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Yuri!!! On Stage Event Report!

So today (4/29/2017) I went to the Yuri on Ice Yuri on Stage event. To clarify though, I was not at the actual Tokyo event, rather a live viewing at a local movie theater. Which of course does alter the experience but it’s the next best thing. At first I thought the theater was only doing the afternoon session, but very last minute I ended up being able to attend both!

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Cookies at 3 am

Okay, can I just say I love @coralreefskim​ ??? She’s like the sweetest, caring, kind, amazing, tiny, precious bean ever, like, she might sound like a emo (”I’m Kim and I’m soooooo ~ emo”) and a ‘I don’t know feelings, ma’ type of character, but I swear, I swear she’s a precious bean and I’m just so blessed to even know her. 

So, yes, I wrote this for her because, quoting myself “Like, u are like those anime characters that act all tough and emo but they are also the ones who cook cookies at three am bc a friend of them woke up with a nightmare and they wanted to cheer them up.” So, ta-daaaaah! This fic was born. 

Words: 1137 (Just a drabble, I said. No more than 500 words I said. I regret nothing I say.)


Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

It only takes a soft touch on his forehead for Lance to wake up.

He stares confused at the ceiling for a few seconds, half of his brain trying to control his own breathing and the other part focusing on the cold and yet welcoming touch on his forehead to keep him grounded.

He waits until he no longer hears his own panting when he dares to look to his right side and something inside him flips pleasantly when he meets Keith’s eyes.

His teammate is staring at him, his dark eyes never wavering in the least and only narrowing them with even more concern than before when Lance doesn’t reply to his calling.

His calling. Oh wait, his mouth is moving, right, words, what –

“Lance –?”

“I’m okay.” Lance blurts out, mouth twitching when Keith’s eyes widen in surprise at the sudden answer, “I’m- I’m okay, Mullet. It was just a nightmare.”

Keith purses his lips at the nickname, fully knowing that Lance was trying to shrug off the concerns with jokes and teasing. Lance knows it’s a long shot to convince him otherwise; they have been getting closer the past few months, what it started as a forced companionship turned into a close friendship, maybe even more than that if he allowed himself to explore his own feelings.

Not right now, Lance’s heart. Buzz off.

“Keith, seriously, I’m fine, dude.” Lance chuckles, tired and small but still with a faint smile. “Thank you for checking up on me, though.”

Keith only hums and it’s only then when Keith drops his hand that Lance realizes he hadn’t removed his hand from his forehead the entire time.

Damn, Lance misses the touch now.

He doesn’t show it though. Instead, he pushes himself up on the bed, nudging Keith’s shoulder playfully. Keith scoffs at the action but shoves back at him, smirking with a gleam of challenge before his eyes soften and lean closer to Lance’s side.

“Home?” He questions quietly, eyes scanning every corner of Lance’s face.

Lance opens his mouth to deny it but then he let his shoulders drop, letting out a sigh and shrugging helplessly, smiling in defeat at his friend.

‘What can you do, right?’ he says with his eyes, and Keith’s frown only deepens more.

‘Watch me.’ Keith’s eyes reply with the same determination and fire Lance only see in them during battles. Lance can only stare confused at Keith before the black haired teen stands up and leaves the room without a word.

Lance pouts as the door closes and his room is left in darkness once again.

“Sure, leave my heart on my throat with your soft touches and caring gaze.” Lance mumbles, puffing his cheeks in annoyance before grabbing his comforter and pulling it over his head, still glaring at the door Keith had disappeared to. “Dumb Emo Mullet.”

He resigns himself to scroll down his tablet, fully knowing he wasn’t going back to bed anytime soon and he only had a few more hours left before their morning training session begun. No point of sleeping now.

Lance’s halfway through Chapter 5 of Altean’s version of Romeo and Juliet when the door of his room slides wide open and Keith enters casually, holding a small bowl with one of his hands while closing the door behind him with his free one.

Lance arches an eyebrow at him in question but Keith ignores him until he’s back taking his original place on Lance’s bed.

Keith shoves the bowl into Lance’s hands without a warning, his eyes looking away from the brunet and rubbing his arm almost nervously. Lance’s confusion only grows at the sight before he looks down at the bowl and gaps in surprise.

“You made cookies.” Lance deadpans, eyes never leaving the small green circles inside the bowl before a small happy laugh leaves his mouth, “You made cookies!”

Keith grumbles, pulling his legs up to sit cross legged on the bed, rocking himself back and forth. “Well, yeah.” He mumbles, puffing his cheeks, eyes looking anywhere but Lance’s way.

Lance’s smile only widens. “You…You made cookies for me?”

The brunet’s heart melts when Keith groans and presses his hands over his face, embarrassed. Lance wishes he could see the blush that it’s definitely on Keith’s face right now.

“Yes, I did.” Keith murmurs lowly before sighing and removing one of his hands to catch Lance’s eye.

“You made cookies for me at three am.” Lance repeats slowly, eyebrows furrowed in confusion but his smile never wavering, “Why?”

Keith shrugs nonchalantly. “You…You were sad. I wanted to make you less sad, I don’t know…”

Lance doesn’t even try to hide his coos.

“Keithy-boy! Mullet! Angry ball of fur!” Lance gasps, one of his hands clutching his chest, “You…I can’t believe you…This is…How did you –?”

Keith rubs the back of his neck sheepishly as he answers. “Hunk helped me one time to make cookies for Shiro. He was feeling under the weather and I talked to Hunk and he told me he used to bake you cookies when you were feeling sad, and I know they are not the same as Hunk’s but maybe for now they will do, and I just…well yeah, just – you know, wanted to help.”

‘Be still my heart.’ Lance chants in his head as he stares fondly at the shifty teen in front of him.

The brunet chuckles under his breath, his eyes getting a little misty with emotion but he swipe them quickly, waving Keith’s concern off as soon as he catches the action.

“I’m fine, I just…thank you, Keith.” Lance whispers, eyes fond and honest as he grabs Keith’s hand and squeezes, “Seriously, thank you. You didn’t have to and yet…”

“Of course I did.” Keith replies easily, smiling back at the brunet, “You…You are the one who taught me about family, you know. Of course I’m going to do anything in my power to help.”

Lance lets out a wet laugh. “It was just a silly nightmare.”

Keith shakes his head stubbornly. “No, it wasn’t. Not for you, not for me. I’m here for you, you know.”

Lance’s smile waters and then he nods, dropping his head on Keith’s shoulder and sniffling loudly.

“I do.” He chokes out, “I do know. Thank you.”

Keith hums, hands automatically on Lance’s frame to pull him closer. They stay like that for a few minutes before Keith breaks the silence.

“Okay, just fyi, if there’s a pink hair in some of those cookies, I confess that one of the mice fell on the mix by accident. Totally not my fault.”

It’s Lance’s booming laughter that wakes the entire team up for their morning training instead of the alarm. No one complains for once.

I don’t casually fall for people. If I fall for you then I fall hard and I never manage to land on my feet. My love, it only and always ends with my adrenaline filled body slammed and crushed on the hard concrete of your rejection. All bloody and a mess, the hope of exception causes me to pull myself up, climb to a higher building and nevertheless jump once again. While aching on the ground my lips part only to mouth the one name I wish to forget
—  My love I’m a mess

Ok so i know its been a few weeks since haikyuu season three ended but ive been thinking a lot recently about what Tendou says in the last episode and i dont browse the Haikyuu tag enough to know if anyones talked about it yet so if not im here to talk about it. So in the final episode of season three after Shiratorizawa loses, we get a scene with Tendou saying the following: “Farewell, my paradise” as seen in the photo below.

So when i first heard him say this, of course, being the Tendou fanatic i am, i did get a little emotional. I thought he was talking about all the straight wins that he acquired while attending Shiratorizawa. But this scene truly got me thinking, “why is it so bad that he lost before going to Nationals, when he has gone the past two years?”, then  i realized, he isn’t talking about losing, he’s talking about the safe haven he found at Shiratorizawa, or more specifically, the Shiratorizawa team. In a previous episode we gathered insight and flashbacks of Tendou’s childhood days playing volleyball. When he was just starting out playing volleyball, no one wanted to play with him because he was the weird kid, or a “monster” as they said in one of these flashbacks.

