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the evolution of a determined moeblob, her egotistical robot boyfriend, and her punny ex-skeleton

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Hypaaaaaaaaa, my love, tell me about your favorite character of all time across all your fandoms. Doesn't even have to be who drives your thirst the most,l! I want to know who you hold near and dear to your heart!

It took me awhile to actually think of just one character that I hold dear… and without thirst… and after much consideration I’ve decided to go with the Al Bhed princess.

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It was the first Final Fantasy I ever played, and some past friends of mine nicknamed me Rikku, and even though it’s been awhile, I still heart this chick.

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She doesn’t take Wakka’s religious Yevonite bullshit. She’s optimistic but also kinda a skeptic, which kinda goes with the territory of being from a race of people who got exiled from the land because of their technical advances (I also heavily correlated this with systematic racism in society today, where black folks are constantly made out to be seen as the enemy and often sequestered along with other POC into poorer areas as lepers just to keep the people who are in power comfortably there).

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She does not accept Yuna’s predestined fate no matter how hopeless it looks. She will follow Yuna to the ends of Spira and back before she’ll let Yuna sacrifice herself for a stupid cycle that was unnecessary. *side eyes the ending of FFXV* She knew that there was a possibility of a better ending, and she wouldn’t stop striving for it even if those around her doubted it.

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In FFX-2, she carried that hope right back to Yuna to send them across Spira again to find Tidus just based on a broken asf sphere. And… oh shit I just remembered Gippal IT’S MY OTHER OTP Y'ALL, anyway… yeah. She’s still got Yuna’s back till the end.

I relate to her a bit. Her loyalty to her friends, her penchant for being goofy but not taking away from her intelligence that people may overlook because of it, and the fact that I will not rest until I cosplay this outfit I stg:

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Idk man. Rikku is just one badass bitch. Everyone needs one in their life.

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Also if you make a shop can I request something for it?

Okay I’m gonna use this ask to let everyone know that I did make a shop

Look at that, amazing, nearly no one believed I would anymore - I’ve been slowly adding stuff to it (real slowly, it takes forever to update things), but if there’s anything between what I’ve posted here you’d like to see on it please do let me know!

As far as requesting I draw new specific stuff for it goes, it depends on what you request! Try asking, you never know!

So… The game was supposed to start at 7:15 and it wasn’t supposed to rain and now it’s 8:42 and up till now we’ve had 1 strike out, and only like 6 pitches and everything is wet and I think I can feel a cold coming

Jean was cute in today’s episode, though admittedly he always is

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What do you mean fluff anon, tickle fights are an actual war

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I have seen your servamp art, its so beautiful!! ^*^ Could you draw Tetsu and Misono (tetsono)? :D

…why the heck not


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Which house do you think that Kuroo will go in? Obviously Bokuto is gryffindor but Kuroo... Maybe slytherin? I love your work! Bokuroo!

I’m pretty sure 90% of Nekoma would be Ravenclaw actually  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