, but Arya swatted them away”; “You even smell nice for a change” “You don’t. You stink!”- and it’s adorable as hell.

“The only thing that mattered was that they had Gendry.

There’s a creepy old dude trying to hit on Arya. Gendry tells him that Arya’s his sister and to back the fuck off.
The following conversation ensues:

“Why did you say that?” Arya hopped to her feet. “You’re not my brother.”
“That’s right,” he said angrily. “I’m too bloody lowborn to be kin to m’lady high.”
Arya was taken aback by the fury in his voice. “That’s not the way I meant it.”

.You can potentially interpret ‘the way I meant it’ was “I can’t think of you as my brother because I’m not going to have that much in common with Cersei.” Haha.

Arya wore a dress and said she looked like a tree. But Gendry told her she was a nice tree. Adorable. As. Hell.

Oh, also they wrestled. And it was adorable as hell.


They’re adorable as hell. And GRRM wrote a song for them.


camping with your guy and friends… what could be better?!?

c/n = crush’s name
c/f/1 = crush’s first friend
c/f/2 = crush’s second friend
y/n = your name
f/1 = your first friend
f/2 = your second friend

it’s a Wednesday in July, and the day I leave to go camping with some friends and c/n. luckily we can go alone and rent a place by ourselves, rather than with our parents. as I finish packing my bags and stuffing them in f/1’s car, i pull on my chacos and grab my sunglasses.
“do you have everything?” f/1 asks. “yeahhh! let’s go!” i say.
“alright we’ll pick up c/f/1 first since he’s the closest and then we’ll get the other ones.”
“perfect. ahhhh I’m so excited!” I say.
“me too!” she squeals. we hop into the car and drive over to pick up c/f/1.
“where’s c/n/n?” he asks.
“we’re picking him up next.” f/1 says.
“wow I’m surprised he wasn’t already at your house, y/n.” he says with a wink.
“shut up!” I say. he puts his hands up.
“just saying… we’re having separate tents right? otherwise none of us will sleep.” I roll my eyes, and say,
“do you have your stuff?”
“oh, avoiding the situation now, are we?” he says, throwing his bag in the trunk.
“it’s a rhetorical question so I’m not answering.” I say, sticking my tongue out at him.
“so if c/n/n is happy I’ll know why.” he says, and gets into the passenger seat.
“hey I have shotgun!” I laugh.
“not anymore!” he says, and we go to pick up c/n.
as we drive up he opens the door and says bye to his little sister, then walks out and gets in the seat next to me.
“hey!” I say.
“hey, y/n!” he smiles, kissing me quickly then buckling his seatbelt. “we’re gonna pick up f/2 and c/f/2 and then we’ll go.” f/1 says. “awesome!” he says.
we go to pick up the others and then drive the 7 hours to get to the park. I get out to stretch and the others follow.
“it smells so good oh my god.” f/2 says.
“right? and no one’s around so that’s even better.” I say.
“or we’ll all get killed and no one will know…” c/f/2 says.
“stoppppp!” f/1 says. “shut up, you’re being stupid!”
“oh, ok. whatever you say.” he laughs, and she crosses her arms. “I’m serious.”
“yeah, c/f/2, she might kill you if you don’t stop.” c/n jokes.
“f/1’s A MURDERER!!!!” c/f/2 yells, then runs off to pee. I start laughing and c/f/1 does too.
“he’s such a dumb fuck.” he says. “but you gotta love him.”
“I think I love him the most.” c/n says. “y/n, sorry babe, but you’re only a side thing. it’s really c/f/2 who’s meant for me.” he jokes, doing his cute half smile.
“I understand, f/2 and I are the same way.” I wink, and he smiles.
we unload our bags and set up our tents in an area we clear up a bit. “what time is it?” f/2 asks once we all finish.
“what? it’s already 6:45!” I say, “no wonder I’m hungry!”
“wait but where do we set up a fire?” f/1 asks.
“ummm… maybe like… here?” f/2 says, pulling aside a few branches. “yeah that works.” I say. “go get some branches and kindling and stuff.” I tell the guys. “we can like start the fire.”
we attempt to light the fire without matches but end up cracking up for a good 3 minutes straight. “that’s why we’re not from the 1800s!” f/2 laughs.
“trueee!” I say, and the guys come back.
“it’s like already dark.” c/f/1 says. “oh, honey, are you afraid?” I joke. “don’t make fun of me, y/n! it’s a serious thing!” he says, pouting. “does f/1 need to tuck you in tonight?” I ask.
“I’m not doing that.” she says. “fend for yourself, bitch.” she laughs.
c/n opens the trunk and pulls out the pudgie pie makers.
“what the fuck are these?” he laughs. “PUDGIE PIE IRONS!!!” I say. “I totally forgot I brought those! do we have bread and sandwich stuff? or pizza stuff?” I ask. he checks the cooler. “ummm…. we have like peanut butter and jelly…”
“that works! bring the bread and the pb&j.” I say. he carries everything over in one trip and sets it down in front of me.
“so you make your sandwich like so,” I say as I smear the peanut butter and jelly onto the bread. “then you put the sandwich into the clamps and close it, and hold it over the fire like s'mores! you can just put it in the coals if you want, too.”
“why are they called pudgie pies?” he asks.
“you know, I couldn’t tell ya. it’s probably cuz the person who invented it was pudgie and wanted a quick pie on the road.” I laugh. they all assemble their pudgie pies and then we feast on our “baked” pb&j’s.
