my original idea do not steal


One’s a small animal and one’s a massive, burning orb in space, but somehow they became good friends (this is my original sitcom idea copyright mothcub 2016, please do not steal).

“Why do you call him the Devil?” they asked.

“Because the morality you are presupposing by asking me that question does not exist in the old covenants of the witches, or in wild nature. He-she-they wanders drumming to ancient bones and singing flesh up from the well of our ancestors. The Devil is not a name, it is an idea, a powerful idea that reminds me that the culture we would try to appease by saying we do not dance with the Devil is the sick and evil one. The world is full of lies.”

“So you don’t like Christianity at all?”

“It’s not Christianity, or Christ; it’s the Church, it’s the doctrine of Original Sin, it’s an institution that says more than half of our species can’t be priests, that says I must confess my carnal realities to absolve them, that rapes the land and steals children… I trust the wise serpent who told me that Yahweh was lying.”

I offered an apple from the fruit-bowl between us and noticed the look of terror in their azure eyes.

“Eve ate of this and saw the truth… that the world around her, the walled-in prison that Yahweh had called paradise, was a lie… and then She had eyes to see, and walked into the wilderness…”

“There are no gates to Paradise,” we whispered together.

—  Fio Akheron


      You do not lie and steal to gain “cool” ideas.

      You do not cry victim when someone talks to you like and adult in private, NOR do you drop that shit into public eye to try and gain favor.

       You do not take clear ideas people are using and try to make them your own, that is not original creation, that IS theft.If you wish to use something akin to what someone has ASK them, and be able to accept no.

       Toxicity doesn’t mean what you think it does. Please learn your terms before you use them like the adult you try to be.

        Do not pretend to like someone or have some fake issue to gain pity. NOR should you run your mouth then when asked about it act like it doesn’t exist. The truth exists.

       If the above points don’t make sense to you, perhaps the problem is, in fact you.

And I’m leaving this off read more because the event that caused this straw to break is not just a one time instance. No this isn’t Fairy Tail related but it still hits close to home because I was a part of this lat one point. so feel free to unfollow if it makes you uncomfortable but I’m sick of biting my tongue.

Case Of The Ex: Part Three of Three

Ugh.This dissolved away from the original idea which was: an encounter between the Geckos & Kate and Vanessa Styles. That being said, I don’t hate this. It just got off topic. This is definitely SethKate Trash, but I think it’s pretty cute. 

Love to my Loves

Kate closed her eyes and leaned her head back against the edge of the hot tub. The nicest part about this con, was the fact that they were staying at the resort and management had upgraded them to a suite; a really, nice suite, complete with a private hot tub on the patio and an ocean view. She shooed Richie out of the room, knowing he needed to feed before they ran the job tomorrow. She had felt so good about this job, before meeting Vanessa and seeing Seth see her. She’d felt so confident: the manager eating out of her hand, the ease they’d gotten all the info and the way she and Seth…

“Really? How old are you, sweetie?” Vanessa’s voice echoed in her ears.

Ugh. Kate rubbed her temples. She knew Seth was married before, but she never thought she’d meet the infamous Vanessa. And Vanessa was freaking perfect, with her contrasting dark-hair and blue eyes, plus she was tight and curvy in ways that Kate just wasn’t. Vanessa was exotic and Kate was just the girl-next-door. She couldn’t hold a candle to the older woman.

Kate reached for the wine that she’d been drinking, the bottle was cold, sweat running down the glass. She felt a warm hand cover hers, stopping her from lifting the bottle.

“You might want to slow down there, Princess. We’ve got an early call-time tomorrow.” Seth looked amused, less stressed then she expected him to be.

“Nine isn’t that early and it’s just breakfast. Richie’s doing the real work.” She countered, but released the bottle. “I’ll be fine.”

“I’ll grab you some water. You don’t ‘hangover’ well.”

She listened to him walk back into the room and rummage through the mini-fridge. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Tehachapi.” Seth answered back simply.

“The little bank? The one where we found the hard cider mill the night before?” She questioned.

