my ot4 is better than yours

Ok so

Just to make it clear, i bloody love those imagine your OTP/OT3/OT4 e.c.t. posts floating around but they’re all so??? Flawless??? What we need is some more of the wild out there stuff like,,,

  • Imagine short person A trying to get something off the top shelf in the kitchen and falling and they’re screaming on the floor covered in animal crackers while person B is wheezing hysterically in the corner. Bonus; person C recorded the whole thing and uploaded it everywhere.
  • Imagine person A and B holding hands and being all lovey dovey until they hear an ice cream truck in the distance and it’s a battle to the death to buy the first cone with sauce and a flake.
  • Imagine person B browsing memes at 3 in the morning and keeping person A up with their obnoxious snorty laughter.
  • Imagine person A running a pastel aesthetics blog and they’re snapping a pic of some really cute unicorn figurines when person B pops their head up into the shot the moment it’s taken. A, in a hurry, posts the pic in a photoshoot. They don’t notice the photobomb until it has 10 notes already. Bonus, person C has a pretty big follower count and reblogs it every day much to A’s horror and B’s amusement.
  • Imagine person A filming a house tour video and right in the middle of it, person B is sitting on the dining table with their underwear on eating marshmallow fluff with a spoon.
  • Imagine person A spamming person B’s blog with cute anon messages only for person C to spam the same things, exchanging every noun for banana. Person A thinks it’s the same guy and they’re very confused until they hear laughter in the other bedrooms.
  • Imagine person B falling off their bed during a skype call with A.
  • Imagine person A as a joke, saying fuck you instead of bless you every time B sneezes. B does it back to A/A then tries it with C and they start crying.
  • Imagine person C and person D making obnoxious and weird noises in the background whenever A is on the phone to B. They once played a really loud clip of a goat screaming and B fell off their chair.
  • Imagine person D drunk buys a dog, knowing B always wanted one as a kid. They scream and continuously hug the dog and call it a really stupid name while A hides everything that could possibly break and C screams at D that they’re an idiot and there’s no way they can keep a dog in the house. They eventually all decide a dog is better than a kid anyway.
  • Imagine person A talking to person B about their hopes and aspirations and then B gets a phonecall and yells ‘MY BABY IS HAVING A PERSONAL RANT DON’T INTERRUPT THEM YOU GIRAFFE BASTARD’ into the receiver. They get a call back from the number after A’s finished. It was their parent/grandparent asking about a visit.

Imagine your OTP/OT3/OT4, random shit and screwups edition

My problem with the entire fandom…

I really but really don’t like that it’s getting on my nerves every single time…

If you are a Tyren shipper then WHAT THE FUCK are you doing in a CAMREN blog. Why are you wasting your time talking or insulting someone who you know since the beggining will not have the same opinion than you…

If you are a Camren shipper like one of my favorite trumblr page say (@truluvproof) … EOMS… People will always say you are delusional or dumb or every kind of insult but you know better….Keep doing your thing low key.

If you are a Ot4, shut the fuck up about Camila. DO your job to promote the girls. STOP being obsessed with everything she does. STOP saying shit because she leaves some of you where the first who want her out….

If you are a Camilizer the same goes for you…. Keep sending love and support for Camila. Keep streaming you are doing an amazing job.. STOP saying shit about the group. You claim to hate or don’t like SO act like they don’t exist.. Keep them out of your mouth…

If you are an Ot5 you are strong. There is no better world to say… Thank you for your strength and the love you continue to have for the five.. You are not alone.. A lot of love (same for Camren shippers)

So SHUT YOUR FUCKING DAMM MOUTH Tyren shipper, Ot4 and Camilizer who KEEP saying shit to Camren shippers and OT5. That OUR FUCKING PROBLEM IF WE ARE DELUSIONAL OR IF WE DON’T PICK A SIDE.

GO PRAISE YOUR SHIT AND STOP COMING AFTER PEOPLE WHO YOU KNOW DON’T SHARE YOUR OPINION. You can talk all the talk you want some will NEVER change the way they think.

anonymous asked:

I love you so much because you're always so supportive of the other boys and even though you don't necessary like zayn that much you literally never talk shit about him There are so many harry writers that have amazing work but I can't bring myself to like them because of what they say about the others, especially zayn :( so thank you so much love xx

Aww! I’m glad you feel that way babe.

The thing is, Harry is obviously my favorite. He always has been. He’s the only one I spent money on a ticket to see. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love the other boys more than anything and want to see them succeed too ya know? And there’s nothing wrong with being ONLY a solo stan, or ONLY an ot4/5 stan, as long as you don’t find your way better than anyone else’s or put down someone else’s way of thinking, ya know? That’s just what I kinda try to do here. So I’m really happy you feel this way 💜