They even go as far as to say he looks like one. For what reason they believe that, i have no clue. I mean, hell, the kid on the right looks like something straight out of a toilet wand commercial but whatever. They leave Tendou alone and exclude them from playing simply because they dont like him. Later in this episode we get to witness a scene where Tendou finally gets to play with the other kids and he wins a point against them. Now going back to the second season for a second, we get to see Tsukki talking to Bokuto and Kuroo about how he has never truly experienced a moment where he loved volleyball. Bokuto then tells Tsukki, “it’s a matter of whether ‘that moment’ exists for you or not…If you experience that moment,…”

…it’ll really get you hooked on volleyball.” In this scene, Tendou truly experiences his blooming love for volleyball, and doesn’t let anyone let him not play and he decides to do his own thing. So, great. He’s gained his love for volleyball and continues playing throughout elementary school despite being bullied by the other kids trying to exclude him. That’s great, but then comes middle school. In middle school, he experiences what it’s like having a coach telling him how to play, instead of coming up with his own play style, saying:

Though this is how he plays and how he feels comfortable playing, he gets scolded for doing it and for playing how he wants. Even though Tendou is later quoted saying “but I’ve scored a lot of points on just my hunch”, his coach continually berates him, saying:

Though this in and of itself is correct, do you really think Tendou cares personally? If he truly cared whether or not he won, wouldn’t you think he would follow his coaches advice? We saw before that he only started playing because he felt good while playing, he felt good when he was able to score a point. That right there doesn’t bother him. He just wants to play volleyball where volleyball is more enjoyable instead of stressful(though throughout season three he was always striving to win more points to win and even playing against the opposing team emotionally). Add another obstacle onto Tendou’s list, a controlling coach. Boom, done. After Tendou walks away, he head towards what looks like a storage closet in the gym, where he overhears his fellow teammates talking about him, saying the following:

Once again, he’s being judged for something that is just a part of him, his personality. He has already experienced this one time before, when he first started volleyball. Tendou, after overhearing the conversation, then walks away, presumably to get away from people who are talking bad about him behind his back. Tendou throughout his volleyball career has had to deal with unhelpful teammates, a coach that tries to control how he plays, and teammates that try excluding him from any club activity. Tendou just deserves a hug can we make a protect Tendou squad? I just love him so much. #ProtectTendou2k17. Anyways back to the subject at hand. After finishing middle school, he then has to choose the high school he wishes to attend. Like most other Japanese students, he probably did some research according to the things he wants to do in future life and, of course, according to his club activities. Assuming Shiratorizawa was already a major powerhouse school before Ushijima went there(i believe it was) Tendou decided to go there not only for his studies but also to pursue volleyball further. When he goes to meet the coach of the volleyball team at Shiratorizawa, he says that he “just want[s] to play volleyball that makes [him] feel good”. I wish i screencaped him saying that but i didn’t unfortunately so you have to deal with me quoting him. After he expresses his feelings about the matter he shows this expression:

This is the expression of someone who has gradually lost their love for something this is a very solemn expression. He feels somewhat embarrassed that he has to express what he wants in such a plain manner to the coach. The person in charge of exposing the teams true potential in matches. He tells this to the coach specifically because he’s already gone through not being able to play the way he wants and having to conform to the ways the coach wants him to. If the coach at Shiratorizawa doesn’t allow him to play how he wants, Tendou most likely would’ve quit volleyball, considering the way he looks and how desperate he acts towards the coach about this matter. You can even tell the difference between how he acts in front of this coach than he did with his old middle school coach. He talked back to his middle school one but over time he gradually caved inward on himself and no longer is the free spirit he once was, all because of how he was treated during his volleyball years. But then the coach responded to him(and i wish i had screencapped this too ughh), “I don’t care, as long as you’re able to win” (more or less).

Can’t you just feel his expression and mood lift? He finally gets to play volleyball the way he desires, the way he loves to play, and on a team where he feels needed. And that’s exactly what happens. Over the course of his next three years at school, he finally gets to play a version of volleyball he loves, a version of volleyball where he always has the upper hand and it’s just overall so beautiful. Then the game against Karasuno happens, and Shiratorizawa loses. As we see in the manga and also in the anime i believe, Tendou says he isn’t going to continue playing volleyball. When he says “farewell, my paradise”, he isnt just referring to their constant win streak. He’s talking about the paradise he found in the Shiratorizawa volleyball team, a paradise where he can play how he wants, a paradise where he’s included in the matches, a paradise that didn’t and couldn’t last forever, and this makes me upset. Tendou is such a complex character and he deserves a lot more love than he gets. I’m not going to be re reading this through so f there are any spelling mistakes i apologize. And remember, #ProtectTendou2k17. Thank you for reading!

An unnecessarily deep analysis of the string motif in Kimi no Na wa

I really need to write about this.

Written on the spot. Some research might be nice but aint nobody got time for that. Also I’ve only watched it once so my memory might be dodgy.

Please note this is primarily an analysis for my own personal enjoyment, not a review. Also the views in it are purely my thoughts and opinions


Kimi no na wa is a friggin amazing movie. Beautiful artwork and solid characters aside my favourite thing about the movie is its brilliant storytelling. And I am going to deconstruct it through the string motif rn because I feel like it.

The plot for Kimi no Na wa is basically the red string of fate, but reimagined and extrapolated in a very creative way. The red string of fate connects two individuals and brings them together romantically but here it is not only geographical boundaries that are transcended, but time itself. String itself takes on multiple meanings within the context of the film. This is summed up best by Mitsuha’s grandmother’s quote, which I cbf looking for rn. Rather than string, though, the emphasis is on the term “musubi"結び. The term we use for knotting thread also means connecting/linking/binding. You can also use it to refer to tying up your hair or fastening something. It also means the end. This (conveniently) flexible term is the basis for the whole story and you see this in almost every aspect of the movie.

The start of the movie is a bunch of events told in a pretty confusing layout. In addition to the main characters swapping bodies, some of the events aren’t even in chronological order. This was evidently intentional, not only for dramatic purposes but I believe also for structural reasons.

The film is set out like a bunch of loose threads starting with seemingly unrelated events: There’s a rare comet appearing in the sky; Mitsuha and Yotsuha make kuchikamizake; Mitsuha and Taki swap bodies…But as the film progresses, just like the weaving of individual strands to make a cord, the pieces start to come together. I think the moment this truly becomes evident is right after Taki drinks the kuchikamizake. This is also the moment Taki and Mitsuha’s worlds truly intertwine.

Mitsuha making kuchikamizake binds a part of her soul to the sake. Mitsuha and Taki swapping bodies are a spiritual connection. This act binds their timelines together. The foundations of human relations, most notably love, is also based on the same concept. The film takes the motif of string and layers it through the connections of multiple events through musubi.

But what I feel truly makes this film brilliant from a storytelling perspective is the creativity employed in extrapolating this motif, especially in regards to the comet and the hairstyles. 

The way I see it there are actually only two things that connected Mitsuha and Taki before the body swap. One is the comet. Three years ago Taki witnessed the comet that killed Mitsuha with his own eyes. The other is Mitsuha’s hair cord which is something like a time paradox. Mitsuha went to Tokyo to meet with Taki three years before he knew her. She hands him the cord in her hair and dies the next day but Taki kept her cord wrapped around his wrist for three years.

I’m going to start with the comet which is actually quite a complex symbol. I think everyone will interpret it differently so here’s my personal take.

My initial impression of the comet was something like a shooting star, because it granted Mitsuha’s wish to be reborn as a "handsome Tokyo boy”. Before watching the movie I thought the body swapping would be a miracle only possible while the comet was visible. When Taki and his senpai went to the Nostalgia exhibition at the museum on their date, they saw an aged photo of Itomori. That was my hint that Mitsuha was from the past. I didn’t expect them to be only three years apart though. I thought they would be a literal lifetime apart but then romance would have been near impossible without some bs miracle. Suffice to say, there was no miracle. Instead there was a goddamn tragedy.

The film’s explanation for the body swapping was that it was all to prevent this one disaster. Tbh that sounds a bit too far fetched for me. Instead I like the interpretation of the comet as an extension of the string motif.

When Taki learns the truth he attempts to turn back time by drinking the kuchikamizake. What follows is my favourite scene in the whole movie and it starts with a wall painting of the comet turning into a piece of string. With the visual connection I could then see the metaphorical connection. The comet is another form of binding the two main characters. The comet is closely tied to Mitsuha’s ‘world’ but Taki also witnessed the comet the day she died. Thus their worlds were connected. From a romantic standpoint the comet allowed two individuals to transcend time to be together (red string of fate parallel). But by killing Mitsuha the comet also destroyed the relationship it brought about. I think we can connect this to how the town of Itomori was made from a comet a thousand years ago but another comet ends up destroying the town and killing Mitsuha. Because of this I personally also think the comet represents time. Destroying what is created is basically time itself. Time is musubi. (Additionally, by overcoming the comet i.e. saving the town, the main characters overcome time and can finally be together, because Mitsuha’s lifespan is extended. You can see this as another take on the red string of fate.)

Mitsuha is metaphorically and spiritually saved by a string. I think it is important that in the timeline where she dies she is not wearing the cord in her hair, because she gave it away to Taki who she met in Tokyo the day before and who does not remember her. Her cut hair has multiple meanings. Originally I thought it was a sign of her giving up on Taki because he went on the date with his senpai (Tessie associates haircuts to breakups and I do too, at least in anime). Then I realised she cut it after she went to meet Taki and found out he didnt recognise her. While the “breakup” haircut interpretation still stands, ultimately I think she feels betrayed which is why she gives up the one thing she believes in, her connection to him, represented by the cord. This also becomes linked to her name, which she shouts at him as she leaves the train after throwing him the cord. If I were to continue with the red string anecdote, this is where the string is cut, fate abandons the couple and Mitsuha dies.

But it is the same string that saves her. Because Taki kept it for three years and it is how he remembers her even if he doesnt know her name. Once he learns she dies everything from her diary entries on his phone to her name in his memories disappears. But the cord doesn’t. And he passes this cord to short hair Mitsuha when they finally meet at twilight.

I’m going to digress for a bit to explain why I find this scene so important. The only time Mitsuha does not have the cord in her hair is when she is sleeping, performing the ceremony, the first time she swaps bodies with Taki, and of course right before she dies. The cord is a very obvious symbol of musubi. I also think the fact it changes form throughout the film is important. At the start when Mitsuha wears it she always puts her hair in a complicated bun with the cord in it. When she swaps bodies with Taki who cant make complicated hairstyles he changes the form of the cord by wearing it in a ponytail (though initially he did not wear it at all and made Mitsuha looked “possessed”). The hairstyle was an instant way to tell who was in Mitsuha’s body, and also became a representation of their relationship.

The cord starts to change forms drastically when the pair’s relationship takes a nosedive the day before Mitsuha dies. She takes it out of her hair and the cord changes from a hairtie to a wristband/bracelet. The form of “musubi” changes, from “doing up one’s hair” to a spiritual connection between the two. This is one way Mitsuha manages to live on, because just like the kuchikamizake, the cord is a part of her soul now.