Seth handed her the cool bottle of water and set on the edge of the hot tub. “Yes, that one, when the teller got uppity you told Richie that he should eat her and he started laughing. That whole bit, for the non-culebra informed, sounds kinda rape-y or really twisted. We don’t need that kind of reputation.” He’d lost his suit jacket and tie, leaving him in just the light blue button-up and tan dress slacks. Neither of the boys had been happy about the change-up from their normal dark suits, but when in Rome.

Kate rolled her eyes and took a long drink from the bottle. “’Cause we’ve got such a good reputation to uphold.”

“Yeah, well…” Seth looked out over the ocean and then down at her.

She squirmed under his gaze, she’d been in next to nothing the whole week, but she didn’t feel confident anymore. “So how is your…I mean, how’s Vanessa.”

He sighed and tucked a loose lock of hair behind her ear. “She’s leaving tomorrow. Not gonna cause us any trouble.”

Kate looked away from him and bit down on her lower lip, “She’s really pretty.”

“She was never hard on the eyes, but…” Seth cleared his throat, and grabbed her hand. “Don’t worry about her, really. She’s nothing I’m thinking about.” He ran his thumb over her knuckles, “You trying to tell me something?”

“Huh?” Kate looked up confused.

“No ring.” He tapped her ring finger. “You’ll need to put it back on, I mean, at least by tomorrow, when we’re outside the room.”

“Oh, I took it off when I washed my hands, musta left it on the sink. I’ll grab it in a minute, when I get out.” She winked at him, “unless you want to go get it for me.”

His expression was unreadable for a moment, and she couldn’t figure out what she said that was so confusing. Suddenly he jumped into the hot tub with her, one knee on either side of her pinning her in place. He hadn’t bothered to take off his clothes and he leaned into her space, gripping onto her hand. “You want your ring back?”

She nodded; mouth suddenly dry as she looked into his darkened eyes. What was happening right now?

He held up the ring in his other hand, the twin diamonds reflecting the light in their artistic setting. He must have grabbed it before he came out onto the patio. He bumped his nose against hers. “I asked you a question, Baby-girl.”

He angled his face and kissed her cheek, before giving her an uncharacteristically gentle kiss on her lips. He pulled back only enough so he could look into her eyes. His expression was so open, but so ready for rejection. Why on earth would he be thinking that she’d reject him? He was just giving her the ring back for the con. Wasn’t he?

He kissed her again, drawing her out of her thoughts. “You gonna just leave me hanging?” He smiled at her running a finger down her ring finger.

She cleared her throat, “Who’s asking me about that ring?” She started unbuttoning his shirt, slowly her eyes never leaving his. “My fiancé that you’ve been playing or…” She untucked his shirt, awkward to do so with only one hand. Seth’s eyes drifted closed as her fingers found his hipbone. “or is Seth Gecko asking Kate?”

He pressed his forward against hers, brushing the ring over the tip of her finger; when had he gotten that ring into his other hand? He ran his thumb over her cheek, “Katelynn Fuller, do you want your ring back? I stole this for you. And I’m the one asking: do you want it back?” His grin was manic, she could feel happiness radiating off of him, as he slid the ring back onto her finger.

“Seth Gecko, closet romantic.” She cupped his face with her hands. “Thank you for giving me my ring back and thank you for stealing it from me, but I hope you know, you’re never getting it back.”

He kissed her hard and fast this time, hands tangling into his hair. “Good; you keep it. It’ll look good next to the heart you stole.” He tossed off his shirt and switched their positions, sitting on the bench and pulling her onto his lap. “Where’s Richie?” He groaned into her mouth as she ground her hips down on him.

“Dinner.” She gasped back, as he ran a hand up her back, tugging at tie of her bikini.


phil: *spends long amount of time making a video thats creative and original*
other youtuber: *steals idea and turns it into a tag*
dan: I, as an artist who respects creative integrity and intellectual property, I am disgusted at how much you have copied my husband, from the hair to the suit, do you not have ANY value or respect for originality??? You’re a laughing stock. It’s cheesy, it’s disgusting, I personally find it artistically atrocious.

anonymous asked:

Do you ever stop and realise that you're writing fanfiction? So you're stealing someone else's characters, someone else's universe? You're using something that someone else created? Yet you accuse someone else of plagiarism because the idea of the story line was similar. There's plenty of stories that look the same. There's plenty of dialogue that seems the same. Because you're writing about a character with a particular personality. Which you didn't create.