“alright, who wants to do something?” c/f/1 asks.
“we’ve been doing things all day and we’re doing things right now…” f/1 says.
“yeah, but something better.” he winks. he runs to the car and grabs a bottle. “we’re all alone! spin the bottle with a drink.” he says. we all circle up and he spins it, which lands on c/f/2.
“alright, if you insist.” c/f/2 says, and takes a drink, then crawls over to c/f/1, earning a laugh from all of us.
“what about us?” c/n fake cries. “sorry man, were-” c/f/2 snaps his fingers, “over.” we giggle even more and c/f/2 kisses c/f/1 on the cheek.
“there it is.” he winks, and c/f/2 crawls back to his spot. he spins it and it lands on f/2, then f/1, then c/f/1, then f/1 again, and it takes a while for it to land on both c/n and I. finally c/f/2 spins it and it lands on c/n.
“c/nnnnnnnnn!!!!!” c/f/2 says. “come to daddy.” he slurs.
“no we already established that we’re over.” he laughs, and takes a long drink.
“dude, save some!” c/f/1 laughs. “fuck off, you’ve had just as much.” c/n says, then scootches closer to me and pours it into my mouth. I swallow and almost immediately feel the sensation.
“y/n you’re such a lightweight!” c/f/2 says.
“then it’s more for you!” I reply. he shrugs,
“true. thanks man!”
I laugh, “not a proble-” but c/n’s lips stop mine from finishing. he picks me up and carries me to our tent, unzipping it as fast as possible. I hear c/f/1 say something but I can’t make out exactly what it is. once we get into the tent I zip it back up and he lays me down on the sleeping bags.
“holy shit y/n, I couldn’t take it anymore.” he whispers, kissing my neck.
“couldn’t take what?” I ask, smirking.
“you!” he laughs, moving his hands down to the bottom of my shirt. he pulls it up and over my head, leaving me in shorts and my bra. “when you were like, doing that stretching thing-”
“I turn you on by stretching?” I whisper, bringing my lips to meet his.
“maybe.” he winks, then pulls his shirt off. I run my hands down his chest and abs, then start to unbuckle his belt. I push his shorts down and laugh. “you can’t say you aren’t wet right now.” he says, sucking at my neck to leave a mark. “guess you’ll have to see…” I say, pushing my own shorts down. he smiles and his hands snakes behind my back to unhook my bra.
I lie down next to him after being on top during the second round and smile at him.
“did I mention that I think I love you?” I ask.
“and I replied with a ‘me too.’” he smirks. “but not only because you’re a fucking QUEEN in bed,” he says, emphasizing the queen. “same to you, but it is a bonus.” I laugh, and he pulls me closer, wrapping his arms around my waist. he kisses me on the forehead and says,
“do you think they heard?”
“I mean, probably… we weren’t that loud but we weren’t silent either. but you never know what happens when they’re drunk.” I laugh.
“yeah and they might be doing the exact same thing.”
“but not as well.”
he smiles, “right.”
“did it just get really cold?” I ask.
“I dunno, are you cold?” he asks, pulling me even closer so we’re fully touching, then zips the sleeping bag up. “better?” he asks. “better.” I smile.
“we should sleep.” I whisper, and he nods.
“goodnight y/n, love you.” he says. “love you too, c/n.” we kiss lightly and I shift a little closer to him, causing him to moan. I laugh. “you’re hard again?”
“I can’t help it!” he pleads. “you don’t understand!”
“that’s true, I wouldn’t understand.” I say. “can you sleep it off?” “probably…” he says.
“ok, goodnight babe.” I say, and give him a quick kiss.
I wake up to hear birds chirping and see the glow of the morning sun through the tent. I glance at c/n who still has his hands resting on my waist and I smile. he’s so sweet. I don’t hear anyone else so I’m probably the first one awake. just a few minutes later c/n stirs a bit and opens one eye slowly, a smile appearing on his face.
“good morning.” he whispers. “good morning!” I whisper back. we shift a little and I lay my head on his chest, with his hands moving to my lower back.
“how’d you sleep?” I ask. he yawns and says,
“good since you’re here.” I smile and he asks the same to me. “good.” I say, then start giggling. “are you still hard?”
“ummm…” he blushes.
“can I fix that for you?” I ask.
“you don’t have to, babe.” he smiles.
“but maybe I want to.” I say, raising an eyebrow.
“then by all means, go ahead. no pun intended.” he says. I wink and go down.
*time skip*
“should we go outside?” I ask. “yeah, we can find something to do today.” he says, unzipping the sleeping bag.
“sounds good to me!” I smile. I put some clothes on and climb out of the tent. c/f/2 and f/2 are cuddling by where the fire was and we walk over to them.
“good morning! how’d you guys sleep?” I ask.
“reallllly really soundly.” c/f/2 says, squinting up at us.
“dude, you are sooooo hungover.” c/n laughs, grabbing a blanket for us to sit on. c/f/2 shrugs.
“we finally fell asleep after-” f/2 starts, but then c/f/1 walks out of his tent, saying,
“nice hair, c/n/n.” c/n runs his fingers through his hair but I put my hand on his.
“it looks cute.” I whisper.
“told you he’d be happy.” c/f/1 winks towards me. and this was only the beginning of the fun. ;)

Hope you liked it! maybe I’ll do a part two…………