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I hope their relationship progresses to big sis and lil bro always making fun of each other vibe

The thing about Albus/Scorpios is:

A) I know what it’s like to love someone so much and so hard that platonic isn’t an adequate enough word, despite there being no sexual feelings between you.


B) I watched that play with my own two eyes and those boys are the gayest. THE GAYEST. And so in love and needy for each other’s affection. Like it’s not subtext okay. It was just text.


Artemi “Doe-Eyed” Panarin (x) | requested by anon 

Dex's Dads.

* Dex’s dads’ names are Jerome and David
* They met when David came over from Ireland to work one summer. When he went back home, they kept in touch. When he finished college (2 years later) David moved back to Maine, and he and Jerome started dating.
* They’ve been together since David was 21, and Jerome was 20
* Jerome is from a fishing background, and still has his lobster boat.
* David gets horribly seasick, (or at least claims to) and has never gone on the lobster boat.
* David works in IT. He loves to explain why he does, but no one understands what he’s saying.
* They use pet names a lot, especially “sweetie”, “honey”, and “love”.
* They decide they’d like to start a family, and an old friend from college offers to be a surrogate.
* A few months later, they have William Jerome Poindexter. He is biologically David’s, and named after David’s Grandfather William, and Jerome.
* The elementary school Will attends is in the next town over. Its a pretty long bus ride. Before starting school, his dads tell William to tell the other kids Jerome is his uncle. He doesn’t understand why, but goes with it.
* By the time he’s in middle school, people know about his “uncle”. Will gets teased and bullied about it a lot. He’s not one for words, and instead fights with his fists. Will gets suspended so many times, but it isn’t until the fourth time that he finally tells his dads why he’s getting into fights at school.
* They complain to the principal, and no one teases Dex in school anymore.
The bus home is a different story, but Dex won’t fight on the bus.
* He goes to high school in his hometown. He promised his dads he wouldn’t get into fights anymore. Its hard, but Dex soon finds he can bite his tongue, and let his anger out when playing hockey.
* While in his first year at school he has a boyfriend who he introduces to his parents. They break up when his boyfriend moves away.
* Dex gets an athletic scholarship to Samwell. His dads are so proud of him, and they take him out for dinner to celebrate.
* At the dinner Jerome proposes to David.
* They marry the following winter. Dex is best man. Its a small ceremony, with close friends and some family. Afterwards they honeymoon in Venice.
* They can’t make it to Parents’ Weekend at Samwell the first year, because they both caught a stomach flu.
* At Samwell, Dex is doing his best to make sure he doesn’t get into fights. He is mostly successful (except where Derek Nurse is concerned).
* He reverts to calling Jerome his uncle, and avoids talking about his family or his life too much.
* Whenever anyone mentions LGBTQIAP+ community, he stays quiet. This often misinterpreted as him being either against them, or not caring one way or another.
* All year Shitty is itching to give him a lecture, but Nursey always stops him.
* Dex is seriously surprised by the “1 in 4” statistic, and asks his team about it. He’s surprised to learn there could be so many people like him on campus, and he’s so happy that so many of them can be so open. He doesn’t explain this, and his team think he’s disgusted by the figure. Chowder tries to change the subject, but things are still kinda tense with Dex and the team for a while.
* Dex’s second year, his parents are able to come to Parents’ Weekend. He introduces them to a very shocked and confused team.
* They watch the game, and are the loudest parents at Faber. Dex is so embarrassed, but also really happy.
* After the game they go for dinner. They find out Nursey’s moms had to leave early (work emergency.) and take Nursey out with them.
* Jerome and David spend the entire meal letting Dex know that they know that he’s got a crush on Nursey.
* Afterwards they talk to him seriously, and let him know they like Nursey, and that their mutual pining is sweet, but annoying. Dex denies everything.
* Until a week later, when he tells them that they were right. His dads are supportive and tell him he should go talk to Nursey.
* Dex avoids talking to Nursey for 2 days. His dads find out, and encourage him to talk to Nursey.
* Eventually he does, and they start dating. Dex tells his dads, and their really proud of themselves.
* They get Nursey’s phone number, and occasionally ring him to see how he’s doing (Nursey’s moms do the same with Dex.).
*They also ring him with dad jokes, because they reason that Nursey hasn’t had nearly enough dad jokes in his life. Dex pretends to be embarrassed, and Nursey pretends to think the jokes are awful, but they actually both love that Jerome and David do this.

My evolving relationship with Sirius Black
  • <p><b>Me, eleven:</b> wow a criminal going after Harry... Harry's parents FRIEND...unbelievable, why??? Creepy old guy.... oh he's actually innocent!<p/><b>Me, twelve:</b> It's so unfair what happened to Sirius and now Harry is stuck with the Dursleys and Sirius is such a great god father. All I want is Harry to have a loving family.<p/><b>Me, thirteen:</b> nope nope NOPE Sirius is NOT dead. No bloody way!<p/><b>Me, thirteen:</b> writes a ton of fan fic where Harry uses the mirror, Sirius doesn't die, worm is captured so his name is cleared and Harry and Sirius mini golf on summer holidays<p/><b>Me, fourteen:</b> and they probably get super sad about Harry's parents together<p/><b>Me, fifteen:</b> Sirius Black is an arrogant jerk and I would love to be best friends with him<p/><b>Me, sixteen until nineteen:</b> And maybe he can take me to hogsmeade on dates because he is a fox<p/><b>Me, nineteen until forever:</b> Sirius is a precious gift and James Potters BFF and he deserved better than getting arrested near his 22nd birthday and spending half his life in Azkaban listening to his dead brother's voice, seeing James' corpse, imagining Lily's terror as she protected her son, wondering what Remus thought of him, wishing he could have another shot at Wormtail. I'm dead, my heart has broken and killed me because of Sirius Black's story arc.<p/></p>

3 Things:

1. Was that ending to the first season supposed to be funny whY WOULD YOU HURT ME LIKE THIS
2. I can’t believe the bad guy had a mullet what a dork. This is what happens when you do your own thing and fall out of societal norms, you get a mullet and you bleach it white. At least Sibyl was good for one thing, mullet control
3. Ginoza….GET A HAIRCUT or bobby bins, a headband yoUR HAIR get it outta your face. The reason you tripped that wire was probably because of your HAIR


Nico - My Only Child (1970)