Dialogue is original. Storyline is original. I never said anyone stole my fucking characters did I, you dumb cunt? But whatever dialogue and plot you read in a fanfiction work is someone’s original creation, and I never said that shit was similar IT WAS PLAGIARIZED SHE ADMITTED TO COPYING CERTAIN LINES. That’s plagiarism. Stop being a scared little bitch, and post this shit as yourself instead of under anon. Or better yet see yourself away from my tumblr. If you can’t respect that hard work and creativity that goes into writing any story, including one of fanfiction, and appreciate the fact that no one ever claims to own the fucking characters because the fact that it is titled FANFICTION makes it abundantly clear that the characters are ones which already have a fan base, then you shouldn’t be following any fanfic writers or reading their artwork. You’re a cowardly little asshole who obviously has no creativity his/herself or else you’d understand how hurtful it is to see someone steal something that you’ve created. GET THE FUCK OFF OF MY TUMBLR IF YOU DONT AGREE WITH ME OR LIKE THE SHIT I FUCKING SAY. You’re a prime example of what’s wrong with society: You won’t stop looking at shit that you don’t like, but you whine and cry when you inevitably don’t like it. Go read her STOLEN shit, or maybe you are her, if that’s the case go “write” some more STOLEN shit, and get the fuck off of my blog. Idiotic piece of trash.

kamilasanspai  asked:

There are many copys of Undertale, Mostly steal Undertales glory and that is annoying-- But, i can see where your getting that from QvQ Honestly, i think it would be a great idea to do original stuff! Go for it! OvO

Aw! Thank you!
It’s just that I been working on my idea since I was young, and I had a partner working with me as well.
I only hold him all the details and ideas, and he thinks he’s pretty cool and something that no one heard before ^^

I’m not stupid, I can see the perfect opportunity for a beautiful mishalecki crop. Just please give me credit if you do crop

Okay y'all so here is the story. The plan was to have Jared hold the gummy bear (which was in the package, a cardboard back with a clear plastic vacuum pack over the gummy) over his head like he had stolen our candy (slightly adapted from the original idea) since he is always stealing candy while Misha and Jensen comforted us. Shocker, Jensen is the only one that completed his task lol. So we get up there and I explain the op as I’m holding the bear in my hands. Jared proceeds to snatch it out of my hands and then as we move to our sides I see Jared start tearing into the package. I start stammering about i, kinda stunned, didn’t expect him to hold it cause I didn’t want him to have to get all sticky lol. Well there was more packaging than there originally appeared so I stood there being held by Jensen (darn) for an eternity while Jared dug it out. We line up and I look over in time to see the bear hanging out of Jared’s mouth before I looked back for the picture. I couldn’t see what Misha was doing in the op until I got the op back. THEN, photo taken, end of story, right? Nope. Jared and Misha proceed to play tug o war with their teeth. Jared bites a piece off and then my friend had to hold the bear so Misha could bite his piece off. We are both kinda standing there not sure what to do. I anticipated taking the gummy with me cause we aren’t supposed to leave things with them. Next thing I know the 6'4" ten year old child has gotten his hands back on the gummy. He holds it by one end, eyeballs it then eyeballs Misha then swings it away and then halls off and hits Misha with it smack in the chest….hard. Like you could hear the smack and see the jiggle. Jensen is all “what the..” right before Jared turns and does the same to him. The security guy brings the packaging back, holding it out for Jared to set it back onto the clear packaging part. He was not anticipating what a five pound gummy bear felt like, nor was he anticipating Jared dropping it about a foot above where he was holding it. The bear crashed through the guys hands and everything fell onto the floor. My friend and I ran out in complete shock. Jared said at autos that it tasted disgusting. Jensen said Jared really did hit him as hard as it looked. And Chris told me at the end of Sunday while I was waiting for extra prints that they still had it and were throwing it around the green room and that Tim O was amazed by it.

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okay so if the Gangsey was in the Dragon Age world, what would their races/classes be?

oh shit i love this omg

okay for the sake of the fact that im tired, we’re gonna go with the basis that they’re all human unless stated otherwise. i am very tired so im gonna dedicate my energy to their classes omg

also im basing this all around origins and off the idea that they’re becoming grey wardens

this is going under the cut bc this got super long. under the cut is classes, slight backstories, and outcomes of the blight

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“Total Eclipse (Venus)” by Brooke Hernando/Dixxie Mae Graphics, 2016.

This was based off of a solid shape, silhouette, neon idea (from when I had done the Hotline Miami/Sailor Moon crossover). The idea behind the text was from the old, original Toonami bumpers, when Moltar would introduce the show. In one bumper he used the phrase [song title] “total eclipse of the heart” for the Sailor Moon intro, so it had put this image in my head.

Do not steal or use without permission and credit.

what do you think it was like when ryland pitched the idea of guy ripley for the first time
  • ryland: guys ok so like... what if. i interviewed you all
  • tai + the rest of cobra: ok... nice.....
  • ryland: BUT.
  • tai + cobra: ????
  • ryland: i do it as a really weird and unfortunate english bbc reporter.
  • tai/cs:
  • ryland: and we all act like he and i are completely separate people and that we're not related it all
  • tai/cs:
  • ryland: his name is guy ripley and i've been working on his backstory and mannerisms since freshman year he's my Original Character Do Not Steal. goddammit guys i promise the kids will love it
Original Content PSA

Alright, y’all, I think it’s time for good ol Moon here to give you a lowdown of a lesson I’ve said time and time again to my bros.


Y’gotta AU that you wanna do that to do SO BADLY, but you find out that someone else has been doing it? DO IT ANYWAY.

Is there a cool concept that you have (ie. Sans’ Blaster weapons) that you’ve been planning but then find out that SOMEONE ELSE has been using it? DO IT ANYWAY!

Even if the concept is the same principal, there will still be something about it that straight up says YOU.

But when it STARTS being NOT okay…


There is a 99-100% chance that they didn’t know that you didn’t see their art and concept, and they thought of it as well! It is just overall saddening to see such hate in regards to ideas (or anything in general, but let’s stay on the subject here).Oh believe me, I’ve been on the other end, thinking of a concept that I found out was released before I even had the CHANCE to release it. I KNOW the frustration, but attacking the person who “stole” the idea is certainly no way to go.

Same thing goes to the bigwigs in the fandom: if someone thought of something similar, don’t accuse them of stealing. That discourages them GREATLY, especially if they’re artists who are still trying to learn. Chances are, they were inspired by you, and imitation is the highest form of flattery.

But remember: there is a difference between imitation and straight up plagarizing.

We’re trying to make a positive community, not a negative one, and if I can find some way to lessen the negativity, then I will start right here.

We have been accused of stealing something, HOWEVER, the situation’s been calmly dealt with, thankfully. Just keep a cool head, be the better person and talk it out, and if that doesn’t work and they get aggressive….

Block em.

The option’s there for a reason, my friends.

So once again: No idea is original anymore, you do you even if it’s been done already, but when it starts being unacceptable is when you start attacking and accusing someone for “stealing”. So please…don’t attack someone. Not only does it hurt them, it hurts you. They didn’t steal anything.

Unless they just straight up plagarized you, art, idea and all. THEN that’s a whooooole different issue!
A Time With No History - LittleMissLiesmith - Gravity Falls [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Dipper and Mabel Pines, the adopted child of the Professor, were just gonna go exploring in the woods while their caretaker was at a science fair. They get a lot more than they bargained for. Gravity Falls Beauty and the Beast AU, based on artsycrapfromsai’s Beauty and the Beast AU

Woo! I’m actually doing this in a timely fashion because if I wait any longer I’ll start stealing everyone else’s ideas and I don’t wanna do that. Some people can write original stuff when other people are doing the same idea; I am not that excellent.

All credit to @artsycrapfromsai / @saisai-chan‘s excellent AU, go bug them about it! It probably won’t end up EXACTLY as they have it, for various reasons (most of them that the original movie is near and dear to my heart, and I want to keep some scenes from it; also, logical reasons involving Soos and Wendy) but I will TRY!

Title is, uh, an EXTREMELY working title. As in, it’s extremely bad, and I’m working on it.