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Man, I can’t believe Makishima’s dead #rip

I wonder if anyone has told Toudou yet

  • Everyone is staying at Person C's house. Person A and B are being flirty and cute.
  • Person C (talking to A): so you can sleep with B
  • Person A: *smirks*
  • Person C (Backpedaling): I meant to share a bed
  • Person A and B: *continue to giggle*
  • Person C: No! Not in the office *pauses* Or in my room! Do it in your own room
  • Person A: I don't have a room here!
  • Person C: and by your room I mean outside
  • Lance: This is my boyfriend Shiro and Shiro's boyfriend Keith.
  • Allura: And how does that work?
  • Lance: Well, I love Shiro and Shiro loves Keith and I hate Keith.

After Keith, Lance, and Hunk all get together, they all like to curl up together in bed in one giant cuddle pile. Hunk always ends up in the middle with Keith and Lance pillowed on his chest because he’s the biggest and it just seems to happen that way naturally

But maybe Hunk kind of secretly wishes that for once, just once, he could curl up and pillow his head on one of the others. Only he doesn’t know how to ask, and both Keith and Lance seem pretty comfortable with the current arrangement, so he kind of just accepts that this is the way things are and that’s that.

Until somehow Keith finds out - blame the mice the sneaky bastards - and the very next night he pushes his way into the middle without bothering to explain anything and Hunk is confused but really happy and Lance is just confused but Hunk gets to cuddle up to Keith and pillow his head on Keith’s chest and it’s the best thing ever he’s so happy.

And maybe Lance didn’t get it at first, but he’s lying there facing Hunk all night and even he can’t miss the huge grin on Hunk’s face even when he’s sleeping, so he figures it out pretty quick. And so the night after, he shoves Keith aside so he can be in the middle, even though it results in Keith getting shoved out of bed with an angry squawk and starts a fight that it takes Hunk five minutes to settle

After that, they take turns being in the middle each night. And everything is happy and wonderful and cuddly and good

Happy birthday @ me! I drew my favourite nerds being cute to celebrate

when people act all confused as to how nancy could end up with steve instead of jonathan at the end, I’m just like… guys. think about it.

jonathan’s a cool dude and all, but he was fighting that monster for will.

steve? steve fought that thing FOR NANCY. like, JUST FOR HER. because he couldn’t stand to leave her to face it alone. he had no dog in that fight, and both of them were straight-up telling him to leave, but HE STILL CAME BACK FOR HER.

is it any wonder why she would be willing to give him a second chance after that?

Whenever Illya and Gaby are on a mission that requires going to a wedding, Napoleon will always request Buddy by Willie Nelson.

He’ll stand against the wall watching Gaby and Illya dance until eventually he has to make his rounds and continue the mission.

Because that’s Illya and Gaby’s slow song.

And Napoleon will always be a meddler. 

Until he comes round their room later that evening and hears Cry To Me playing through the door.

Then he knows they’re wrestling

Okay, but hear me out.

Amon and Takizawa both having feelings for Akira.

Akira having feelings for both of them.

Agreeing to share, because they are already pretty much so beyond norms at this point with the whole “two artificial half-ghouls and their girlfriend”.

Amon and Takizawa having unrealized feelings for each other.

Akira’s Intuition ™ picking up on things.

Akira subtly playing match-maker, and encouraging her boys to realize things.

The three of them settling into a happy relationship, being in love with each other.

anonymous asked:

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR ART! it just makes so happy looking at it!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This kind of ask makes ME happy which means we’re BOTH happy right now, isn’t that amazing!!!

Anon said: HAVE YOU SEEN UM-MMMA HER ART. THOSE HAIKYUU MAGAZINE COVERS ARE AMAZING. I especially love BokuAka’s pose. If only it were Bokuroo *coughhintcough*

Of course I’ve seen their art! I love their linework and coloring so much tbh and their Teru and Kuroo make my heart go doki BUT even though I see where you’re coming from you can’t ask me to copy their work, anon, it’d be highly disrespectful for the original artist if I did

Anon said:  YAAAAAAAASSS. THE RETURN OF BOKUTO AND KUROO(’S HAIR). I live for your comics with these two idiots.

Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it!!!! <3

Anon said:  i’ve been scrolling through your bokuroo tag all afternoon and i am weak and producing deathbed-whale noises and your art is just beautiful and i teared up in the “love at first pun” one because it was just too beautiful and juST BL E SS AND TH A N K

Holy smokes, I’m glad you liked my stuff that much!!!!! *O* thank you so much for this ask, it made me seriously super happy!!!!!! <3<3

Anon said:  But bakushimanari D: ?

My Main Ship, a Good™, A+ 10/10 best thing I ever came across, instant happiness every time I happen to think about them which might or might not be every free second of my life - what about it, anon?