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Cupcake concept:

•Connor Murphy is a black forest cake with dark chocolate ganache and a whipped chocolate icing
-he is slightly bitter, but he has his sweet moments that quickly turn sour.

•Evan Hansen is an angel food cake with a lemon curd filling and a blueberry frosting
-he’s a literal angel, but that lying business leaves a sour taste in my mouth

•Jared Kleinman is a Cinnamon​ and cardomon cake with a coffee frosting, and topped with spun sugar, for the cronch.
-the boy has a sharp tongue and so he gets some sharp flavors to match.

•I call them the Sincerely Three and they can be sold as a bundle or separately.

SugarDaddy!Cal Pt.2

Okay for starters…I made Y/BF/N Jamie because I’m typing this on my phone and typing Y/BF/N is annoying lmaoo sorry. And the anon who originally requested this has asked me to focus this mainly on black girls/POC, so I’m extra hyped.

Also I honestly think I might make this a series? The beautiful and most talented Gabby (@lukeysgirlkinda inspired me to, but I didn’t have a prompt. Might also steal her idea of a new chapter every 100 notes…what do you guys think?

Parts: One/ Two/ Three/Four/Five/Six/Seven/Eight/

You checked over your outfit once more in the full body mirror before walking carefully down the stairs. You’ve had more than one encounter attempting to run down the stairs before someone reached your house and it always ended badly.

“You look so pretty!” Jamie grinned as she turned around on the couch to see you.

“All I did was my hair and makeup, Jamie. I have on shorts and a shirt.”

“Can’t ever take a compliment.” She rolled her eyes playfully.“ What time is Calum coming?”

You checked the time on your phone before answering,“Any minute now.”

“You’re excited, aren’t you? I mean there’s a hot, young Australian who wants to be your sugar daddy. How much better can life get?”

“I don’t know. I’m not a sexual person, Jamie, how am I just going to be there at his every beckoning call?”

“You’ll do it, trust me.” She laughed, her smile widening when she heard someone knock on the door.

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Reference? Nice. Stealing? Nope.

I just felt like writing this because I’ve seen it happening quite a lot in many places lately, and I’ve been through that myself not so long ago.

Many talented artists use references to practice and bring their ideas to life, may it be photos of real models to reproduce a pose, historical concepts, movies or TV shows, books, etc.
References are great - I always feel like I need to practice more and more each passing day. They are basically essential for my training as an artist. They helped me a lot in the past and I’m sure they will continue to do so in the future. So what is this all about exactly?

The answer is simple: references are important, but the real problem appears when artists decide to copy another artist, and without crediting!

Think about it. You spend days working on a specific design, you share it with your audience and people like it… yay! But then, all of a sudden, someone arrives and grabs your idea, changes one small detail or two to add more “originality” and then posts the work without even crediting you for the original concept. That’s not very nice of them, is it?

This is not talent, it’s stealing. You could at least contact the person first, ask them if you can use their art as an inspiration for a new piece, offer to give full credits and even link the original image as soon as you’re done. But no, apparently it’s way too complicated! Because crediting the source would force you to admit you have no ideas of your own. Oh my, such a shame!

Guys, stealing is wrong on so many levels and you don’t even realize that by doing this you’re discouraging other artists and pushing them away from what they truly love. I found myself thinking “why am I even doing this if people have to steal from me?” more than once in the past and I’ve seen talented people literally disappear from the net because they couldn’t bear the thought of being robbed and treated like their efforts do not count at all. It’s heartbreaking, it’s maddening, and it’s malicious.

If you value yourself as an artist/writer, then you should know better than to steal. Generate your own ideas from sources other than fellow artists’ work of the similar kind.