Taki returns Mizuha’s cord when they finally meet. She has cut her hair but wears the cord as a hair decoration anyway. The red string is restored and its changed form represents a new step in their relationship. Throughout the film Taki and Mitsuha have had to compromise on each others’ lifestyles. Mitsuha’s new appearance seems to be a culmination of this: the boyish haircut coupled with the hair cord. She also gains Taki’s courage, seen when she confronts her father in a very similar way Taki did in her body previously. (Taki also experiences a similar change but it is not as pronounced. As far as I know he just got “kinder”.) This is musubi because their two souls have actually intertwined. From a romance perspective, I guess this is how couples change each other for the better.

And what happens after is classic red string of fate. Interestingly Mitsuha’s final hairstyle is a half ponytail. Analysing any farther would actually be overkill though so I’m just going to leave it as a design choice.

I don’t think I’ve conveyed even one tenth of what I actually wanted to say about the film. It’s so rich in symbolism just analysing it in my head was a ton of fun. Best film I’ve ever watched in my life. Definitely want to watch it again.

Another mythological comparison of Inuyasha.

“ All youkai are the ruins of humans. Youkai continue to exist both inside and outside humans. They wish to return to a human form, but are unable to do so. They live in fields, mountains, seas, grasses and trees, full of sadness at not being able to return to a human form.” - Abe Masamichi

This is a quote that I pulled from the book: Japanese Demon Lore by Noriko T. Reider. Which aside from so far being an interesting read as far as the history of Oni and their many representations in both myth and fables. It also has a section that covers how youkai are represented in anime and Inuyasha is one of the examples used. I wanted to share a couple of interesting points from this section in case anyone was interested. For me this was a delight as my headcanons surrounding my muses in particular are heavily inspired by mythology. 

The white dog in Japanese Folklore. 

Through medieval times the dog was seen as not only a trusted companion but as a creature associated with the dead. That was due to the fact that dogs often ate the corpses of the dead left without proper burial. Or dug up the corpses that weren’t buried deep enough. People who saw this began to believe that the dogs were retrieving the soul to bring to the other world. 

This brought up the opinion that dogs were in tune with the supernatural forces around them. Some even capable of developing their own powers. There are many stories of dogs saving their masters from supernatural threats. Or protecting people from the dangers of yurei and youkai alike. 

Then there is the deeper belief that some dogs can become trans-boundary creatures, allowing them to travel between this world and the underworld. Making them excellent guides to those who dare tread in the world of the dead. One such story is told by a priest named Kobo Daishi, who’s trek to the sacred grounds of Mt. Koya was only made possible by the aid of a magical white dog.

The story of the Yasha.

In Indian Buddhist mythology, a Yasha is a frightening and violent monster. There is a story where a Buddhist Guardian by the name of Bishamonten crossed paths with one particularly ferocious Yasha, a beast so wild and uncontrollable that it looked as if killing it was the only solution. 

However Bishamonten opted to instead subdue the Yasha, calming the demon and giving it a greater purpose. In the end the Yasha became a protector and kin to the Guardian. 

Tsuchigumo: The Earth Spider. 

There are a few youkai spiders through out japanese mythology, but the Tsuchigumo has some of the deepest roots. It’s one of the oldest recorded youkai and it’s name can be used to refer to other things. 

In the very earliest years of Japanese history Tsuchigumo was used to refer to people who did not conform to society. Either because they were outlaws, pit dwellers or those who simply defy the emperors divine rule. Essentially a Tsuchigumo was a person destined for hell. 

Unfortunately Tsuchigumo was also a derogatory term used to refer to the indigenous people of the land, or anyone who did not share the same physiological features of a typical Japanese person. Or anyone in general who lived apart from society. Which is where the ‘pit dwelling’ part comes in. 

Differences between the Anime and the Manga - Episode 36

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The episode was written by Hiroshi Seko (Ep3, Ep5, Ep6, Ep7, Ep10, Ep11, Ep15, Ep17, Ep18, Ep23, Ep28, Ep29, Ep31, Ep33, Ep35), the directors were Hiroyuki Tanaka (Ep1, Ep10, Ep18, Ep21, Ep24, Ep26, Ep31) and Yasuhiro Akamatsu.

The episode covered ch48 and ch49. Since it covered entire 2 chapters, there were no fillers, and the episode was fast paced compared to some of the previous episodes, so this will probably be the favorite episode among the anime-only fans. Nevertheless to me, an Armin fan, not so much, cause they removed some of his scenes.

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dunno how to start this but i guess we all know that this is indeed a beautiful number. Because of the 5k I will kinda extend this post so either you bear with me or you can just scroll for your name. 
Anyways tumblr has been an amazing experience so far I met people whom I cannot live without anymore even if they probably don’t know that - but trust me guys your blogs make my days shine you don’t even know. Tumblr has also taught me a lot for example that there is a lot of sexual stuff I’ll never want to do. But Tumblr has allways been a little project of mine-  like I mostly blog my own stuff maybe 4% of my posts are reblogs from other blogs not because I don’t want to share them but because I want to keep going with “my own stuff” and see where it’ll take me.

To get to the point i love to do follower forevers because it enables me to show all bloggers that I appreciate that i love them and respect them and that my “no-reblogging-mentality” is just me being stupid again.

so I have some words to say to some people  (god this post will be so embarrassing and akward later on) to keep this shorter i will only mention multuals this time even if there are still a lot of non multual blogs i love- let’s get started

@simplykasumi Thank you for being my first follower like holy shit I just started my blog and had someone as big as you following me really kept me going thank you very much.

@gaston26 & @grimdark13 you 2 are like following me since forever reblogging and liking everything I post in an endless battle of who is my #1 follower this month - thanks for allways liking even the shitiest of post like i could literally just write “penis” and you would like it holy shit.

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@dutch-kun like there is a lot I want to say to you but first and foremost thank you for being a friend. You talk to me everyday, we diss each other, enjoy cancerous memes, snapchat, game, ragequit. I’m having a lot of fun with you. You are the closest friendship I have build on this site and i want us to continue having fun.

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@crimsonphase as if twintails and sin isn’t worth anyones time. I know that I’ve been following for nearly 2 years now and I still don’t regret it.

@derp-creeper this grill will never change his icon but who can blame him.

@deadecchi look at anime nowadays - fanservice everwhere - ecchi is more alive than it has ever been. If you haven’t allready check him out I’m enjoying literally everything he posts because he is looking for and i quote “a certain quality in posts”.

@yuubarii I’ll never forget your citrus story. Thanks for sharing your good cosplay and quality anime girls and yuri on my dash.

@hiratzuka we just have a lot of taste in common. If you like my taste in anime girls you’ll like his taste too.

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Okay, here we go. I didn’t expect this to get this long, but Tabata must be exposed!


This may come as a surprise to some people, but Noctis and Luna are not lovers in FF XV. Repeat, they are NOT in love.
Many fans, including myself, were really disappointed about how their “romance” was handled in the game FINAL FANTASY XV and it’s sister productions, FFXV BROTHERHOOD and FFXV KINGSGLAIVE.
The story builds strongly off of the platonic relationship of Noct and Luna. But the bizarre lack of communication, a 22 year time-gap and a cringe-worthy conclusion to their “love” story makes Noctis and Luna the crumbiest FINAL FANTASY couple in a long list of crumby FINAL FANTASY  couples.

Without further ado, let’s just get to the evidence.


To begin with, their marriage is officially arranged by the Niflheim Empire, namely Ardyn. (Who is the main bad guy.) There’s no telling if any wedding would ever have taken place between them under other circumstances, and furthermore, no evidence. So we’re off to a bad start. (Btw, have we cracked why Ardyn even planned this?)


Twelve years is a long time to have zero verbal communication with your potential lover. Even longer given that they were kids at the time, and any real romantic connection would have been highly unlikely. (Not to mention creepy) And while it’s hard to say how long they were together even then, it wasn’t long enough to make much of an impression on young Noct as we see throughout the story.
(The only thing that made an impression on him about his time in Tenebrae were the snack cakes he had!)
And while exchanging dog mail (You’ve heard of snail mail? Same thing, but with dogs) might be enough to keep a childhood friendship going, there’s no plausible reason it would ever blossom into love.
The fact that the writers push that cheesy, head-over-heels, fake true love on them after the credits just came off as insulting. (Fake true love? My bad.)

Moving on.

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What’s in a rival? Jean Kirstein in the Attack on Titan manga versus the anime.

Warning: Anime critical. These are just my thoughts, and I’m always up for further discussion, especially if there’s something I’ve missed! :)

Jean considers his options while grounded by defective equipment, episode 13.

In preparation for season 2, I decided to finally sit down and watch the Attack on Titan anime all the way through. I’ll cop to only having jumped around in the anime before, just watching my favorite scenes from the manga. My initial reason for avoiding the anime was that it’s hard for me to handle screaming and crying, to be honest. Then I read about some of the differences—particularly those regarding Annie—and those departures from the source material were disappointing to me. However, I love the Clash of the Titans and the Uprising arcs in the manga so I’m eager to see what the animators do with them in season two (I am particularly looking forward to: Gesumin, the Ackerman showdown in the saloon, YumiHisu, Ymir’s facial expressions, Jean’s fedora, Connie’s straw hat … and many other such important things xD).

Therefore, I’ve dived headfirst into the anime for the first time this weekend. As of right now I’ve watched the entirety of the Trost arc. 

