my ot3 ;w;

AU where Rin lives and the three of them are hanging out as a team again and Obito’s not quite the same of course – he hasn’t been for a while and it hurts but they’re so fucking glad to have him back 

but Rin covers his eyes and he laughs loud and open-hearted and his face is lit up with this enormous grin like Kakashi hasn’t seen since before their last mission together and it contorts the scarred side of his face but god he’s so beautiful and full of light in spite of everything

and Obito’s hands are curled around Rin’s wrists like he’s trying to pull her away but he’s not trying at all and Rin catches Kakashi’s eye and smiles, gentle and warm and accepting and knowing, and Kakashi’s entire chest is aching the way your fingers and toes ache at that first rush of heat after being numb with cold

and so he pulls his mask down and leans in and kisses Obito, whose laughter cuts off with a gasp and he goes still and Kakashi’s just starting to pull back when Obito’s shaking hands reach up and cup his jaw and his fingers tangle in Kakashi’s hair and he kisses like the sun – burning and fierce and life-giving

and when Kakashi pulls back, Rin’s hands are settled on Obito’s shoulders and Obito’s mismatched eyes are wide and shocked and Kakashi’s flushed pink with emotion and he’s scared of just how much he’s feeling in that moment and scared of how vulnerable he feels but it’s Obito and Rin and Obito has given his life for Kakashi and Rin would do the same – he knows that – so he figures that his heart is safe in their gentle, warm hands

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I noticed you have a ChikaRiko manga. Any reasons?

Actually, I have 3 ChikaRiko doujins in my collection, two by Kougi-san and one by CITRON. Kougi is prolly considered to be the god(des?) of ChikaRiko, their artwork and characterizations are all very detailed and well-done. CITRON’s adorable art style is wonderful as well, and I’ve been an avid fan of their works since the MSMM days.

ChikaRiko may be my least fav ship of 2ndYears, I still like it and, I think I’ve said it somewhere before, that I quite like how the anime portrayed their relationship. Yes I’m ChikaYou trash and yes YouRiko makes me weak but \2ndYears/

yuu and mika are so useless tho they literally keep falling asleep everywhere, yuu on the couch and mika on the fucking floor, and Shinoa has to roll her eyes and bring them blankets. and she complains about it and says she’s not gonna do it because they need to take care of themselves, they’re almost adults. but. she keeps doing it anyway.