Hello everyone, good evening. I only want to write smth so i didn’t look like died and suddenly appears reblogging bunch of stuff. I’m really busy with my school works. Yep, currently in my last year school! Gladly I just finished ONE of my animation final project. Grr it really eating my soul and my time x - x

Gotta face lotsa exams soon. Wish me luck! Oh it’s not like I will go offline for the rest of year, you can hit me up on Instagram sometimes if you want. Sorry though i dont post much art, only personal and ridiculous stuff there. Also on facebook ( but selectively-to not accepting friends). for tumblr… I’ll be more posting on @ros-chie​ blog though… (sigh, the shivers for writing in main account) 

long rambles ahead

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so um.. i hit 1k a few days ago is this even real?!?! & I’m still processing that one thousand of you actually follow me??
Thank you all so so much! You make my day by sending me cute messages & those tags underneath posts when you reblog something 😭💖

To all my mutuals, just thank you for always being there for me. Your thoughts & kindness is just so invigorating & amazing. idk wHAT I can do to thank y'all 💘

Every single one of you here are such amazing people & I hope that you all achieve everything you want in life.
Thanks for being such an amazing & helpful community <3

i thought it would be a fun idea to do some blogrates wow how original nidhi lols to celebrate this moment? ✨

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Interruptions (Thomas Jefferson x Reader)

Word Count: 1675

Genre: Mostly fluff…humor?

Request/Summary: “[{(MODERN AU)}] Can you plz do a tjeff x reader where you’re Washington’s niece and you invite Washington and everyone from the offices to a festival that you are helping out with. Then, Thomas starts to flirt with you, but Washington gets really protective.”- @winniepoohffg​ (this request was originally sent into @daveeddiggsit​ (check out her blog if you haven’t already, look you can just click on it right there. go homies. I belive in you. k I’ll shut up now) but I stole it because her requests are closed (: )

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x Reader

AU: Modern

Warnings: One or two dirty pick up lines, probably cussing

A/N- Thank you so much for letting me steal this @winniepoohffg​ sorry this probably kinda sucks, I tried my best, I just loved the idea so much, I couldn’t help commandeering it. Also sorry this took forever.

Standard TJeffs a/n: Yes, I do write Jefferson but keep in mind that I think historical Jefferson was an evil dick. I write for Jefferson from the play

“What do you need me to do?” You asked your uncle.

“Thanks for helping, (Y/N), can you put these on that table over there?” He requested, piling several boxes into your arms so you could barely peek over them to see where you were going. After you set them down on the table, you opened the top of one of them to see several holiday decorated cookies stacked on display inside.

“Hey uncle George? You want me to set these out?” You called across the room.

“That would be great!” He responded. You set out each cardboard box one by one on the table, tearing off the lids to put the various sweets inside on display. Afterward, you went back to your uncle, who was now hanging up a cluster of fake mistletoe in the doorway.

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anonymous asked:

Hey, it's the overly thankful nerd from earlier! I've had two main problems: I'll explain the other one in another ask. Motivation. I frequently have amazing ideas and create wonderfully fleshed out characters but the more I think or write my story the more I get bored and uninterested and I make worse and worse pieces of work! I've tried the whole "if the writers getting bored the reader was bored 3 pages back" trick and threw in a lot of twists but it didn't make me any better. Any tips?

Hello OTNFE! 

Motivation is one of the most universal problems that writers face. Unlike a stuck scene or a research malfunction, it’s not something that you can fix for good and be done with. Motivation is going to be an on again, off again battle, but luckily, there are a number of ways to help combat it.

In your particular case, it sounds like it’s possible that you have possibly over-developed, or have fallen out of touch with your inspiration and are viewing your story more as work than as the special thing that stories are. 

Over-development occurs when you put too much time and work into planning before you really start writing, and as a result, when you go to write the story, nothing is a surprise anymore. Some level of planning is necessary, but part of what gives stories an ongoing curiosity for the writer is allowing it to grow organically. Sometimes, you should keep writing even after you reach the point where you had stopped planning and let the story and its characters surprise you.

Losing the spark of inspiration can happen through over-development, writer’s block, or just plain burning out for a while. Nothing beats the thrill of coming up with a perfect idea or beating a problem that was causing a block. If you can touch on that excitement, that sheer connection to the story, you can put the passion back into your work, and there are a number of ways that many writers use to get back into it.