There are changes I like and those I don’t. As I predicted, the death of Eren’s mom was difficult for me to handle with the addition of sound, although it’s incredibly moving and well done. I love when the “camera” pans out to show the beautiful scenery and the size of the walls; it gives a sense of scale that I think is missing from the manga, while also demonstrating why the denizens of the walls might think they’re truly in a time of peace. The character designs are all recognizable and sometimes prettier (particularly compared to the rougher art of the first few chapters), but I wish they didn’t put lip gloss on all the female characters. The music is awesome. Etc.

However, many of my biggest critiques have to do with characterization. One that I haven’t really seen talked about before (although it could be that I just missed it!) is the anime’s presentation of Jean. I obviously have a soft spot for Jean, so I might be hypersensitive to any changes in his character, but I think the alterations are worth talking about because they speak to an overall attitude shift between the manga and the anime. There are other character redesigns that also bother me (Annie and Hange, to name the two biggest ones) but I know others have already looked at those extensively and I don’t have much else to offer to those conversations.

For this piece I will sum up what I think of Jean’s characterization in the Trost arc in the manga first and then go through what changes in the anime. My thesis is that the anime!Jean is flattened so that his critique of Eren rings more hollow, making him less of a real challenge to our spirited young protagonist. While the manga uses Jean to present the merits of survivalist perspective, eventually arguing that Jean’s value for human life is what drives him to become a strong leader and the moral center of the series, the anime transforms Jean into a naive coward for Eren to convert. 

Jean in the Manga

Shadis’ assessment of Jean in chapter 18.

I think there are three important aspects of Jean’s pre-Trost character in the manga which make him a compelling rival for Eren:

1. Jean is a defeatist who genuinely believes that the titans will kill everyone eventually. His goal of getting into the interior is all about making the most of the remaining life he has left.

2. Jean is suspicious about the government’s motivations for the operation to “retake” Wall Maria and doesn’t like it when the higher-ups toss around words like “hero” when what they really mean is “bait” and “fodder.” Jean’s bluntness comes from his distaste for empty rhetoric.

3. Jean is jealous of Eren’s relationship with Mikasa and Armin. He dislikes Eren’s relationship with Mikasa not just because he has a crush on Mikasa but also because he thinks Eren will lead her to an early death.

Obviously, all of these points are connected. To speak to the first one, when we initially encounter Jean in chapter three of the manga, he straight up admits that he thinks humanity doesn’t have a chance.

Jean, the pessimist: chapter 3.

He then uses the operation to retake Wall Maria to justify his position. As readers we learn this important piece of information about the world from Jean, someone who we’re already beginning to suspect harbors resentment towards the royal government. 

Jean lays it all out for Eren in chapter 3.

This information helps us put Jean’s desire to live in the interior into perspective. He shrugs at Eren’s reminder that five years ago, Wall Rose was part of the interior too. Jean is fully aware that another titan attack could spell the end of humanity, he’s doubtful about their chances of success if an all out attack is launched, and he’s decided he’s going to enjoy what time he has left. His pragmatism is infuriating to Eren, who can’t comprehend why someone would stop fighting. 

Eren’s jibe that prompts Jean’s discussion of the cull, chapter 3.

In this introductory scene we also get hints about Jean’s attitude towards the monarchy which the big flashback in volume four later expands upon. He sneers at using the phrase “human stronghold” to describe the border-town of Trost when—as the reader already knows from explanations of the walls in the extra material—such towns are more accurately titan magnets.

I think the scare quotes say it all, chapter 3.

An explanation of how the border-towns work, volume 3. Jean seems to be referencing this rhetoric in his speech at the graduation party.

We learn later that Jean has pretty much always been suspicious of the government’s posturing and that he’s committed to practicing honesty because he mistrusts people who ask others to lay down their lives for a cause. For Jean, there’s not a significant difference between Eren’s speeches about ending the titan threat and the monarchy attempting to bribe people into settling in bait-towns by calling them “human strongholds.” Something that endeared Jean to me early on in the series is that he calls Eren “eloquent” when he first meets him.

Babby Jean is totally willing to admit he wants to live the best life he can manage, chapter 15.

In deeming Eren “eloquent,” Jean suggests that Eren’s boasts are hollow, meant to mask his insecurities. And at this point, he’s correct: Eren doesn’t know much about fighting the titans yet, and he is indeed posturing in front of the other cadets. At this moment, Eren’s not much of a threat to him personally because he’s already resolved to look out for number one, but his attitude will change when perceives (rather possessively, but that’s a separate post I think) that Eren is taking people whom Jean cares about with him to the front-lines. Jean’s wariness of nice, but thoughtless sentiments leads him into most of his conflicts with Eren, even post-Trost, when he often forces Eren to think about the real human cost of his actions. Based on how Jean’s character develops from the Female Titan arc onward, I would say that Jean sees the value in individual human life and has a hard time surrendering anyone for a cause, no matter how great. After all, is it really better to sacrifice yourself or others when you could all be making the most of what you already have? What’s the point in winning if the individual doesn’t matter? Throughout the series Jean puts a human face on all of the conflicts, making him valuable as a voice of critique for both Eren and the Survey Corps more broadly. Of course, this doesn’t mean that he’s always right or that he is incapable of making sacrifices himself, but his priority is maintaining the sanctity of human life as far as he possibly can. Interestingly, it looks like Floch has taken over this role for Jean in recent chapters.

It’s worth noting that Jean is equally suspicious of Marco’s “It’s an honor to serve the king” rhetoric, chapter 3. All idealists must prove themselves to him, even though he’s an idealist himself. For what it’s worth, I think Marco is actually just naïve. Jean tries to get Marco to break out of his “honor student” role, with limited success. 

I think a lot of Jean’s concerns are also with who the government, the military, and even sometimes Eren ask to lay down their lives for the service of humanity: it’s usually refugees, the poor people in border-towns, and lower caliber soldiers. These are people who are more vulnerable, who routinely must give themselves up for nothing more than empty praise (i.e. what does it mean to be called “the bravest of warriors” when you may not have much of a choice about where you live?). Jean thinks human life is valuable just because it’s human life, and doesn’t appreciate others assessing his worth. So he plays the system, proves himself by arbitrary standards in order to survive.

Jean infuriates Eren by admitting he knows training is a farce but he’s going along with it anyway, chapter 17. Eren actually asks for Jean’s opinion about the type of training they receive here, suggesting that Eren worries a bit about Jean’s perspective. They’re both drawn to testing each other out, worried about how the other can counter their life philosophies.

Along similar lines, Jean thinks Eren is not appreciating what he already has: namely, his attractive and talented friends. Eren’s reckless actions lead them into danger, and Jean resents Eren for that.

Jean envies Eren for his friends, chapter 17.

Jean reminds Eren of both his good fortune and his responsibilities, chapter 3.

Obviously, Jean is being presumptuous in his assessment of Eren’s relationships. Mikasa can quite clearly look after herself and has chosen her role as Eren’s protector while Armin has his own motivations for going outside the wall. However, it gives us insight into Jean’s world view: if you have something good, like nice friends or an opportunity for a cushy life, why waste it? Jean’s own love for his friends eventually trumps his self-preservational instincts and pushes him to join the Survey Corps to protect them, aligning him with Mikasa, Eren, Armin and even Ymir. His growth lies in looking beyond his own survival, but he already has the predisposition towards this attitude, as the Trost arc demonstrates: he just needs a little shove. 

The overall picture of pre-Trost Jean I get from the manga is of a person who is hampered by his own cynicism. He’s aware of his society’s problems but instead of attempting to fix them he’s given himself up to them. While several of the questions Jean asks—why does the government get to throw us away? What’s the point of fighting a losing battle?—are reasonable, they lead him to be self-centered and a defeatist. His method of fighting the system does nothing to dismantle it and is purely about his own survival, but he matures by looking beyond himself to protect others. Additionally, his conflicts with Eren are presented as more of an even fight: Jean is not easily cowed by Eren and forces him to consider how is actions affect his comrades, while Eren–in combination with others–does eventually inspire Jean to take a stand for something beyond his own life.

Jean in the Anime

Jean and Eren meet in episode 3.

In the anime, Jean has the same goal of getting into the interior but his reasoning behind it is much less nuanced. Anime!Jean never expresses the same kind of defeatism he does in the manga, so it seems that he really does think he’ll be safe if he makes it into the interior, rather than just safer. He never mentions the cull, a suspicion of the government’s empty rhetoric, or even his concern for Eren’s friends. Instead he naively believes that he can find security somewhere in the Walled World. Eren sets him straight while Jean has almost no meaningful critique to offer his rival, at least during the Trost arc.

Because the anime presents events chronologically, the first time we meet Jean is also when Eren meets Jean. Their introduction is quite close to how it’s presented in the manga, except that Jean does seem really willing to fight Eren and the tension doesn’t defuse quite as much after Jean apologizes. While Jean does point out that Eren is afraid and trying to cover it up, he does not, at least in the English dub or the English sub, call Eren eloquent. The slight connection between Eren’s speech acts and some of the government’s rhetorical maneuvering is lost. This could be a translation problem (indeed, I’m not sure what the original Japanese manga says either), and it’s a bit of a minor point, but it irks me that the connection between “honest” and “suspicious of your fine words” is missing: instead it’s all about Eren being a scaredy-cat. It sets up their conflict to be entirely about bravery–is it better to be an open coward than someone who pretends to be courageous?–instead of being ideological. Eren has to prove to Jean that he’s not actually afraid rather than proving that he can acknowledge the human cost of fighting the titans.

