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100K Birthday

The Recipe by Kendrick Lamar vs.
Heavydirtysoul by twenty one pilots
Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars
Here by Alessia Cara
Uprising by Muse.

“ her name, is
when you call her, you call the whole world .

her name, is
when you call her, you call the universe.

her soul, is
when you want to get closer to her,
she slips on silver waters, and never look
YOU saw her once…for the first, and last

Poem: “ white swan” _
Shot : “ Caterina ( sonyWGneck360 )
” The Secret Diary “❤🗝

collage with all my louis drawings since my last collage. finished it yesterday but figured i’d post it in honor of louis’ b-day. i draw him a lot lmao

part three of my Strangebatch fluff by sobeautifullyobsessed

part one

part two  

regretfully, he inquired, “Your time here is growing short, I take it?”

Teyla sighed heavily, reminded of the difficult task that lay ahead for her.  “No talk or thought of that tonight, Doctor.  Tonight I long for the tranquility of a quiet garden and the companionship of a kind man.”  To her credit, she sounded light of heart.

“Then I will see you have exactly what you wish, my dear.”  Surprising himself, he raised her hand and kissed her knuckles, then looked out upon the water, wondering if she would consider that little act too forward—or perhaps wish that he might be moved to more.

Instead, she rested her head on his shoulder, humming contentedly.  Some unknown nightbird called out from the grove of fruit trees on the far side of the still pool; its sweet song was soon taken up by another. In such a setting, Stephen found it easy to imagine they were mates, their pleasant trilling the joyful greetings exchanged as they came together after being parted for too long.  That he was indulging in such uncharacteristically soft musings perplexed him, like a language long forgotten from disuse—until he considered the light of the moon, the garden’s perfume, and the gentle woman leaning against him. 

“Your moon is quite enchanting, isn’t it,” she pondered, and he realized she was likely picking up on his emotions without even meaning to; second nature to her surely, but a marvel still to him.  “But she pales in comparison to the moons of Hadeeth.”

“Moons?” he asked, giving her the encouragement to tell him more; he could not read feelings nearly as well as was her wont, but the trace of longing in Teyla’s voice spoke well enough that she was feeling at least a little homesick

.“Moons,” she repeated, raising her head to look at him directly, eyes wide with delight, “Anya, the eldest, wise and steadfast in her orbit, ruler of the tides.  Enya, middle child, ever brightest of the three, mistress of all nocturnal creatures; she speeds apace or lags behind as her stubborn nature dictates.”  Her voice had fallen into a storyteller’s captivating rhythm; Stephen could picture a circle of Hadeethan children at her feet, listening raptly as she shared with them the folklore of her people.  “And Nonya, wayward youngest of the three, ever eager to appear before the sun has fully set, and last to leave the sky each dawn.” Teyla lowered her eyes shyly as she added, “Nonya is thought the patroness of lovers and their secret trysts.”

Stephen chuckled softly, charmed by both her tale, and the bashfulness that had overtaken her at the mention of lovers’ assignations.  “That’s far more exotic and appealing than some of earth’s legends about the moon; there’s one ridiculous one that maintains the moon is made of cheese.”

“You can’t be serious,” she laughed, “Who would believe such an outlandish idea!”  With narrowed eyes, Teyla studied his face, searching for any sign that he was teasing her, “Oh—but surely you jest?”

“I swear it’s true, Teyla—though I like the poetry of your moons far more than the foolishness of mine.”

That brought a pretty smile to her face, lighting her dark eyes with mirth.  Stephen wondered if she even realized that she was flirting with him; it had been the furthest thing from his mind when he’d invited her for an evening stroll through the National Botanical Gardens of Kathmandu.

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What if they’re right?
Those people standing on sidewalks with their twisted faces and hateful signs
Who have crept so far under my skin that I see their ghosts in my mirror
And feel their screams ringing in my churning guts?

What if God hates fags,
Hates me
Enough that cities deserved to be razed to the ground?

I don’t think a lot about Sodom and Gomorrah, just enough
That the heat of fire and brimstone singes my eyelashes,
Enough to hear my lost brothers and sisters screaming.

Men and women locked in embraces with each other
Tears evaporating from their cheeks as the sky crumbled and rained holy flames
A baptism by fire
While Lot was in a cave fucking his daughters
As thousands of aching lungs choked mercy between coughs of smoke?

When Lot’s wife looked back, what did she see?
Was it the destruction of a people so corrupt they deserved to be incinerated,
Or was that first taste of salt her tears as she saw thousands burning alive
For something as simple and inconsequential as love?

—  Genesis 19

-Scared guppies for sale-
Ask first!

This is a Sai adoptable, the swapped version of my Saika.

Name: Sai
Gender: Male
Height: 5'6" Bitty height: 4 ½ inches
Sexuality: Pansexual
Species: Mermaid/Siren


Puddles (clean water)
Cat toys
Magic tricks
Ships/boats (model ones)

Dirty water
His allergies (so don’t take him out into gardens too much, even if he begs to see the flowers)
Messy places
Loud places
Dry areas

Don’t mess with his ears, tail tip, face markings, and neck fins without permission.

Please do not leave the Nsfw ones with defenseless bitties

Always takes him with you, or he will leave the home in search for some /fun/

Beauty Passing Through

Poem and photography by my-fickle-muse

beauty is a passing train
doused in graffiti
in the palate of a 
Van Gog painting
under a Monet sky
by an artist
sending her soul
scrawling across the country
in illegible words
scribbled in convoluted patterns
and captivating hues

beauty does not stop
for you
it’s only passing through
take a picture
if you can
who knows if
or when
it will be back
through this town

A Khan By Any Other Name - chapter seven

an AU adventure/romance by sobeautifullyobsessed

featuring John Harrison (Khanbatch), pre-STID

Mystery, suspense, danger…and unwilling attraction.

from Chapter Seven on AO3

Chapter Seven on FFN

Harrison slid his hand across the table, lacing his fingers through Sera’s.  She gasped at such unexpected contact, as he gently tugged her hand closer to him.  “Happy couple,” he prompted her, sotto voce.  “I know you have it in you, darling,” stressing the last as a reminder of ‘no names’, “I’ve seen you rise to tougher challenges than this.”  

His eyes bored into hers, holding her captive as he brushed his lips upon her knuckles.Unprepared for such an intimate gesture, Seraphina felt herself blush, a little moan escaping her throat against her best intentions.  Unable (and frankly, unwilling) to pull her hand away, she realized with sudden clarity: he’s playing with me…and the bastard is enjoying it too!  Two can play this game, she vowed, and I’ve a trick or two that might surprise him if I play my hand in full.  With the skill of a practiced coquette, she tilted her head and bit her lip with a little sigh, watching him sidelong as she laid her gauntlet down, “Whatever you wish, my love…” She let her voice trail off with the sweet innuendo, watching Harrison’s reaction carefully—his widened eyes and growing grin, encouraging her to continue, “However you wish it.”  As an afterthought, Sera pressed her leg against his under the table. 

She felt his appreciative rumble of laughter as liquid heat in her belly, reminding her of that craving which had gone unsated for months and months now.  With her hand still in his grip, Harrison traced slow, firm circles on her palm with his thumb, a surprising hunger arising in his eyes and in his gruff tone.  “Beware how you tease me, desert rose.  Unless you mean for me to take you at your word.”  

Seraphina was struck mute, fascinated as he flipped her hand over, letting his lips hover over the pulse point of her wrist, feeling the warmth of his breath—a tease in itself—before placing a single, moist kiss there.  He raised his eyes to hers, silently daring her to meet his bold move

read the whole story on AO3 and FFN