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I’m disappointed in Taewoon. He wanted to call out vernon on the 1vs1 challenge. Yet I’m sitting here thinking

“How are you gonna get your name out and be a good example for zico when you out here battling someone weak just to advance to the next round like ???!?!?!?!? Baby S T O P”

“Cheating” or taking the “easy way out” will never get you to your goal fully. Seriously I love Taewoon & Zico, but taewoon’s choice was a bad one, it made me feel like he had no confidence in himself.

I really wanna see Taewoon reach his goal and to live an eased life, free from “zico’s brother/hyung” chained around his neck.

And I loved how Zico commented how taewoon didn’t do good as he normally does because I know I wasn’t the only one thinking that he wasn’t his “true” self while rapping. That and it gives light that taewoon really needs to step his game up because these contestants are really no joke and shouldn’t be taken lightly of.

I also felt like the moment Tablo voiced out how he wanted Andup & Vernon to battle it out, the smtm staff made Andup first knowing he’ll automatically choose Vernon. (Thats how I saw it)

And about Vernon, I feel he’ll get eliminated in the next round. Vernon could of promote his group in another way instead of doing smtm to be honest. Like tablo said, there are idols who are good at rapping and excel over other rappers, but I feel that smtm isnt a program to take into consideration as “fun” and isnt one for vernon.

maybe I’m just imagining things but for some reason i found out that juvia and laxus is actually quite close, like juvia is not afraid of him, instead she mentioned about laxus very casually??

i mean eventhough he’s not the same old laxus but for some reason i can actually see that laxus is pretty distant..


i mean im totally ok with laxus and juvia being all sister brother i mean im-

i’ll stop talking now

its just my opinion after all

My opinion on this whole thing is that Neymar is like any other human being… He deserves to have fun and enjoy the time he has with his family and friends at his own private party. Just because he is drunk or whatever doesn’t mean he is a bad role model.. How many people get drunk or have a good time at a party? its not like he was doing anything wrong in the video anyway? it’s the girl who posted the video who is in the wrong simple.

I don’t get how people compare Austin and Becky to Justin and Selena’s relationship?
It’s like saying every single relationship out there is the same as Justin and Selena’s…
Austin and Becky are just having a good time being together, making music, being young and enjoying each other’s company etc etc, they aren’t trying to copy anyone, they’re in a normal relationship and what they do is what every couple does.
So leave them alone and go on with your own lives, instead of comparing them to everyone else.

  • aries:sun-kissed skin, bouncy trampolines
  • taurus:juicy watermelon, swaying in hammocks
  • gemini:tandem bicycles, bright fireworks
  • cancer:collecting sea shells, dazzling tree houses
  • leo:lively bonfires, turquoise swimming pools
  • virgo:tall sunflowers, making cold smoothies
  • libra:lemonade stands, cute lifeguards
  • scorpio:rooftop stargazing, glowing fireflies
  • sagittarius:vibrant sidewalk chalk, busy water parks
  • capricorn:ice cream trucks, quiet boardwalks
  • aquarius:colorful water balloons, late movie nights
  • pisces:fluttering butterflies, constructing sand castles

Can we please end this?
I HATE seeing posts like this…
2. Considering the career paths of these women and how they are completely different… This comparison is stupid.
3. You want to directly compare Lauryn to someone famous right now? Let’s talk about Nicki Minaj who has the same skills. Let’s talk about Beyoncé. Let’s talk about Rihanna.
4. Artists/celebs that don’t tend to “cover up” constantly bother you? Ok.
Listen to:
Janelle Monae
Jhene Aiko
Women are being openly sexual and taking control of their bodies and success instead of bowing down to sexism. I’m here for it!


