my only contribution to the les mis fandom

les amis + things my friends have said while drunk
  • enjolras: "no i don't WANT to play cards against humanity I REFUSE TO BUY INTO CAPITALISM JIM"
  • grantaire: "what's that old meme? cracking open a cold one with the boys? well that's what this is except it's like cracking open your deepest insecurities with your drunk friends"
  • courfeyrac: "i made like two hundred pizza rolls and also ordered us some chinese food" ("WHY?!") "you said you were hungry!"
  • combeferre: *in tears* "you can't kill the moth just because you're afraid of them, they might be afraid of you but they don't kill you! you can't just kill your problems, guys"
  • joly: "you're throwing up??? don't worry i'm a Good Friend i'll hold your hair like they do in the movies"
  • bossuet: "i broke... the shot glass." ("how?!") "it was... too heavy..."
  • feuilly: "shit do i work tomorrow?! wait no i quit that job. WAIT I HAVE THREE JOBS"
  • bahorel: *softly* "i want to fight ryan reynolds"
  • eponine: "i bet it's exhausting being perfect all the time. someone should ask my girlfriend how she does it"
  • jehan: "come to me little doggo i am the Dog Parent now, get into my vehicle" (the 'vehicle' is a bike btw) (also the 'little doggo' is taller than them soo)
  • musichetta: "it's a good thing i'm here to control all you rascals, you - oh my god there's a TRAMPOLINE CAN WE JUMP ON IT"
  • cosette: *whispers* "can we watch bring it on"
  • montparnasse: *after taking a selfie and starting to cry* "my eyeliner isn't sharp enough to kill a man anymore!"