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I’m still shipping Caryl …

I’m just taking a break from stuff and things … I dont ship Carol and MY KING, just because I love Khary and Melissa pics. And let me tell you something, I respect everybodys opinion and every single caryler have my heart and love, but shipping caryl doesn’t mean that I need to love Reedus, ok?

I dont hate him or anything, I’m just not a fan. For me he is the guy that plays Daryl and I DO LOVE DARYL 


I say this because I lost people for that and I got some nasty anons telling me that I’m not a good shipper… Ok 

5 years of my life, supporting this ship is not a good shipper, then what it is?

Saying this, you guys are free to unfollow me. I’ll understand but you need to understand too, that I’m done to pretending that I like something or someone that I dont

Favorite Superheroes [TMNT]

Leo- Captain America

You know Honor Boy is gonna love him some Cap. He loves any superhero that fights for truth, justice, and the right thing. He admires the Captain in a way, almost like he does with his father. But, boy was he mad when Marvel announced that Cap was Hydra. That was the maddest his brothers had ever seen him. (I feel like Leo would also like the fact that Steve’s from Brooklyn. Just Saying.)  

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Raph- Batman

Oh, Raphie and his Batman.He loves Batman. He loves the way he handles villains (beating the crap out of them, hurting them, etc.), but also loves the way he does it for the right cause. Sometimes he likes to pretend he is Batman. That’s where we get his, “Batman Voice” from. (He also has a small crush on Harley Quinn, but don’t tell anyone!) 

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Donnie- Starfire

Alien? Check. Bad-ass powers? Check. Intelligent? Check. Redhead? Check. Basically, Donnie loves Starfire. If he had a second favorite superhero, it would be Cyborg, but the red hair, man, he’s sold. He also ships Robstar, alllooooot. I think this ship is how he found Tumblr and started writing secret fanfic.  

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Mikey- Spiderman

Mikey watched the 60′s Spiderman cartoons when he was younger, and it kind of stuck with him. He loves Spidey’s corny jokes and definitely loved the costume. He likes all of the adaptations of Spiderman (Even the Tobey Maguire Version) but absolutely loves the Tom Holland version. (He definitely supports Zendaya as Mary-Jane Watson, BTW)   

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April- Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel, a teenager that got strange powers one night and ends up meeting new friends and teaming up with them, while learning to control her abilities and still make good grades and go to school. April can relate. Though, there not exactly the same, April can relate Kamala Khan in many ways, and loves that she is different from many other female superheroes.

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Casey- Punisher

Hmm… A vigilante with a love of weapons, the color black, and has a skull in his costume? Am I even talking about Punisher any more or am I talking about Casey? Either way, Casey loves the Punisher. He loves how Frank is taking action into his own hands and actually taking down the baddies. Sounds like something Case would do if it wasn’t for April stopping him. 

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"pushing someone to make more meaningful works and less stereotypical art" They'll grow out of that on their own or with constructive criticism. No offense but your "criticism" just makes a lot of people want to give up. I don't even have a su art style and i didn't draw for a few days one time because i was too scared my art style was one you would think is stereotypical and boring. (subconsciously, I didn't not draw on purpose) maybe try being nice and constructive

Then dont take what i say to heart bro it’s some kid’s opinion it shouldnt affect you so much if you’re so sure you’re doing what you believe is right for you. Everyone goes at their own pace i understand that and i keep reiterating that my criticism on stuff is JUST AN OPINION it’s not a command or rule to follow unless you want to think of it as such.

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Hi! I was wondering what do you think would be the big differrences for BTS between a.) dating an older girl and b.) dating a younger girl? Ty ^^ i love your blog so much :)

Ahh, this one got lost among other messages, sorry~ I meant to respond sooner, but here we go!

If Seokjin were to date someone older, it might be a bit strange to him at first. He’s probably gotten used to being the oldest in a group of people, and he loves to dote on people. So if he dated someone older than him, he might worry in the beginning of the relationship about being doting vs being condescending. That might make it hard for the relationship to start, but once he’d gotten over that, them being older wouldn’t bother him at all. He just might be more inclined to date someone younger than him just because he could be doting from the beginning, which would make him less awkward about his flirting initially.