The theme of bravery colors all of Jean and Eren’s future confrontations in the Trost arc. Take, for example, the fight in the mess hall, which the anime combines with their other fight at the graduation party. In the manga their argument begins with Eren asking Jean why they have this farcical system of training for the right to move away from danger, but in the anime he opens by calling Jean stupid. When Eren points out, “Five years ago this was the interior,” instead of manga!Jean’s infuriating “I know” we get “You got a point to make friend? I’m right here” (for reference, this is episode five, the English dub; it’s not significantly different in the sub). Rather than throwing Eren for a bit of a loop Jean is antagonized by his rival. Over the course of this encounter Jean never mentions that he thinks everyone is going to die eventually because of the results of the operation to “retake” Wall Maria. He has very little critique to offer besides a vague desire to “play the system.” 

Eren realizing everyone is watching his fisticuffs with Jean, episode 4.

Without a clear motivation, Jean’s survivalist attitude turns into simple cowardice. When Eren wins the physical fight, he demonstrates that he is a true soldier. In the manga, Jean gets an extra line about this not being the end of things between him and Eren and Eren teases Jean about almost losing his spot in the MP by getting caught brawling (a neat line to point out Jean still has some fight left in him), but in the anime this encounter effectively silences Jean. He no longer has any meaningful critique to offer Eren.

Additionally there’s no direct conflict between Eren and Jean at the graduation where Jean gets to bring up that Eren is responsible for his friends as well as himself. Instead, Jean sullenly watches while Thomas Wagner tearfully discusses the cull, Eren responds with an equally tearful rallying speech that borrows some elements of his conversation with Jean in the manga, and then runs out in a huff. Jean thinks “Haha, sucks to be you buddy. I’ll be having a great time in his majesty’s barracks!” Eren’s new test is to prove that bravery has a purpose, that it can lead to great success. Eren needs to put his money where his mouth is and Jean is watching him to see if he’ll do it.

Scared Thomas, episode 4. Everyone in this anime is really shiny.

To be fair to the anime directors, the decision to substitute Thomas for Jean might have been to give more import to Thomas’ eventual death in Trost. However, taking away Jean’s most significant confrontation with Eren also lessens Jean’s role as a rival and a critic. When Eren attempts to dissuade Armin and Mikasa from joining the Survey Corps with him after his argument with Thomas, it doesn’t carry the weight of Jean’s words about Eren being directly responsible for “dragging” them into danger, even if it is prompted by a concern for their well-being.

There’s also an additional confrontation between Eren and Jean right before the battle of Trost, where Eren—of all people—reminds Jean of his training as a soldier and that he should be prepared for a battle of this nature. It’s a small addition, but Jean definitely “loses” this rhetorical fight because he stares transfixed at Eren and then goes off to tell Daz to get up and face the situation like a man. Eren becomes the source of Jean’s courage in way that he’s not in the manga, where Jean’s survivalist tendencies actually allow him to be a good leader, to inspire others to fight for their own continued existence. Whereas manga!Jean realizes that his attitude has its uses within the military and that he does want to make a stand and protect his friends, some of anime!Jean’s development stems from Eren taking him to task before the events of Trost.

Additional fight, episode 6.

All of this may seem kind of nit-picky, but it serves to undermine Jean’s original role within the story. In the anime, he doesn’t exist to give a somewhat reasonable voice to the side of self-preservation, one which Eren must seriously consider before refuting. He’s not meant to make the viewer think about the other side of Eren’s arguments, the potential advantages of staying within the Walls. He doesn’t ask us to consider the government/military’s vocabulary. Instead, the military is made to seem fully aware of the sacrifices they ask others to make through the voice of Rico, who reminds Eren that her comrades are fighting for him: it’s the voice of an insider rather than the critique of a someone looking in, who has seen others used by this system (even if we learn later that Pixis does take responsibility for what happened during the cull and that the monarchy and the military are somewhat at odds about this). The test that Jean presents to anime!Eren is the test of winning reluctant hearts and inspiring courage in the cowardly, not of winning an intelligent ideological opponent to his side.

Personally, I find these changes make both Eren and Jean less compelling characters. I guess I’ll have to see where they go in the next arc, but I’m a bit worried. As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts on my analysis!

Karasuno headcannons;

Karasuno university majors-
Kiyoko -
Psychology with a major in forensic psychology and a minor in literature.
Daichi - Nutrition and physiology.
Sugawara -
Medical sciences with a major in pediatrics.
Asahi -
Arts with a major in humanities.
Ennoshita - Film and media with a major in script writing and film making.
Kinnoshita - Small business management (He wants to open his own bakery)
Narita - Agricultural sciences with a major in urban landscape.
Tanaka -
Physical education and coaching
Nishinoya -
Sports scholarship playing volleyball with a major in sports sciences and a focus on refereeing/coaching.
Yachi -
Graphic design and media.
Hinata -
Sports scholarship playing volleyball with a major in physical therapy.
Kageyama - Sports scholarship playing volleyball with a major in sports sciences.
Tsukishima -
Palaeobiology with a major in palaeontology and research.
Yamaguchi - Medical sciences with a major in anatomy and histology.

Karasuno possible tattoos -
Kiyoko -
Mehndi design as a neck and spine piece.
Daichi - Deer/wolf design in black and white as a thigh piece.
Sugawara - Coloured lotus design as a back piece.
Asahi - Rose design as a foot/calf piece.
Ennoshita - A film reference of some sort as an upper arm piece.
Kinnoshita - A scenery design as an upper back piece.
Narita - Geometrical design as a forearm piece.
Tanaka - Anchor tattoo with Nishinoya  Tribal tattoo as a back piece.
Nishinoya - Anchor tattoo with Tanaka Squid design, coloured as a sleeve.
Yachi - Sunflowers and dandelions as a foot/ankle piece.
Hinata - Water colour bird design as a shoulder blade piece.
Kageyama - Black and white realistic bird design as a rib piece.
Tsukishima - Dinosaurs/Music reference as a spine piece or collarbone piece.
Yamaguchi - Anatomical tattoo as a half chest piece.

Karasuno possible injuries -
Kiyoko -
Wrist tenderness.
Daichi - Thigh tendonitis, calf muscle tear and issues with a knee dislocation. Sugawara - jammed and sprained fingers. wrist and elbow tenderness.
Asahi - Ankle and achilles tendon issues from his height and weight with repetitive jumping. Shoulder sprain and inflammation from spiking. (Ace position is demanding)
Ennoshita - Ongoing issues with hamstring and calves.
Kinnoshita - sprained fingers and calf tenderness.
Narita - Ongoing issues from a torn ankle tendon due to landing poorly.
Tanaka - Roator cuff in right shoulder, inflammation in shoulders from previous dislocation and pulled hand tendon. (Again, that ace position)
Nishinoya - Elbow tendonitis and contact bruising and floor burn. ITB symptoms from constant diving and quick movements.
Yachi - Sprained fingers.
Hinata - Knee tendonitis and achilles sprain from excessive jumping. Sprained fingers.
Kageyama - Jammed, sprained and broken fingers. Shoulder inflammation and knee tenderness.
Tsukishima - Hip labral tear and ankle tenderness from constant pivoting, jumping and quick position changes. Finger sprains from blocking. (Middle blockers take a beating)
Yamaguchi - Finger sprains, elbow tendonitis and knee inflammation from serving.

Karasuno hobbies other than volleyball -
Kiyoko - Music. - Often goes to live shows and concerts and album releases.
Daichi - Trivia nights. - he knows a lot about useless things.
Sugawara - Theater - This also extends to trashy musicals.
Asahi - Sketching - He mostly sketches animals and scenery.
Ennoshita - Creative writing - This is part of the reason why he got so interested in films and film making.
Kinnoshita - Cooking/baking - Baking is his favourite. The team often ask him to bring in snacks.
Narita - Computers/technology - He’s on top of new releases and research in the industry and is scary good with IT.
Tanaka - Anime/manga - He doesn’t have a preferred genre and will watch whatever catches his eye. Some of his past favorites include; Akira, DBZ and Parasyte.
Nishinoya - Skateboarding - He thought it looked cool at first and then enjoyed the amount of energy and effort it required.
Yachi - Flower pressing. - She enjoys the calm atmosphere it has. She made good luck charms for the senpai with their birth month flower for their exams.
Hinata - Really enjoys swimming. - This extends to anything to do with water, such as water parks, beaches, pools etc. It also doubles as good exercise for volleyball so bonus points in Hinata’s books.
Kageyama - Getting Oikawa to teach him how to serve. Likes going to the aquarium and zoo. - He likes the atmosphere those places have and enjoys looking at the animals.
Tsukishima - Literally anything to do with horror - Games, films, books etc. Yamaguchi -  Reading - He’s very well read and will read anything from text books to fantasy to literature classics and crime. He will literally read anything simply for the sake of reading it even if he doesn’t enjoy it.

