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I couldn’t sleep so I doodled werewolf gals! I love werewolves, but if there’s anything I don’t really see often when it comes to them is female werewolves, and kid werewolves. I only drew a couple of kids, but I’ll probably have another sketch session where I focus on kid werewolf designs. I had fun drawin’ these! c:

You’re so cute, even when you’re being an awkward dork and asking me to stop you from being an awkward dork you’re cute.

When you’re writing and you can clearly see in your mind the exact expression a character is wearing or hear the exact nonverbal sound they are making, but completely fail at coming up with a way to explain it.

No Consequence  — A mostly ardyn-centerd playlist.

ive had this sitting around for the longest because ive never gotten around to making a proper album cover, so please just… take this one for now. its temporary. 

i thought, its the 1 year ffxv anniversary, so it seemed kinda fitting to post at least something for it, right? kinda fits since ep ardyn was also confirmed, lol. 

anyways, its 60+ songs, and has hints of noctis and ardyns character rivalry. 

heres the link, listen to it on spotify. enjoy!


100K Birthday

The Recipe by Kendrick Lamar vs.
Heavydirtysoul by twenty one pilots
Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars
Here by Alessia Cara
Uprising by Muse.

I realize now that I never posted the finished version of this.
Here it is.