Yoongi has stated in multiple interviews and things of the sort that he doesn’t care about age or appearance or anything like that. As long as the person he is dating can either have a conversation with him about the things he loves or at least listen and try to understand what he’s talking about, then he won’t care what age they are. Sure, he’d like for them to be mature, but the actual age of the person wouldn’t matter, so long as they didn’t act like a child or throw tantrums when he wasn’t able to give them what they wanted. He also wouldn’t want them to be condescending about being older, though he would roll his eyes at a few jokes about it here and there.

Hoseok probably wouldn’t care what age his s/o was, and it wouldn’t really play a factor in how likely he was to date someone. However, if he was dating someone older than him, he might try to be a bit more mature around them, though he’d still constantly be playful. He’d also chose to rely on them more than he would if he was dating someone younger, and he’d try to be more open with them. If he was dating someone younger, he’d be more playful with them, though he’d be mature when the situation called for it. And he would want them to rely on him more if they were younger than him, though that doesn’t mean that he won’t rely on them when he needs support or comfort.

Namjoon’s going to be the dominant one the the relationship no matter what, so age doesn’t matter much to him. He’s the leader of a group in which three members are older than him (Hoseok only by a few months, so not his Hyung, but still) and he’s still able to take charge and make sure they’re doing what’s best for the group. He’ll be the same way in a relationship, though he’ll probably be a bit more kinky cocky playful. If he was dating someone older than him, he’d probably end up finding a lot more enjoyment out of being dominant with them, and if that person were to scold him for not being polite while in public, he’d be sure to scold them in private. And, of course, if the person he was dating was younger, he wouldn’t hesitate to be dominant both in private and in public, though~

Jimin would probably take age into consideration when choosing who to date, but only because I feel like he’d like a different type of personality depending on the person’s age. If they were older, he’d want someone that wouldn’t mind him teasing them almost constantly, refusing to answer if they didn’t call him Oppa or bugging them while they’re trying to work or sleep. If they were younger, he’d want someone that would know how to tease him, refusing to call him Oppa unless he did what they were asking him to do or pushing him away if he tried bugging them while they were working or sleeping.

Taehyung wouldn’t really care about age as long as the person he was dating was somewhat close in age to him. No matter what their age was, he was going to continue to act the way he has always acted, and if they expected him to act more mature all the time because they were older then that would be the problem, not the fact that they were older. But he would treat his s/o the same no matter what their age was; he would be doting and sweet one minute and teasing the next, and he would want his s/o to act the same, no matter if they were older or younger.

Jungkook would probably prefer to date someone older than him, or someone his own age, but I doubt he would turn someone down just because they were younger than him, well, aside from the fact that he’s just now an adult and anyone younger would be a minor. He is always very respectful when meeting people that are older than him, and I feel like he would want to date someone that he respected or looked up to. Of course, they’d have to not mind his occasional childish behavior, but he would inevitably want them to help him become more mature. Plus, having someone older than him call him Oppa would make him smile wider than it should. But like I think he’d enjoy dating someone that was younger just so that he was no longer the youngest of the group and the boys had someone else to tease bc lets be honest if youre dating any of the members youre pmuch dating the band too like they’re gonna flirt with you 24/7 just to annoy their band mate ahaha xP

Well, this turned out to be longer than I planned… ahaha, sorry~ I hope this answers your question and isn’t too long-winded ^-^

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Okay so! Ive got a LOTTA bit to tell you guys.. (and maybe to Jack and Mark too if they see this at all.. highly doubt it..)

Ive added the keep reading so i dont think you guys can take a peek of it on mobile. Its fairly long, so i wanna spare you guys the agony of scrolling through my opinion once more..

My heart is going to be poured out.. so this will be sad.. read with caution.


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why can't women of other races not be part of the natural hair movement? not asking to be rude, really curious on your opinion. I understand the social and racial implications of natural black hair and have studied it fairly extensively, but as a latina woman with very curly hair who has also had her hair permed straight because of mockery by society and individuals telling me my hair was "too wild" and my "afro" needed to be cut (i dont have an afro just big & curly)

sorry babe

you can’t sit with us.

 good try tho don’t take it to heart but you wasn’t with us picking in the field nor getting whooped by massa

kishimoto poured his heart an soul into this series and all some of you can say is “but why didnt ___ get with ___ this is ridiculous because _____” and some of you are taking the time to send him hate directly like???????????????dont???????????

he spent 15 years working so hard on this and all he’s getting is some bitter ass shippers mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm