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dctv ladies appreciation week: day six
favorite scene 

2.12, fast lane - what? no good luck?

nothing is worse than making an effort to express genuine excitement for something for the first time in an extraordinarily long time, trying to share what made you excited with someone you trust, and have that someone blow you off


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oh my venus or she was pretty

  • me: bart allen, in young justice at least, is one of the most interesting characters that i've ever seen. it's difficult to tell where the performance ends and where he himself begins. how much of his personality is put on for show and how much is really just the way that he is? he's a fantastic liar, but the narrative doesn't condemn that, which is a really interesting move because of how thoroughly our culture hammers in the idea that someone has to always tell the truth or it's morally wrong. and how genuinely he comes to care for and trust jaime considering that he came back from the future to eliminate the blue beetle as a threat to the earth is just heartwarming, even if you don't ship it, especially due to his secretive personality. and this isn't even mentioning his relationship with wally or how interesting his future/reach slang is from a linguistic standpoint.
  • every member of my family: impulse is annoying
  • Shaw has called Root hot and admires her gun handling skills
  • John has called Root pretty and praised her kidnapping skills
  • Zoe said she was cute and knew the picture of Turing’s husband was fake becase she picked up gay vibes from Root
  • Fusco said she has a big brain
  • Harold thinks she’s brilliant
  • Greer wanted her on his team
  • The Machine chose Root as her analong interface and imagined everyone as Root
  • Samaritan agrees that Root is pretty

I’ve never seen a show where everyone praises a character as much as everyone praises Root


My kind of aesthetic, Taekook’s body differences. Dem shoulders, peck and arms doe jeon jungkook.

i still have not watched the kingdom ep, the one i’ve been looking forward for ages because the flu hit me in such a way i have not even gotten out of bed for 3 days. i can barely function. and just thinking about turning my tv or laptop (or any light/sound) on makes me wanna beg for death

BUT i’ve been told ezekiel and shiva are magnificent and so much more than expected; people loved the episode, critics loved it, melissa getting praised again. i’ve seen gifs and i love everything about it. everything. i saw carol was basically metaphorically compared to shiva and a pomegranate (love it, yummy!)

i’ve also heard about all the ship talk and tbh i am living for the fact that whether consciously or not everybody is currently discussing who carol should start a relationship with (morgan or ezekiel or daryl) means this 50 yo woman is basically right now the most desirable woman on the show. not only carol dumped her last love interest in spectacular fashion (who’s tobin), but she’s got a hot skilled man desperately wanting to save her life even when it’s not his choice to make, and another hot fun king of a man with a pet tiger seeing value in her and wanting her to become part of his group. then, after all this, they still did not let us forget there is a man out there, imprisoned by negan, who is the person she shares the closest bond with. 

it gives me life, in spite of thinking everybody is missing the point carol is actually in huge emotional pain. learning to accept herself and what she had to do to save her family is carol’s main arc this season. she gotta learn to live with the love. i love my carol, i just want her to get better. and i am sooo proud of melissa mcbride. i love her so hard.

in light of that one interview i just want this scene
  • corrupted jasper writhing on the ground or s/t: we all get what we deserve, I deserved for this to happen
  • garnet, sitting placidly cross-legged on her shoulder: the hilarious thing is that's completely true but not for any of the reasons you think

You all are really enjoying DarkpathAU so here’s a compilation of reference sketches for you to look at (with bonus captions if you full view them)

Since I’m not sure if I’ve ever directly put it out there or not, Hiro has a motor control neuro headband over each of his friend’s heads. They’re not villains by choice, everything they do is under Hiro’s control. Tadashi eventually manages to get the thing off of Wasabi at least (after a scuffle), and then they become tag-team buddies. Those two are total bros in this AU (hobo bros more like because they really don’t have a good place to stay other than an old room in an abandoned hotel on the outskirts of the city).

Also, couple more things: Hiro and Yama have a huge rivalry over who ‘runs San-Fransokyo with an iron fist’. They argue and are constantly firing back and forth at one another; Yama’s Fujita’s and Bombers against Hiro’s crew. It’s how they spend their weekends. 

Lastly, if you’re wondering why Hiro has no trust over people who look like Tadashi: bottom left drawing in the final picture and the huge scar across his face now as a result. Good thing big sister Gogo was there to save him. But the event was a little… traumatizing, because it would’ve probably killed him had Gogo not stepped in last second.

WHEW, after that info dump have a bonus Aunt Cass doodle and her little shop she now runs in one of the back alley vendor streets because her actual one was ransacked when the city went downhill:

So episode 29 is like

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But also a lot of this:

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And the fandom to Candy right now is

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idk how other people see it, but to me anne’s relationship with max is a journey of self discovery but not in the “oh, i’m into women” sense. that’s far too simple. i always felt that max being a woman was a non-issue to anne? it wasn’t about her being attracted to a woman, but the fact that she was attracted to someone that wasn’t jack.

maxanne starts out as anne discovering something about herself yes, but to me it wasn’t her sexuality. at least not completely. like she’s attracted to women, great! but like i said that’s not the issue. we never see anne being all “holy moly! but you’re a lady!” if anything, it’s about anne finding out that she can have a sexuality that’s not tied up with jack. that’s the whole point. maxanne to me is about anne discovering herself as a person. AWAY FROM JACK. that’s why that relationship is so important to me. 