you may not agree with the Supreme Court ruling today, but many do. people gained LIFE today. people FOUND STRENGTH today. people RECEIVED HOPE today. people get to marry WHOMEVER THEY LOVE today. that sounds pretty great right? abunch of amazing things for humanity happening today and not once did I mention the word “gay”. it’s not that I believe that being gay is right, but I don’t believe it isn’t right. my outtake on relationships is marry who makes you happy, makes you feel important, and loves you for who you are. if that happens to be a girl or a boy then who cares. im a Christian and that by NO MEANS means that I hate LGBT. my religion says man and woman and that’s what I believe is right, so that makes being LGBT a sin. people sin everyday, no big deal. the BIBLE SAYS that every sin is equal in God’s eyes. so that means murder is as easily forgiven as lying. so lying is EQUAL to being “gay”. being gay isn’t wrong, it makes people happy and there is absolutely no way anyone can possibly tell me that being happy is wrong. there is no reason to hate someone because of ONE life decision. ONE CHOICE does not send you to hell. ONE CHOICE is ONE CHOICE and I LOVE the people standing up for their decision because if it was me, and it was something in my heart that I thought was right I would have done the same thing. don’t hate today, don’t hate others. today is about equality for all, embrace it. love has won.

The signs how i personally know them

Aries: They are the ones who love anime and stuff like doctor who, really easy to get along with them. They really appriciate when someone is there for them and understands them and extremely affectionate towards you if you are that person.

Taurus: They are super cute but they can put up a really innocent show yet i know they aren’t at all that innocent. I can’t help but think these guys are often feeling one thing and showing another so i have to say they use their eyes a lot to communicate the truth.

Gemini: Super talkative and know ALL the gossip and by that i mean ALL even if they don’t share it with you its evident they know. They have trouble expressing their feelings and try to make them sound logical (when sometimes they aren’t!) They give super good and practical advice.

Cancer: Touchy, touchy touchy people! i swear to god they are really touchy when they talk to you and don’t even get me started on when they get hyper. Super sweet though and get really happy over the small things in life. However they do have some mood swings.

Leo: Dramatic little cute little things! They always show so much love to friends and family and their willingness to make everyone happy is super adorable. Okay they have pride which once harmed their anger is scary and just makes you angry too.

Virgo: WHY DO YOU ARGUE WITH ME SO MUCH YET YOU LOVE ME?! Okay i love virgos and they love me but we always always argue like ill say i love someones hair and they will just totally disagree and we start to argue. Always trying to make others laugh (sometimes trying a bit too hard) and notice the small little things i love and do

Libra: Most libras i know are like super pretty/handsome and they totally know it! They love dressing up and try to be their for me when im down. They never fail to make me smile and easily talk about what they think of others.

Scorpio: The ones i know are clumsy little things that laugh way to much and give death stares to everyone and anyone they dislike the slightest. Extremely passionate and get really hyper and happy talking about certain things… usally judging people.

Sagittarius: Little fluff balls who i love and instantly get along with and most of them wouldn’t like me calling them a fluff ball… Easily get moody and angry and protective over other people they love or people they see as vunrable.Way more deep thinking and feeling than they look or show at first meeting.

Capricorn: I CAN TELL YOUR UPSET OKAY. These lot always try to hide how they feel i mean omg like dude i know you too well i don’t care if others don’t understand you i do so stop looking like someone slapped you across the face. They give good advice and often being quiet simple (to me) and sweet.

Aquarius: The ones i know are good looking okay. They look like they will be quiet and normal but then you see them with their friends or deep in thought doing the most weirdest things ever. They talk in such a way that makes me feel relaxed and often are sporty (or have an interest in at least one)

Pisces: They’re obbsessed with youtubers and are super supportive. They look quiet but then don’t shutup once you start talking to them. I have to say they are super cute and fluffy like they are evil and cheeky and all that but YOU STILL SEEM LIKE A LITTLE BABY TO ME TRYING TO KILL THAT BIRD OKAY.

I Will Defend Nicki Minaj as a Role Model ‘til the End

People laugh when I say this or when I mention at all how she’s a good person to listen to in general. When I say, “You want to talk good role models in the public eye.. Nicki Minaj.” People argue with me about how wrong I am. They bring up her music…her videos…the way she dresses or looks, (which stop there…you need to sit your ass down on judging by appearances).

