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I Will Always Find Home

Cassian Andor/ Reader

Words: 654

Summary: You have no other choice but to jump off to save your life. In that moment, you’re not sure what the outcome will be.

Request: “I can’t risk losing you! For a cassian andor x reader.”

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Author’s notes: I had inspiration strike at around 2 AM. My favorite couple is back! Fluff and angst! Gosh, I love them.

Stormtroopers were on your trail ever since you got separated from Cassian. Your blaster has only so much ammo to take on a few, let alone a dozen. You try your best to keep shooting, dodging and weaving their blasts as you escape from their grip. You are doing just fine until you realize that the path you are on has an awful dead end: a long plummet down to the ominous sea. You hyperventilate as look behind you then back at the sea. The sound of oncoming stormtroopers marching your way cuts your decision time to less than a few seconds. There is no other option but to jump, you tell yourself. You close your eyes as you take a giant leap off the ledge.

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Post 10 of your favorite characters from 10 different fandoms, in no particular order, and tag 10 people

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  • Black Canary, Laurel Lance: “Arrow”
  • Quake, Daisy Johnson: “Agents of Shield”
  • Hawk Girl, Kendra Saunders: “Legends of Tomorrow”
  • Caitlin Snow: “The Flash”
  • Black Panther, T’challa: “CACW”
  • Sailor Mars, Rei: “Sailor Moon”
  • Sakura Haruno: “Naruto”
  • Satoru Fujinuma: “Erased”
  • One-Punch Man, Saitama: “One-Punch Man”

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Some of my favorite shots from @yumiduns and my casual akuroku shoot! I live for my punk Axel and skater Roxas AU so these are just a whole load of hnnngggs for me *3* More to come (once someone tells me to get off my ass and start to edit the other pictures heh) 

Roxas, Kingdom Hearts - @birthbysleeping (me)
Axel, Kingdom Hearts - @yumidun
Photography - @mrevilphotography 
Edit - @birthbysleeping

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite humans Ash @ashcostello .the top left photo is from the first day we ever met. we talked horror and Michael Jackson and just like in step brothers “did we just become best friends? yup! do you wanna go do karate in the basement? yup!”. the bottom right photo is from when we last saw each other during a haxans photoshoot… and so much has happened to us both in between these two photos… we’ve both been through a lot professionally, personally, between so many photo shoots, putting out our own book, many Disney trips… love, loss, hardships, successes, failures and so much more. Ash is such an inspiring person, watching her grow as a person and an artist, watching as every venture comes to fruition as things get bigger and bigger as she continues to work tirelessly to succeed in attaining all her goals and dreams. Truly inspiring. Although she may be queen of the goths… I’ve never seen anyone look on her with less than a full blown smile as she lights up every room and every face in that room with her energy. I am the luckiest that our paths crossed when they did, and forever grateful of her and everything she does. I cherish our friendship more than words could tribute to. I can’t wait to see what the new year will bring. Love you Ash. hope you have an incredible day and another incredible year.

proflucypreston  asked:

“Surprise, dickhead.” I. AM. CRYING.

okay but aside from garcy FOR OBVIOUS REASONS, my favorite dynamic to write in the trash saga is flynn and wyatt???

like, they’re similar, they have a lot in common, similar backstories, lost wives, they both are crushin’ hard on lucy, they reach for the guns when shit is going down, they openly hate each other and will shoot at each other a lot, but they also do what lucy preston says because obviousLY


From EW’s fb stream with the writer of the Supernatural article

Samantha Highfill: I chatted with Mark and Misha on set… and then after the shoot, I got to go to dinner with Jared and Jensen. We ate steak- people keep asking me what they ate and I’m like “What do you think? We ate steak. It was delicious. It was amazing.”- and we talked about everything. My favorite part of it is that they know each other so well- it’s 12 years, they’re actually really good friends- that just watching them kind of make fun of each other and banter or Jared reaching across the table to steal steak sauce from Jensen… They’re brothers in so many ways and I just literally got to sit back and watch it happen and maybe occasionally ask a question about the show. They’re everything you want them to be.  