1. Music: This is a pretty common one that helps put writers back on track. It’s actually a particularly big one for me as well. I keep playlists for each of my stories, as well as playlists for specific emotions to put me in the mood for a scene. 

2. Moodboards: Whoa, that sounds pretty weird. Personally, I haven’t really seen this one on other lists. But it’s another little something I do to get back in touch with my stories. I make aesthetic boards for both my characters and my general story settings and concepts. I find that figuring out what components and quotes and so on should go on to each moodboard puts me back in touch with the original vision I had for each character. 

3. Read Your Genre: A lot of inspiration can come from exposing yourself to the work of others. Many writers use previous works to get ideas. (Not endorsing stealing here, but inspiration is totally okay.) Find books that match your genre and take a reading break. Especially study the parts that make you most excited or effect you the most emotionally, and think about why they made you feel that way. Try to connect it to moments in your own story. 

4. Re-Read Your Own Story: Another thing that helps sometimes is to re-read your own story- the parts you do like. The parts you previously wrote with excitement and passion. Try to get back in touch with the heart you had then. What changed?

5. Have An Honest Talk With Your Characters: A lot of character development sheets consist of answering questions, listing traits, etc. That’s all fine and necessary details, but it can feel a little worksheet-y and can cause a disconnect sometimes. But there are other ways to really get in touch with your characters in the spirit of who they are. 

Try some creative writing exercises that are more than just a fill-out form. Find prompts that set gears going in your mind, whether it’s throwing your characters into an elevator for a couple hours to see what they do, or writing a death that has nothing to do with the plot, just to rally up some emotions. Or, if it helps, talk to them. Pretend you are actually having a conversation with this character. A self-insert in a very literal sense. Whatever helps you to connect with them.

6. Change Up Your Workspace: Whether this means cleaning or redecorating your current workspace, or changing it up to a different place altogether, a change of scenery can sometimes get your mind going again. Lots of people will recommend finding a place where WiFi and other things you might have at home that might distract you.

 7. Find a Beta Reader: Finding yourself a fan- or a critic- can be incredibly inspiring. Sometimes having an outside pair of eyes is all you need to see your story in a new light. Having a little feedback- especially positive feedback- can help you see the things in the story that you loved in the first place.

This list is starting to get a little lengthy, and others can feel free to add on their own methods!

And one more little tip just for you, OTNFE. Writing, storytelling, is an art as well as a job. If you think of it too much like a job, a task, the magic sort of goes out of it. Yes, there are tools and tricks to help it along, but stories are like stubborn animals. They almost have a will of their own- you can’t force them into doing things they don’t “want” to do. Try some things when you need to, but also give it a chance to grow organically if it needs space.

And once again, motivation is in ongoing battle! You’re not going to cure it never have to deal with it again. It’s gonna happen again, and sometimes it’s going to be easier to kick than others.

Any which way, best of luck! We all go through this. Often. Your fellow writers are always here with their own advice as well.

I’ll be working on your second ask next OTNFE. ;)


So, you want to be a calligrapher?

Hi everyone! I’ve gotten a lot of asks about my calligraphy lately, so I thought I’d share some tips with you all! Hopefully this can be of some help! 

What is calligraphy?

Lettering is pretty much just word art using different fonts and creative influences. Calligraphy is a traditional art form which has been modernized through recent years.

Can any average person be a calligrapher? Do I need lessons or fancy supplies?

Yes, anyone can practice calligraphy! Though, one thing that many people overlook when jumping into calligraphy is the process. Calligraphy is a complex art form that may take you a long time to get the hang of. If you’re aware that it is going to take a lot of practice to get the hang of, then you should be okay!

As for specific supplies or lessons, you don’t really need them. I started out by just practicing on scrap paper, and sometimes I still use regular pens to create. If you want your calligraphy to look professional or you want to learn techniques, workshops or worksheets are the way to go. You can find a lot of cheap options online.

Okay, how do I get started?

First off, become familiar with the art. Scroll through Tumblr or Pinterest searches of “calligraphy” or “lettering”. Examine the different styles, the shapes of letters and how they flow. I recommend starting out by learning faux calligraphy. Here is a quick guide to faux calligraphy that you should check out.