The “Ends up talking during the movie” squad - Asahi, Tanaka, Ennoshita, Hinata, Tsukishima and Yachi.
The “Super photogenic no matter whats going on” squad
- Kiyoko, Sugawara, Narita and Yamaguchi
The “Super into PDA” squad
- Asahi, Sugawara, Kinnoshita, Nishinoya, Hinata, Yamaguchi and Yachi.
The “Horrible sleeper” squad
- Daichi, Ennoshita, Tanaka, Hinata, Tsukishima and Yachi.
The “Clingy sleeper” squad - Kiyoko, Asahi, Sugawara, Nishinoya, Narita and Kageyama.
The “Sweet tooth” squad
- Asahi, Kinnoshita, Nishinoya, Hinata, Tsukishima and Yachi.
The “I drown my fries in ketchup” squad
- Daichi, Tanaka, Hinata and Yamaguchi
The “Falls asleep in class” squad
- Tanaka, Nishinoya and Hinata.
The “Constantly texts during class” squad
- Sugawara, Ennoshita, Tsukishima and Yamaguchi.
The “Updates social media every 10 seconds” squad - Sugawara, Ennoshita, Narita, Tanaka, Nishinoya, Hinata, Tsukishima and Yachi.
The “Hardly ever updates social media but still has a lot of friends/followers” squad
- Kiyoko, Daichi and Yamaguchi.
The “Sleeps with socks on” squad
- Daichi, Narita, Tanaka, Hinata and Yamaguchi.
The “Has really nice handwriting” squad
- Kiyoko, Sugawara, Ennoshita, Tsukishima and Yachi.
The “Not even you can decipher your own handwriting” squad
- Asahi, Narita, Tanaka and Kageyama
The “I’m always cold” squad
- Sugawara, Nishinoya, Hinata and Yachi
The “I always over heat” squad
- Daichi, Asahi, Kinnoshita, Tanaka and Yamaguchi.
The coffee drinkers
- Daichi, Ennoshita, Tanaka, Tsukishima and Yamaguchi.
The tea drinkers
- Kiyoko, Sugawara, Asahi, Narita, Hinata and Yachi.
The hot chocolate drinkers
-  Kageyama.
The “I’ll take whatever is offered” drinkers
- Kinnoshita and Nishinoya.

  • Do not watch a movie with Ennoshita unless you want an essay on what the actors/directors/producers have done previously, facts about the way particular scenes were shot and where they were shot and how certain special effects are actually done.
  • Yachi continues to keep in contact with the graduating third years and then the second years when they eventually graduate, updating them on practices and when match times are if they wish to attend.
  • Daichi and the other third years have a trivia team for trivia nights
  • Kiyoko and Tsukishima often recommend music to each other, swapping CD’s and USB’s.
  •  Asahi and Yachi like to discuss artists they like. Sometimes they get a group together to go to the art gallery.
  • Tsukishima and Tanaka often end up trashing movies when they watch them with the rest of the team.
  • Nishinoya on occasion skateboards into school. Sometimes he pushes Hinata and Tanaka around on it. It doesn’t always end well.
  • Kinnoshita often brings in baked goods when its someones birthday.
  • Sugawara often makes obscure theater references and more often than not Ennoshita and Yamaguchi are the only ones who get them.
  • Everyone is surprised when they find out that Narita is super good with computers and technology, he’s often the one that does a lot of filming editing for Ennoshita’s projects.
  • Surprisingly Kageyama and Tsukishima are the two who get along with Natsu the best. (Next to Sugawara of course)
  • Yamaguchi is quite well read and pulls out book quotes left right and centre in conversation.
  • Yamaguchi is the best at videogames out of all the first years and Kageyama is the worst.
the zodiacs as no.6 quotes

Aries - Someday, I’ll return the favor. You said you needed me. I’ll live up to it. I’ll put my life on the line to protect you. // “I want you to fight with yourself.”

Taurus - I don’t want to be protected by him. I haven’t abandoned my thoughts. I’ll keep decoding my world around me and its workings on my own. I will confront the world in its true form, and look reality in the eye. That’s probably something you would call a battle, Nezumi. // No.6, this is who we are. No matter how many times you step on us, we’ll raise our heads again. We’ll never be destroyed. We’ll crawl across the ground, we’ll set our roots down, and we’ll live. We’re a lot tougher than you think.

Gemini - “You put everything into dichotomies. You either love or you hate. You’re either friends or enemies. Outside the wall, or inside the wall. And you always say you can only ever choose one of them.” // “It is a boy whom you have brought. Surely he is neither entirely wicked, nor entirely virtuous.”

Cancer - I was human when my heart was stolen by him, and I was human when I longed to be by his side. And this fact won’t change, no matter what name I give to these feelings.// But I’m still wishing they’d return. I find myself still wanting to see them again. Yeah, sure, I’ve got my sights set on the gold bullion, too. My eyes are dazzle by the mountain of gold. But I want to see them too. I want to hear with these ears again, Nezumi’s sarcasm and laugh, Shion’s awkward way of speaking.

Leo - Nezumi, I want to stay human. // When he saw the boy choking on the unbearable tumult of his emotion, there was only one emotion that welled up inside Shion, and it was love.

Virgo - You called me, and I listened. I reached out, and you caught my arm. I opened the window so I could meet you. That’s our truth, Nezumi.// Yes, Nezumi. I’m confident. As long as I’m beside you, I can say with conviction that I can remain human.

Libra - Cool, ironic, stronger and more beautiful than anyone else—that was the kind of person Nezumi had always been, and that never changed. But behind it all, even he had a childish, emotional side like this. He still had some immaturity left in him to feel agitated when he was unable to control his emotions. // Have you really gone away? Will we really never see each other again? Have you guys really left? Am I the only one here?

Scorpio - “Before I slit your throat, I’ll give you a kiss,” Nezumi said softly. “You’ll find out exactly how much better I am at giving farewell kisses. Then you can go off to heaven.”  // “You’re a mysterious one, Shion. I thought so since the first time we met—you’re a mystery.”

Sagittarius - “Sometimes poison and medicine can come from the same plant. Sometimes you can’t tell if it’s going to be poison or medicine until you drink it. Right?” // If he peeled off a layer, what would this angelic and pure figure reveal? Maybe he would be more horrendous and fierce than he ever expected. Maybe within Shion, there existed some dark pit of truth that even Nezumi feared.

Capricorn - I won’t allow any hesitation. There’s no option left for us to go back, to delay to look for another path. We have no choice but to move on. And I won’t allow you to hesitate here, Shion. // How heartless could humans become? How could they stop themselves from becoming so? Someday, he would seek it out.

Aquarius - Nezumi, we’re going home. We’re going back to that room. We can’t turn back time, but we can create it anew. // I’ve gone against what you’ve told me. I’ve sighed many times for another. I believed him, and opened my heart to him. I placed the shackles around my feet. But I couldn’t have done otherwise. I couldn’t cut him away.

Pisces -  I am weak. My mind and body are all too fragile. But nothing can shake my resolve. Nothing can confuse my feelings. My resolve to live not within, but outside the city; my feelings of wanting to live together with you; nothing can shake them, nothing can muddle them. // Listen to me. Let my voice reach you. Open your eyes and answer me.


Maud girl, I love you, but you’ll hate me for this ramble😅

A - Ships that you currently like a lot. (They don’t have to be OTPs because not everyone has OTPs.) Friendships, pairings, threesomes, etc. are allowed.

Well, I’ll go with all of them. For OTP, my biggest are EdWin and Royai (from FMA), Karmanami from Assassination Classroom and NaLu from FT.
Friendships… I love GrayLu platonically and RoyxMaes is the best brotp😍 and of course I freaking loooove all friendships from Haikyuu and Akatsuki no Yona… And I love Zen and Mitsuhide’s relationship in Akagami no shirayuki-hime and Al and Ed are best bros and the freaking platinocial relationship between Handa and Naru gets me everytime and I should probably gp to the next ask before I ramble more than necessary.

B - A pairing–platonic, romantic or sexual–that you initially didn’t consider, but someone changed your mind.

Asano x Nakamura… I never even imagined them as a couple… Until I read a perfect fanfiction… And now I ship⛵️⛵️

C - A ship you have never liked and probably never will.

I’ll be hated…. But EdxRoy (just no, okay?! Mustang’s like a dad to Ed!!) and Shirayuki x Obi because Zen😍😍 (I love their friendship tho)

D - A pairing you wish you liked but just can’t.

Yamaguchi x Yachi because I wnat Yams to be happy… But HinaYachi is love, HinaYachi is life!!

E - Have you added anything cracky/hilarious to your fandom? If so, what?

Not yet, but I joined FMABigBang so I’ll add Ed being an overprotective drama queen (or rather, king) dad, so stay tuned!

F - What’s the longest you’ve ever been in a fandom?

Hmm… Almost a year in the FT fanfom!!! Happy birthday, I guess?

G - Have you ever had an OTP? If so, do you remember your first one? Who was in it?

I live for my OTPs! (Which just proved why I’m still single… I have my whole life aheeeaaaad~~) I think one of my first conscious OTPs (in that I knew what that was) was Harry x Hermione and it was shattered to pieces… Damn you, JK Rowling! (I still love you).

H - What is your favorite source text for fandom stuff (e.g., TV shows, movies, books, anime, Western animation, etc.)?

Hmm… Anime. Because it’s lively and you can actually picture the characters miving when reading a fanfic! I agree with manga too… And sometimes books. Movies feel just too real to be placed in cartoons, though.

I - Has Tumblr caused you to stop liking any fandoms, if so, which and why?

No, but the haters were closed to it. Tho I did stop liking the small Usagi Drop fandom because of the manga spoilers that ruined my experience… To those who want to watch it, take my friendly advice, PLEASE don’t read the manga. The anime is the fluffiest thing, so please just watch that.

J - Name a fandom you didn’t think about until you saw it all over Tumblr. (You don’t have to care about it or follow it; it just has to be something that Tumblr made you aware of.)

Bnha, which is why I started reading it. And Voltron…. I’ll watch that soon, too.

K - What character has your favorite development arc/the best development arc?

Uhm… Well that’s a hard one. I absolutely love the subtle and endearing development in Oreki (hyouka) and Haruhi in Ouran, but my favourite has to go to Tsukki for how well-built it was!! Furudate-sensei, I bow im front of you. Also, honrable mention to Karma in Assassination Clasroom.

L - Say something genuinely nice about a character who isn’t one of your faves. (Characters you’re neutral about are fair game, as are characters you merely dislike. Characters that you absolutely loathe with the fire of ten thousand suns are exempt, as there is no point in giving yourself an aneurysm over a character that you hate.)