i remember seeing something a while back along the lines of “maxanne was an unflattering representation of wlw because it made it seem like they can’t control themselves” or whatever. (which i find hilarious because this is a show in which vaneeleanor exists and that’s the biggest example of two people apparently not being able to control themselves when it comes to the other, even if that relationship is incredibly toxic for both of them. i mean look at both of their sex scenes ffs. talk about no self control.) but to me, anne doesn’t desperately latch on to max because “oh, my! lesbian sex is great!”. she does so because she’s finally finding a part of herself that belongs to her and her alone. it’s about finding her own identity.

anne spent her whole life since she was 13 years old dependent on jack. knowing nothing but him. acting like him. doing what he asked her to do. the idea that she could have her own identity unrelated to him never even crossed her mind. she says and quote: “i was 13. i always thought he saved me from something. always been so fucking grateful. now i wonder… maybe jack took me from something i was supposed to figure my own way out of. maybe he took away the chance to get strong enough to save myself. to grow up. instead, i went with him, did what he did, did what the others did. thought i’d become one of them. if i’m not what i was when i was born, and i ain’t what i’ve become instead… what the fuck am i?” 

anne never had an opportunity to figure who she really is. “i did what he did, did what others did”, she spent her whole life mimicking others. until max. she doesn’t have to do that with max. being with max gave her a freedom she didn’t know she could have. and she’s inebriated with it at 1st. but it passes and she starts caring for and loving her instead. like she says, she doesn’t feel like she owes max anything, not like she does with jack. and that allows her to be a different person. to finally be herself. to figure out what being herself means.

people love to portray max as the predatory lesbian taking advantage of anne (so gross), but that’s because they can’t conceive or don’t want to accept that anne’s relationship with jack is based on the fact that anne knew and had nothing else but him her whole life. that she felt indebted to him. but not to max. she was with max for so long because she fell in love with her. genuinely loved her. and she’ll never have that with jack.

i’m not trying to dismiss rackhanne. mostly because i believe it’s impossible and i’m not an hypocrite. i think anne will always care deeply for jack, for better or worse. he’s been her companion her whole life, her family and you can’t shake off something like that. who she is will always be tied up to him. but it doesn’t change the fact that as a relationship its basis is incredibly unhealthy.

and i hate how people oversimplify anne’s journey in s2. how they just want her to go back to jack. fuck everything else. how the fact that she “leaves max” for him, means she undoubtedly chooses him. (does she even choose to leave max? max is the one that tells her that it’s best for them to go their separate ways. anne never shows that she wants to leave her. she just follows max’s wishes.) because they don’t fucking get it. because, let’s all be honest here, they don’t actually care about anne at all. they care about their ship. they care about jack. but they don’t give a fuck about what it all means for anne and it’s infuriating.

i’ve talked about how rackhanne in s3 makes me incredibly uncomfortable for several reasons, and the fact that people don’t give a flying fuck about how jack uses anne however he pleases pisses me off. how he takes her for granted. even after everything. how he has no problem putting her in danger to achieve his own goals. 

ffs, look at this fucking quote: jack: “you said anne is alive, did you not? i would argue as long as that is true, there’s a chance, however remote, that she will frustrate your efforts to send me off to my death.” rogers: “out of curiosity, how would she go about doing that?” jack: “well, i have no idea. everything and anything in her power, i imagine, up to and including walking out in the middle of the road ahead of us to be RUN OVER by your horses in the hope of slowing you down for even a moment.” 

i’m so very sorry but this will never sit well with me. particularly because it’s true. and anne is agonizing over losing him: “we miss that caravan, you lose, what? money? your war? what i got to lose ain’t something so easy to recover from.while jack doesn’t really show any concern for anne’s safety at all.


“Maggie, he is so wonderful. He’s heartfelt and deep, and I just screwed it all up. It’s like if I was really 26 and I could start all over, that is the man I’d be falling in love with.”


I just really really really like Blake. I could draw a ten page comic of him just getting ready in the morning. Five of those pages would be him trying to figure out which hideous tie he is going to wear that day.

     i’ll do stuff in the near-ish future.   work’s been kicking my ass.

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2, 11 and 15!

What is your favorite snippet of dialogue?
This is a hard one! I love writing dialogue! And I wrote A LOT of it! And now I can’t think of any specific scene! I love writing love confessions though. That and humor. :D

What’s a fanfic idea you haven’t done yet?
That would be something called “Calcifer” - a Philinda AU inspired by Howl’s moving Castle where Melinda is a witch who turned herself into a firedemon to end a horrific war. Now she is stuck in that form but after her best friend dies and gets resurrected (without his knowledge) she has to protect him by building a safe castle around him and together they move around the country as new trouble boils up. Phil thinks they’re on a recruiting tour to find new witches and wizards, and he finds Fitz and Simmons. - Meanwhile Skye breaks into the moving castle and has to face the firedemon herself

Give us a snippet of something from your WiPs!

Here’s a very tiny snippet of Behind The Scenes:

The phone rang for times before Hill answered the call with a whole hearted, “Damn it!”

Melinda raised a brow. “Is this a bad time?”

“I burned my dinner.”

Melinda grinned.

“Not one word, May.”

“Didn’t say anything.”

“I know for a fact that you burned frozen pizza before too!”

Phil just couldn’t keep any secrets!

Hill sighed. “Skye finally hacked the laptop. She’s decrypting the files now. Garrett wrote a diary.”