Remember: Upstrokes aren’t bold, downstrokes are.

I went from there by imitating other artist’s fonts or styles. This DOES NOT mean I would post this work and claim it as my own. Do not steal any artist’s art as your own under any circumstances.  Working with an artist’s polished work gave me a vision of what my original work should like once I got the basics down. Trying out a variety of fonts and styles eventually helped me find my own style that I was comfortable with and could create original ideas off of.

Once again, just for emphasis, if you imitate another artist’s work for practice, DO NOT POST THIS ART OR CLAIM IT AS YOUR OWN. It was someone else original idea, don’t devalue that.

I would recommend starting out with regular, everyday supplies, like I did. This way you can master the basics first before jumping into more advanced supplies.


Once you get the hang of faux calligraphy, try out some more advanced supplies!

Brush pens: Brush pens are my favorite for modern calligraphy. They take awhile to get the hang of, but they look much nicer than faux calligraphy. My favorite brush pens are Small Tombow Brush Pens (hard and soft tips).

Nibs: Nibs are typically used for a more traditional style of calligraphy. I don’t know much about these supplies, but I would recommend starting out with just a beginners nib kit.

Paint: Watercolors are also a great option for calligraphy. Just find a small brush and give it a shot.

There you have it! That’s pretty much all you need to know before jumping into calligraphy. I’m so excited that a lot of people seem to be interested in learning it and have a admiration for the art form. I’m just an amateur, but I hope I was able to help! Feel free to submit or message any of your practice or completed works. I would love to see your progress! It inspires me.

One last thing: If your art doesn’t have a purpose, people can tell. Be authentic. Express yourself through calligraphy. It’s much more wonderful that way.

Keep creating, everyone!


some dragons !

Royal thieves - dragons with a tendency to steal crystals and jewelry, mainly from royalty (though they’ll make do with what they have in a more modern/urban setting) come in mainly reddish or purple colors. capable of flight.

Sunbaskers - dragons who derive power from the sun. they’re able to channel the sun’s rays into heat beams and fire. their horns heat up the longer they bask, which they can use as a weapon or to help. come in mainly oranges and yellows. make good pets. capable of flight.

‘Sea monsters’ - a type of sea serpent commonly spotted and rumored to be sea monsters. rarely aggressive to humans, though they like to play tricks on them. they’re able to live in most bodies of water, though they prefer open ocean. all of these dragons are bioluminescent, for varying reasons. they are not capable of flight, but they can swim very fast. they’re hard to tame.

Fairy dragons - small (about the size of a dog) dragons with fragile, fluttery wings. for unknown reasons plants, especially vines and flowers, seem to be attracted to them, and are able to grow on the dragons’ scales. the healthier the dragon is, the more the plants will thrive and grow. the dragons are protective of their plants. picking a flower without them allowing it is an extreme offense, and will cause the dragon to become hostile. capable of flight. often found in gardens, and can be tamed with careful bonding.

“Why do you call him the Devil?” they asked.

“Because the morality you are presupposing by asking me that question does not exist in the old covenants of the witches, or in wild nature. He-she-they wanders drumming to ancient bones and singing flesh up from the well of our ancestors. The Devil is not a name, it is an idea, a powerful idea that reminds me that the culture we would try to appease by saying we do not dance with the Devil is the sick and evil one. The world is full of lies.”

“So you don’t like Christianity at all?”

“It’s not Christianity, or Christ; it’s the Church, it’s the doctrine of Original Sin, it’s an institution that says more than half of our species can’t be priests, that says I must confess my carnal realities to absolve them, that rapes the land and steals children… I trust the wise serpent who told me that Yahweh was lying.”

I offered an apple from the fruit-bowl between us and noticed the look of terror in their azure eyes.

“Eve ate of this and saw the truth… that the world around her, the walled-in prison that Yahweh had called paradise, was a lie… and then She had eyes to see, and walked into the wilderness…”

“There are no gates to Paradise,” we whispered together.