Put one of my favorite photos through the Lightroom! I had just been using Instagram editing tools. so I’m Learning all on my own any constructive criticisms or help is appreciated. I’ll be working on other photos but check out the rest of the shoot i did with @mathsanddinos 

Pearl Cosplay by: @mathsanddinos

The Magnificent seven

So yo dude. I just saw this movie The Magnificent seven and I just kjfnadkgndfkbndfknfgkbnfskdnfkn!!! IT WAS SO GOOD!!!!! You should go watch it like right now! Go see it! Sam was so chill and he didn’t even get hit! He was so cool!! And I fricking loved Billy and Goodnight. They were so precious ;w; and I SO ship Vasquez and Faraday because MAI GAWD they were always nitpicking each other until Faraday got shot (not deadly) one time and yo Vasquez just LOST it. He started to shoot like mad man and was shouting things “GO DIE OFF YOU FUCKER!” and “GO FUCK YOUR OWN MOM!” Okay maybe not THAT aggressively but he was clearly mad that Faraday got shot. I just can’t with those two. My favorite character from the whole movie was Red Harvest. That little precious cinnamon roll who pouts all the time. He’s my son okay?! He’s my precious little cinnamon roll who deserves better! I just love that little precious son. And Jack was like a big teddy bear. He was so adorable :3 But yo that movie just… Makes you laugh and cry and do both. Just go watch it if you wanna get fucked up real good. If you love the movie and ship and well…. Are in this little “fandom” then please reblog. Like and reblog if you ship Goodnight x Billy and/or Vasquez x Faraday thank you :3

11 😘

You’re one of my favorite human beans to ever exist. I’m so happy you stumbled across my blog and thought I was kind of okay enough to shoot me a message. 😂👽 I knew from the get-go you were a cool lady and we were quick to bond over ADTR/music in general, our love for batman and a million other shared interests. You’ve become one of my best friends who has consistently been there for me and that is more appreciated than I could ever express. You’re beautiful inside and out and I can’t wait to adventure with you this summer!

Mutuals send me a number and I’ll make a post talking about you.
What It's Like to Spend 24 Hours with Lily Aldridge

One of fashion’s most-in-demand models–and the latest campaign star of Bulgari–Lily Aldridge never has a quiet day at the office. Off duty, however, the runway pro prefers a low-key routine: a family dinner before dark and catching up on her reading. Scroll down for the 411 on her (busy!) routine.

Sweat Equity

“If I don’t have to work, I exercise every morning. It really clears my mind. I do Ballet Beautiful, sometimes two times a day if I have a big job coming up. One session will be more mat-based, the other standing cardio.”

Source: InStyle

When in Rome

“Working with photographer Mario Testino on Bulgari’s 2017 global campaign in Italy was an incredible moment for me. I could see the Vatican from set! I got to play this powerful character during the shoot, and it was such an honor to represent that. My favorite pieces are from the Serpenti collection. It’s distinctly Bulgari–very sexy!”

Source: InStyle

Plugged In

“Social media is something I approach organically. It’s all me! Sometimes I’ll post four things in a few hours, but then I could go dark for a week.”

Source: InStyle

First Priorities 

“When my daughter Dixie gets out of school, I take her to ballet, soccer, or karate. Or if it’s a free afternoon, we might bake together. I love our time together. There is nothing more important in my life than making her happy.”

Source: InStyle

Home Cooking

“When it’s time for supper, I’m very much an early bird, which I get teased for. My husband grills an amazing steak, and I’ll make a side of peas and prosciutto.”

Source: InStyle

Angel Food

“Getting through the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion show is all about the right fuel. Here’s what I ate last November: Poached eggs, avocado, and green tea for breakfast, a quinoa salad for lunch, pasta for dinner, and a post-runway pizza party.”

Source: InStyle

Book List

“I read all the time. Recently I’ve been recommending All the Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr.”

Source: InStyle

Go-to Getaway

“I travel to Turks and Caicos to relax. The hotels are beautiful, the food is great, and the water is clear.”

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Flights: 60+
Miles in the air not including tour bus travel: 121, 697
Tour: 38/52 weeks

This is me in Manchester, UK. Photo taken: Adam Elmakias.

This year was a ride. Having an opportunity to shoot for one band for about 10 months all over the world was a blessing. It is hard to keep inspired when you photograph the same concert every night. I try to keep it different and work on personal work along side of what the band wants by candids, portraits, and squeezing time for other artists between tours. All Time Low took me on tour all year, although I still got to work with some incredible artists and on some other projects of my own. Here are my favorite 1-2 images of each month of 2015.

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One of my favorites from the shoot with Tanisha. She was a pleasure to work with and absolutely stunning. Can’t believe it was her first time in front of the camera. We did these for her birthday coming up! I really enjoyed working with her bc she’s also a photographer so we just understood each other off the rip. Would definitely like to shoot her again! Such a queen!


I’ve been kind of MIA lately–moving, dragoncon progress and other cosplay events haven eaten up most of my time. I haven’t been able to take many pretty Dragon Age: Inquisition pictures recently either. But I thought I would share some pics of me and armoredelfcosplay from our Garrus/Shepard shoot with Tania Cosplay Photography. I was so excited to finally be able to have pics of one of my favorite pairings ever.


