my other farts

do you think lance is the type of person who thinks babies are cute until they spit up on him? like he could be holding one of his cousins or his little sibling(s) and he’d be having the time of his life and being generally cute and adorable with the youngins but then they start drooling, vomiting, or pooping/peeing and he just screams “MOM!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!! I’M LITERALLY GOING TO— [gags]”

Day 2 - Weapon

Second prompt of Azurrin week and it’s late and kind of odd, I fail. I just started to think about how Azura’s singing is kind of a weapon and how it connects to Corrin’s dragon form and something something and then I noticed I had already drawn like half of it and wasn’t gonna just throw it away. So. Here. Yaay.