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Rules: Once you’ve been tagged you’re supposed to write a note with 92 truths about you. At the end choose 10 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you!

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What was your:

  • last drink: Peach-flavoured water
  • phone call: My best friend
last text message: “No”  - to an ex colleague from work
last song you listened to: Renegade by Stereo Drive Foundation (Its the only song I listen to…)
  • last time you cried: A week ago or so…

Have you ever:

  • dated someone twice: I never dated -.-
  • been cheated on: Don’t think so?
  • kissed someone and regretted it: Yes
lost someone special: Yep…
been depressed: Ahahahahahahahahahahaha….
  • been drunk and thrown up: Drunk. But never threw up
list three favorite colors: Black, blue, red

In the last year have you:

  • made a new friend: Yesssssssss
  • fallen out of love: Yeah… It hurts…
laughed until you cried: Too often
  • met someone who changed you: No
found out who your true friends are: I already know
  • kissed anyone on your fb friends list: Ah.. yes… kissing… *sigh* Must be great


  • how many people on your fb friends do you know in real life: maybe 50%?
  • do you have any pets: Three budgies
  • do you want to change your name: Already changed it
  • what did you do for your last birthday: …. Watching anime?
  • what time did you wake up today: 9:30 ish
  • what were you doing at midnight last night: Reading a sporking of 50 Shades of Grey. Why???? Oh and discussing with Joe why Kasper is way better than Grey.
name something you cannot wait for: A bf. Which will never happen. So I wait for my Jormungand Blu Ray.
last time you saw your mother: Just now. We shared a pizza
  • what are you listening to right now: Renegade by Stereo Drive Foundation because Im always listening to it.
  • have you ever talked to a person named tom: I dont know any Toms.
  • what’s getting on your nerves right now: My best friend likes someone and I dont know who. Now I feel like a child because its someone from RL and im still staring at anime characters.
  • blood type: B
  • nickname: Moe/Kasper
  • relationship status: Crying Married to my anime dvds
  • zodiac sign: Leo sun, Sagittarius moon
  • pronouns: He/him
  • favourite tv show: Jormungand???
  • tattoos: None yet. But soon maybe
  • right or left handed: Both kinda.
  • first surgery: Uhm.. I dont know how its called but i kinda broke both my legs at the tender age of three weeks.
  • first piercing: Right ear
first best friend: A guy from elementary school. We are still best friends
first sport you joined: Swimming and dancing. It was fun.
first vacation: How was that island called….? Rügen, yeah.
first pair of trainers: Arent that shoes? I dunno… Kindergarten probably

Right now:

  • eating: Just ate pizza. Again
  • drinking: water
  • I’m about to: Playing Team Fortress 2 again. 
  • listening to: Unretrofied by Dillinger Escape Plan
  • waiting for: A miracle
  • want kids: Nope. I have my niece, thats enough.
  • get married: Ugh… No. No one could handle me. 
  • career: Writer.

Which is better:

  • lips or eyes: EYES oh my god
  • hugs or kisses: Both
  • shorter or taller:  Uh? Is this about partner?? Then taller because there is no one shorter than me
  • older or younger: Both. I dont care
  • romantic or spontaneous: Spontaneously romantic? Lol idk
  • nice stomach or nice arms: Idc… Arms maybe?
sensitive or loud: There is no one louder than me.
  • hook up or relationship: Relationship
  • trouble maker or hesitant: Troublemaker so Im not the only one who gets their ass whooped.

Have you ever:

  • kissed a stranger: Hahahahaha kissing…
  • drank hard liquor: Sure. I only like hard liquor.
  • sex on the first date: Please dont remind me…
broke someone’s heart: No?
  • had your own heart broken: Yeah
been arrested: Not yet.
  • cried when someone died: Yes.
  • fallen for a friend: Yeah.. Would not recommend 0/10

Do you believe in:

  • yourself: Only when im not alone
  • miracles: MoTheRfuKinG MiRaClEs
  • love at first sight: No. Interest at first sight, but love? Nah
heaven: No.
  • santa claus: Lol
kiss on the first date: Why not?
  • angels: Evangelion style? Bring ‘em on!

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