Shut.The Fuck. Up.

Seriously, are you that ignorant?

Okay, first off, we’re talking about her AS A ROLE MODEL. Therefor, if you:

  • Do not like her music so you think she’s a bad person…
  • Do not like her appearance from the way she looks to the way she dresses so you think she’s a bad person… 

…or anything of this nature: Get out of here, you’re a moron. If your personal preference of her is what makes you think she’s not a good role model, you don’t need to be giving your thoughts. Just go. None of that is relevant to her being a good or bad role model. Buh-bye.

Next, actually do your research. Look at her interviews and what she has to say. LISTEN to her words and take them in FULLY. She promotes being a boss. She promotes controlling your own life and not caring what anyone else says. She’s all about the confidence in her body which in turn is seen by other women and shows them that it’s good to love your body. 

But she’s bad for young girls…
NO. Shut your speakhole. She is an entertainer. HER JOB IS TO GET NOTICED AND STAY NOTICED. Let me just throw that out there because for some reason people don’t seem to grasp that. Here’s a fun fact though… She’s not a fucking children’s entertainer. She’s not moonlighting the Disney network singing songs to make your kids happy and keep them distracted while you do whatever it is you do that prevents you from shielding them from “bad influences” in the world. You know what else? She will straight up tell you this. She has mentioned before that her music isn’t for children and that she wouldn’t want children listening to it, (or at least not the explicit versions)…because she knows it’s not kid friendly. So maybe instead of bitching that she’s bad for your younglings, maybe you could be a grown up and actual parent your kids to either not watch entertainment that you deem bad for them or teach them about the messages she might set in her music or whatever she’s out doing, (hopefully in a healthy manner). She’s known for promoting youth to stay in school and telling them how important it is to have an education. 

You can dislike her career. It is allowed to not be your cup of tea and that is fine, but to make claims that shes an awful influence is ridiculous. Do your homework.


Sometimes I look at Louis and I see the strongest person ever, someone with confidence and charisma and a voice that can literally heal a broken heart.  I see someone who knows his worth and value…sometimes I look at Louis and I see magic, someone who’s just got magic all in his veins.  

Most often though I look at Louis and I see the guy who has the weight of the world on his shoulders, the one who took the blunt end of the last almost 5 years from Modest to shield the other boys from it.  I see the boy who went through media training and at the end of it lost a bit of what made him…him.  I don’t think it’s something that’s gone forever, but something we see less of, something we didn’t see hardly at all until recently, something people tried to strip him of…his innocence, his passion, the mannerisms that made Louis the sweet sweet boy that he is.  I think it’s something that Harry still brings out in him, something we see when he jokes with Liam or banters with Niall, but something that they definitely dulled, his shine…his brilliance.  I look at Louis and I see a boy who’s been mind fucked, someone who was probably told that who he is just isn’t good enough, that who he is is wrong, that his soul wasn’t right because of the things or people he loved…and it breaks my heart for him.

I don’t think Louis is miserable, when he goes out and parties I think he has fun, there are definitely differences between when he goes out with his friends vs when he goes out for PR, but I think he’s a generally happy guy.  I think as of late we’ve seen his smile more again, the one that makes his eyes crinkle up, and I think it’s genuine…I think it’s real.  In the same breath I think he’s scared, I think he’s been scared and he still is…I think he is head over heels brutally in love with Harry.  I think he’s been in love with Harry before he knew how powerful love could even be.  I think he loves Harry more than he ever anticipated loving anyone and I think it gives him strength and makes him weak all at one time, and when I look at Louis and Harry in their youth, God you can see it…you can physically see it on them.  You can look in their eyes and see love, look at them together and feel their chemistry, and now you look at them and you see it still, the love, the chemistry…but it’s foggy, muddy, a little less vibrant.  The reason for that kills me, it kills me because I think it’s the same reason that makes Louis scared; I believe they were told that they were less because they love each other.  I believe they were made to be convinced that loving each other was wrong and horrible and it would hurt their image, their band, and I believe they knew exactly what to say to keep Louis from striving to showcase his love because his desire to protect his band, his brothers, would out weigh his desire to be happy in his own heart.