I don’t especially love oikawa. I admire him a tone, and I have a lot of his quotes forever saved in my phone, and I think he’s the best setter of them all (I’m sorry, he has more experience and tehnique than Kags or Asaaahi, tho I agree that they’ll become better than him in one year’s time). So there: I aknowledge his amazingness altough he isn’t my fave.

M - Name a character that you’d like to have for a friend.

Edward. I want to spend a full day with him and learn how alchemy works (and we’d complain together about how short we are).
Also, Haruhi: I feel like she’d give the best advice when I’d need it.

N - Name three things you wish you saw more or in your main fandom (or a fandom of choice).

My faveourite fandom is FMA: everyone gets love and attention, and there’s little to no hate. What I’d like for it is to make it alive again! I mean, there are events and the such, but the manga finished almost 10 years ago, guys! I hope the new live action will bring us back alive.

O - Choose a song at random. Which ship or character does it remind you of?

Hmm… Well On my Own by Ashes Remain was the first one that popped into my head and it kind of reminds me pf Natsu. He’s that character that would always smile, but he’s always surpressing his feeling (‘I’ve been stuck in a cage with my doubt/I tried forever getting out on my own’)

P - Invent a random AU for any fandom (we always need more ideas).

Random AU…? Honestly, I’m not the biggest AU fan, but if I had to, I’d choose 'we’ve been stuck in a traffic jam for two hours and we’re bored, let’s play cards; hey wait Gray, you’re cheeting; no way I’m not!; mira, doing cutesy things won’t help you win… Laxus don’t give in!!; if Laxus is allied with Mira so is the thunder legion! Then I’m starting one on my own! Erza, I’ll join… Great, now we have Wendy on Erza’s side… All dragon slayers together! And exceeds! Wait lucy, starting a female club isn’t gonna help ya!
…guys? That’s not how you play pocker!’ AU. Okay, I may like this one in particular. Maybe I’ll write it:)

Q - A fandom you’ve abandoned and why.

I’ve abandoned the HP fandom. I still like the books, but I kinda grew out of it…? (And into anime😇)

R - Which friendship/platonic relationship is your favorite in fandom?

Uhm… In which one? If I’m going with FT, my favourite friendship is GrayLu. In FMA, it’s a tie… I love Roy/Hughes brotp and Al/Ed brotp. In Haikyuu… Damn they’re too many to choose! But I’d say the Karasuno third years: they have such a tight-knit bond!! And in AssClass it would be Karma/Okuda (it’s canon in my mind but friendship in the manga). I just love how easygoing they are. Also, I love Karma/Nagisa in the second half.

S - Show us an example of your personal headcanon (prompts optional but encouraged)

Hmm… There are many. My fetish is seeing people sleep: I think you can tell alot about their inner selfes from the position they use when sleeping and from their habits, because they can’t control or put up a façade when it comes to that.
So my headcanon is that despite being loud and obnoxious, Natsu actually occupies less space than Lucy when sleeping: he takes a baby-posture, while she lashes all over the bed, sometimes punching him im sleep unintentionately. Natsu learnt to deal with it: he actually likes holding Lucy close to make sure she’s safe while sleeping. She doesn’t mind, especially not during winter.
Oh and they also cuddle with a cup of hot coffee in their hands during the morning. Just an after-thought~~

T - Do you have any hard and fast headcanons that you will die defending?

I do! I don’t care if you agree or not, but Karma can be sweet, okay? Like he can actually be a good boyfriend (tho maybe a bit possessive). He’s the best at telling what’s on Okuda’s mind and he always buys her toffee when she’s feeling down.
Oh and also, Riza is a very good mother, always putting her family first. Just letting you know.

U - Three favorite characters from three different fandoms, and why they’re your favorites.

1)Karma-assassination classroom. He’s that one character that believes he’s the best, only to get proven that he can be wrong. What’s evenbegter is how he has room to develop and grow to be a better person… Plus, it seems I have a thing for evil goofballs.
2)This is a hard one, but Ed/Roy-Fullmetal Alchemist. I abso-freaking-lutely love all the characters in FMA, but these two attracted my attention. Ed because of how he thinks, how he wants to do good deeds in spite of his thorny exterior and how he miserably fails. I love the way he admits his failures and the way he deals with them can be childish (he’s 14, for God’s sake!) but he learns from them. Also, Roy because even though he went through Ishval, he still dreams of making the world a better place. I can respect a man who doesn’t step over the ethics just to achieve that dream and who always bends and avoides hurting others, while never giving up. Maybe it’s a dream, but I very much resonate with it.
3) Lucy from FT. She’s the one character in Fairy Tail that has enough of a backstory and is weak enough to evolve. Moreover, she’s not your typical girl: yes, she cares about how she looks, because she IS an woman, but she also cares about what’s on the inside. She cares about her friends more than anything and even without being the strongest mage, still puts herself in danger for them. I love her resolve and her cute side, too.

V - Which character do you relate to most?

Hmm… Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran Highschool Host Club. Haruhi is the type to do things on her own and she repells the help of others to do her thing, which I also tend to do. Also, she shoulders a lot of her worries by herself. Plus, she never judges people on appearance and doesn’t care about her own (being a girl, that’s rare and helps me relate all the more). I just love her😍 (and sometimes am compared to her by my friends).

W - A trope which you are virtually certain to hate in any fandom.

Whiny female protagonist. I’m not a feminist or anything, but I’ve had enough of that! Yes, we all want a prince charming, but we can carry ourselves, thank you very much.

X - A trope which you are almost certain to love in any fandom.

Someone pursuing their dreams. Also, I love genre deconstructions (browny points if it’s comedic).

Y - What are your secondhand fandoms (i.e., fandoms you aren’t in personally but are tangentially familiar with because your friends/people on your dash are in them)?

Voltron and Yuri on Ice (I feel like I’ve watched this shows even though I haven’t).

Z - Just ramble about something fan-related, go go go! (Prompts optional but encouraged.)

Don’t tempt me, I will! ( I kinda have this whole post tho)
Okay so I’ll rant about FMA because I feel it doesn’t get all he love it deserves!!! (And because I refrained from fangirling on it up to now) And since we’re talking FMA, let’s talk Roy Mustang (you knew this would come).
Roy is just one of those very strong people that are actually just goofballs on the interior and need love. Seriously, let’s take a look at what this guy went through, ok? He’s an orphan, but he never complains and learnt to love his cousins (sisters) and aunt (mom). He was taught by a pretty crazy (very talented, but Hawkeye did have a screw loose for inscripting a tatoo on Riza’s back and you can’t convince me otherwise) alchemist, and yet he managed to become the next flame alchemy. Despite being told not to, he joined the military with a childish dream and even after learning of the harsh reality in the Ishval war, he still went on believing that he can make the country a better place.
Yet he’s not perfect: he can lose his temper when it comes to those he loves (Mustang being killed) and he doesn’t want any more people to die. He cheerisbes his team and wants to keep them all safe. He can be a cheapskate and also a bit of an annoying guy with Ed, and he can be obnoxious, yet funny as hell (tiny miniskirts!!!)
Above all, Mustang feels HUMAN! Yes, he puts up a great act, but it’s an *act*. He has a more sensitive side and you better not mess with it, or he’ll burn you to ashes.
This concludes the short version of my Roy Mustang appeciation post. Also, I have some headcanons about him being best dad (and his child being a daddy’s girl/boy because of it) and of being a pretty intimidating Führer.

This concludes my post. @bookstvseriesandanimes and @paperrabbit13 know what I’m talking about😅
And I tag @bookstvseriesandanimes @paperrabbit13 @shoujoinsights @candyforever123 @funnyshoujomoments and whoever else feels up to it:)

Why Kuroko no Basket is a Roller-Coaster of Feels

So sports anime isn’t watched read for their story. It probably has tournament-styled arc that usually results in a lesson of teamwork and friendship. What makes each sports anime unique is usually in its characters and action.

Kuroko no Basket is not exactly a ground breaking anime or manga. It didn’t start a revolution of sports manga and anime like Prince of Tennis or even for basketball like Slam Dunk.    

What makes Kuroko no Basket one of my favorite anime of all time is in its characters and they definitely have one colorful cast. I mean that very literally.

Just look they color-coordinated them for you!

A Rainbow of Color

So the main point of Kuroko no Basket is the Generation of Miracles who are called the best basketball players of their generation and are all considered geniuses.

They eventually grow too strong and became disrespectful and arrogant. Kuroko’s goal for the majority of the show is to show them that basketball isn’t always about winning and that their mentality is wrong.

In different sports anime, these characters would simply be considered bosses for Kuroko and Kagami to defeat. They are the ones who are wrong and needed to be corrected.

Now what I think is the strongest point of this show is that the characters are so relatable and so easily able to get attached to. Every match you see the in, you understand the characters better and somethings do not know who you want to win.

In Prince of Tennis, another one of my favorite sports animes, I adore all the characters but even Seigaku plays against other teams I am rooting for Seigaku. This is mostly because the opposing tennis team is usually not portrayed as much as the main characters. 

In Kuroko no Basket, that concept is thrown all out the window.

Not in Black and White

What Kuroko no Basket is amazing at is keeping balance between genius and mundane. Each character is never just one side, but both sides at once.

What I really liked was that the character designs are unique enough for me to remember each character, something that should be hard to do with a cast entirely made up of boys.

Each character starts out as a stereotype, but than develops so far beyond that.

Kuroko is the cold, never show emotion guy but later shows that he has a drive to be strong and devotion to the highest level.

Kise is the overexcited, pretty piece of eye candy. That absolutely refuses to give up and learns to love his team.

