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*whispers* could this be,,,,,,,,,character development i see ??


The final scene of Book 3- as it should have been!


I made an Oni character at the beginning of the semester for doodles and giggles and he ended up becoming a crying, sweating, sassy little Japanese demon who has the Biggest Crush on Oberon the Fairy King who he wants to devour and marry at the same time. I’ve had small doodles of Oberon but I didn’t really design and name him until recently (Oni’s name is just.. Oni)

          hello  !     it’s your girl axis here with a not so new original character by the name of mizuna.     she’s known as  HOSHI NO MEGAMI  ,  or the goddess of stars  ,  &  she is what is known as a  GHOST  DEITY  ,  or deity that is no longer believed in.     she has lost all her power as a goddess  ,  &  sought to regain prayers  ,  so she began killing well known deity so that her name would become known again.     she is a highkey menace  ,  lowkey real mean  ,  but she makes killer jokes  !    
            so  ,  if you would like to interact with a  FANDOMLESS  ORIGINAL  CHARACTER  ,  would you please reblog  &  or like   (   the first is preferred, but i won’t judge ya if ya don’t want to   )   so i can check out your blog  &  potentially get some interactions  ?


Ren has no chill. Ren stopped thinking at “accident”.
Inks and colours by me, editing @kromitar (they made this look so good)!

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