my other pictures will be better quality

“Your neck fetish is not attractive”, because I have to cover my classics first. A picture, because I can’t use my scanner when everybody else is asleep. Better quality upload tomorrow (?).

Okay! Nearly ready to set up shop on this blog. I take requests for The Foxhole Court, The Raven Cycle and you can ask me about other fandoms. 

(@dailymeloetta, @daily–marshadow, @dailystufful-salandit, @dailyshinycutiefly, @dailyleafeon, @dailymawile, @sableyedaily, @banettedaily) Omanyte: WHAT ARE YOU ALL DOING HERE!?
(Making this daily blog was the best thing I’ve done on Tumblr thus far. I got to see all these great drawers and artists, and it gave me an excuse to draw, though I wish I could draw better on a computer so outside forces like lighting and camera quality didn’t affect the outcome. Seriously, a light went out when I was about to take a picture. If you haven’t already, go follow these amazing guys/gals *no more assume my gender memes please, all other memes are allowed*. When it came to drawing in my opinion, leafeon was by far the hardest. How do you do this DAILY!?)


I haven’t posted a selfie in a while. But if you don’t follow me on my other social medias. You don’t know, I just got my new camera for my brother. He got me the Canon EOS Rebel T6. He got me everything I need to take pictures for blogging and filming my Youtube videos. I’m so thankful and overwhelmed by his gift. So I’m learning how for use it. So for now on you will see better quality pictures and videos (lol well until I learn how to film with it).

I hope everyone is doing well. Don’t forget to follow me on my Instagram at the_queen_bambee and my YouTube is Queen Bambee :)

Things I would do if I could go back in time and meet Eric and Dylan

•Befriend them
•Give them instructions of how to build better bombs
•Tell then to release the tapes to the media
•Take pictures of them with my future camera (high quality 😉)
•Hug them and tell them that they are loved
•Join them in the shooting
•Talk to them for hours
•Go bowling with them
•Enroll in Columbine
•Live life in the 90s with them
•Tell Brooks Brown to fuck off
•Meet Wayne and Kathy Harris
•Figure out the secrets within that house
•Save Daniel Mauser
•Video tape Eric and Dylan in high quality
•Figure out if others were actually involved
•Buy them better guns and more ammo
•Question all their personality traits and opinions


augus each uisge series - #1

ok so this is probably the starting point of quite a lot more augus scribbles that i’ll continue uploading as I clean out my sketchbook - so imma call it a ‘series’ and hope it’ll help me keep motivated. 
i think we all know that augus belongs to @not-poignant and i can’t stop thinking about how much i love him - that being said i only read FTDWR & ISWF and not the other parts of the SALverse (nor the Fae Tales - yes shame on me i know) and my augus is always based on that– 

please click pictures for better quality T°T 


•toppdogg lockscreens made by me•

Repub and please give me credit if you use!! @lavender-lungs

Click and save for better picture quality( screenshot )

If you would like me to make more , or other bands, just ask i would be glad to, i have guidelines and stuff in my ask so just follow those please~

anonymous asked:

When looking for content to help when pleasuring yourself, is there anything that you particularly look for? Do you find yourself more drawn to ass, breasts, a certain hair color, quality of picture? Asking for a friend 😉

Depends on my mood, but I am most definitely a breast man. That doesn’t mean the bigger the better, it’s all about shape and curve and proportion, the color and size and shape of the areolas and nipples. Ultimately, the turn on is about the mystery of seeing what things look like under your clothes. Being able to see what other people can’t. Similarly, a woman’s pussy. Do you shave, are you hairy, waxed, trimmed, bare? What do your lips look like? Your clit? That’s what fascinates me, the individual differences. That’s what makes a woman unique and sexy and beautiful. I don’t have a preference, I just want to see your mysteries, I want share your secrets, the intimacy, that’s what turns me on.

This is my art blog so here is part 1/3 for the Day 3 theme of genderbend!

It also has a Little Mermaid theme, and that are both genderbent, this single piece took 3 hours or more, because of small details and color. I will add a better pic tomorrow along with the other two colored photos! Hope you enjoy, Penguin is a beauty though.

Also terrible picture quality sorry!!!💖

I just now figured out I had a really crude picture editor with my scanner’s picture viewer so I can finally post some of my sketchbook doodles until I have some better quality drawings

Anyway, I haven’t drawn Hinata in foreeeeever, I’m so rusty I’ve completely forgotten how to draw his hair, which was a skill I prided myself on less than a year ago ((it had taken me a lot of effort to learn how to draw Hinata’s hair right, you see, it was the bane of my existence back in 8th grade… well, among other things… lmao))

 tl;dr need to draw more of those volleyboys, wanna draw more of them…

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Hey girl, I was just wondering how do you shop on Ali express, like weeding out what's good quality and what's not? Do you buy clothes on Ali express?

Read reviews! Sometimes customers will leave pictures of their items as well. You can see that the more (positive) reviews it has, the more legitimate it is. Tbh, if something doesn’t have many reviews and it’s cheap, I’ll buy it anyway. And if it has lots of pictures and details on the item, that’s a good sign! Most of my items haven’t been bad at all! Obviously some better quality than others, but hey, that’s the nature of it.


In 2015 we finally went to RPC at Köln. We really wanted to meet the Wasteland Warriors and see the costumes etc for our self, but unfortunately, they weren’t there. But we made some new friends and there were still awesome post apocalyptisc LARPers around in awesome clothing. 
on the second picture is my friend Simone. Going to visit her this weekend again. She also makes her own outfits. It’s a pity we don’t live near each other. (me in the Netherlands and she in Germany) But we do share this love for post apocalyptic outfits.

ps. The quality of this first picture is horrible, but to busy right now to look for a better one. sorry for that.


((An other patch of my more noticeable OC’s. This might not be a better batch, but some did turn out good. Here are Dawnlight Echo, Nova Jazz, Carbon Shine and Glimmer Spark. Dawnlight didn’t turn out too good, since her neck seems really tall, and the face expression seems rather dull. I did like how Nova turned out and colors fits well. I kinda messed up Carbon, but I colored for the first time Glimmer Spark. I might have used too bright of a blue color on her. Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures, but lighting didn’t seem to be my friend this time. I was kinda embarrassed for not remembering Ebony Hay))