my only daughter


❝Life is tough, my darling. But so are you.❞ - S.L.


Enemies to the north.  Daughter of the North.

bruce uses his Dad Nicknames when he’s exhausted. Some examples to explain what I mean:

“Damian, baby, kiddo, please drop that sword.”

“Cassandra, my only daughter, my sweetheart, if you could just stop for one short moment.”

“Dick, my first born, my rock, get off the chandelier.”

“Jay, lad, you’re driving your old man insane, chum.”

“Brilliant, brilliant Tim, please go to sleep.”

“Stephanie, honey, you don’t even fucking live here.”


girl meets world network challenges ✔ [4/?] favorite character challenge 

funny moments - i would like to renounce all of my worldly possessions, except for all of my stuff! 

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No, she needs to be around people who better understand the issues she’s struggling with. People more like her.


Imagine if Sally Jackson decides to call her daughter ’Blue’ because that color means something super special for her and Percy?.

And Paul has no problem with that, because he likes the sound of the name ’Blue Blofis’ and he knows what that means for his wife and stepson.

And then is Percy, who could not be more pleased with the choice of name, and now a new favorite person in his life will have the name of something that he likes a lot and is special for his family.

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When my daughter was taken from me. My only daughter, well.. you can’t imagine how that feels unless you’ve lost a child. I fed her at my own breast, even though they told me to give her to the wet nurse. I couldn’t bear to see her in another woman’s arms. I never got to have a mother, but Myrcella did. She was mine and you took her from me. Why did you do that?