—  Fio Akheron

anonymous asked:

Whats your opinion on what Shannon Mather said recently about other studios stealing music/ideas and stuff? I really don't agree when she says "Also, if a direct competitor has used a song (original or not) out of respect do not use the same music. Let's establish boundaries and integrity in our industry." Studios are choreographing like 200 dances each they are bound to use the same song at some point!!

In my opinion music is music . We all have to pay as a studio (ascap etc) to use the music . We do. Not own music . However - I too work hard and have made my own versions of things and actually have used my own voice in songs . With those pieces no I don’t think another studio should just go online and use an MP3 converter and take the music. It has happened to me several times. Crazy enough my kids have been at a competition this season and another studio is using one of our songs and yep that’s me singing - they are like hey that’s miss Mandy’s voice lol . Most of the time with me - if you just call me I will email you my cut version of the song - but yes some songs I’m like no I’m sorry that is not for sale or release .

With people using same songs - you can not stop that . Again music is music and not one studio owns that song after using it. Again however me personally if I know a direct competitor did a killer routine to a certain song the last season I will stay away from it next year or so . That’s just me personally - I don’t want to use same song same version the very next season - why would I want to look like someone else from last season ? ;) but again this is all just my opinion and how I do things for me 💕

On finding out about Sonic Forces’ create-a-character mode; which is hilariously awesome as an idea and I hope it’s robust enough for a Monster Factory episode, I was reminded of my own idea for a Sonic game.

Basically, taking the idea of the “Original Character Do Not Steal” clonehogs, and making them in-universe knockoffs, made from copies of Gerald Robotnik’s plans for Shadow and unauthorized use of Sonic’s DNA, created to be used as weapons and then discarded by their various creators when they didn’t quite work out.

But somebody’s brought them together; to take their vengance on the society that discarded them; and they are pissed. And Shadow and Sonic have to team up once again to stop them.

The basic gameplay idea I’d have would be something like Crazy Taxi’s timer/speed-based objectives combined with Super Mario 64′s open-course structure; with accomplishing different goals in different orders altering the level (and the timer) in different ways.

The story’d be more like the Sonic Adventure/Sonic Adventure 2-style of mellodramatic earnest-ness; but with a more mature feeling (in the actual; not superficial sense) and an exploration of themes involving identity.

Boy oh boy do I hope Sonic Forces doesn’t step on that idea too much, because I’d adore to pitch it to Sega someday…

I’m not stupid, I can see the perfect opportunity for a beautiful mishalecki crop. Just please give me credit if you do crop

Okay y'all so here is the story. The plan was to have Jared hold the gummy bear (which was in the package, a cardboard back with a clear plastic vacuum pack over the gummy) over his head like he had stolen our candy (slightly adapted from the original idea) since he is always stealing candy while Misha and Jensen comforted us. Shocker, Jensen is the only one that completed his task lol. So we get up there and I explain the op as I’m holding the bear in my hands. Jared proceeds to snatch it out of my hands and then as we move to our sides I see Jared start tearing into the package. I start stammering about i, kinda stunned, didn’t expect him to hold it cause I didn’t want him to have to get all sticky lol. Well there was more packaging than there originally appeared so I stood there being held by Jensen (darn) for an eternity while Jared dug it out. We line up and I look over in time to see the bear hanging out of Jared’s mouth before I looked back for the picture. I couldn’t see what Misha was doing in the op until I got the op back. THEN, photo taken, end of story, right? Nope. Jared and Misha proceed to play tug o war with their teeth. Jared bites a piece off and then my friend had to hold the bear so Misha could bite his piece off. We are both kinda standing there not sure what to do. I anticipated taking the gummy with me cause we aren’t supposed to leave things with them. Next thing I know the 6'4" ten year old child has gotten his hands back on the gummy. He holds it by one end, eyeballs it then eyeballs Misha then swings it away and then halls off and hits Misha with it smack in the chest….hard. Like you could hear the smack and see the jiggle. Jensen is all “what the..” right before Jared turns and does the same to him. The security guy brings the packaging back, holding it out for Jared to set it back onto the clear packaging part. He was not anticipating what a five pound gummy bear felt like, nor was he anticipating Jared dropping it about a foot above where he was holding it. The bear crashed through the guys hands and everything fell onto the floor. My friend and I ran out in complete shock. Jared said at autos that it tasted disgusting. Jensen said Jared really did hit him as hard as it looked. And Chris told me at the end of Sunday while I was waiting for extra prints that they still had it and were throwing it around the green room and that Tim O was amazed by it.