Midorima is the stick-in-the-mud, serious glasses guy for megane fans. Who goes through amazing development from trusting in only himself to trusting in his teammates.

Aomine is an asshole arrogant prick/bad boy who after watching the Teiko arc you just want to hug and never let go.

Murasakibara is a lazy giant that likes candy, but also has an adorable childish personality.

Akashi is a psychopath that is still charismatic and intriguing enough to steal every scene that he is in.

Empathizing With the Characters

But it is the line that Kuroko no Basket draws between the Generation of Miracle’s humanity and genius that makes every character so amazing to watch. You completely understand them and why they act the way they act. But in the end there are no villains, only misunderstandings and wrong ideals.

One of my favorite characters, Midorima Shintarou is a perfect example of this. On court, he is the number one shooter of the Generation of Miracles and has a 100% rate of accuracy as long as no one interferes with his shooting.

But off the court he is just a dork with his own eccentricities and weirdness.

That’s him reacting to dog pee in his cart.

It is the same with every character in this show and that’s why I think that I love this anime so much. Every character has motivation and most importantly growth. 

While this is nothing new to the protagonists of sports anime, I find it amazing to see that it is the “antagonists” if you call them that to receive that treatment. 

This makes the story so much more meaningful, it is not only the main characters that lose but also the opposing team and both are desperately trying to bring victory back into their grasp again.

As the audience we can only watch their struggle and when they lose we understand their pain. They are human and when we see them fail we perfectly understand why it hurts.

Why do you do this to me!? You are just a sports anime!

And while the supporting characters on the Generation of Miracle’s teams are obviously with less screen time, the show doesn’t ignore their pain. Take for example, Kasamatsu who is the captain of Kise’s team and after the Touo match you see him take a brave front, but ultimately breaks down in the locker rooms.

I just cried for Kise and now I’m crying again. Thanks show.

And it is in this attention for detail that makes this show both heart-pounding and heart-breaking.


In Kuroko no Basket, we wish for a happy ending for every character because we feel they deserve it, but that just doesn’t happen. And it is the same with life. However you understand they, just like anyone in real life, has a future the far extends past the end of this anime.

This anime makes characters that you can’t help fall in love with and make them human enough to be relatable and talented enough to be dangerous.

You feel pride and happiness with their victory and sadness and pain at their loss, but you know that they will learn and grow. This journey you take with all the characters is why Kuroko no Basket will always have a special part in my heart.

I’ll leave off with one of my favorite quotes from this anime.

Best lines from the Finale

(mostly out of context of course)

“Hey! Even in a sack I still look better than you!”

“Larry King’s disembodied wax head wants num-nums.”

“I listen to a lot of AM radio so I knew what this meant–the end of the world.”

“We’ll meet again. Don’t know where, don’t know when. Oh, I know we’ll meet again some, sunny day.”

You know that couch is made from living human skin?”

 “What’s an “anime”?”

“These scribbles are a bunch of cockamamie balderdash! Excuse my French.”

“I keep accidentally flexing through my sweater.”

“Your hyperflamable merchandise is the only thing keepin’ me going.”

“I have butchered millions on countless moons.”

“He’s been forcing me to do cute dances in this cage for all eternity. I’m so tired of being cute!”

“This experience will forever scar Tad Strange.”

“I’ve tried forgettin’. Maybe I should try forgiving.”

“No, a prophecy. Although it would be a pretty fun game of hopscotch.”

“Destiny hoodie.”

“Hey Achilles! Nice work with the heel!”

“Do the one thing no one in our family has ever done–Touch the hillbilly.”

 “I’ve never held hands this long and I’m very uncomfortable.”

“Grammar, Stanley.”

“I know that hurts because I’ve accidentally done it to myself–multiple times!”

“I’ve got some children I need to make into corpses!”

“Like Grunkle Stan always says, when one door closes choose a nearby wall and bash it in with brute force.”

“I think I’m gonna kill one of ‘em now just for the heck of it!”

“Hey, look at me. Turn around and look at me you one-eyed demon! You’re a real wiseguy, but you made one fatal mistake: you messed with my family.”

“Guess I was good for something after all.”

“He saved the world. He saved me.”

“Hey, just cuz I have amnesia don’t go tryin’ to give yourself a raise, Soos.”

“He told us a lot about being a business man in the '80s and seemed happy when we pretended to listen.”

“Robbie, would you be a dear and get us the sawed-off shotgun?”

“Zap! Zap! We’re mad with power! And love!” 

“You’re only going to have one pony now.”

“Wa–oh! Woo! I’m bustin’ a move on this skatin’ board!”

“You know, on my first day here, if you had asked me what I wanted, I would have said adventure, mystery, true friends. But looking here at all of you I realize that every wish came true. I have everything I wanted.”

“If I had only one wish it would be to shrink all of you with the shrink ray and bring you home with us in my pocket!”

“I now officially declare you technically teenagers. Welcome to angst and acne forever.”

“I don’t just want someone to come with me Stanley, I want it to be you. Will you give me a second chance?”

“Like, this mermaid. It’s not just a dead fish butt sewn to a monkey carcass. It’s a marvelous creature that makes us believe that anything is possible.”

“You’re Mr. Mystery now, Soos. Try not to burn the place down.”

“I hate my dumb heart for making me feel things.”

“Kids, you knuckleheads were nothin’ but a nuisance and I’m glad to be rid of ya.”

 “If you’ve ever taken a road trip through the Pacific northwest, you’ve probably seen a bumper sticker for a place called Gravity Falls. It’s not on any maps, and most people have never heard of it. Some people think it’s a myth. But if you’re curious, don’t wait. Take a trip. Find it. It’s out there somewhere in the woods. Waiting.” 

AMVs/MMVs of No.6

For those who had a hard time searching for amv’s/mmv’s, here you have a hierarchical masterpost. And I should say that some of the videos in the “not incredible” category are quite good, they weren’t just… well, incredible.

Manga based:

Perfect ones» The Beach | drawn to you. |  Not meant to be | If it makes you sad | Watch me bleed | Illusion | Love | The lovers that went wrong | You stole my star | Gold star | Here |

Good edition» Ethereal | Night time | Awake my soul (a little simple) | Unconditionally | Brave | Ordinary | Between the lines | I swear | Aod | Foreign | Will you still love me? | aod. | Where butterflies never die | | Nothing new

Good timing/song» Sounds | Unrequited | Abandon | Lost (not recommended to emotional people) | Where the butterflies never die | Ghost | Semi-automatic | Pity | Love |

Not incredible, but worth of a look» Painting flowers | Slowly let me drown | Domestic | Longing | I’m a proud sinner | Only bithces wear prada |

Anime based:

Perfect ones» Hurt | Moondust | The happiest of men | Utopia | Explosions | Stay high | My confessions | Future kings | Take my hand |

Good edition» In love w/ a criminal | Sublimal | We are broken | Watercolour | | My midnight romeo | SiMpLe | Our story | Fallin'away | Still | Decode | Can i exist? | Shattered

Good timing/song» Parasite city | Stay awake | Stasis | Human | Love dearest | We shout | Until the last falling star | Where is my mind | Stray italian greyhound | I still remember | Love until we bleed | Lazy dancer (i like the edition, though is not incredible) | Paper hearts | Cold and broken | Dubstep | Sometimes | I wish you were there | Quite devotion | Forever | Holding on and letting go | Lights will guide you home | I can take anything | Illuminaudio | The world | Overwhelming | On the run |

Good but clean/simple edition» Downpour | Would you will? | True Love | Here with me | Kiss me slowly | You’ve lost your mind | Fools | Fight inside | This is twice now | Touched | Simple things | Gone away | Perfect for you | Here, together |

Not incredible, but worth of a look» Not alone | Nostalgia (actually, i love this song) | We need each other | Whataya want from me | A fallen love | Fade away | What is lost | I’ll save your life | Last train home | My sweet prince | Reunite without fail | Right here | Everybody loves me | Taken | Young and beautiful | To be loved | Savin'me | This is just a game | Skeptic | My midnight romeo (v2) | We’ll meet again | Flame | Throw away | You are my sunshine | Play the game | And you, my love, are wrong | A thousand times | On the coldest winter night | Eventually | To the sky | Youth | You make beautiful things | Simple and clean | Fall for you | Hourglass | White shadows | Maybe I just like how it sounds | Wish you were here (v2) | The last dance | Time after time | Pretty face | Lie to me | Epic | I’ll take the shot for you | I want to live | Polarity | Touch | |

Fanart based:

Perfect ones» Lie with me | Falling | I know you care | Close to me | Memory | Lean on

Good edition» Young and beautiful (v2) | Po*nPo*n | Vanilla twilight | Merry christmas | Losing sleep | Orion | Rock ‘n Roll

Good timing/song» Please don’t go | Forevermore (but the edition is pretty, too) | Safe and sound |

Not incredible, but worth of a look» 9 “ on | You can’t escape | Deco*27 |


Perfect ones» Sweet and sour | All I see | Miracles | When i wake up

Good edition» Young blood | Parachute | Clarity | Love the way you lie (with some flaws, but…) | How to start a war | Brighter thant the sun | They say love is forever | Somebody to you | Dead of me | Silver lining |

Good timing/song» When the sky falls | Je suis un homme | I’m okay | Say something |

Not incredible, but worth of a look» Requiem | Everywhere | Love story | Heartbit | Selflessness | Head over heals | Safe and sound | Pound the alarm | Creatures in the dark | Runnin | Dare you to move | 50 shades of gay (it includes Shizaya) | You got my heart | Clarity (v2) | Anathema |

With quotes from other series (mostly anime pics)» What’s a soulmate? |  It’s like you’re screaming | Does this darkness have a name? | And I loved him |