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What kind of cars the allies drive?

(I was talking about this with my friend the other day….)

Arthur Kirkland / England

He’d probably have an old mini and a Bentley. I can imagine him driving the mini to meetings because he doesn’t trust anyone with his Bentley.

Alfred.F.Jones / America

He’d either have a Mustang or some other sports car. He’d probably have something super flashy for the meetings, although he’d prefer his mustang.

Francis Bonnefoy / France

Probably a bugatti. He’d probably drive it everywhere and always makes sure he out styles every one else.

Yao Wang / China

Some part of me wants to say he rides a bike everywhere instead of having a car. But if the weather’s bad he’d probably get the bus or train. No car here.

Ivan Braginsky / Russia.

A tank. A big one.

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I walked into V Live, coincidentally my music was playing. Neon blue and purple lights were flashing everywhere, smoke was in the air and scantily clad women walked by with smiles on their faces and money on their minds. My eyes were trained on the center stage as I made my way to VIP, taking sips of the syrup in my styrofoam cups. I loved this city, I loved the vibe…my boys didn’t understand the connection I had to this city. It was a life I never knew as a teenager in the 6. Plus right now the city’s hella lit.

I heard howling and a lot of racket from below. She walked onto the stage, and her presence alone commanded everyone’s attention. I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding in when she started to dance, manipulating her body so majestically that I had already thrown four thousand dollars before she was even half way through her set. 

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‘1x15′-Drinks after Dodger

A/N: So of course as soon as Felicity said the line that they’d gone out for drinks after the Dodger mission the plot bunnies hopped to attention. However, getting back into an early S1 mindset was not the easiest thing to do! It was pretty weird to be honest. But I gave it a go and I hope you enjoy. Please let me know what you think!

Oh and one additional caveat-I wrote this without rewatching 1x15 which I have not seen in quite awhile. If any small details are wrong then be swell and give me a pass. :) 

Oliver had managed to leave the Dodger gift wrapped for the SCPD, drop the jewelry used as bait back in the display case with no one being the wiser, and brush the few specks of dirt and grease from his pant legs before the auction had even started.

Felicity and Digg were making their way slowly down the hallway, Felicity’s face still white as a sheet, hand rubbing nervously at her neck, a faint red ring the only evidence she’d been in danger only a short time earlier.

“You okay?” he asked worriedly, hurrying forward the last few remaining steps, using his body to block her from last minute stragglers who hadn’t made it into the dining room yet.

“I still have my head so yeah, I’m great. Thanks for that, by the way. The stopping him. From blowing my head off. I’m sort of attached to it.”

His hand dropped to her shoulder, halting the fountain of words spewing from her, eyes lifting to meet Digg’s. They had gotten lucky.

“How about we get out of here?” Digg suggested, “I think you could use a drink.”

Felicity’s furious nod was all the answer they needed.

“Is that what you guys do? After a successful mission? Go have drinks?”

He met Digg’s now amused gaze over the top of her head as they turned and began to make their way down the corridor, Felicity seemingly unaware that they were guiding her towards the nearest exit.

“Not exactly.” Oliver said, holding open the door he’d only come in through mere minutes earlier, “Typically we spar.”

“Oh. Well, I’m not exactly dressed for that.” she quipped and he was glad to hear some of the normalness return to her voice.

Two hours later Felicity was pouring the last of the margaritas out of the pitcher, frowning when nothing but a little bit of slushy ice plopped into her mostly empty glass. “Boo. I wanted more.”

“I think maybe you’ve had enough.” Digg said from the other side of the table, still nursing the same beer he’d had since they sat down.

She just narrowed her eyes at him, tossing a lank of curls over her shoulder as she looked between him and Oliver. “Then I propose a toast.” she said, voice slightly slurred and he could almost see how hard she was concentrating on not spilling her drink. “To Team Arrow!”

Oliver and Digg winced simultaneously, “Team Arrow?”

“Well yeah. I mean, ‘Team Hood’ would be a bit too obvious don’t you think? Or ‘Team Vigilante’? No. That doesn’t even sound good.” she said with a shake of her head that almost sent her toppling off her chair, it was only Oliver’s quick reflexes and hand wrapping around her upper arm that kept her upright. “But Team Arrow has a nice ring to it. And…you use the arrows so…makes sense.”

“We’re not using that.” Oliver stated flatly but Felicity just waved a dismissive hand in his general direction.

“I can call us whatever I want inside my head.”

“I think what we should call is this night.” Digg said decisively, standing and pushing his chair in.

Felicity climbed unsteadily to her feet, “Woah. Maybe I shouldn’t have asked for the pitcher. You guys helped me drink all that, right?”

Oliver made a noncommittal noise, watching as Digg caught her elbow and steered her away from a nearby table.

“Come on, lightweight, I’ll give you a ride home.”

Digg’s raised eyebrows in his direction were a question but Oliver just shook his head. “I’m good. Get her home safe.”

He paused on the sidewalk, observing as the other two members of his team slowly made their way to the car.

“It was sweet don’t you think?” he heard her say as Digg opened the back door to the Bentley.

“What’s that?” the other man humored.

“That Oliver severed his…that nerve. He did that for me. So my head wouldn’t go all boom.”

Digg just huffed out a laugh, shaking his head. “Well we rely on that brain of yours. Wouldn’t make much sense to let it go ‘boom’ as you put it.”

As Oliver watched the car pull away from the curb he thought that Felicity was only half right. They did need her for her intelligence, but he was beginning to suspect there was more to it than just that.

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hey do you have any joshifer fanfiction recommendations? i haven't read anything in such a long time and i miss it :///

DO I? *Cracks neck*

Tell me you Know and Under the Bleachers by @areyouserial

Lay Claim to Me, The Long Way Down, and other one shots by @burlesonspride

Whirlwind, Riptide, and other one shots by @fixatedonpeeta

@hiccupbuddies had a lovely series called Not a Bad Thing, but I’m not sure if it’s on her blog anymore. You can ask her though, because it was one of my favorites lol.

Everything to Nothing by @hungergameshutch

Ball Collection and Ball Adventures by @hutchhitched

Only Pretending by @hysterical-for-joshifer

Alarm Belles and other one shots by @italk-too-much

Betting on the Infield and other one shots by @jamiesommers23

Stitched Together and other one shots by @jenniferandjoshua

Correctional Training, #Smoothie, and other one shots by @joshmopolitan

Running, Bentley, and other one shots by @joshnjen

Stay, The Leather Flogger Situation, and other one shots by @joshs-left-earlobe

The Lucky Ones Collection and other one shots by @keep-encouraged

I Know Places by @lawrencehutchersonthings

Let’s Take a Ride, Eat Me, and It Will Be by @myusernamehere

Gone and Off-Beat by @pachipachiko

The Thing is…I Love You by @purelyjoshifer

Hands-Free and other one shots by @showeringwithhutcherson

Till We Meet Again by @smaugsypoo

One Shots by @splitscreen

Dancing With Fire, The Real One, and other fics by @therockandthecrazyone

MirrorsThe Tropical Offspring Series, and other fics by by @tinyynwords

Lose Me, Bubble and Squeak, Lucky Penny, and other one shots by @youarebeingridiculous

And, I shall shamelessly promote my own stories as well; my full length These Words are a Lie, and my one shots.

*Wheezes* AND lol, if this is not enough for you, I would recommend checking out @joshifersource, @joshiferrecs, and @jhutchmyanchor‘s list of authors for even more fics.

Happy reading, anon!