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yuu and mika are so useless tho they literally keep falling asleep everywhere, yuu on the couch and mika on the fucking floor, and Shinoa has to roll her eyes and bring them blankets. and she complains about it and says she’s not gonna do it because they need to take care of themselves, they’re almost adults. but. she keeps doing it anyway.

Drabble: I'll See You in the Morning

Blanche sighs when she enters the quiet and dark apartment, it’s been a long week. Because of a nearby oil spill on the beach, it forced Blanche’s tentacool migration research a delay of at least a couple weeks. Blanche massages her forehead and leans against the wall where she toes off her shoes and moves them next to a pair of red flats and yellow converse. She sheds her coat and freezes when she hears a clatter from inside the apartment. Her ears strain to hear and she spots a faint yellow light far to her left. Her feet are silent as she pads to the kitchen and discovers- Spark. 

With a mouth full of chocolate cereal. He startles and opens his mouth to greet her or yell, probably something unnecessarily loud, but the milk and chunks of cereal dribble out of his mouth and spill back into the bowl and partly on his shirt. Blanche closes her eyes and sighs while Spark looks down and shrugs, swallowing whenever was left in his mouth. “Blanche! You’re back!” He whispers loudly with a grin. 

Blanche gives him a small smile. “I’m home. What are you doing up now though? Do you have any idea what time it is?” She frowns. She looks at her watch and rubs her eyes. 1:27 AM. Spark only shrugs and shoves another spoon of cereal in his mouth. 

“Cravings.” He says around the food. Blanche makes a disgusted face leans against the counter and Spark chews. He swallows and gives her a concerned look. “I don’t think I’ve seen you at home for more than a couple of hours this week, Blanche.” She looks down and rubs her aching forehead. 

“I know, but with the oil spill and everything being pushed back and holding a pokemon clean up rather than research, I’ve been very busy, I have to be there, everyone is relying on me to-” a hand rests on her cheek and nudges her head up. A thumb smooths under her eyes where dark purple crescents have made their home on her face this past week. 

“Blanche, you need to take care of yourself.” Spark says with a frown. He’s set the bowl aside and both hands settle on either side of her head and begin to rub small, soothing circles into her temple. “I understand that there’s a lot to be done but you’re only human. I know for a fact that you have very capable interns and trainers that would happily lighten your burden. Trying to fix everything yourself is going to run you into the ground.” He whispers and Blanche allows herself to shut her eyes and relax into the ministrations. 

Blanche loses track of how much time passes but when Spark lets his hands fall away, she opens her eyes drowsily. “Go get some sleep, you can shower in the morning.” He gently nudges her towards her bedroom and gives her a warm hug outside her door. “Good night, Blanche,” he smiles. 

 She covers her yawn and nods.

PKM GO drabble series: 1, 2