anonymous asked:

When you post fanfiction do you worry about people stealing your work? How do you deal with that? I want to post stuff but im scared someone might steal my work.

Of course I do. I worry about people stealing all of my work, whether its professional or something that’s fandom related. Unfortunately, that’s just a risk you have to take when you post stuff online. The best you can do is mitigate the damage.

I have to be honest with you. I work (professionally) in a creative field, and one thing you gotta know is that when you post fanfics, you basically have zero legal protection for your stories. Even if the plot is yours, or you have OCs, if the IP you’re writing about isn’t in the public domain, you’re essentially up shit creek without a paddle.

A lot of IP holders tolerate non-commercial fanfiction because its (sort of) good for franchise-building, and building a fanbase. They also don’t have the time to go after the little guys - there’s too many of them, and its not profitable. But lets say you’re a fanfic writer, and someone steals your fic. What can you do? Honestly, not much. You can ask the admin of a particular site to take a story down, and if you’re popular enough you can wage an online campaign of public shaming, but that’s about it. You essentially sacrifice security for popularity, and you’ll just have to live with it. The way I deal with the risk is by compartmentalizing it. I also take several steps:

  • I don’t make PDFs of my work available for download. I also keep the list of places where I post my stories very short. It’s to control proliferation.
  • I focus on people who are taking my work for profit, not on small-time thieves seeking to prop up their egos. If I catch you posting my work without my permission, or claiming my work as your own, I will totally ream you for it, but I don’t go out of my way to hunt you down. The people to be feared are those who take you fanfics, remove the fandom elements, and publish the stories for profit in the professional realm. I should also clarify that I focus on straight-up plagiarism, not “plot theft.” I actually don’t have a huge problem with this, tbh. Which leads me to my next step:
  • I never tell people my plots before my stories are published. Even my beta readers don’t know them, and info is distributed on an a need-to-know basis. This is why I never give up spoilers. I also never use my best plots for my fanfics - that stuff goes into my original fiction, which I do have legal protections for. I should also clarify that my plots are pretty complex. A lot of the time when people complain about plot theft, its not actually theft - they’ve just written about a really generic premise in a very generic way.
  • I never use my best ideas for my fanfics. I know a lot of my readers love them, and I’m glad they do, but I gotta come clean and say that my best stories are my original ones. So like… I comfort myself by saying “if someone steals this story, at least its not the good stuff.” And lastly:
  • I have a pretty big reader base, and my subscriber list grows on a daily basis. Popularity isn’t everything, but if you have a lot of readers, chances are they’ll find someone stealing your work before you do. Sometimes they’ll not only warn you about it, they’ll defend you. My writing style is also pretty distinct? The style is easy to identify as mine, so its harder to duplicate without getting caught - same goes for my art.

So there you have it. That’s how I sleep at night. It’s not perfect, but it does wonders for my sanity. If you’re a beginner posting your stories, my best advice would be:

  • Understand that fanfiction is not the same as original fiction
  • Focus on the people pilfering your work for profit
  • Don’t post something that would kill you to lose, and
  • Understand that there are literally hundreds of thousands of other fanfic writers out there. Unless you get amass a huge reader base, chances are you won’t run into enough people to meet a plagiarizer.
The beauty of ideas is that they are like waves in the ocean and they connect with things that came before them, and I think it is very important to embrace things that interest you and influence you, and incorporate them into what you do, as all artists have always done. The ones that say they don’t, are lying. Or are afraid that their work won’t be seen as being original, somehow.