“It would have to be ‘The Grove,’ because, oh, several reasons. It was written by Scott Gimple, who has written a couple other of my favorite episodes. It was a huge turning point for my character. It was awesome as an actress to play the depths from which he wrote her. It was just an all-around great shooting experience, and also it was special because Mike Satrazemis—who was one of our camera guys, and then became our director of his photography—this was his first episode to direct. So that was just a special experience to share, to be the first with him. Yeah, that was cool. He was very excited, too. Lots of good memories with that episode. But yeah, it’s hard to choose, and I have so many favorite scenes from different episodes.”

-Melissa McBride

“It would definitely be ‘The Grove.’ We pushed the envelope, and [showrunner] Scott Gimple did an amazing job on that script. And [director Mike Satrazemis] did an incredible job of directing. And the cast. It was a risky proposition, yet we delivered something that the audience worldwide has really embraced. And that was a real risky episode. But we pulled it off. Not to be selfish, but I just thought it was one of the most painstaking yet beautiful episodes. And it was a great experience for me as well. And Melissa McBride? My goodness! You know?”

-Chad Coleman

Entertainment Weekly [online] (23/Mar/2015)

Here’s a list of my favorite MALE Arabic names for all of you that wish to correctly name a POC character who is from the Middle East, South Asia, or any other predominately Muslim country. Arabic names are not only used in Middle Eastern, Arabic-speaking countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, etc., but also in South Asian countries where Arabic is not spoken– Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc. If this masterlist was remotely helpful to you, please like/reblog. Also, if you’re curious as to how some of these names are pronounced, don’t be afraid to shoot me a message.

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Person of Interest Fan Videos Masterpost

I know there are many, many great videos on YouTube for Person of Interest, but I only included my own personal favorites in this post.

Some are centered around one character, sometimes two. There were too many Shoot videos so I separated them from the others. I haven’t included the “funny” videos or opening credits style.

These are the titles of the videos and the video makers. I will update this post whenever I can and use italics for the links added each time, so you know which ones weren’t on the list before.

Nobody Can Save Me Now - Zurik 23M

Until It’s Gone - Zurik 23M

Fix You - Zurik 23M

All We Need Is Faith - Zurik 23M

S&M - Just Plotni4ek

Gravity - Just Plotni4ek

Lonely Souls - Just Plotni4ek

Kings & Pawns - Eyildr

Blood on My Name - Eyildr

I’m So Sorry - Eyildr

I’ll Carry Your World - Eyildr

Take This City - Lone31Star

The Man in the Suit - TheHiddenMemory

Sooner or Later - The HiddenMemory

Would You Kill to Save a Life - TheHiddenMemory

This Is War - TheHiddenMemory

We Have Our Moments - TheHiddenMemory

Die for Something That You Love - TheHiddenMemory

Do It Like a Dude -  IluvDDandJamesRoday6

Manifest Destiny (trailer season 1) - Solyentbrak1 

How’m I Supposed To Die? - xJustOneYesterdayx

Just the Beginning (fanmade trailer) - Ashley Zhang

The Chosen One - xJustOneYesterdayx

The Machine & Samaritan -  Root Se7ens

Nobody Said We Were Gonna Win - Freddyy

Ready Aim Fire - Freddyy

I’m Gonna Do My Thing - BadassMorse

Ready Aim Fire - BadassMorse

Seven Nation Army - BadassMorse

Fireteam - JustWarmingUp

Shaw Spin-off Trailer - The Machine

Root/Shaw videos:

Safety First (trailer) - TvNeRd

For All of the Pain - Nialies

Warning Sign - Nialies

Tears of an Angel - xJustOneYesterdayx

All I Ever Wanted - xJustOneYesterdayx

Found Love Where It Wasn’t Supposed to Be - xJustOneYesterdayx

What If the Storm Ends - xJustOneYesterdayx

Out of My Mind - Phoebecolefan

Warpath - Phoebecolefan

Maybe Someday - SunnyVids

Strange Entity - YouMadeMeSeeIt

I Will Never Let You Down - Watching0verYou

Unconditionally - Watching0verYou

Addicted to You - Watching0verYou

Losing Your Memory - Clara2222

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door - Clara2222

Can’t Pretend - Jessica Cariaga

The Last Time - DTC_Productions

Catalyst Indigo (fan trailer) - JustWarmingUp

Bang Bang - BadassMorse

The Very Heart of Me - Lara