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Anon Submission: Assault is for asses
I’m a cosplayer, have been for quite some time. It’s fun and creative and all that other good stuff that any worthwhile hobby should be. Normally I do characters from American comic books, mostly Marvel and DC, and sometimes from video games and tv shows and even anime and manga. 

Normally I only do characters I like, but a couple of years back a friend of mine (we will call Sasuke) asked me and another friend (we will call Kakashi) to do a Naruto group with her (with me being Naruto). Now she has a lot of fans (on dA and other sites) so it was really important to her that she delivered really quality photos. Which is how we ended up climbing trees in the mountains in costume. It was actually really fun. Our costumes looked great, the scenery was awesome, and I got to go hiking with my friends. This I think lulled me into a false sense of security about this character I didn’t know a lot about. 

I didn’t realize how much attention you get dressed as Naruto until we took the group to our city’s Japanese Festival. 

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Creepy Misa

Alright you guys, let me take you back to the far off year of 2009. My local anime con was coming up and after a few years of going and being blown away by some of the cosplayers, I decided to try it myself. My favourite anime at the time was Death Note so I decided I was going to cosplay Mello. I was really excited to go and meet other fans who liked the series and maybe take a few pictures with other cosplayers. Everything was going smoothly until I went in to the dealers room on Saturday morning.

I was looking at a booth of manga when I hear this loud gasp behind me. I turn towards it and see a girl dressed as Misa looking at me excitedly and waving her arms around. At first, I was happy to see someone so excited about my cosplay and started to go over to her. However, before I could talk to her she put up her finger like she was telling me to wait a second and she ran off. I just sort of shrugged it off and went back to looking at the manga.

A couple of minutes later, I’m just minding my own business when a Pocky box is shoved into my face. I look over, and Misa is smiling at me as she continues to shake this box in front of me. “These are for you, Mello-san” she says to me. I smile at her and take them, thanking her. She immediately sighs and crosses her arms. She tells me I was supposed to respond in character before she slumps off. I look down and notice this is chocolate Pocky and figure she wanted to to salivate over it or something. I just sort of shrug it off because hey, I just got free candy, and went about with my day.

A couple of hours later, I’m sitting with some friends in between panels when I hear the same gasp behind me. Before I can even react, she runs over and hugs me hard (yelling “GLOMP” as she does so, of course). She starts nuzzling my face like a cat or something and at this point I’m pretty freaking uncomfortable. I try to pull her off but she’s having none of it. She starts asking if I want to hang out with her even though I’m clearly with other people. Finally I manage to peel her off of me and tell her that I appreciate her enthusiasm but I’m with other people and can’t hang out. She smiles at me and says, “Okay. I’ll find you later, Mello-san.”

I should’ve known it would only get worse.

Throughout the day she kept finding me and asking me to hang out. At the time, I thought it had to do with how small this con was but upon thinking about it I’m pretty sure she was following me (she somehow always managed to find me when I was alone). 

Near the end of the day, there was this panel I really wanted to go to. I headed towards the panel room and could see a line forming, when I heard  someone yell out “Oh my god, it’s Mello!” I look over and there’s a group of cosplayers talking and filming each other. Misa is in the group. I say hi to them and start to leave when Misa gets up and nearly tackles me to the ground with how forceful she is. I try to walk away but she seriously won’t let me go. She keeps asking if she can come with me. I tell her which panel I’m going to and keep walking (at this point I feel kind of rude, but this girl is pretty much stalking me). She follows me but thankfully at this point the panel was so full we ended up having to sit in separate rows. I was able to sneak out at the end before she found me.

On Sunday I was honestly afraid to cosplay again because I thought she would find me, but my friends convinced me I would be fine (and really, except for this girl I was having a great time). For the most part I didn’t see her around and I figured she’d gotten bored with me and given up. That is, until the end of the con.

My group was about to leave but a few people had to go to bag check first. The rest of us were standing by the front door, waiting. This put us right in front of the escalators leading to the second floor of the building. Out of nowhere, I hear “MELLO-SAN” and I look up to see Misa standing at the top of the escalator. She starts full on sprinting down it towards me and I honestly have no idea what to do. Before I can truly evaluate the situation, she’s barrelling into me at full force. I nearly fell over and my eyes were watering from how much the arm she crashed into hurt. She nuzzles me again and yells “I’m gonna miss you” straight into my ear. After a minute she pulls herself off of me, throws me a peace sign and skips off. 

So ended the tale of the girl my friends have dubbed, “Creepy Misa”.

BONUS STORY: That group that was filming each other? Yeah, they put that video on YouTube for the world to see. Oh joy.