I look at Louis and I see someone who deserves all the love in the world, and I know he gets it.  I am fully convinced that Harry loves Louis a hundred times over, I think he kisses every inch of his skin and tells him that he’s beautiful.  I think he whispers into Louis’ ear all the great things he is, and I think Harry knows the extent of Louis as a person and matches him in every sense…but I think Louis is scared to come out, or to openly love Harry, and it’s probably one of the hardest things to see when I look at Louis.

I wish he hadn’t been trained, or wronged, or made to feel the way I believe that he does, and this is all a theory but I just, I think there’s a lot of proof to support it.  I think Harry is more ready, I think he’s had more time to adjust to the idea and he’s been able to be a little more brave in his mannerisms, his interviews, the way he dresses and acts while Louis was the more ‘flamboyant’ one and had to be completely changed…I think that weighed very heavily on his heart and I think it still sits in his mind.  I think Louis deals daily with wondering if his love would hurt those around him, I think he wonders daily if he’s really less because he loves a man, I don’t think he is ashamed of who he is at all, I don’t think they ever broke him to that degree, but I think he’s been trained so heavily to think that his way of life is wrong that he’s so scared now to come out and face what could happen. 

I truly hope that Louis knows how many supportive fans he’d have, how many supportive people in general would be there for him, and I hope he knows that love is always worth the fight and the risk.

And more than any of that I hope that I’m wrong, although I don’t feel that I am, and that Louis has never been made to feel like less of a person for his love, because it pains me to think that someone that pure and wonderful would ever ever ever be made to feel pained for just being himself. 

When Richard and I have kids...

We plan on using gender neutral names.

We also plan on dressing our children in gender neutral clothes until they are old enough to choose their own clothing.

This includes gender neutral toys, but also making available BOTH stereotypical gendered toys.

I want to also use gender neutral pronouns until they are old enough to know what a pronoun is.

This is going to be so hard for our families to grasp.

My hope for our children is that our family and friends respect our wishes. Because here’s the thing: everyone is going to try and put our children into boxes. Boxes that don’t exist.

I want my children to be free to grow into themselves. To discover exactly who they are and to feel free and safe doing just that.

If my child comes home at 5 years old and says “my friend says she’s a girl and I think I’m a girl will you say she and call me a girl?” I will say “absolutely.”

And if they come home at 7 years old and say “I think I was wrong… Maybe I’m a boy… I just don’t know…” I will say “honey, if you want us to call you a boy and say he/him, then we will and you can try it on for size and we will figure out what is good for you.”

And I will tell them that they can be one or the other or neither or both and we will try every pronoun until we find one that fits.

And we will do this not only for gender, but also sexuality and hobbies and interests and for gods sake, can we please just let children grow up in a world where we are all just human. No boxes.

My children will be beautiful. That’s it. That’s all we will call them.

Beautiful. And nothing else.

Okay but here’s the thing. If an actor talks about their character’s on-screen romance with another character, that’s not “promoting a ship”, that’s them talking about aspects of playing the character. Of course they won’t talk about fanon ships the same way because fanon ships are not a part of the character they’re playing. They’re not shippers. They’re people with a job to do.

It’s not erasure, it’s not discrimination, it’s a simple matter of differentiating between what’s canon (and therefore part of their job) and what isn’t. It doesn’t mean people can’t ship it anyway, and re-imagine it as they wish. But expecting the actors and showrunners to talk about any fanon ship the same way they talk about the characters’ canon storylines is just… well, it’s not going to happen.

And getting upset and throwing a tantrum about it or yelling at the actors/creators every time they don’t do it just makes you look like an entitled brat.